Filthy Outdoor Fantasy – Fetish – Free Sex Story

Ted and Susan were a middle aged couple who have been married for roughly 8 years. The two of them had an beautiful home life along with an amazing Sex life. Ted occasionally checked in with Susan to find out if anything over the years had begun to pique her interest, and whether she had some new fantasies that he would be pleased to fulfill. Susan would normally look Ted in the eyes and state that she was “Satisfied with every sexual aspect of their marriage and didn’t need anything more”.

Even so, Ted would like more. Over the years, Ted was sexually satisfied but wanted something more; but he couldn’t figure out what it was. They both liked to read Storyva stories and watched Porn quiet often.

One evening while drinking made the conversation go loose, they were discussing other people’s fantasies and kinks/ fetishes. During the conversation, Ted noticed Susan mentioning 3-ways and small orgies, he noticed that the 3-way in particular made Susan blush and squirmed a little as if these thoughts made her Pussy tingle. This left Ted thoughtful and hesitant.

Ted was shy with this said fantasy, because deep down he knew it was dirty… He cleared his throat and looked at Susan and said “I want you to fuck the literal shit out of me”. Susan seemed to be taken back by his request.

In their 8 years together, she had barely even heard her husband take a shit as he would always go to a different bathroom in the house and now, he want her to fuck the shit out of him. While she was letting the idea sink in, he rambled off more of the fantasy.

He would like to do this outdoors on their 20 acres. He would like to be locked in a medieval stock to prevent him from gaining control of the situation and backing out. There needed to be a water hose around so that when she is done with the fuck session, she can hose him down and force him to remain in the stocks until she comes back for more. He also mentions how he longs for her to take charge and order him outside to the stocks whether he has used the toilet or not. To his request she responds with “If I accept your request, you will still be in control of the situation”. But she played along and asked if there was a specific toy he would like her to use on him, and whether there were some other aspects of his fantasy that she should note.

The week went on and the weekend had arrived. Once again Ted and Susan were having drinks. Conversations were flowing and they were laughing and making anecdotal small talks. Then, out of the blue, Susan said “how about you strip down for me. We are going to take a walk”. A surprised Ted took some time to process this and replied with “Please my queen, let me take a quick trip to the restroom before”. Susan stood up and lowered her face to lock into Ted’s eyes. She ominously, in a high pitch authoritative voice said, “NO you’re not. We are going on a walk and you’re going to get your filthy Ass naked right now”.

Ted’s dick began to stir, and Susan picked up on this as she slowly stroked the outline in his shorts. Ted wearily tried to ask Susan what was happening and desperately tried to regain a little bit of control. But it was pointless, Susan was not to be moved, she had her palms on her hips, and with a stern silence and murderous eyes, she looked down on Ted. Poor Ted, feeling the excitement in this humiliation, had no choice but to stand and struggled to remove his clothes. Susan approved of his obedience by kneeling down in front of her husband and took his semi-erect dick between her lips. She put the semi-flaccid cock in her mouth before going down to his balls. She then spun him around and gave his asshole a good tongue lashing.

Susan is known to get a little dirty when she drinks, and although Ted has not showered and has been caught unaware, Susan couldn’t care less. Ted could see in her eyes how she was transforming herself into a filthy lusty mistress and this made Ted a bit uneasy. Susan gets back on her feet and shoves her tongue down Ted’s mouth, making him taste the filth and sour potion she collected from his asshole. This made Ted confused about the emotions filling him, a part of him felt humiliated and distorted, the other part was reveling in this situation and he wanted his Wife to go further in destroying his ego and sense of self-respect.

They then started to walk towards the stock. The sight of which made Ted’s dick begin to pulse, and he got a nervous feeling. Susan was maliciously smiling, being happy to fulfill her husband kink. As they stood and stared at the equipment, she ordered him to finish his drink and get his whoring Ass in the stock. He downs his vodka and steps forward.

Susan clamped the stock on Ted’s neck and hands. Ted’s mind was running wild. He could feel her nails tracing all over his body, and the generous slap she gave him made both his cheeks red. He could not see but guessed the red handprint on his fleshy Ass. Ted felt Susan digging her nails into his nutsack. Susan kicks at Ted’s ankles forcing him to spread wider. She was going wild, already wet and excited with the power she was radiating.

At this point it was mid afternoon and about 85 degrees. Ted heard water as Susan reappeared from behind, she had only a thong and her hair was tied back. Susan is a curvy woman, always has been. Beautiful tan skin, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, a sinful smile and beautiful pink Pussy with perfect lips.

She began to drench herself in the sexiest and sensual way possible before her husband’s eyes, and Ted could see her bald Pussy through the wet white thong. “Her lips were exquisite, and any man would Love to plow through this,” Ted surprised himself thinking. Ted was already sweating by the time that she turned the hose to Ted and watered his bald head. She then proceeded to put water on the rest of his body. Letting it flow gingerly over his asshole, his balls and down his semi hard dick. The water suddenly stops and kicks back on.

Susan has attached an enema nozzle to the end of the water hose. She spat on Ted’s tight little asshole and slid the nozzle into his Ass. Then with a devilish laugh, Susan turned the water on and it began to fill Ted up. Ted felt the pain and started to beg Susan to stop, but she just held steady until he was overflowing. She then pulled the nozzle out and plugged his hole with a wide butt plug.

It was painful, he felt so full and was shaking. She laughed and giggled. He felt her between his legs tugging on his balls and rock hard shaft. Ted is moaning with pleasure but is having a hard time focusing on feeling so full.

Susan is rubbing her clit while playing with Ted. She stood up and whispered in Ted’s ears, “I will remove the plug, but you’re getting more water, you need to be fuller”. She pulled the plug and inserted the nozzle again. As the water is being pumped in, he is leaking and shaking, but Susan was rubbing his belly and stroking his dick. Making sure to tell him that if he was a good husband, he would have been clean and prepped for any situation.

She suddenly removes the nozzle and let Ted expel the water from his Ass. His face is beet red and he is so embarrassed. Susan has never seen him in such a submissive state. The feeling of power was Thrilling and sexually exciting for her, Her clit was peaking out and her Pussy were pulsating, she wanted a cock up her Ass while powerful hands crushed and pinch her tits. She asks him if he would like more or if they should just end it and head back to the house for some conventional Sex…. As Ted was about to answer, he felt the enema nozzle grazing his asshole.

Ted took a deep breath as Susan pushed the tip of the nozzle back into his Ass. While his Ass was being filled again Susan said “You better keep that tight Ass of yours clamped on that nozzle because if it comes out…. You will face the consequences, I will give you some punishment you never thought of”.

Susan then proceeded to pull something out of a bag she had hidden nearby earlier in the day. Ted looked up in time to see Susan stepping into a strap on harness with an average size dildo dangling from the front… She smiled at Ted and knelt to kiss him. She reassures him that everything is going to be ok… that he is in good hands…. And that anything that is going to happen is completely normal….

Remember Susan left the nozzle on a steady drip. Ted is so full of water…. he is highly uncomfortable. As Susan removed the nozzle and ran her finger from the tip of Ted’s dick… up his shaft…across his nut sack and along his tight little asshole, he felt a cool liquid hitting his asshole causing his asshole to pucker.

He felt the soft flesh like dildo teasing his asshole. Susan began to apply pressure as Ted squirmed. Ted then said “I am uncomfortable Susan, please my Queen, my Mistress, I would like to stop,” but Susan knew that she was in control, and that deep down, he wanted this…. he needed this…. Ted already confessed about his fantasy…. It was time to complete this fantasy. Besides, he hasn’t said the safe word that Susan told him about. Susan told Ted to breathe and to act as if he was trying to relieve himself.

Ted took a deep breath and began to push back the tip of the dildo trying to breach his asshole. Susan began working the dildo back and forth deeper and deeper. Ted began to complain and pleaded his fear of shitting while losing control of his bowels if she didn’t stop. Susan was aware that Ted was still full of water. She picked up the pace.

Susan cooed and told Ted to relax. Ted’s dick was rock hard, and the dildo Susan had chosen was rubbing right against Ted’s prostate. She began to feel Ted’s Ass release and along with it some of the water from inside his Ass leaked out. Susan took this time to become a little cruel and started fucking Ted at a faster pace and harder and harder. Ted was really squirming now, uttering that his urge to shit was at a 10. Ted was pleading for Susan to stop.

Susan smiled and said, “get over it”. Every time Susan removed the dildo, she did notice a reminisce of shit… but she knew that this is what Ted wants her to do. For her to take full control and force him to lose it all. She began to stroke faster every time she pulled out, making Ted’s legs shake and quiver. Ted’s dick was oozing precum. As Susan fucked his bowels, he finally gave in.

His worst nightmare/fantasy was in full effect. But when he demanded to be released, Susan smiled and kissed Ted and asked “is that what you want, you filthy man”…. She got behind Ted and re-entered his tight asshole despite the shit and continues to fuck Ted. She reaches around Ted and grabs hold of his dick and began to stroke his rock-hard member.

Ted’s breathing deepens… Ted is on the verge of Cumming. Susan kept the dildo inserted into Ted’s Ass until she felt his Ass hole clamping shut and his hips rock forward. Ted begins to shoot ropes of cum from the deaths of his balls. Susan removes the shitty dildo and proceeds to wash herself off along with Ted.

Susan heads back to the house for a glass of sweet tea and leaves Ted to reminisce of the events that just took place…. She told Ted to think about his filthy fantasy and to rate his experience. Susan told Ted he better have an answer, or he will be subject to another round of Ass fucking.

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