Fever – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

Editor’s note: this work contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“I’ve got a fever, so…” she whisper grinned to me as her eyes lit up when her manager left the room after their pre-show meeting. In an instant she had the door locked and was straddling me.

With my hand on her forehead, I knew what she wanted, it was time. We had pillow talked about it, flirted with the idea, but it was still surreal to actually be considering it.

Well, it’s hard to describe anything as surreal in the light of our current “arrangement”, but her plan now was a enormous step in the direction of risk. But I guess that’s part of why she wanted it.

She left everything up to me, “surprise me, daddy” was the only follow up to her confessing her latest desire. It was impossible for me to say no to her, especially when she had those long legs wrapped around me.

It took a little manuevering with her staff and security, but I already had a plan in place and ready to go for her before she could remind me. Some of them definitely knew what was up, or if not they for sure suspected it.

I had been waiting for the story to leak and blow up our lives, but time went on and on and so far it hadn’t happened, so I guess her staff must really be loyal. Or at least they know which side of their bread is buttered.

After her show, she quickly showered and burst into my tiny green room. The perks of being family, it was pretty nice to have my own space. On hotel nights, I didn’t have that luxury, not that I’m complaining.

Without a word, I started undressing her. She got the picture quickly and facilitated, then started posing for me as each piece came off.

We slowed down as she allowed me to put my hands all over her. I mentally pinch myself again and again as I count my lucky stars. I am so proud of my daughter and her accomplishments, her drive, her fire. But, simultaneously, I am a man standing in front of a bewitching vision of a woman, a woman with a burning void waiting to be filled, and we both know I am the man who will fill it, over and over again.

With one last tweak of her sensitive nipples, I pause our play and lift the sundress I have chosen for her over her head. Black, with red hearts printed. Her rosy cheeks disappear and reappear as I lower it, she is sans makeup, but still very recognizable. Her smile is giddy as I blindfold her with a bandana, and I cant stop myself from kissing her long and deep.

I had her security get us a nondescript car for the short trip. They insisted on following us in another car, but I convinced them to keep a few blocks distance by taking one of their radios with me.

It was a school town show, so the nearest sex shop wasn’t too far. I parked right outside and grabbed my daughter’s thigh.

“I will be just one moment, baby, no peeking.” I explained as her hand gripped over mine.

“I wouldn’t dream of it…” she purred as she pulled my hand up into her warmth.

I took a moment to feel her bare skin under the dress while I checked the mirrors for anyone on the street who might notice her. I still felt an instinctual pang of worry that she wasn’t wearing panties in public, but the complicated feelings really only made things hotter for us.

I had scouted the small two room store earlier in the day when there were a few employees, but now there just appeared to be one. A cute, short, blonde girl – perfect.

“Hi, we close in about 5 minutes, but if you know what you’re looking for I can definitely still-” she started as I walked in, but I held up a finger to pause her.

“Hello – Angel,” I leaned in slightly and read from her name tag, “I was in here earlier and I am interested in spending some money in the back.”

I motioned to the back room with all the toys as I pulled my fat wallet out of my pocket and set it on the counter.

“The thing is, I have someone famous in the car who wants to come pick some things out, but she’s a little camera shy. Are there cameras in the back room too, or just the one out here with the register?” I gently explained.

“Uh, I…” she stalled.

“I will go and get her, and if you’re open to it we’d just like a few moments to shop privately,” I pressed as I fanned out a few hundreds on the counter, “and of course we will be happy to tip you for your time as well.”

I turned to gather my daughter without giving Angel time to respond.

As I opened the passenger door for her, I reached in to caress her cheek and turn her to me. She leaned in instinctively and kissed me as I unbuckled her and took her hand. They say blood relation means better harmony, we’ve only played a little music together but I can say for sure that we intensely resonate with each other in other methods.

We moved slowly across the darkened sidewalk and into the sex shop as I guided her with a hand at her waist.

Angel had come around in front of the counter now, to get a better look.

“Is that-” she started, staring at my daughter’s face and the blindfold.

“Yes,” I steered us, as I requestioned her “so there are no cameras in the back?”

I felt a tremble through my daughter’s dress and I reached up to squeeze her shoulder in reassurance.

“No, so uh, I have to…” Angel started again, leaving me another opening. She was making it so easy.

“If you dont mind switching the sign and locking up, we would appreciate your help back here, thanks.” I outlined for her as I wove my daughter through the racks of cheap lingerie and novelty items, through the bead curtain and into the back room.

The room was a small black cube with toys lining the shelves on the walls, and a carpeted counter for an employee to stand behind.

I parked my daughter at the counter and glanced through our options. I narrowed in on a metallic vibrating butt plug and set it down in front of her. Her hands at her sides, she had yet to reach for her blindfold. I was so proud of her.

Angel entered the room behind us as I gently grabbed my daughter by the back of her neck and pushed forward, bending her over the counter.

As she came around us into the room I tugged the blindfold down, and they turned to see each other.

“Oh, she’s cuuuuute…” my daughter drawled out, her cheeks already red with anticipation.

“Hello Ms. Lipa,” Angel started formally.

“Just Dua is good, love,” she corrected, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. I felt her thighs tense up as she backed into me.

“We’re interested in this,” I reached past her and picked up the toy, “how does it work?”

My daughter turned back to look at me and grinned, picking up the game immediately.

“Well, that is a butt plug, and this model is one that vibrates for added stimulation,” Angel clinically explained.

“Have you ever used one?” Dua pressed with a flirty tone.

“I, uhm-” Angel gulped as Dua stared her down.

“I’m looking for some pointers,” Dua continued, not letting the moment drop.

“Okay… if someone was new to anal play they would need some warming up, but regardless, lube would need to be involved.” Angel slowly explained as they maintained eye contact with each other.

“I prefer spit,” Dua challenged her with that last word, and I took it as my cue.

Leaning forward, I pressed myself into her with one hand on her hip, the other hand bringing the toy around and offering it to my daughter’s lips.

She leaned forward to suck on it, leaving both arms planted on the counter. I could see her seductively work up her spit and coat the butt plug in it as she fully explored it with her tongue.

A spit trail hung from the toy to her lip as I pulled it away, and she giggled as she locked eyes again with Angel.

I reluctantly backed up slightly and bunched up her dress at her waist, while i positioned the toy at her hole with my other hand.

I wish I could have seen her face as I started to apply pressure, twisting slightly as it entered her. She sucked in a tiny surprised gasp despite clearly knowing what was coming.

“Oh fuck, Daddy…” she melted slightly as I kept up the slight pressure, drawing out the insertion. Her shoulders drooped but she kept her forearms planted on the counter.

I was close to bottoming it out so I relented and kept up the turning as I drew it in and out slightly. I wanted to up the ante.

“Angel, I think we didn’t apply enough lube, can you help guide us?” I prompted.

“Uh, yes, I would recommend…” She started to turn toward a shelf of bottles.

“No, please, just spit,” Dua corrected her before I could. I again was jealous at Angel’s view of my daughter’s face.

“I don’t know…” Angel started before I cut her off.

“Oh, I forgot my wallet out on the counter, I’ll go grab it as soon as we’re done here,” I reminded her. She looked up at me but hadn’t moved.

“Can you come around here and apply some more? I don’t want to lose progress,” I continued.

“Please,” Dua begged sweetly, reaching out and grabbing her hand as she did so.

The few steps it took for her to come around and witness the metallic toy disappearing into my daughter’s ass seemed to take forever, but she wasn’t protesting.

“Are you s-” she started before getting cut off again.

“Pleaseee…” Dua begged more urgently this time.

Angel turned to look at her, then up to me, then bent forward slightly as she let a long bead of spit escape her lips.

As soon as it made contact I forced the toy up to the hilt into Dua’s ass and flipped the vibrator switch on at the same time.

“OH,” she jolted and reached out for Angel’s hand again, pulling her back around where she could see her.

“Good girl, Daddy is very proud of you,” I moved my hands up to rub her back and waist lovingly as she adjusted to the feeling of the toy in her hole.

I noticed Angel looking back and forth between Dua’s face and mine.

Dad, please,” Dua complained through moans, “this is too much, I need to cum.”

My hand was on my zipper before Angel started to speak again.

“Wait, is that your actual Dad?” her eyes darted back and forth, back and forth.

I said nothing, Dua nodded to her and reached out to take both hands in hers, then turned back to me and bit her lip.

“Daddy’s got you baby,” my cock was already out, “don’t worry,” I lined it up and started to sink myself on the last word.

I would have wondered I’d have stretched her out a little by then, but she was just as tight as the first time. She had mentioned something about kegels and diaphragm exercises helping with vocal control, and boy was I thankful about the side effects.

Still turned to me, her eyes and mouth opened wide at the feeling of both holes being stuffed. I had a vision of sharing her, watching her get pounded and stretched from above and below. My cock surged at the wondered, definitely something I’ll bring up with her later.

“Fuck, fuck, Dad…” she started at feeling my dick twitch inside her.

“I love you, my Dua,” I spoke softly as I worked my way in and out a little at a time, “Relax baby.”

“Uurrrrraaaaaahhhhhh,” She started to nervously moan. I felt her thighs tremble.

While she was seemingly lost in her feelings, I had to stay present and try to deliver her exactly what she described in her fantasy. My left hand left her hip and gripped in her hair, forcing her to face Angel.

I was sad about losing the view of her pretty face, but I all the time cum faster when she holds eye contact with me.

Angel broke her brief gaze with Dua to look up at me, “That’s your daughter…” she quietly stated, as if it was the begin of a question.

“Ungh,” I punctuated as I bottomed out on hearing those words, “And she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.”

I leaned in to kiss the top of her head as I ground against her, fully buried.

“Daddd…” she whined slightly, both playing the game and also probably slightly embarrassed.

Pulling out slightly, I started a slow consistent rhythm of pounding her from behind, her gorgeous ass shaking with each contact. I noticed Angel staring at her.

“Do you like what you see?” I continued the game.

Angel nodded but didn’t look up at me, her gaze was fixed.

“Tell her about it, I think my daughter wants to hear it,” I commanded, hoping she would follow our lead.

“I-I-I think you’re so, so pretty…” she started, and we both let it hang, “and I like watching you get fucked.”

“Yesss…” Dua exhaled. My grip on her hips shifted and tightened.

I redoubled my effort, pulling out about halfway now on each stroke, still not fully going for it.

“Her nipples are sensitive, they’re probably getting chafed under that dress,” I hinted, trying to escalate.

I saw Angel’s hand reach up to Dua’s shoulder, and I knew we were golden from then onward. She lightly brushed apart the straps of her dress, and the whole thing bunched up around her waist within a few strokes.

“Touch her, she loves it,” I continued, and Angel immediately complied. Both hands reached up and disappeared from my view, gently cupping her tits.

“Oh my fu-fuck, Dad… I’m gon… gonna,” Dua started to stutter.

“I know baby, I know,” I picked up the pace, “cum on Daddy’s cock.”

I slapped her ass on saying it, then gripped again to get leverage as I drove her to the edge.

Dua started to pant, her mouth hung open again. I tried to make eye contact with Angel, but she was slowly closing the distance to my daughter’s face.

“Cum for daddy, ok baby girl? Cum for daddy,” I instructed, and she melted forward into Angel’s kiss as her body started to tremble.

“MMMMMMM-” Their moans blended together as their lips locked on one another, Angel pushing my daughter over the edge with her kiss.

Seeing the reddening in Angel’s cheeks, I leaned forward and took a risk, moving my hands from Dua’s hips up underneath her to grip over Angel’s hands on her tits.

“Daddy is so proud of you, Dua,” Angel’s eyes fluttered open, “I love sharing you, showing off your body.”

Dua was fucking herself back into me, riding out her orgasm and extending it expertly. While she wasn’t an amateur at all when we first started, to my dismay and delight, we had spent more than enough time making each other cum now that she knew exactly how to get herself off hard and fast.

It was important for us to know how to be as possible as feasible, so we could make use of whatever tiny windows of private time we were allotted while out on the road.

For myself, I had been worried about my ability to keep up with how insatiable she is, but the taboo has yet to wear off at all. If anything, how brazen and desperate she is to fuck has built me step my game up, from slowly and gently filling her cunt with my cum while she does a phone interview, to having her suck me off between her main set and encore, with the crowd chanting her name in anticipation.

But for now, with the current situation getting the best of me, I had to force myself to focus to not blow too early as Angel met my gaze.

She pulled back from the kiss slightly, like she was gonna say something, but my Dua leaned forward again and cut her off, not so much gently kissing her this time but instead forcing her tongue into her mouth.

“Thank you, Angel,” I tried to move things forward as they broke again, “for helping me make my daughter cum for us.”

Dua backed her ass up and ground against me, settling in slightly as she licked their spit from her lips.

“Oh goddd… Angel…” Dua whined while the vibrator continued to buzz in her ass, “you have no idea how good this is for me, baby.”

“Tell me what you want to see, darling, love,” she continued, “I need to be useful, I need to make my Daddy cum.”

My dick surged at this language, and she arched her back in response as she kept grinding. My hands hadn’t yet left Angel’s, continuing to grip onto Dua’s tits.

“Do you want to see Daddy paint me, claim his property?” She pressed, “He loves cumming all over my face, my tits, my lips…”

Angel looked up to me, and back down to Dua.

“Or do you want to hold my hair, Daddy can fuck my face and you can hold me down, not let me breath until he cums down my throat…” She was working herself into a frenzy, I could feel her wetness seep down our legs as she ground and wiggled her incredible ass against me.

“Would you… would you let him cum in you?” Angel breathed out, “Would you let your Dad cum in your pussy?”

“Oh god, yes, I love it,” Dua spat out immediately, “tell me you want to see it, tell me how you want Daddy to use my pussy until he cums.”

“I want…” Angel started again then paused, “this is so wrong, filthy…”

“Tell Me – Please,” Dua insisted, “I Need It, I Need It Now.”

My hands gripped harder over Angel’s.

“I want to see,” Angel was quieter now, “I want him to put a baby in you…”

I straightened up and started in immediately, my hands sliding down into position at my daughter’s gorgeous, shapely hips.

“OH-” Dua started, startled by my sudden onslaught, “Oh, oh fuck, oh yes, Dad, fuck me, get my little pussy pregnant…”

“Oh my god…” Angel whispered, staring at us, “this is so crazy…”

“Daddy loves you, Dua,” I started to lose control, “take my cock, take it for Daddy.”

“Please, please,” yelped Dua, “Please use me Dad, fill up my cunt…”

SLAM – SLAM – SLAM – I lost my language as I sped up into another gear, grunting to signal to her as I raced to get myself off deep inside her.

“I need it, make me useful, you own this pussy,” she was trying to push me over the edge, “use your whore daughter, Dad – please, I’m your little slut, I need it, get this pussy pregnant, I need it…”

I roared as I lost control, leaning forward and gripping her by the shoulders, leaving marks and assuring that she couldn’t pull away from me as I unloaded.

Cumming in my daughter was all the time heaven, as good as the first time, but having an audience added a whole other layer. I felt like I could do anything in that moment, invincible.

“…my beautiful little whore, Daddy loves you,” I woke up mid ramble as I continued to shoot deep in her, I wasn’t aware I had started talking, “Daddy loves his little slut so much, I need this pussy every day forever baby, my angel Dua, whore, whore, whore…”

“Daddy, dad, daddy,” she cooed lovingly, we flexed against each other we felt the last few ropes shoot as deep as I could get them.

I looked back up to see Angel still staring at me, her mouth slightly agape. Normally I’d need at least a few minutes to refract, but not today.

I flexed my cock in Dua, eliciting another moan from her as I leaned in, sliding my left hand to the back of her neck.

“Daddy isn’t done with you, Dua,” I instructed as she gasped, “ask her again, you’re here to put on a show, ask her how to be a good little whore.”

“Angel, please, teach me,” Dua continued the game, reaching out and grabbing her face gently, “how do I be a good slut and make you and Daddy happy, please…”

Performing comes so easy to her, my pride as her Father swelled and complicated the heat of the moment, but we were far, far past any potential guilt. I will all the time think of her first as my daughter, but that is what makes her being such a slut as hot as it is for us.

“Do you want me on my knees? Should I suck more cum out of my Dad’s cock?” her hands caressed Angel’s face, her thumb parting her lips slightly.

“Or do you want to take the toy out of me? Do you want to spit in my ass and watch Daddy bend me over and take my hole?” Dua purred at Angel, drawing her face closer, licking her lips.

“Would that make me a good slut? Is that what you want to see this whore do for her Dad?” Dua dared her, their lips almost touching.

Again, Angel closed the gap, this time dragging her tongue along Dua’s lips, eliciting a moan. She quietly snaked her hand back into Dua’s hair, and gently but firmly pulled her head back.

With Dua’s mouth wide open, Angel surprised both of us and spit onto her waiting tongue. I smiled as Dua moaned out loud and swallowed, leaving no doubt for any of us how much she loved being used like this.

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