For His Trust

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It started as a lark, a spur of the moment whim. Unfortunately for Penny it got serious in a hurry. She had no idea that by tomorrow she would be fucking her stepfather in broad daylight out by the pool…for his trust.


It started innocently enough. Her mother, Daniella, had been watching the late night horror show on TV in the recliner, covered with a colorful handmade afghan. Her stepfather had been lying on the sofa in his pajamas with his head propped in his hand. Eighteen year old Penny had lasted less than ten minutes into the movie before she jumped up and tried to climb under the afghan with her mother.

“Dammnit Penny there’s not room for both of us in this recliner,” her mother said irritably. “Go sit with Ken.” Penny, dressed in a thin cotton nightie that came to mid-thigh on her and a pair of matching panties, scampered over to lie on the sofa with Ken. She pulled her own afghan from the floor and covered them both.

“Comfortable?” Ken asked, tucking the afghan in around her shoulders and smiling down at her pretty face. She nodded and pulled the afghan tighter around her neck. Ken laid his hand innocently enough on her hip and went back to watching the movie.

Penny woke up with a start. Her mother was nowhere to be seen and an infomercial was on the flatscreen TV. A glance at the clock on the mantle showed that it was after two in the morning. She was about to get up when Ken shifted and she felt something hard poke the crevice between her buttocks through the thin cotton panties. Her eyes widened. Her stepfather had a hard on-a really big one.

The crush she had on Ken had started the day her mother brought him home. He had looked gorgeous in those tight jeans and worn chambray workshirt, and Penny had drowned in his blue eyes the first time he cast a glance her way. Now, four years later, she was lying in his arms and his cock was pressing between her legs the way she had dreamed of it a hundred times. Well, almost the way she had dreamed of it. Her nipples were stiff with suppressed desire.

She moved her hips backward, feeling his erection pushing against the sensitive flesh between her legs and she tried to spread them further apart so she could feel him directly on her sex. It was impossible to do. Furtively, she worked her hand around behind her and was pleasantly shocked to find that the hard penis had escaped the fly of his pajamas. His bare skin was hot to the touch, and she marveled that the skin covering the iron hard bar of his erection could be so soft. Her slender fingers surrounded it and she squeezed him gently.

Ken moaned softly in his sleep and Penny let go of him instantly, unsure of how he would react to his stepdaughter fondling his cock while he slept. Penny couldn’t help herself, she was in heat. Carefully, she slipped off the sofa and knelt beside it. She gently pushed Ken against the back of the sofa so that she could see his penis jutting through the fly of his pajamas. She stifled a giggle when she saw that his pubic area was shaved clean. Apparently, her mother was a little kinky-a trait she shared unknowingly with her daughter.

Penny moved her head closer for a better look. It seemed to be an awfully angry red for such an innocuous bit of flesh, but as her hot breath blew across it, the cock seemed to swell up considerably. Up close and now fully hard, it was impressive. Penny bit her lower lip as she bent closer, her lush parted lips now less than an inch away from the quivering crown. She stole a glance at Ken’s sleeping face, and then screwed up her courage. Her pointed pink tongue darted out and made quick contact with the skin of his cock. It returned to the safety of her mouth as quickly as it had slipped out. The memory of his hot flesh on her tongue burned its way into her brain, and Penny felt slightly woozy from desire. With a muffled cry, she stuck her tongue out again, this time licking around the thick column of flesh and up to the beginning of the slit on top of the helmet shaped glans. Ken never moved, though he was still moaning softly in his sleep.

She moved her head back. Ken’s hard belly was clearly visible behind his cock and Penny’s sex was now dripping with her own juices. Petrified, she got to her feet and stole upstairs to check on her mother. The three quarters empty glass of brandy on her mother’s nightstand told her that she would hear no more from the woman tonight. She was free to do whatever she could get away with-if she dared. Silently, Penny tiptoed back down the stairs.

With a truly wicked feeling inside her, she lowered her panties to the floor and knelt back down with her face even with daddy’s cock. It was leaning to one side now, not nearly as hard as it had been before. Her hot breath soon roused it though, and soon it was straining and hard again. Penny took a deep breath and let her tongue curl around the head. It was salty and good and she wanted more-much more. She normally loved the slight woodruff smelling scent of his cologne, but just now it was mixed with a musky man scent that sent her libido spiraling out of control. Her tongue eagerly lapped at the fold of skin just beneath the head and she was rewarded by the thick shaft jerking in front of her. She watched in awe as his balls rolled in their sack of skin, bulging with his semen. The idea of licking him until he released the sperm in his balls was intriguing, but Penny was suddenly struck by a desire that she first thought was peculiar. The strange desire became more and more powerful as she thought about it. The girls at school had talked about it in hushed tones, and the image their conversations had provoked had seemed more than a little disgusting-until tonight. Tonight Penny was hungry. Tonight, she wanted to feel Ken’s cum on her tongue, inside her mouth. She wanted him to fill her belly with his seed.

Her mouth closed over the tip of his cock and she began to suck him. Ken stirred in his sleep, his free hand seeking her hair and twisting itself in the long strands. She felt his palm on the top of her head as he began to thrust his hips lightly towards her mouth. She simply opened wide and let him fuck her mouth. It was the most amazingly erotic thing she had ever dreamed of. Fast asleep, her gorgeous stepfather was fucking her mouth. Even the guttural moans coming from deep in his throat aroused her.

Penny wanted to feel his hands on her breasts and her belly, but she was afraid she would waken him if she started trying to dig out his other hand from beneath him. As he pumped rhythmically into her mouth she could feel her own excitement coming to a peak. His balls were stirring madly in their sack now, and she knew his orgasm was approaching fast. She put her hand between her legs, masturbating, frantically trying to catch up with Ken. As the first jet of heavy cream spurted from the tip, Penny felt her own orgasm crest. She was cumming with him as she swallowed wildly.

His sleep became less agitated and his breathing slowed. Penny located and licked up every stray drop of the white stuff that had escaped her rapid gulping. It really didn’t have much of a taste, but it was hers, she had earned it. Penny licked him clean and then crawled back onto the couch with him, pulling the afghan tight around her neck. Just as she was falling asleep she felt Ken’s hand drape over her side beneath the afghan, finding and cupping her breast. Her nipple hardened against his palm and she smiled. After another long slow breath, she dropped off to sleep.

Ken awakened around six a.m., his erection raging against soft hot flesh. His hand found the hem of the nightie and slid up the bare flesh inside it until he reached the breast he sought. He had experienced an incredibly vivid dream the night before and he was not surprised at all by his morning woodie. If he played his cards right, he might catch Daniella in just the right mood and she might blow him the way she had in his dream. Fuck, that had been fantastic!

Something was wrong, and Ken became wide awake in an instant. The breast in his hand! It was all wrong, it was too small. The naked ass that was rubbing against his bare cock was too tight, too small! He opened his eyes and looked down aghast at the angelic face of his sleeping stepdaughter. With a small frantic yelp of surprise, Ken stumbled from the sofa, throwing the afghan back over her sleeping form before grabbing his cock and racing up the stairs to his bedroom. He shut the door and leaned against it, trying to catch his breath.

A glance at Daniella and the brandy glass on the bedside table told him she wouldn’t remember a thing about the night before. Ken was only half relieved. Just how much of his dream the night before had really been a dream? How much had actually happened? And how the hell was he going to find out? It wasn’t as if he could just come right out and ask Penny, “Hey, did you suck my dick when I was asleep last night?” He was so concerned that he couldn’t go back to sleep. Even worse, he couldn’t force himself to wake Daniella up for sex-especially since the raging hard on he was carrying had been caused by her daughter. He lay down on the far side of the king sized mattress and masturbated bitterly to a less than satisfactory orgasm. It didn’t help that images of Penny had crossed before his eyes as he came.

Ken busied himself preparing breakfast for the three of them after his long hot morning shower. When his wife and stepdaughter came out for breakfast, he clowned with them and teased them both. Daniella wondered why he was trying so hard, but Penny knew he suspected something or felt guilty about the night before.



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