Follow My Sinstructions – Step 06 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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Greetings perverts.

All characters in this story are grown adults over the age of eighteen.

As with most things that I write, this series takes place in a happy alternate reality where people don’t worry about pandemics, std’s, or the need for birth control.

If you read Follow My Sinstructions Step One, Step Two, Step Three, Step Four, and Step Five, you are already familiar with Mistress Isabella and her new pleasure apprentice, nineteen-year-old Lady Gabriella.

If you haven’t read those stories, this one will make much more sense if you do.

This sixth step contains submission, domination, erotic peeing, lesbian play, a creampie, fingering, and pleasure control.

As at all times, I hope you enjoy reading about some of the things that arouse me in my fantasy life.



From Step Five:

Upstairs we headed to the laundry room, with Mistress Isabella pausing just inside the door to look at the three of us.

“Which of my ladies has to pee?” she asked softly.

“I do Mistress.” I said.

“So do I Mistress.” Susan answered.

“I do as well Mistress Isabella.” Replied Linda.

With a grin Mistress Isabella opened the cabinet above the washing machine and pulled out a plastic bag.

“Perfect.” Said Mistress Isabella. “Then I believe it is time for a contest. Shall we do distance or volume? I have a treat for the winner.”

She reached into the bag and pulled out a rubber cock.

Staring at it I realized it was attached to what looked like a pair of panties. It dawned on me that this was a strap-on, a term I’d heard somewhere but had never really contemplated the meaning of.

Maybe I was gonna feel a cock in my cunt tonight after all.


“Speak up ladies.” Mistress Isabella said. “What do you think about having a contest to see who can pee the most?”

“A contest Mistress?” I asked.

I was unable to take my eyes from the rubber cock. It looked so big I was sure it would hurt my cunt, and that wondered made me desperate to feel it stretching me as it pushed inside.

“Certainly.” She replied. “I want to see if any of you can beat me.”

“I’ll try Mistress.” Said Susan.

“So will I Mistress.” I said. “As long as I get to watch the rest of you pee, and someone watches me, I’ll enjoy it no matter who wins.”

“That is the spirit Lady Gabriella.” Said Mistress Isabella with a smile. “Although you have a prize waiting for you no matter what. Perhaps you can be the judge of our contest.”

“What do I need to do Mistress?” I asked.

“Follow me.” She said. “Lady Susan and Lady Linda, you both stay here.”

“Yes Mistress.” They said in unison.

I followed Mistress Isabella back into the kitchen and then into the dining room.

“Help me.” She said, taking one end of the table in her hands.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, seeing what she was doing.

We pulled on the table, and it spread aside several inches.

If we’d pulled it further, we would have made a gap big enough to insert a leaf to make the table bigger. As it was it was still a rectangle table, but with a six-inch gap running down the center.

“Wait here.” She commanded.

“Yes Mistress.” I said as she disappeared back into the kitchen.

She returned in a few moments with Linda and Susan in tow. Linda was holding three large jars, and Susan was carrying a stack of towels.

Mistress Isabella put one towel on each side of the gap in the table, and handed me several hand towels.

“Get under the table Lady Gabriella.” She said. “Each of us will sit on the edge and piss through, and you catch it all in the jars. Whoever fills their jar the fullest wins.”

“Yes Mistress.” I grinned.

I took the first jar and scrambled under the table, and Mistress Isabella handed me a large bathmat.

“Put that down in case anything drips or spills.” She said. “But if you do drip or spill your only reward tonight will be cleaning my floor.”

“I understand Mistress.” I said.

I spread out the bathmat and huddled under the edge of the table ready for the contest to start.

“Lady Linda?” Asked Mistress Isabella. “Would you like to go first?”

“Yes Mistress.” She said.

Linda climbed up on the table, and sat with her cunt right over the opening. I peered up at her swollen lips and fought the temptation to run my fingers back and forth over her opening.

“Are you ready Lady Gabriella?” asked Mistress Isabella.

“Yes Mistress.” I said, pushing the opening of the jar up against Linda’s opening.

“Go ahead.” I heard Mistress whisper.

There was a delay of just a few seconds, and then a flood of Hot piss poured out into the jar as I held it, and I moaned at the erotic sight of her sexy liquid filling up the glass as I held it.

The jar got fuller and fuller, and just as it passed the halfway point the stream of Hot pee slowed, continuing for several seconds until eventually slowing to dribbles and drips.

“Here.” Said Mistress Isabella, putting her hand under the table.

I handed her the Hot jar and used one of the hand towels to carefully wipe Linda’s Pussy, being gentle with the rough towel.

When she was clean, I used my finger to trace along her lips quickly and flicked it at her clitoris as she giggled.

“Are you behaving yourself down there?” asked Mistress Isabella.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” I said. “Her hole looked so sexy I had to touch it.”

“After all you have experienced tonight, I think we can all understand that.” Mistress Isabella said.

Linda slid off of the table, and Mistress Isabella took her place.

“I think I better go next.” She said. “I may not make it otherwise.”

“Yes Mistress.” Said Susan, and I noticed that she was bouncing up and down on the tips of her toes.

Linda handed me an empty jar and I watched as Mistress centered herself on the towels above over the opening in the table.

“Are you ready Lady Gabriella?” Mistress asked.

“Almost Mistress.” I called out.

I pushed my face against her bottom and licked, wetly and fast, from her clit to her anus, pushing my tongue up into each crevice.

She jumped and gasped.

“You fucking slut!” she yelled. “You almost made me piss!”

There was laughter at the edge of her voice, and I knew she wasn’t really upset.

“I’m sorry Mistress.” I said. “I cannot resist your delicious body!”

“Get ready!” she yelled. “I cannot wait any longer!”

I pushed the jar up to her Pussy lips and ran my finger along the underside of her thigh.

“Ahhhh!” she exclaimed, as her piss began to thunder into the jar.

Her piss flowed out much faster than Linda’s had, but by the time she was done she had filled the jar just a fraction less than the other woman.

I handed the jar out from under the table to Linda and used another towel to wipe Mistress Isabella clean before she got down off the table.

“Your turn Lady Susan.” Said Mistress Isabella as Linda passed me the third jar.

“Yes Mistress.” Said Susan, taking her place atop the table.

I held the jar up and quickly marveled at how pretty Susan’s Pussy was.

I thought what it would be like to spend some unrushed time in bed with her alone.

“Are you ready down there you filthy fucking slut?” asked Mistress Isabella.

“Yes Mistress I am.” I said.

I pushed the opening of the jar against Susan’s cunt so she could feel it, and I ran my fingers along her inner thigh.

With an audible sigh she relaxed, and a sudden surge of Hot piss cascaded into the jar, warming my fingers as it filled.

I kept the jar pressed tight against her body, loving the way her Hot piss caused the inside of the jar to steam up as her forceful spray splashed into the growing puddle of liquid in the jar.

On and on she went, and just as I began to worry that she would cause the jar to overflow, the stream softened, eventually becoming a series of trickling drips as she shivered with relief.

When she was finished I carefully moved the nearly full jar away and held it out for Linda to take.

I used the third towel on Susan, carefully wiping her lips clean of the drops that remained, and lovingly touching her soft opening with the tip of my finger.

“Okay Lady Gabriella.” Said Mistress Isabella. “Come on out and decide which one of us won. Although I think it is plain to see who the winner is.”

“Yes Mistress.” I said, crawling out from under the table and standing up.

Three jars were lined up on the table. The last one was obviously the fullest and I pointed to that one.

“This is the winner Mistress.” I declared.

“Congratulations Lady Susan.” Said Mistress Isabella with a grin. “As the first part of your prize you can decide how and where Lady Gabriella will pee for us before we Shower.”

“I think she should pee in the Shower Mistress.” Said Susan. “On the loser of the contest.”

We all turned and looked at Mistress Isabella, who had peed the least of the three women.

She stood looking at us all for several seconds, and then turned and moved towards the laundry room and the Shower.

“Follow me whores.” She called out over her shoulder.

We followed along behind her, and as we entered into the laundry room she stood at the door and took our collars off of us one at a time.

“Come on then girls.” She said with a smile, walking into the large Shower.

She lay down on the floor of the Shower, spreading her arms out as she made herself as comfortable as feasible on her back.

“Gabby.” She said. “Please piss all over me.”

I stepped into the Shower and stood over her, with my feet on either side of her hips.

I looked and saw that Susan and Linda had followed me in and were standing next to me as we all looked down at our Mistress.

“Okay.” I said. “But it’s not as Hot without the collar on. Calling you Mistress makes it sexier.”

Susan laughed and put her arm around my neck.

“She is delightful!” she said to Isabella. “I’m so glad you’ve shared her with us tonight!”

“I agree.” Said Linda, crowding up against me on the other side. “Watching her grow and learn is so much fun.”

“Come on.” Isabella laughed. “This tile is fucking cold!”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, concentrating on feeling the fullness in my bladder and the need for release.

I savored that feeling for just a moment, loving the erotic tension of knowing that I was about to pee somewhere unusual while being watched.

And then I felt the tension start to break, and I opened my eyes and looked down at Isabella Foster, the woman who had introduced me to the delightful world of kinky Sex and piss play.

“Now.” I whispered.

Susan squeezed her arm around my neck and I felt relief wash over me, and I pushed a surge of Hot pee out of my body.

It splashed onto Isabella’s belly and she laughed, and I arched my hips and directed the flow up at her breasts. I swayed back and forth, soaking her breasts and Susan and Linda’s feet as my Hot piss splashed off of Isabella’s body.

And then Linda kissed me, tenderly and softly as my flow stopped, and when she pulled away Susan took a turn, her tongue pushing against my lips.

Isabella got to her feet and stood looking at the three of us, my piss dripping from her body. She paused for a moment, and then she stepped forward and kissed me softly on the forehead.

Susan turned on one of the showerheads, and as soon as Hot water started pouring out Linda turned on the rest, and soon we were standing in the steam as six showerheads poured Hot water down on us.

We took turns washing each other, starting with Isabella, washing her from head to toe and taking turns licking and kissing her clean nipples while she sighed contentedly.

And then it was my turn.

The three of them scrubbed at my body, washing the sperm and spit from the basement play off of me, shampooing my hair with two different shampoos and then working in a conditioner that smelled of coconut and left my scalp tingling.

Linda and Susan then started washing each other while Isabella led me from the Shower and started to dry me off. But as she was working the towel through my hair, she moved her face close and kissed me, and I reached out and grabbed her.

With fistfuls of her wet hair I pinned her to the wall next to the dryer and pushed my mouth to hers, grinding against her body as our hands roamed and our mouths explored.

We continued on like that until Linda and Susan were wrapping towels around us and pulling us through the house to the stairs.

Up in Isabella’s room we finished drying, the four of us taking turns using the blow dryer to brush out each other’s hair. And then I was sitting in a chair in front of Isabella’s vanity, watching Isabella finish tying her hair up into a messy bun.

“We should get in bed Gabriella.” She said. “We’ve both had a very long day and need our sleep.”

“I suppose so.” I replied, a little disappointed.

I was exhausted but was desperately in need of some sexual relief. I had been hoping that at least one of the women would lick my cunt until I came.

“You must be exhausted.” Isabella said. “But if you’re not too tired, there’s someone who would like to join us for a few minutes.”

“Join us?” I asked. “Who?”

“Glenn.” Isabella said. “He hasn’t left yet, and if you’re up to it he would Love to come up and say goodnight.”

“Just goodnight?” I asked with a grin.

“If you encourage him, I’m sure it could turn into the sort of goodnight that ends with you feeling a hard cock.” Isabella said.

I smiled. I had liked Glenn.

“Do you think he would?” I asked hopefully.

“He cleaned up while we were in the basement, and he’s in the guest room down the hall right now waiting for you.” Isabella said. “He will do anything to you or with you that you want him to. I promise.”

“Anything?” I repeated softly.

“Sure.” Said Isabella. “Anything. It’s up to you. Linda and Susan have offered to help me by cleaning up a bit downstairs, and then they’re going to turn in.”

“Do you think he really wants to?” I asked, looking at the three of them. “Or is he just being nice because of how sexy you three all are?”

Susan reached out and reassuringly squeezed my arm.

“He wants to be with you.” She told me. “Trust me.”

“Susan would know.” Isabella said. “We won’t be able to find a better source to tell us who Glenn is attracted to then his own Wife.”

My eyes widened. I remembered Glenn mentioning earlier that he had fucked Susan. But I’d kind of assumed that they were both single.

Wife?” I asked.

“Yes.” Said Susan with a giggle. “We’ve been playing like this for a long time. He likes knowing that other men and women enjoy my body. And I like knowing that other women enjoy his cock.”

“It would be okay?” I asked.

I felt stupid asking the question. Obviously, she’d had no reservations about me stroking her husband’s cock earlier. Or holding it while he peed. But now that I knew they were married I felt like I should make sure.

“It would be just fine Gabriella.” Susan said softly. “If you want to feel a cock inside you, I’d Love it if you let Glenn do that to you. Or if you just want to cuddle, or touch, or have him make you cum, he’d Love that too.”

“It is all up to you.” Isabella said again.

“We’re going to go downstairs.” Said Linda. “It was nice to meet you, Gabriella. I hope I see you again.”

She kissed my cheek softly and patted my arm.

“I enjoyed being with you as well.” Said Susan. “I had lots of fun watching you enjoy yourself.”

She kissed my other cheek, and then they both went out, pulling the door closed behind them and leaving Isabella and I alone in the bedroom.

Isabella turned off the light and took me by the hand and led me across the dark room to the bed. Linda and Susan had remade it while we ate dinner, and the sheets were cool and crisp, and smelled freshly laundered.

I lay on my back and Isabella moved up next to me, putting one arm under my neck and letting her fingers trail across my belly.

“That feels nice.” I whispered, moving my hips.

“Would you like to Orgasm Gabriella?” she asked me in a low voice.

“Yes.” I whispered. “I really want to.”

She lowered her head and kissed me softly on the lips.

“Do you trust me?” she asked.

“Of course.” I answered. “Everything has been so wonderful with you.”

At that moment there came a soft tapping on the door, as if someone was knocking by using only one finger.

“Shhhhh.” Isabella said to me, putting a finger against my lips.

I nodded my head silently.

“Come in.” she said softly.

The door opened and Glenn came in, carrying a lit candle. The outer hallway was dark.

“Is it still okay to stop up?” he whispered.

“Yes, of course.” Said Isabella. “Gabriella is ready to go to sleep, but first she needs to Orgasm. Can you help her?”

“I would Love to.” He said, placing the candle on the dresser.

“Get undressed and join us please.” Whispered Isabella.

He pulled his shirt off over his head and dropped it to the floor, before sliding his pants off and slipping into the bed with us.

“Come up here.” Isabella motioned him, using her hand on my thigh to encourage me to spread my legs.

Her fingers went to my cunt, and I felt them move through my slippery folds, Hot and probing as I moved my hips. Glenn moved over me, positioning himself between my legs.

“She’s beyond ready.” Isabella whispered.

She pulled her fingers from my wet hole and put them against Glenn’s mouth.

He sucked them for a moment and then leaned over and kissed Isabella while she slid her hand back between my body and Glenn’s. I reached my right arm out and pushed my hand between Isabella’s thighs and she moaned into his mouth.

“She’s not the only one who’s ready.” Isabella whispered. “You’re as hard as a fucking rock.”

“I got that way as soon as I saw you both in the bed.” He murmured.

And then I gasped, as I felt his cockhead slide up and down along my cunt lips. I moved my hips up and down, responding to the nearness of his erect need.

“Go ahead.” Isabella whispered. “She’s ready.”

I closed my eyes and sighed as I felt his cockhead press against my opening, hesitating for just a second before pushing forward and filling me up with his stiff heat.

“Uhhhhhh!” I moaned, lurching underneath him.

Isabella dipped her head and took one of my nipples into her mouth, sucking softly as my body adjusted to the hard cock up inside it.

And then he pulled his cock back and forth across all of my sexual nerve endings, and I started to moan uncontrollably, amazed at how my cunt could feel so full and so fucking greedy at the same time.

His prick sawed itself back and forth, and I suddenly realized that it wasn’t just something he was doing to make me feel good. He was fucking in and out of me, and my body was designed to respond exactly this way to his pumping.

I flexed my thighs and pushed my hand against Gabriella, her mouth spreading liquid heat through my sensitive nipple.

“Oh fuck.” Moaned Glenn. “She’s so goddamn tight.”

I suddenly felt a finger against my clit and I realized that Isabella knew more about feeding my orgasmic need than I did.

“Ohgaaaaawwwwwwd.” I sobbed, bucking my hips.

“Just let it happen sweet Gabriella.” Whispered Isabella into my ear.

“It’s going to.” I grunted, realizing that I was about to have my first Orgasm with a cock fucking up into me.

Glenn kept rocking in and out of me, his steady rhythm both tantalizing and agonizing as my Orgasm pried and pushed against all the edges of my body, looking for the right way to escape.

“Let it feel good sweet girl.” Whispered Isabella.

“Kiss me.” I begged. “Kiss me while I cum Isabella.”

Her mouth found mine and I pushed my tongue against hers as I felt my belly twist with wet pleasure.

I pushed my hips back and forth at Glenn as fast as I could, and I felt her rubbing against my clit, and every time Glenn’s cock pushed all the way into me I felt a flash of heat deep inside, happening again and again as my orgasmic tension rose.

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