Football Tickle Pt. 02 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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Renee had convinced her husband Tom to let her tie him to the bed. Ever since she had been tickled by Tom and his friends, they had been playing games like tying each other up and tickling. It had really improved their Sex life which, to be honest, had been sort of boring.

Tom didn’t know that Renee was finally getting him back for the time when he and his friends tickled her. He also didn’t know that he was going to be tickled by Nancy and Linda, Dick and Harry’s wives. When she told them what her husbands had done, they both agreed to help her out.

It took some convincing to get him to accept the blindfold, but after sucking his cock for a few minutes, he relented.

Tom was face down on the bed like Renee had been. When she started tickling his sides he jumped and bucked all over the bed. Well, as much as the restraints would let him.

“Is your asshole ticklish too?” she asked, scratching a nail across it. Tom jumped.

“I guess so,” she said.

Then the doorbell rang.

“I wonder who that is? Let’s go see,” Renee said.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding,” Nancy said.

“All undressed and nowhere to go?” Linda asked. All three women laughed.

“What? Who’s there?” Tom asked.

“Well, since you and your friends had such a good time tickling me, I thought I’d return the favor and have me and my friends tickle you,” Renee said. “It’s Linda and Nancy. You know, Dick and Harry’s wives?” Renee asked.

“Oh my God,” Tom cried.

“What’s the matter, you can dish it out but you can’t take it?” Linda said, poking Tom in the side. Tom jumped and laughed.

“Wow, he really is ticklish,” Nancy said, also poking Tom.

Then all three women started tickling him at once. Tom thrashed and bounced all over the bed. The women were laughing, Tom was laughing.

Soon Tom felt feathers being used to tickle his body. Then he felt his Ass cheeks open up and he could feel two feathers tickling his asshole. Then he felt someone’s tongue on his asshole. They must have been taking turns because they all licked his asshole in different ways. He was getting really turned on and his hard cock was sore being squished against the mattress.

“Let’s turn him over now,” Renee said. Soon Tom found himself turned over and the blindfold was removed. All three women were stark naked.

“Tom, you’ll give each of us an Orgasm by your tongue or you’ll be tickled for two hours straight,” Renee said.

“Me first,” Linda said. She was a heavy girl with black hair big boobs, average areolas and nipples and a shaved Pussy.

“What? No way, get off me you fat cow!” Tom protested when Linda climbed on Tom’s face.

“Fat cow?” Linda said, then reached down and started tickling Tom in the ribs.

Nancy and Renee tickled Tom’s feet with hairbrushes.

“You must not mind my fat Pussy too much, your dicks hard,” Linda said, stroking Tome’s hard cock. Then she took his cock in her mouth and licked and sucked it like a lollipop. It didn’t take long before Tom brought her off. She squeezed her meaty thighs around his head and screamed as she came. Then she used her teeth to tease the head of Tom’s cock. “That was for calling me fat,” she said.

Linda climbed off and Nancy was next. She was thinner with big saggy boobs and thick nipples. She had a landing strip. Tom went to work and licked and sucked on Nancy’s Pussy. Meanwhile, his Wife and Linda were tickling his cock and balls.

“His balls are really full,” Linda said, weighing Tom’s balls in her hand.

“Aww, does my baby want to cum?” Renee asked, tickling Tom’s balls with a feather.

Tom tried to answer, but between laughing and eating out her friend’s Pussy he couldn’t.

Finally, Nancy started coming and when she was done, Renee took her spot. Tom got his Wife off quickly, hoping for some relief of his own. He got it, just not in the way he thought he would.

All three women stopped tickling him and just sucked and licked on his cock and balls. Tom was in heaven. Every time he was close to coming though, they stopped. His balls were really hurting and his cock was sore and throbbing.

“Okay, I think he’s suffered enough,” Renee said. She then pulled out a vibrator. “Or maybe not.” She turned on the vibrator and pushed it into Tom’s feet, armpits and sides. Meanwhile, Linda and Nancy stroked his cock. Finally, Renee put the vibrator against Tom’s cock. Running it up and down. Circling the head. With Nancy and Linda tickling his balls and Renee holding the vibrator just under the head of Tom’s cock, he shouted and started coming. Big, messy cum exploded out of Tom’s cock in the most powerful Orgasm he’d ever had. When he was finally finished shooting, all three women licked his cum off his chest and stomach and cock.

“Now, tickling him!” Renee shouted and all three women started tickling Tom again. Being so sensitive he thrashed and jumped even more than before. Especially when one of them tickled his cock head.

“Ooh, are we sensitive?” Linda asked. His erection never really went down and just got harder with Linda tickling it.

“Now you’re going to fuck my friends,” Renee said. If you do a good job, we may do this again. If you don’t do a good job, next time, we’ll just tie you up and have Dick and Harry tickle you.

Nancy was first this time. She slid Tom’s hard cock in her Pussy. He had a nice cock with a little bend to it so it felt different than her husbands. Linda climbed back on his face and demanded Tom lick her asshole. Since he was tied up, he really didn’t have a choice. He must have done something right, because Linda was moaning a lot. It didn’t take long for Nancy to start to have her own Orgasm. Her Pussy squeezed on Tom’s cock as her Orgasm shook through her body.

“Fuck! Yes!” Nancy said and climbed off Tom. She immediately climbed on his face and told him to eat her Ass, while Linda climbed on his dick.

Okay, Linda was a bit heavy, but her Pussy and even her asshole were amazing. And when she put Tom’s cock inside her, he couldn’t believe how tight it was. Tighter than his Wife, who had a pretty tight Pussy herself. He wished Nancy wasn’t sitting on his face, he’d Love to suck on Linda’s huge boobs while he fucked her. And that his hands were Free to smack that fat Ass, maybe shove a finger in her asshole, but he wasn’t going to complain. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, right? Or your Wife‘s friend’s asshole in your face.

“Oh God, oh God, Oh God!” Linda shouted and then shuddered in a huge Orgasm. It took everything Tom had not to cum inside Linda’s Pussy. Finally, it was Renee’s turn. Nancy and Linda offered Tom their breasts to suck while he fucked Renee. He was so ready to cum that after about five minutes Tom told Renee, “I can’t hold back. I’m gonna cum.”

Tom’s cum shooting in her Pussy triggered Renee’s own Orgasm. And as her Pussy clamped down on his cock, she squeezed out a couple more bursts of cum. After she climbed off, Nancy went over and licked Tom’s cum from Renee’s Pussy, while Linda licked and sucked on Tom’s cock, which had finally started to soften.

“Maybe we can do my husband next week,” Linda said.

“I’m Free,” Renee said.

“Me too,” Nancy added. Then, “And my husband after that.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll come back and play with you again too. You did a good job. Right ladies?”

“Yes, good job,” Nancy said.

“Amazing,” Linda said.

“Now tickle him,” Linda said and all three started tickling Tom again until his cock was once again rock hard. Then they untied him.

“Go take a cold Shower,” Renee said. “That’s your true punishment.”

Unbeknownst to Renee, Tom hooked up privately and once as a team with both Linda and Nancy. Since Tom was snipped and both Nancy and Linda had their tubs tied, Tom shot his load inside their pussies. They didn’t do the whole tickling thing, but they did sometimes tie each other up and when he was with Nancy and Linda he was again tied up and the Sex was amazing. Who knew a spur of the moment action of tickling his Wife with his friends would pay such dividends? Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, because you never know where it could lead.

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