Feminine FIRE – Erotic Horror

The dark hallway screams of echoes. The sounds of my red stilettos tapping against the floor. I stop to listen beyond the clicking of my heels. Pulling a long black strand of hair behind my ear, I place my other hand on my hip. I love to fuck with him! I know he can hear me and I know he feels me near. He sent for me hours ago, but the bitch in me loves to make him wait. I smirk as I hear the door click.

He stands firm against the wall, with his bulging arms crossed, and a smirk that raises one cheek. He plays dirty, and I just can not stand him. “Are you going to stand there all fucking day?” I smirk back, slowly pointing my heel forward, as if I got at all times in the world. Just watching him lift an eyebrow gives me the satisfaction of doing whatever I want. As if the few steps weren’t far enough, I reluctantly agreed to reach him.

Toe to toe and eye to chest, we face each other. He cups my cheek and lifts my face. Our eyes meet. Red blood to my shitty-ass mood brown. He runs his hand slowly down my arm, gripping my wrist, as he brings it behind my lower back. I absolutely hate this asshole, and he knows it. I don’t flinch. I don’t give in to the need for dominance. He flings me around and catches me back, as if we’ve danced this song many times. With my back firmly against his front, I can feel what settles against my back, and I bite my lip. He doesn’t see me or get a reaction, but I’m sure he knows. I feel my black hair pulled apart as he brings my silky strands to his nose and breathes in my scent. He yanks it back hard, and his lips slowly run down my ear; a little nip at my earlobe mixed with his breath gives my skin goosebumps.

“Lay down”, he hisses and pushes me forward. I almost trip on my heel, but catch myself from falling. I reach the black couch, a section right off from the bed. Big enough to fit three people, but only sits one being. He doesn’t distribute shit! I make myself at home, firmly placing my ass on the black cushion of the seat. Wiggling my hips as if I’ve now embedded my ass prints in something to remember me by. He shakes his head.

“You never follow my instructions correctly, Sun.”

“Sunshine. Tirich” I correct him firmly. He’s not my friend or my man to give me little pet nicknames. He stands proudly, eyeing me appreciatively, as he slowly stalks forward with the pure power of finesse. He just radiates masculine energy. I concentrate on his eyes, reminding him of my disobedience. He leans forward. His large shoulders push across our barrier as he holds onto the back frame of the couch. I’m pressed as far as I can, my neck so far back it could snap off. He stares into my eyes and then glances at my red lips. He doesn’t say anything, but the fire burning through his nose gives me the desire to push for more. It burns my cheek as he slowly sniffs across my skin. Reaching the spot between my shoulder blade, weakening my core.

I feel his teeth extending against my pulse. A simple bite leaves me crying out. Many have been placed around my most sensitive spots and hidden as the shame of ever meeting him. He tenderly licks up the evidence, something he does in spite. He seeks others for true blood. We are placed together for a purpose–mated but truly hate each other.

“Sunshine”, he whispers against my wound. I push him back, but it doesn’t do anything against a 6’7″ Vampire King. He grabs me under my knees, yanking me to the edge of the couch. I’m completely under him, open like his next meal. He smirks, seeing me so bound. I can’t move, and he knows it.

He releases my knees as he slowly glides his hand up my thighs, raising my hem. Everything I own is to his liking. He prefers me in red all the time. Me being a thick girl, he loves tight outfits to accentuate my womanly curves. I stand out against the vampire community of steel and top-modeled beauty. I’m a human trapped in a world of pure sexual perfection. I still hold myself to the human beauty community, thick or plus-sized, depending on who’s ratings and charts. I’ve never had problems with who I am. My self-esteem is worthy of sex, but they all reek of pure sensuality.

“You done” I demand. “In a minute”, he replies cooly. I can tell I affect him just as much as he does me. Tirich sinks between my knees. My legs spread out and inviting. I want to close them, knowing it will definitely piss him off, but he’s blocking me with his v-cut hips. He looks down and lifts his favourite eyebrow.

“No panties” and I roll my eyes. “You rip them every fucking time!” I snap back. He laughs. More like a deep grumble, since his dead heart is too bitter for emotion. He yanks and lifts one knee back, placing it against my breast. I’m completely exposed, but I don’t fight him–no use after battling these circumstances many times before.

If he would release me, I would click my red heels back home. A place I barely remember after being kidnapped many moons ago. Time isn’t affected here. He watches me from my eyes to the spot he knowingly controls. I’m a fucking human, mated to a powerful being, a Vampire King. Some kind of sick joke, but I guess my pheromones paired up with this motherfucker!

He leans down, his red eyes twitching with amber before he looks down. He studies my most sensitive spot. Freshly shaved. My lips peaked and swollen with need. He sinks lower, centered just above a whisper of his mouth. Tirich looks up, and the swirl of yellow fire in his irises always catches me off guard. I’m ready for the burn. His heat always seduces me, and the fire that burns from his insides always reaches out.

His mouth is like a furnace when he’s on me. Tirich never holds back. Being his mate, he couldn’t truly harm me, but we’ve come close to testing that theory. He takes a long sniff. Something he does, not because it turns him on, but to check if anyone or anything has been in me. Hence, the theory of testing his control. I haven’t used a toy since. I can feel his nails elongating, the tips barely piercing my skin. His weight against me feels broader.

Just as I know, his tongue has enlarged. It’s a shift he does when he’s trying to hold himself back. The first time it happened, I freaked! Not that I didn’t make good use of it, but I absolutely would give it all up. Tirich knows it! He loves to test my limits. Bring me up to slam me back down. We hardly speak. No words can change us.

“Open yourself, Sunshine” he demands. He likes my body open and ready. As if my clit isn’t begging to be free. I let my hands slowly run it’s course. Lifting my heavy breast and pinching my own nipples. A growl rises through the air, and I smirk. He hates me to take pleasure from anything but him. Tirich is a greedy bastard! Slowly, I continue following down the path, spreading my fingers past my stomach, dipping between my thighs. Gently rubbing along my moist lips as I lift up, spreading myself whole.

His deep growl vibrates the room. I know everyone can hear him in the kingdom, and he doesn’t give a fuck! Try interrupting him! The air around us steams up in smoke. Part of our energy and the combustion burning inside him. He lifts his head high, releasing the loudest fucking hiss as a large fireball of energy sizzles into the air. The static pulling me to arch my body. If we were in human territory, our fire detectors would fly off.

Tirich pushes my hands away, leaving his hot moist mouth, sucking at my clit. I gasp, almost jumping out of my skin. My body flexed up, giving him more. He doesn’t take my needs as his purpose but to feed off our bond. Our hate has broken our trust, but the bind that holds, he always sinks into it. He’s deepening his power just like his lips. I grip the edges of the cushion, watching his head triggering back and forth. Taking all my control and seeking more of my juices. I feel his tongue sliding down, almost considered a gift. Long as a slithering snake and thicker, it expands as it folds, finding my hole, and slowly sinks inside. Still, his lips suck at my clit. If I could truly explain how he does this shit, I would never leave. Ridges of flickers hit between my walls as he penetrates me inside, hitting my G-spot and tweaking it so furiously I’m practically hemorrhaging inside!

I’m shaking uncontrollably. Squeaking bitter breaths of moans. My thighs can’t even be controlled–they’re shaking so badly. He grabs my other knee, bringing it up like the other. As if Tirich can’t go any deeper! More and more, he’s taking from me. Fucking me with his tongue as my clit is sucked off. Suctioned beyond my control.

Sometimes I dread my time with him; trying to keep up with these overwhelming emotions destroys me. One orgasm is like an assault on my senses. These roll on to over five, six fucking eruptions! Uncontrollable orgasmic explosions! I’m fighting myself from biting my own tongue off, practically seizing off the couch under me. He grips my hips up, pinning me down under him. My eyes roll to the back of my head. I’m afraid one day they might actually stay there!

Tirich knows I’m human and doesn’t give a shit most of the time–Just let a girl live! His fired eyes watch me. Aftershocks after aftershocks soak my body. I’m drenched. He lives to see me like this! Completely undone. I’m not embarrassed anymore. I feel his tongue releasing my insides. Sliding back out of my hole and licking around the rim. He shifts down, meeting back at my core to claim every last drop.

“Mine.” He growls, nipping at my opening and marking me. Sipping at my insides. You would think he would be done, but it’s just another step, a beginning to take more from me. A bite to my thigh, a memento, and he drinks from the source.

Tirich stands up, sucking at his bottom lip. His blond white hair shields his perfectly framed face. Built like a fucking Adonis, chiselled, with muscles covered in tattoos of marks and symbols. Between all the deep ink, you could see some pale skin.

He was so beautiful the first time I met him. How flattered I was to attract this museum art piece. A statue made out of marble. Cold marble.

Vampires have abilities and the power of seduction. As King, he blinded me beyond words. Manipulated my emotions, and I believed in him. By night, I was taken away from everything and everyone I loved. Tirich enjoys fucking mocking me. He eyes me as his conquest. He smirks as he grabs me behind my thighs, lifting me up high above as we connect face to face. I’m practically sitting on air. He winks at me and tosses me over to his black satin bedding.

The power of that being is unmistakable! I’m a thick girl, and he just threw me like some rag doll! My body is only meant to sustain him. His people make sure to keep me healthy. As their King’s mate, my juices help balance his needs. Protect him and give him top strength. Basically, use me to cum. Missing a drop is to waste. As I said, he’s a greedy damn bastard. I bounce, trying to catch myself. It’s not sexy or even posed. I’m used for what he wants.

“Move” Tirich, hissed. I pretend to take my time, but he grabs my ankles, sliding me down and flips me over onto my stomach. His favourite position is me sitting on his face. If I take too long or hold myself from pleasure, he will spank me. My ass is usually on fire after. Tirich sits off the bed, practically posed with his head back, just relaxed, leaning against the mattress. Even then, Tirich is still too damn tall, so I have to balance on my knees as they dig into his shoulders.

I love the pain I believe I cause him. Tirich really doesn’t give a shit anyway! Why is it his favourite position? He drinks for pleasure. Slowly and seductively. When he feels my knees unbalanced, he just keeps me lifted and open like a tap. Imagine just sitting on someone’s face as they suck your life force out of you!

I’m drained completely, and it takes a few days to recuperate. He will still send for me. I know he has to have mistresses for other needs, more like vampire women, to keep him company. I really don’t know, and really, I don’t give a fuck. We don’t speak. I lean over, dropping my knees around him.

He gets frustrated with how slow I am, since I’m not at vampire speed. He grips my ass, pulling me down, as he spanks one cheek for being disobedient. It stings for a second before I feel his tongue pulsating against my clit. He doesn’t really flick but nibbles. Creating little wisps of kisses deepening to sweetly sucking it between his lips. Just enjoying the taste. He flicks at my clit. I jump with pleasure, and he spanks me again. He doesn’t like to be interrupted. Deeper and deeper, he rubs our lips together, hungrily licking between them, as I feel his finger slowly insert into me. He pumps a few times, then enters another one. Matching the tone of his mouth. Completely taking his time enjoying his feed. I feel his extended vampire teeth pressed against my inner lips spreading me wider, so he can assault my bitter senses. His tongue flicks faster and faster. His fingers fucking me deeper and harder.

The bastard knows my spot, so he tempts around it, leaving me moaning for release. When he has me at the tip of an orgasm, Tirich removes his fingers and lifts me up by my knees. Widening my thighs completely over his face, he penetrates me with only his flexed snake-like tongue. Twisting as if he’s coiling around my G-spot. Ridges of ridges pulsate. As if a dildo could ever compare! I grab my breasts, needing to hold on to something, and he growls loudly. One knee returns on his shoulder as he spanks me over and over again, and my G-spot seizes from the furious tongue movements.

I scream out cumming, completely abandoned to the emotion, and shaking with relief as he drinks and drinks. Sounds of his sucking and slurping leave me in multiple aftershocks. Leaving a tickled pressure of pain, I’m fighting the instinct to try and push him off. He takes his sweet ass time, wiggling his tongue back to front while penetrating my core. When he needs more, Tirich just hits my G-spot again with a few spanks to release all over his face again. I can’t stay up too long, so he keeps me up like this platter, needing to empty his plate.

He plays this game with my body a few more times, and I’m completely done. He licks up as he lowers me down, kissing my weeping lips before I feel his cock at my opening. We are face-to-face. It’s as if I marked him, too, with my evidence clearly all over him. His lips glisten, and he licks them, letting me know we aren’t done.

“Look at me”, Tirich demands. My opening stretches, a burn, as the tip of his cock enters me. Vampires are professional lovers. Skilled to eat and fuck their prey. Tirich can manipulate my senses and morph his body parts. I was scared the first time I saw his cock. It reached past his knees and was thicker than my arm. I could only take the tip, literally, but he can adjust his size to fulfill the need. He prefers to stay controlled, so he never changes the length or width.

He watches me when he fucks me. No emotion, just the intense gaze of dominance. He grabs my neck, pushing me forward. Our lips are almost to the touch. We’ve never kissed, but he requires some kind of deep connection. He lightly squeezes my neck as his nails slowly puncture my skin. His nose breathes in deeply, absorbing the scent of my blood, and the change in his facial features grows. He does it to intimidate me, as if fear is useless in my soul. I’m too numb to his bullshit.

Deeper the burn as I’m stretched too far, and I feel his cock completely transform to fully fit inside. It slides in smooth and deep to the hilt. As if we’ve finally become one. I freak out. I try to push back, but he holds me close, completely stroking sinfully slowly into me. It’s too intimate, and I’m pushing at his chest. Slapping at his marbled marked skin. Tirich rests his forehead on mine, stroking into me long and deep. His lips run down my cheek and across my jaw. Slipping down to my neck, licking at the puncture wounds.

With his hands in my hair, he caresses me as if we are lovers. He hits my sweet spot right below my ear. Sucking and marking his territory. I dig my nails into his chest, still trying to push him away. Frustrated, he pulls up, and I’m slammed into the bedroom door. At vampire speed, I’m trying to block the motion sickness running through me. Still, he pumps into me slowly. His strokes change to a silent song, playing my body to music I don’t comprehend. A passion of deep penetration to mid-strokes rules around my walls. He grabs my wrists, placing them wide out. Squeezing them tight. Forcing me to take this pleasure and remain open. He’s never played this game before. He’s determined for me to respond.

“I fucking hate you!” I whisper. “You can hate me, Sun. You just can not fucking run.” And with that, his rhythm increases. He growls, fucking me harder. I cry out. “That’s right, give me every drop of that!” The door creaks from the pressure of our bodies. The energy rises around the room. I’m trying to hold back. He knows it. He places his forehead on mine. His eyes burned through me. Our noses hit each other. Our lips just a breath away.

“Give me what I need!” He roars. I turn my head, closing my eyes, and I combust inside out! An orgasm of all orgasms hits me so hard I let go of all my senses, and I wake up to my lips against his! Intense strokes of Tirich’s tongue invade me. His lips plumped to perfection, ruining my life. He lets go of my wrist and grips my ass cheeks pumping at vampire speed. My thighs take the brutal force, my G-spot repeatedly hit, as another orgasm is ripped out of me. I lift my head up, and I scream! An earthquake shakes the room, the door jamb breaks, and the loudest hiss of lightning fills the room, and I smell the burn in the air.

I open my eyes, and the fire steams my eyes. Without an ounce of water, it simmers around us. I completely sag against Tirich. My head against his shoulder as he finishes pumping the last of his essence inside me. His steel chest contracted against my breast. His breath sizzled the air. I’m burned inside out. Literally. I’m drained of energy, and my body will need more than a few days to recuperate. I’m too exhausted to open my eyes. I know we are moving about, but we seem so still. I feel a blanket wrap around me, cradling me close.

Tirich covers me, no one would dare look, but he demands I’m protected from all eyes. The temperature changes, and I know he is carrying me through the hallways. I feel the power as he slowly walks through his kingdom. My door is on the opposite side of his. Connected through a private walkway, far away to keep us from a never-ending war, and close enough so he can protect me. I’m too exhausted to push him away.

Usually, I walk the fuck out after, but this was on a different level! I hear my door open, and I feel my soft sheets hit my back. I struggle to open my eyes. The blanket rises around my hips, and I feel Tirich’s mouth reach my thighs. I want to push him away, but the exhaustion is overwhelming. He softly licks and nibbles each thigh. Healing me. His fucking abilities are crazy! I whimper as he reaches my core, licking gently, and I feel my body numbly responding. He’s healing everything, licking at the tenderness and coating my insides. Bringing new sensations as he deepens into my clit. He’s never done this before, heal me, but I know what he’s trying to do.

I don’t like it! I don’t like our bond. I discover myself reaching into his blondish-white hair, pulling at the roots. I’ve never touched him before. He gently growls into me, seeking only my pleasure, suckling and licking with infinite kisses. So I fill his needs by opening myself. Between the heavy multiple contractions of my ovaries and stomach muscles, I’m really damn sore! I feel his tongue expanding, reaching to my core to heal me inside. He feels my pain, and he’s gentle to the touch. It slips in and rubs around. Light strokes of healing penetrate me, and the pressure changes for more. He grips my hips, and I slowly take control, pumping against his snaked-like tongue.

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