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Idea and editing by TheFisherman.

Disclaimer: The world and characters in this story are taken from the game: “World of Warcraft” and are the trademark property of Blizzard Entertainment. I do not have any claim of ownership over the world of “World of Warcraft” or its characters. This is a work of fiction and in no way is this work canon. This story was created to entertain and is in no way an official storyline. The character Kylya is the creation of TheFisherman and is used in this story with their permission.

“I think we just got lucky, Shen,” Deyrina whispered and nodded her head towards the forest clearing. Shenore turned her gaze and observed closely. The darkness of night would make it almost impossible for a human to survey the clearing, but for Children of the Blood, the clearing was as brightly lit as the morning sky.

A tall night elf stood almost 200 feet from them and was oblivious of the two. It was improbable that a huntress like the one before them would miss the couple, but thanks to the right combination of runes and potions, magic was thick in the air.

Both Sin’dorei watched with intent as the huntress walked across the forest floor. Her legs were perfectly sculptured and shun a purplish hue under the light of the waxing moon. A single, uncertain step followed another and after three more steps a predatory smile crept across Deyrina’s face. She watched with a feline grin as the huntress shifted her weight and hesitated to take another step, her instinct told her something was off. She sniffed the air and listened intently for hints to the anomaly she felt. After a couple of tense moments, the huntress took her next step.

It did not go as planned, instead of moving forward, the elf’s generous bosom squished visibly with an invisible obstacle and threatened to jump out of her top. Unfortunately for her, the Kel’dorei was too close to the obstacle, and her face collided with the invisible forcefield, knocking her off her balance for a fraction of a second. The elf turned around quickly, reflexes guiding her actions. She moved a hand in front of her to find another invisible wall.

“It worked!” Deyrina almost yelled her content with the success of her trap.

“Quiet down, Dey,” Shenore hashed her companion with a dismissive look, “no need to let the whole forest know of our trap.”

The Blood Elves walked out of hiding and into the clearing. Both took deliberate steps full of confidence that could fool any human.

“What do we have here?” Deyrina stalked around the forcefield holding the night elf, examining her prey with curious eyes.

“That is one hefty Kel’dorei,” Shenore noted, “rare that they get this big, I mean, look at her hips…”

“Who gives a rat’s Ass about her hips, Shen, what about her purse?”

“I guess it’s as big as her hips.” Shenore shrugged, ignoring the double meaning behind her sentence.

“Release me!” the night elf abruptly demanded.

Deyrina giggled and closed the distance to her captive. Now that she was closer, it was clear she hooked something special. “Not so quickly, we just met after all. What’s your name?” she demanded.

“None of your business,” the night elf said with a sneer in her voice, “release me at once!”

“Oh, no need to be so feisty,” Deyrina said, thinking about a different way of approach, “it’s not every day, that you come across a Night elf in Eversong. I just thought… Maybe we can get to know each other a little better? Here I’ll start, my name is Deyrina, soon to be known as best rouge in the entire Eastern Kingdoms.”

The busty night elf visibly sighed, slouching forward in her invisible cage a little, “Fine, I’m Kylya…” she responded.

“Kylya? Uhh, sounds like we have a visitor from Feralas here, Dey.” Shenore said with a sneer in her voice, “What does a night elf from the other side of the world want here in our forest?”

“Focus, Shen, eyes on the prize.” Deyrina reminded her partner, “Throw us your bag and we might let you go… What do you think, Kylya?”

Kylya gazed at the pair with deep blue eyes and considered her options. “Pah! How about I let you go to your ancestors…!” The night elf lifted her arm and threw a punch against the invisible wall, which responded with a resonating blue circle of light emanating from the spot where she hit it.

Shenore yelped at the sudden motion before she chuckled, “Looks like Kel’dorei are really as stupid as they say, Dey. She really thinks she can punch her way out of there.” She called out, “Throw us the pack, the force field will let it through.”

Kylya took the bag off her broad shoulders and flicked it at Shenore. It flew across the air and smacked against the blood elf, knocking the breath out of her lungs.

“Offf,” Shenore gasped, “Careful, Dey, this one packs a punch.”

“Don’t worry, Shen, she’s not getting out any time soon, remember?” Deyrina chuckled and pointed towards an amulet that rested on her chest. “Anyway, what does she have in there?”

“Oh, right. Well, let’s see,” Shenore started rummaging through the night elf’s belongings. Inside were a couple of knives, a ring and three elaborate necklaces. Shenore pulled the disappointing catch out for her companion to examine. “I was expecting a little more, are they magical at least?”

Deyrina focused on the items but could not sense an ounce of magic from them. She nodded her head, “We can probably get a couple of coins for them.”

“A couple of coins? Come on Dey, the forcefield amulet alone was twenty times that…” Shenore turned her gaze to her prisoner, “Stinkin’ Kel’dorei, is that everything you have?”

The night elf leisurely leaned back against the backside of the cage, crossing her arms under her massive boobs, making them visibly wobble from the motion. “What you see is what you get…”

“I say we kill her,” Shenore almost exploded.

“What?” gasped Deyrina, shocked by the proposition of her partner, “We said we won’t harm our targets…”

“I know…” Shenore whispered in admittance, “It’s just so annoying we worked so hard and it still flopped.”

Seeing how distressed the Sin’dorei seemed, The captured night elf cleared her throat to catch their attention, “I do have a couple of things that might be of value to you…” she said with a singing smile on her face as she reached down to produce a hidden dagger strapped to her thigh.

“We don’t have use for knives,” Deyrina’s disappointment sounded clearly in her voice.

“Maybe not,” the night elf giggled, setting her whole body in motion, “But I do!” With a crooked smile, she flicked the dagger toward Deyrina.

The blade soared through the air at untrackable speed and by the time Deyrina realized it was heading her way it already reached the wall of force. For a fraction of a second, Deyrina thought the wall will protect her from the coming blow. But as the blade crossed the barrier and rushed at her she connected the dots her adversary already cracked.

A moment later, unable to act fast enough, Deyrina felt the knife hit its target. Aside from the air being knocked out of her lungs, there was no pain. Looking down, she realized she was never the huntress’ real target. The knife was lodged deeply into her amulet, breaking it, and the spell contained within.

Fuck!” Shenore screamed as she realized their prisoner was abruptly set Free.

The clearing was suddenly dead silent as the two Sin’dorei assumed battle stance in preparation for an approaching struggle. Contrary to them, the night elf simply casually stood in the light of the clearing with her hands on her hips, in what the blood elves figured was the worst battle stance in existence, looking at them like a teacher that was going to enjoy punishing some naughty kids.

“You can stand down,” she said with a leisure smile on her lips, “I won’t hurt you.”

“It’s a trick, Dey!” Shenore called in an alarming tone, “She’s going to flee!”

Deyrina’s delicate frame tensed as she watched the night elf’s every breath. A moment passed, then two, but Kylya stood still, giving Deyrina the time to take in her unusual height as she had more than a head over her. Her legs were something any elf could only dream of, big and strong enough to crack small trees between them. Her spine would never be a match for them, if she ever found herself in between those, Deyrina figured. Her athletic arms rested on wide, bountiful hips that screamed for attention. Topping things off, the Kel’dorei’s breasts were massive! Bigger than anything Deyrina had ever seen on a woman before. It was difficult to measure at a distance, but each of them was at least twice the size of Deyrina’s own head and the night elf’s bra was visibly aching under their weight, threatening to give out at any moment. Finally, after a strenuous eternity, Kylya spoke again, “I mean you no harm, can we just talk?”

“Another trick!” Shenore determined, insistent with her view of the world.

“I… I…” Deyrina stumbled in her speech.

Without turning her head, Shenore took a moment to look into the faltering face of her partner. “What’s wrong, Dey?” She asked with sincere concern in her voice.

“I think she’s speaking the truth, Shen…” Deyrina said softly and gave up her stance.

“What are you doing, Dey?”

“If you want to stand around like a joke you’re more than welcomed, Shen,” Deyrina cracked a whip at her partner, “but I think she means us no harm.”

“An obvious scam…” Shenore objected, firm in her position.

“You two are cute,” the night elf chuckled while leaning forward and shifting her hips around a bit, but still remaining in her position.

“You know what, Shen?” Deyrina sighed, placing a hand on her forehead that covered her eyes in disapproval, “I’m going to prove it to you!” With a deep breath, she took a couple of confident steps towards the tall, blue-haired woman, placing her within arm’s reach of her. While her steps were full of conviction, her heart was powerless. She was pretty sure Kylya meant her no harm, but she had no collateral other than her guts to back that claim. A nervous moment passed before Kylya’s action confirmed her intuition.

“See, Shen?” Deyrina said as she offered her hand to Kylya, “It’s safe.”

Kylya took Deyrina’s hand in hers, but instead of shaking it in a friendly manner, she gave the back of her hand a little rub with her tumb. Seeing this, Shenore realized her efforts to prepare for battle were of no real use, and carefully lowered her guard. “Pah, okay, okay, I believe you aren’t going to harm us right now, but don’t think for a second you can pull a fast one us… Here, take your bag, it’s just a bunch of junk anyway…” Shenore said in a reluctant voice and handed the elf her bag.

“It’s a bummer we wasted all that coin for nothing,” Shenore said, disappointed with the couple’s misadventures endeavor.

“I know, Shen, but maybe our luck will turn.” Deyrina tried keeping the spirits up, “No point waiting around here though, we should head back to town.”

“Right,” Shenore agreed and turned to walk away, “Thank you for being cool with what happened, Kylya.”

“Hi, wait,” Kylya called after the two “Maybe your investment doesn’t have to go to waste.”

The Blood elves stopped in their tracks and turned around. The towering night elf’s face held a quality both of them couldn’t quite nail down. It was a peculiar place between curiosity, dismay and sexual interest, but its existence was undisputed, it was there…

“What did you have in mind? Shenore wondered.

“Maybe we can all gain something from this strange endeavor?” Kylya suggested, still unclear with her plan, and took a confident stride towards the couple.

It was but a simple step, but Deyrina’s keen eyes caught it. The cloth covering the Kel’dorei’s loins shifted in a fashion that forced a gasp of astonishment out from Deyrina’s lips. “What are you?” She whispered.

Shenore felt perplexed by the question. What did her partner see, that her eyes missed? “What is it, Dey? What’s happening?” she asked nervously.

“Her crotch…” Deyrina whispered as Kylya took another confident step towards the two. This time, Shenore’s gaze was focused on the right spot, she saw the fabric stir as something moved beneath the surface, something big.

“I’m a Kel’dorei,” Kylya answered their question, “What’s wrong, girls?” she added when she noticed their faces shift from interest to confusion.

“What is that?” Shenore’s voice, a mixture of concern and interest.

“Oh, that…” the night elf asked coyly, “That, might sweeten a rather dull day.” And with those words, Kylya slowly moved her hand to her crotch and exposed her purplish complexion. To the elves’ surprise, nestled between the Kel’dorei’s legs was a cock. Neither of them said anything, but both knew it was the biggest one they’d ever seen. The pole was only starting to awake from its slumber, and already it reached almost all the way down to Kylya’s knees.

“Wow,” Deyrina whispered, the surprise clear in her tone.

“That’s an understatement,” Shenore agreed and closed the distance to Kylya for a better look. The rod had the same purple hue as the rest of her body. Along its length ran pulsating veins that supplied blood to the massive organ and made it grow before the Sin’dorei’s very eyes.

“Like what you’re seeing?” Kylya asked as she took the cock in her hand and lifted it up to give the couple another point of view. Growing rapidly, the shaft in her hand seemed ridiculously huge in contrast with its owner. At the same time, Deyrina thought it looked perfect on the night elf’s large frame.

“Can I touch it?” Deyrina wondered. Kylya didn’t answer, instead, she nodded in approval and released her cock for Deyrina to handle. The blood elf reached with an uncertain hand and felt the massive meat against her fingers. The first thing that caught her attention was the heat, the shaft felt like it was boiling Hot as she slid her finger along its length. Next, she noticed the texture, it was semi-soft, maintaining some resistance against Deyrina’s skin.

“This is amazing, Shen, you have to feel this” Deyrina whispered in a bewildered tone, “she isn’t even hard yet, I have to give this a shot…”

“I… Maybe…” Shenore struggled to find words of warning to slow down her partner, “I don’t know. Maybe Sin’dorei and Kel’dorei shouldn’t mix?”

Fuck that,” Deyrina ignored the suggestion and placed another hand on Kylya’s shaft. The blood elf’s hands were smaller than Kylya’s, and they made the stiffening rod look even bigger. “Can I give you a try?”

Kylya stood there and enjoyed the moment. She never imagined a day like this could take such an interesting turn. The tiny, soft hands felt nice against her skin, and she saw no reason to refuse the Sin’dorei’s request. Kylya looked around for a moment to make sure they were alone and nodded in agreement, “Might as well enjoy this…” she whispered as her hands reached for her blouse and pulled the flexible fabric down, exposing her massive breasts.

Both Deyrina and Shenore looked at the exposed orbs in utter shock. Both knew Kylya was bountiful just by looking at her physique, but it seemed like her breasts were really packed tight in her top. Now, Free of their confinement, they seemed somewhat bigger. Deyrina wanted to play with the gargantuan boobs and tease the nipples that crowned the delicious orbs, but both her hands were busy with the titanic cock that seemed to reach its full potential.

Now, that the shaft was at its fullest, Deyrina managed to see another secret of Kylya’s. Below her cock, rested a scrotum that contained what Deyrina guessed was either 100 normal-sized testicles or the biggest pair of balls she could imagine. Either way, this night elf was something exceptional, even for a Kel’dorei.

“How about you play fair, Deyrina,” Kylya giggled, “I showed you mine, will you show me yours?”

“Ahem…” Deyrina thought for a moment before she ripped her hands off the purplish cock.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea, Dey,” Shenore’s voice had a bit of concern in it.

“Fine, okay,” Deyrina said with a smile on her face as she reached back and unclasped her gear. It didn’t take long for her to start revealing some skin. First came the top to expose a slender body with a pair of usually hefty breasts. But now, next to the night elf, her breasts looked like two tiny nipples atop a flat hill that were overshadowed by the Kel’dorei’s gargantuan boobs. Next, the blood elf’s hands went for her legging and they exposed another layer of slender, well-kept skin. Kylya couldn’t help but subtly lick her lips when Deyrina’s lower regions came into view along with her delicate, pink slit.

“Dey, are you sure this is the right thing to do?” Shenore whispered to her partner.

“You know what, Shen,” Deyrina talked in a low, confident voice, “I am done with this, I am going to enjoy myself with Kylya here!” And with that, she reached for the erect cock and gave it a little kiss before turning to Kylya and giving her a passion-filled kiss that the Kel’dorei was more than happy to accept.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Kylya asked.

Deyrina didn’t answer. Instead, she got down on her knees, took the cock with both hands as it was too thick for just one, and went to town caressing and kissing it. The meat bucked and pulsed in Deyrina’s hands as the show went on and she could hear the night elf moaning above her in delight.

At first, Deyrina thought about giving Kylya some oral Sex to heat things up, but as her assault went on, it became clear that the huge shaft wasn’t going in her mouth without some serious pain. She lifted lustful eyes at her new lover, “I don’t think I can blow you…” she admitted.

“Don’t worry,” Kylya said with a smile, “it means we’ll have more time to focus on the really good stuff instead of the foreplay.” Deyrina giggled and resumed her lovemaking. The shaft in her hand felt so nice and inviting that, coupled with Kylya’s suggestion, she just wanted it to go into her snatch so the two can blow some steam together.

“Are you getting close?” Deyrina asked when she felt a pulse go through Kylya’s cock. A part of her wanted it so badly, wanted to see what the scrumptious night elf was capable of.

“Please lay down,” Kylya whispered.

“Are you going to cum on me?” Deyrina asked as she came to rest with her back on the grass, hoping to hear an eager yes.

“I am going to cum in you,” the night elf declared, hovering over the petit Sin’dorei. Even though Kylya’s head was in line with Deyrina’s belly button, Her giant rod rested a couple of inches above her lover’s moistening slit, covering it completely. “But first, we need to make sure you’re ready…” With that she moved back a little and placed her index and middle fingers on both sides of the elf’s slit, gently pulling them apart.

Deyrina’s body showed no resistance to her lover. Her outer lips opened to expose a moist reddish flower ready to be taken. Kylya lowered her neck and licked the eager slit, earning her a moan of delight from Deyrina. Another lick was rewarded the same way, and soon, Kylya’s tongue was flying up and down Deyrina’s slit.

As the Sin’dorei raveled in the godly bliss Kylya bestowed upon her, Shenore watched the couple with curious eyes. She couldn’t help but watch the two lovers enjoy each other’s company. It was an odd pairing, Shenore had to admit, but it was still much better than an undead and Draenei couple. Still, even in her disposition, Shenore could feel her cheeks getting hotter with every second and a slight tingle coming from her loins.

Meanwhile, on the grass, things were heating up. Deyrina moaned with delight as Kylya played with her clit and sucked hard on it. “So good…” Deyrina withered wildly as she felt herself becoming undone, “So close,…Almost…!” she screamed. Her breath was heavy and she felt her core contracting when suddenly, it all faded out and Kylya backed away from her.

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