Forbidden Fruit: A Brother-Sister Incestuous Romance

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As the youngest of three siblings, Aria had all the time admired her older brother, Dylan. He was the handsome golden boy of the family – athletic, charming, and impossibly sexy.

Aria had all the time been drawn to him, despite knowing deep down that her feelings were taboo. She knew that what she felt for Dylan was forbidden fruit, something forbidden and dangerous that she could never act upon.

But one summer day, everything changed.

Aria was in the backyard, sunbathing in her bikini, when Dylan came outside. She tried to keep her eyes averted, to act like there was nothing out of the typical about sunbathing with her brother. But the moment Dylan locked eyes with her, everything changed.

He paused, taking her in with a drink in his hand, feeling a surge of desire. He had never noticed how stunning his little sister was before, standing there sunbathing. Her curves were more distinct than he remembered, the way her body moved more pronounced.

Aria could feel his eyes on her, his gaze tracing the curves of her body. She felt a shiver run down her spine, as though she were being touched.

In that moment, they both knew what was gonna happen.

Dylan approached her slowly, the tension between them thick as molasses. Aria tried to withstand, to tell him that this was wrong, but his hands were already on her, his lips on hers.

Aria gave in, surrendering to the forbidden fruit. Dylan’s hands roamed her body, exploring every inch of her skin. He kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth as though he had never tasted anything so sweet.

Their eyes locked as they allowed themselves to give in to the desire that had been simmering just below the surface for years. Aria felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as Dylan’s fingers slipped inside her bikini bottoms. She moaned into his mouth, the sound of it sending a rush of blood to his groin.

They were lost in the moment, their bodies entwined as they explored each other. They were siblings, and what they were doing was wrong – but in that moment, it didn’t matter.

For that day, they savored the forbidden fruit.