Fifty Shades of Forbidden Love

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As soon as he walked into the room, I knew I was in trouble. His dark hair was tousled and his eyes were smoldering with desire. We had been dancing around each other for weeks, both knowing that our attraction was forbidden but unable to withstand the pull.

He slowly approached me, his eyes locked onto mine. I felt my breath catch in my throat as he reached out and brushed his fingertips along my exposed collarbone. My skin tingled in response and I knew there was no turning back.

Without a word, he grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. He pushed me back onto the soft mattress and crawled on top of me, his heated breath against my neck making me shudder with desire.

As he unbuttoned my blouse, I arched my back, silently asking him to continue. He pressed his lips to mine, his tongue exploring my mouth as his hands roamed over my body.

I reached up and tangled my fingers in his hair, tugging gently as he kissed his way down my neck and over my breasts. His hands worked their way down to my skirt, pulling it off in one swift motion.

I lay there, completely exposed and vulnerable as he gazed at me with hunger in his eyes. He reached down and cupped me through my panties, his touch sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body.

He quickly shed his own clothes before kneeling between my legs. He tore off my panties and began to lap at me with his tongue, sending me spiraling out of control with pleasure. I moaned as he continued to tease me relentlessly until I was screaming his name, my body convulsing with the force of my orgasm.

He grinned down at me, his eyes full of satisfaction. “I’ve been waiting to do that for weeks,” he said, and I knew that this was just the beginning of our forbidden love affair.