Forbidden Fantasies: The Seduction of my Babysitter

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As I walked through the door, my eyes locked onto hers. The way she looked at me, her eyes soft and sultry, told me everything I needed to know. I knew that I wanted her, that I couldn’t withstand her any longer. My babysitter had been working for me for a few months now, and I had all the time been attracted to her. But, I had never acted on my desires. She was forbidden fruit, off-limits in every way. But tonight, all that was gonna change.

My wife was away on company, leaving our two children in the care of Michelle, my beautiful, twenty-two-year-old babysitter. As soon as my wife had left, I had invited Michelle to stay the night. I had been waiting for this moment for so long, the anticipation had been building up inside me. I had already had a few drinks, and I knew that Michelle had too. The tension between us was palpable, and I knew that I had to act.

I walked towards her, my body throbbing with desire. I could see the fear in her eyes, as she realized what I was about to do. But, I didn’t care. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to my body, and kissed her deeply. Her body tensed under my touch, but her mouth opened, and our tongues clashed in a fiery dance.

The way Michelle responded to my kiss, told me that she wanted me too. I grabbed her by the waist, pulling her closer to me, feeling her curves pressed against my hardening cock. She moaned softly, her hands fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, desperately trying to get it off.

I moved quickly, stripping off my shirt and pulling her towards the couch. She lay there, her gorgeous body exposed to me, as I gazed down at her. Her breasts were perfect, small and pert, with nipples that were already hard. I couldn’t withstand them, taking one nipple into my mouth, and sucking gently. She moaned again, her body writhing under my touch.

I slid my hand down her stomach, feeling the smoothness of her skin as I reached her panties. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, and I knew I had to have her. I slipped my hand inside her panties, feeling her wetness as my fingers slipped through her folds. She gasped, her hips rising to meet my touch.

I could feel the power of my own lust, the way it drove me to take control of her body. It was as though I had given in to my forbidden fantasies, and now there was no turning back. I pulled off her panties, taking in the sight of her perfect pussy.

I lowered my mouth to her, licking slowly, savoring the tangy taste of her juices. As I lapped at her clit, her body began to shake, her moans becoming louder. I knew that she was close to coming, and I didn’t want to deny her the pleasure. So, I moved up the couch, positioning myself over her body.

With one swift motion, I slid my cock into her pussy, feeling her tightness envelop me. She gasped, her eyes closing in pleasure, and I began to pump into her harder and faster. She bucked beneath me, her moans becoming louder, as I brought her to orgasm.

As she came, her body convulsed, and her pussy clenched tightly around my cock. The sensation was too much for me, and I came too, filling her with my hot seed. We lay there, our bodies entwined, spent from our passion.

In the morning, my wife came home, and I knew that I had to put my forbidden fantasies behind me. But, every time Michelle came to babysit, I couldn’t help but think of our night of passion, my desires burning inside me. The seduction of my babysitter had been a forbidden pleasure, but one that I knew would all the time haunt me.

I lay in bed, my mind filled with thoughts of Michelle. I knew that I would see her again, and I couldn’t wait to take her again. My forbidden fantasies had become a reality that I couldn’t withstand. Even as I drifted off to sleep, I knew that my desires would all the time be a part of me, my seduction of Michelle forever ingrained in my memory.

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