Fooling the Attraction – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own WWE, NXT or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Mandy Rose (WWE, NXT), Grayson Waller (NXT)

Fooling The Attraction

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

NXT 2.0, in March of 2022.

“Guess I’ll see you girls next show then when we deal with all those jokes… Don’t get into too much trouble now.” Mandy Rose teased, closing the door marked ‘TOXIC ATTRACTION’ on the front before she brushed her long, dark brunette hair back. Showing off her shining NXT Women’s Championship on shoulder as the former WWE main roster Superstar was clad in a deliberately eye-catching attire of tight, red pants and a black corset-like top with see through sleeves. “God, have I got to do everything my fucking self around here.” She sighed, briefly checking her nails for a moment. “First that little runt Cora Jade is messing with me, now those old nobody hags from Japan and Scotland are messing with my girls. No wonder why I’m the only real fucking attraction around here.”

As Rose turned to walk, out of the corner of her eye she noticed a nicely easy on the eyes male form just watching her. “Well well… I’d ask you if you liked what you see, Grayson… But it’s me we’re talking about so the answer is pretty obvious.” She boasted as she turned to lock onto him.

“Oh no, don’t mind me…” The arrogant, Australian hunk known as Grayson Waller replied. Stepping forward clad in jeans and an open shirt, showing off his muscular upper body. “I just wanted to congratulate the Champion for all the success you’ve been having as of late.” The blonde claimed with a well practised smile. “The Women’s title reign, getting your girls in Toxic Attraction titles to. I mean, no offence, but it’s hard not to stare with all the success you’ve got going on.”

“Oh, I know… Sometimes it’s so hard being me…” Mandy said, easily drinking in the praise with her own oversized ego. “But it never hurts to hear it… Well, at least coming from the likes of you. Unlike the slobs of the NXT Universe or those two nobodies who were simping for me and my girls the other day.” She added, rolling her eyes.

“Well I mean, I guess I can’t fault them. If they can’t get a first look from you and your lovely teammates with their lacking in-ring skills? The I guess they’ve got to try and flatter you with gifts. Bless them for trying I suppose.” Waller joked. “If you’re going to get turned down, you might as well go down in a blaze of glory, right? Shooting your shot as the almost top, hottest woman in all of NXT.” He said. But that remark was a specifically chosen one, as Grayson’s actual reason for scoping out the women’s locker room came into play.

“Well, I suppose… Woah woah woah!” Mandy’s look instantly turned to one looking pissed off as she fell for the plot. “Excuse me?? ‘Almost’ top? No no no!” She shook her head, placing a hand on her hip. “I AM the top woman here in NXT! I’m the Golden Attraction. THE Toxic Attraction! And would think that someone like you, one of the few guys with any damn taste around here, would know that.” Her tone was rather furious already.

“Well I mean, sure, love. You’re pretty damn good.” Grayson kept his poker face on as he lured his target in more. “I mean, you’re no Cora Jade, but…”

He didn’t even need to say more as name dropping the Superstar who was now a sudden thorn in her side easily set Rose off. “THAT LITTLE BITCH??” Rose snapped. “That fucking fake skateboarding, Avril Lavigne wanna be little nobody without even any tits or ass on her?? No no NO!”

“What? Girls like her have got personality! And you know these alt, rocker chicks are into being all wild and freaky. I bet she’s the kind of gal who things getting tongued up her butt is foreplay!” Waller more rudely said.

“Bullshit! Real men don’t give a shit about person-fucking-ality! They just want to get laid!” Mandy said, and probably wasn’t wrong about that in most examples. “Come on!” She suddenly grabbed his wrist, pulling him down the corridor as he stumbled a bit. “I’ll fucking show you what a real woman can do! Not some little dork with a cheap snapback!”

“Oh, well, when you put it like that?” Grayson had a wide smile on his face as his plan worked perfectly, allowing him to check out Mandy’s ass as she led him along. “I guess I can see what you have to offer…”

* * *

Minutes later, in an empty office room…

“MMMMMPHHH… MMMMM… MMMMMPHH!!” Mandy Rose was down on her knees, with her prized Women’s Championship resting on the ground next to her. Her full, pouty lips wrapped around the impressively long and nicely thick to match cock of Grayson Waller as he leaned back against the now locked door into the room. Staring down at the tanned features of the woman he’s tricked into ‘proving’ herself as she bobbed smoothly along his length. Making him moan out as already her saliva was starting to drip down his inches from her swift and clearly determined motion. “MMMMM! MMMMMPHHH… MMMM…” And her own groans around his tool showing that even while fired up to prove herself, she was getting to enjoy a nice big cock as well. Stretching her lips out nicely as she rocked her head up and down. Only briefly lifting a hand off his thighs to brush her long, brunette hair back so she could focus on sucking him off.

“MMMM… Yeah, I can see why you’re an attraction alright, Mandy…” Waller groaned as he stared down with a smile. Watching those plump cock suckers of hers slide along his member as she easily handled half of his meaty length already. His own skill on display to handle this blowjob as already her talent was soon good that it would have made any typical red blooded man, and likely a few average sports entertainment Superstars as well, blow an early load after just a minute of this action. “AHHHH… But you know? MMMM… I heard that Cora Jade wears her caps with the rim back for a reason… MMMM… Allows her to stuff that cute little face of hers right down into a guy’s crotch, know what I’m saying?” He lied. Knowing that while usually most men just told a woman what they wanted to hear to get a piece of pussy? He was provoking her with taunts and compliments about her rival to make sure this bitchy beauty was fuelled to give up a lot more than she probably would with a lucky guy.

The teasing worked as Rose narrowed her eyes while keeping her mouth on his cock. Letting out an insult or two about Jade but the words muffled by all the dick she had between her juicy lips. Getting back to work as she pushed that warm and wet oral hole down further onto that thickness to make them both groan out. Filling herself up and making herself lustfully gag around his vast size when his mushroom head hit off the back of her mouth. Not letting that stop her though as she pushed up and then drove back down. The slurping noise loud and clear even with his own shameless groaning as he got some already top notch head. The American stunner all to happy to lower herself to her knees and suck off a big Australian cock in order to prove a point, or so she believed she was doing anyway.

“GAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHRRRLLL!! MMMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” The choking continued as she went from just working him over with her mouth to slipping his prick into her rarely used (or more likely offered up) throat which snugly gripped his length. The saliva drooling down over him as she gagged but didn’t even have her eyes watering up while she deeply bobbed. A sign that while her and her group were known for cock teasing and flaunting their stunning bodies, Rose was more than able to back it up with red hot action as she started deep throating him. “MMMMMM!! GAAAAAAAAHHH… HHHHHRRRRKKK… MMMMMPHHH!!” Not even caring that drops of spit were falling off from her chin and hitting the exposed skin of her breasts, already pushed up and out by her attire. Even one loose drip landed on the top plate of her title belt on the floor next to her. The focus on proving her worth as not just the hottest in NXT, but the best at anything and this sort of deep, swift sucking off would even be tough for an experienced porn star to beat.

“MMMMM! Atta’ fucking girl! MMMM! Yeah, that’s some proper blowing right there! FUCK…” Even Waller and his gigantic ego, matching the size of his big cock at least, was more than impressed by the oral skill of the former Raw and Smackdown Superstar. Watching that stunning face pressing down into his crotch — just like he’d claimed falsely that her rival could pull off — before she slid quickly back up to around the half-way mark on his dick before driving back down. Her chin brushing against his balls while her full lips wrapped around the base before she choked loudly around his length. “MMMM… Yeah, I think you’ve… MMMMM! Gotten Cora beat on this one at least…” He said before moaning as he felt Mandy’s fingers dig into his thighs a little before she dragged her nails down to make him hiss. A buzz of pain to add into the pleasure as her move didn’t even leave a mark on his own tanned, muscular body. But he made sure to keep taking risks like that. Name dropping her rival to keep a foot on the pedal and get more out of the woman he actually wanted to fuck. And almost face banging her right here although she was the one happily, although being fooled to do so, plunging her mouth along his size.

“GAAAAAAAAAH! MMMMMM… HHHHHLLLLKKK!!” The gagging carried on with a drool of saliva hanging off her chin, leaving her tits and her top soaked while she kept on pushing her face deep onto his fuck-stick. Only breaking the motion to stay pressed in for a few seconds. Turning her face from side to side in order to grind her lips around the base, before getting back to company with the next round of slurps. “GAAAAAAAAAHHH!! HHHHHLLLLKK… MMMMM! GAAAAAAAHHH HHHHHRRRKKK…” It wasn’t a hard battle to fight through the discomfort of her throat being stretched out by his thickness, just a burning sensation that kept her groaning while she sucked away. Not used to offering up this snug oral tunnel for some pleasure but showing off she was a natural at deep throating. Pumping again along his size while her eyes, still not even watering up, stared up with a fire at the handsome, smirking face of the man she’s blowing.

“MMMMPHHH…” She slowly lifted off, taking a moment to just spit down onto his size before she sat back. “I think that proved my point…” Mandy confidently stated as she wiped the spit off her lips. “Although you’ve lasted fucking longer than most guys do after taking that…” She stated, sounding more than impressed as she looked over the mess she’s left over his member.

“Well I’m not like most of those ho-hopers who drool at your feet…” Grayson bragged as he moved off from the door. “And like I said before, you’re not like most women either! Better than most in fact…” He was about to say more after that once again carefully picked out line.

“Don’t even say it.” Rose’s eyes narrowed as she stood up, scooping up her title as she moved. “Because I’m not better than most, I’m better than everyone here!” She said, turning around as she popped the title belt on the office table.

“Well, if I can’t mention you-know-who? How about we see if you can handle what I hear she takes all the time?” Waller offered as he moved behind her, and know took his turn to lower down to his knees as his hands moved up onto the tight pants she had on.

“I don’t normally let just any guy kiss my fine ass…” She looked down over her shoulder at him, but didn’t protest when he lowered her bottoms down and showed off her thick, rounded and perfectly tanned backside. “But I’ll make an exception here… So you can see what an actual, real woman can take…” She claimed, but clearly doing this to try and ‘out do’ her rival who isn’t even a part of this.

“Fine by me, love…” Grayson smile as he leaned in once he helped her out of that clothing to leave her in just high heels and her top. Taking a hold of both ass cheeks for a deep grope, making the flesh flex as he was able to easily dig in and explore the flesh. Getting a groan out of her from the feeling up alone. But he had no plans on just kissing that stunning rump of hers. Making her head tilt back with a moan as he pushed his tongue out, applying it onto the tightness of her backdoor. Keeping her booty spread for easy access into her as he worked around the entrance. Sliding around the hole before pressing against it and twisting his tongue to test what she could handle. A little groan of his own at her delicious taste as he got to eat out the ass of the leader of Toxic Attraction.

“MMMMM! I said kiss it, not… OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!” Rose tried to reprimand him, but the feeling of a far from inexperienced tongue against her asshole was making her moan as he worked across that tightness. Her hands on the table to lean forward slightly and push out her backside towards his handsome face. Her legs similarly spreading a bit as she encouraged even without the actual words for more of this licking at her tightest, and clearly less offered up, of holes. “MMMMM… Fuck!! Fine, I guess I’ll… AHHHHH… I’ll allow it, just this once!” She claimed before groaning again as she took this rimming. Looking down over her shoulder with another sensual, narrow-eyed gaze as she saw the blonde hunk getting right up close into her backside. Still holding her plump cheeks aside so he could dive in and make the most of getting an even more untouchable than usual piece of the arrogant but stunning beauty.

Waller was just able to grin into that butt as he worked all over her asshole. Enjoying the fruits of his plan of provoking the reigning NXT Women’s Champion to allow him to tongue-fuck her asshole as he pushed into her snug entrance to make her further moan and rock back against him. Sliding in as far as he could get as her hole stayed vice-like around him, and his fingers remained clamped onto those tanned cheeks of hers. Groaning at the taste and applying his saliva onto her as he focused on making sure to disarm her with his skilled oral talents which appeared to be easily working from the moans she was letting out. His mouth good for more than just spinning lines and lies to get what he wanted from the almost equally arrogant Superstar as he kept her arousal growing.

“MMMMM… Shit! Guess… AHHHHH! I should have fucking guessed… MMMMM! You had a good little mouth on you…” She back-handedly said before moaning out again. The scent of her snatch growing wet starting to fill the air as she got off on having her ass eaten out. Looking like this isn’t the first time she’s engaged in some ass play from how loud her moans are right now. And not even getting this licking as him returning the favour for the deep throating she delivered minutes before. “MMMM! Bet that little bitch Cora… MMMM… And her flat wall of an ass… Couldn’t even handle half of this! MMMM FUCK!” She hissed out as it was clear than even without him bringing up her name right now, she was still pissed off at the idea that any woman, especially her title rival, could be considered better than her in any way. Even the pleasure of a hungry tongue stuffed deep between her cheeks wasn’t taking off the edge of his previous words. But it was certainly warming her up to be down to offer up more, knowing he was something who could clearly give her and good time.

That all worked out perfectly in his plan. Since he was just taking benefit of her ego to try and make her prove she’s a better fuck than her rival, who he hasn’t even gotten any piece of before this encounter. If he could have responded to her dirty talk, perhaps he would have. But being face deep between a set of tight, rounded and more than nicely juice ass cheeks were easily muffling his moans so there was little chance of any words escaping him. Angling his face nicely to suck in air through the nose. Not wanting to waste a second having to pull away and stop darting his tongue in and out of her asshole. Taking another risk as he lifted a hand off from her cheeks after spending so long fondling them. Making her gasp and shoot a glare when he boldly delivered a firm spank onto her backside. Causing the flesh to jiggle against his face as he licked at her asshole one more time before finally pulling back and out from her.

“Watch your fucking hands!” Mandy snapped, turning around to glare down at him. “Who do you think you are? I’m the fucking Attraction around here!”

“Woah, hey! Easy, babe!” Grayson smiled as he rose to his feet. “I was just giving you a little something that I know that little freak Cora is really into. She’s the kind of sicko that’s into spanking… The hair pulling, all that kind of nasty stuff.”

“Oh please! With that ugly, rat’s nest hair of hers? Never mind her having an ass that’s almost the shape of a damn wall.” Rose rolled her eyes.

“So, you think you can do better than she can?” He smirked, giving his dick a stroke as he was still rock hard and ready for a proper piece of her.

“Think? Please, Grayson. I thought you were a real man.” She bragged, tossing her hair back as she moved again. Moving up to rest a knee on the table and stick her backside out towards him. “Once you get deep inside of this Attraction? You won’t even remember that other bitch’s name…” She claimed with a cock smirk as she once again looked back over her shoulder at the hung stud stepping up behind her.

“Or are you just hoping I stop saying her name, love? Sounds like you’re a little triggered by men mentioning her…” The hunk from Sydney, Australia said with a smirk, knowing full well that was his plan all along and it was already working to perfection. As proven when he was able to push his fat, long cock, still nicely slick with her saliva from the earlier deep throating, into the tight, rounded ass of the beauty hailing from the state of New York. “MMMM! FUCK! Talk about something… MMMM! To take your mind off of things… FUCK…” He didn’t need to be economical with the truth here as he groaned out. Feeling how super tight the back passage was of the former blonde-haired and now dark brunette beauty he was starting to fuck from behind. Even with all the saliva he’s coated her asshole with as a makeshift lube, she was proving to be one Hell of a tight fit as expected from all the flaunting and cock-teasing she and the rest of Toxic Attraction do on a weekly basis in the new 2.0 era of NXT.

“MMMMM FUCK! OH FUCK!! MMMMM… That’s fucking big!! MMMMM FUCK!!” Rose found her gaze switching from across at the same handsome face that had just been eating her out to down at her own backside. Watching his fat length slide slowly in and out of her still vice-like asshole as even after all that licking she wasn’t just spreading out to take even a gigantic dick like his. Making him have to work for it more than his silver tongue had gotten him to as she groaned and watched another fat inch work into her rump. “MMMMM… Yeah, that’s it, stud… MMMMM! Show me what a real stud can fucking do… MMMM! With a fine, hot fucking ass like mine! MMMM FUCK!” She encouraged as she began to shift back against his thrusts. One leg still up on the desk to take it from behind while the other high-heeled foot stayed planted on the floor. Her ass sticking up and out, eager to take this big dick and in her own eagerness to get fucked, and maybe not just to prove a point about who the better woman was in the business, she still hadn’t taken off her top as he was getting nailed.

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