Forbidden Fantasies: Seduced by the Babysitter.

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It had been a long week for Michael. He had been working late every night and barely had time to see his wife, let alone his kids. He had promised his wife that he would take care of the kids on Saturday so that she could have some time to herself. But, things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Michael received a call from his wife early Saturday morning. She had a client emergency and needed to fly out of town for the weekend. Michael was left alone with the kids and no help.

Frustrated and overwhelmed with the situation, Michael had an idea. He would call up his old babysitter, Sarah. She had all the time been reliable and trustworthy. But, something was different about Sarah this time around. She had become a gorgeous woman and Michael found himself drawn to her.

Sarah arrived at the house and greeted Michael warmly. She took charge of the kids and Michael retreated to the living room to relax and unwind. As the day passed, Michael couldn’t help but think about Sarah. Her tight dress accentuated her curves and he couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel her body against his.

As the night drew closer, Sarah put the kids to bed and joined Michael in the living room. They sat on the couch and chatted about old times. Michael’s eyes kept glancing to Sarah’s cleavage and he found himself becoming more and more aroused.

Without thinking, Michael leaned in and kissed Sarah. She was taken aback at first, but after a moment she returned his kiss with passion. They quickly found themselves locked in a deep embrace, exploring each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues.

Sarah straddled Michael on the couch and pulled his shirt off. She ran her hands down his chest and abs, marveling at the hard muscles underneath. Michael reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor.

He couldn’t help but marvel at her ample breasts and the way they bounced as she moved. He took one in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it while he played with the other.

Sarah moaned in pleasure as Michael’s tongue worked on her nipple. She leaned back, pulling him with her so that he was lying on the couch while she straddled him. She ground herself against his crotch, feeling his hard erection through his pants.

Without hesitation, Michael reached down and unbuttoned his pants. Sarah helped him pull them down, revealing his throbbing member. She marveled at the size of it and couldn’t wait to see what it could do.

She lowered herself onto him slowly, savoring the feeling of him filling her up. Michael groaned as he felt her tightness around him. He thrust into her slowly at first, relishing every moment. But, soon the need for release became too much and he began to thrust harder and faster.

Their bodies moved in unison, each moaning and gasping as they neared their climax. Michael could feel Sarah tighten around him and knew that she was close. He reached up and grabbed her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples. This seemed to be the final push that Sarah needed as she let out a loud moan and came hard.

Michael followed right after her, letting out a loud groan as he emptied himself into her. They lay there for a few moments, catching their breath and coming down from their high. Michael couldn’t help but feel guilty about what had just happened. He was married, after all.

Sarah noticed the change in his demeanor and asked him what was wrong. Michael explained his situation and Sarah simply smiled at him. She wasn’t looking for anything serious and neither was he. This was just a fun little fling.

They spent the rest of the night exploring each other’s bodies, trying out new positions and seeing how long they could go before needing a break. It was truly an experience that Michael would never forget.

As the weekend drew to a close, Sarah gathered her things and headed out. Michael watched her go, wondering if this was the last time he would see her. But, he knew one thing for sure. He would all the time remember the way she had made him feel and the forbidden fantasies they had fulfilled together.

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