Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 32 – Fetish

Little adventure in the Caribbean

Mieke and I went on a short winter holiday on a nice former Dutch island in the Caribbean. It was lovely to get out of the cold for a while.

We flew company class and that really is a good begin of relaxing even when travelling. No worries about luggage and long lines at security. Waiting in the VIP airline lounge and eating and drinking some free goodies while sitting in comfortable chairs.

Boarding is all the time a breeze too. Priority all the way.

We arrived at the airport after a flight of almost 10 hours, still relaxed, and got a cab to our resort at the west side of the island on the white sandy beach.

We had a nice room looking over the swimming pool, palm trees and the sea.

We promised each other not to engage in any messy activities while in the hotel.

Cleaning up is no issue but the all the time white towels are bound to get a little brown no matter how well you shower after (too) dirty sex.

We did play a lot though and in the 8 nights we had in the hotel we each had 4 orgasms. Each by helping each other by licking and sucking. We also took a little vibrator in the shape of a red pepper with us to help both of us.

I usually help Mieke some more by putting my index finger up her ass and she really enjoys that more and more. Gets easier too now we do that more often. While doing that I also feel my finger touching her shit up there. That’s when I put some more effort to really dig my finger in so it will be dirty when she is ready and I take my finger out. Then I can lick it clean or push it up my nostrils so I can smell it for a long time while masturbating following Mieke’s orgasm.

Ok, this a little bit dirty of course but no issue for a little toilet paper to clean if there is anything left after licking and sucking my finger. Still not a big mess. I will patiently wait for that when we get home again.

Mieke promised me some extra good stuff in a list she made of things I can do to her and she wants to do for me. All involving shit and piss. You can tell she is really into it right now and gets very horny thinking and writing about it.

A little issue we both have is when we are on holiday is that we have no access to more healthy food that contain enough fiber for us. In Holland we eat a lot of whole wheat bread and that is simply not available in most countries. Then our digesting system gets messed up and mostly turns out in indigestion or intestinal blockage. Not really a big issue but something to be aware off and try to eat some extra fruit or veggies with fibers. But again, that is not all the time available in restaurants.

Also the change in diet can cause diarrhea. And boy, on the fourth day Mieke did suffer from that big time. Remembering our mutual promise I did not ask for her to shit on me but when she went to the bathroom in our room for the third time in a row, releasing a large quantity of stinky liquid poo, I could not help myself but ask her not to wipe so I could lick her clean.

Now that would be the first time ever I would do that. Mieke agreed and I installed myself lying on the bed near the edge so she could hover over me and also sit on my face.

I started to lick her ass and it really tasted wonderful. Sweet and stinky. I enjoyed it so much. I rubbed my face in her ass crack and it did not take long for me to get a massive erection.

When I got up my face was a little stained but not too much. I decided not to clean it because of the soft yellowish brown color. You just couldn’t notice. Only the smell and I wanted to preserve that for a while. I checked in the mirror if I would be OK going outside like that. It was fine.

We went to diner in a BBQ restaurant near the hotel and I had a full rack of ribs and Mieke ordered grilled chicken. Both accompanied by a nice cocktail.

So again this was a first for me and I still get horny thinking about it.

The little vacation was wonderful. Next time we will be traveling to New England in early fall to witness the autumn colors on the maple trees. Looking forward to that as well!

Now we are home and counting the hours for my next treat Mieke promised me.

She will, when to consistency of her poo is really creamy repeat what she did the week before our little vacation. I was lying on the shower room floor and she stood over me and released I gorgeous dark brown creamy pile of shit in my face. And then to my big surprise she sat down on my face and began rubbing her bottom over my face while I masturbated.

She made a real mess of herself that way and she told me that the next day she still found shit stains in her undies coming from inside her cunt because she had rubbed a good deal of her shit into it by sliding up and down my face. She did not mind that at all by the way.

What a wonderful girl!

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