Feeding the Beast Ch. 08 – Fetish


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*Author’s notes: This is a work of fiction, hopefully that is not a word you struggle with. It is a story of fictional, consenting adults. It’s in the fetish category for a reason, if that scares you, please back away slowly. For the rest of you, please enjoy!

Sunday morning Nick and Stacy enjoyed breakfast outside on their back deck. Neither needed to remind the other that they’d just had sex on one of the chairs the night prior. As Stacy looked over, she realized they could have been seen by one of their neighbors, while last night that wondered had excited Betty, it made Stacy a bit nervous. What if the couple next door had seen her in latex, half dressed and playing with herself while Nick fucked her ass? There was nothing she could do about it at this point, she was just glad her chair was now facing away from their home, just in case.

Nick sat across the table, silently studying his girlfriend as she ate breakfast. Last night had been a wild adventure for both of them, yet from where he sat, Stacy seemed to be calmly enjoying her breakfast. In the meantime, his mind re-lived the events of the night before. Stacy had never shown much interest in other women, she would occasionally opinion on other women’s outfits, or how they had their hair done, but never had she mentioned being attracted or wanting to kiss one of them. Last night she had done that and more with Marguerite, and admitted to wanting to go even further! Would she really have buried her face into her, or any other woman’s pussy willingly? The idea made Nick’s cock shift in his loose-fitting shorts.

“Want more coffee?” He was finally able to croak, finding his mouth incredibly dry for some reason.

“Yes, please.” Stacy replied, looking up at him.

“So, um,” Nick started as he tried to pour her more coffee, “about last night.”

“That was kinda crazy,” Stacy blushed in response, “Betty just took over I guess.”

“That’s a bit of an understatement,” Nick chuckled, “but how do you feel about it this morning?”

Stacy paused for a moment, taking another sip of her coffee before responding. “You know what?” She asked as she sat back in her chair. “I’m good with it!” Her voice reflected confidence, not as if she were trying to convince herself or Nick about it, but that she was truly comfortable with everything that had gone on. “Would I be okay with doing any of it right now?” She asked rhetorically, “Not a chance, but, in the moment it was so much fun! Are you okay with everything that happened?”

“I have to say, I was really shocked with the whole Marguerite thing,” Nick replied honestly, “I definitely didn’t see that coming, but I get how you could enjoy it as it was going on.” Nick reached across the table taking Stacy’s hand in his own before continuing. “I mean, Marguerite looked stunning in that latex,” he said as he squeezed her hand, “but you looked beyond amazing!”

“Yeah?” Stacy giggled a bit, “You’re not just saying that because I was strutting around with my ass on display, are you?”

“That was a nice bonus!” Nick replied with a wink.

“Speaking of bonuses,” Stacy’s tone turned to mocked sternness, “where did those cuffs and collar come from? And how come you didn’t tell me about them?”

“Well, I ran a few errands,” it was not Nick’s turn to blush, “and I thought you’d enjoy them. I’d have to say you did.”

“Ummmm YEAH!” Stacy laughed. “That just seemed to heighten everything, like when you left me outside last night!”

“We needed lube!” Nick replied coyly.

“I know we did silly,” Stacy rolled her eyes at his lame excuse, “but what if the neighbors saw me outside like that?”

“I don’t think the worst thing we did outside last night was have you stand by the door Stace.” Nick replied, raising an eyebrow in response.

“You have a point,” Stacy’s face turned bright red, “okay, enough of that for now!” She said, picking up her coffee, “Betty needs a day or two off.”

“Sounds good to me!”

For the next 11 days there was no mention of Betty, Shawn or Marguerite. The latex clothing that had been put into the closet after cleaning remained untouched and unmentioned. That was until Wednesday, when Shawn called Nick while the couple sat watching TV. Nick’s eyes lit up when he saw Shawn’s name appear on his phone, turning the phone to Stacy, her body reacted a bit differently than Nick’s. Just the name appearing on the phone screen had Stacy’s nipples harden and a familiar tingle between her legs. Nick spoke with Shawn, not really letting on the conversational topics, but more responding with “yeah”, “okay” and finally the “I’ll ask her.”

“Shawn has a photographer lined up,” Nick said as he moved the phone away from his head, “he wants to get some photos set up so he can show potential customers for Betty what they are getting.” Before he let Stacy answer, Nick continued. “It would be the three of us,” he said reassuringly, “Shawn’s other driver who would fill in if he weren’t able, and the photographer only.”

“That sounds fun,” Stacy replied, feeling her heartbeat increasing at the idea, “they would only see me as Betty though, right? Nothing like the other night at that club?”

“Exactly, they wouldn’t see your face,” Nick replied, lightly touching Stacy’s thigh, “and wouldn’t know anything about you.”

“Let’s do it!” Stacy replied eagerly! “What time and where?”

“I’ll find out.” Nick replied, relieved Stacy seemed so comfortable with the idea and struggling to hide his own anxiousness.

As Nick returned to the conversation with Shawn, Stacy got up and went to the kitchen. For some reason, she liked Nick to be the one planning for Betty which allowed her to sit back and go along with whatever they had in store. It eliminated her control over the situation by removing her from knowing or having any input. Stacy found it uncomfortable but also incredibly arousing. She would have to make it a point not to ask, but also not to allow Nick to distribute what was in store for her. Stacy wanted to be as unaware of what was about to happen as Betty would be.

“It’s all set!” Nick said entering the kitchen. “We just have to figure out the details!”

“Oh no Sir!” Stacy replied with a grin. “You’re the one that has to figure out the details,” Stacy continued, “Betty just goes where you bring her!”

“Really?” Nick approached Stacy, slipping his arm around her back, pulling her close and squeezing her ass with his hand. “And if I led Betty outside in the middle of the day by a leash while she was handcuffed?”

Stacy shuddered slightly at the wondered, then responded, “Then you’d have to explain to the neighbors what you were doing with some latex freak while I was out of town!”

“Fair point!” Nick replied before kissing Stacy passionately.

The next few days passed fairly quickly, Nick struggled not to mention anything that was planned for Saturday, but knew it was what Stacy wanted. He also noticed Stacy was a bit more excited than usual, not that she was uninterested in sex any other time, but Friday when she got home from work Stacy walked into the house with a purpose.

“Sorry,” Stacy said, approaching Nick and rapidly tugging on his pants, “but not sorry!”

Stacy shoved Nick’s pants and boxers to his ankles before shoving her mouth around his cock. Within a few expert strokes of her mouth, Nick was hard as a rock, while barely comprehending what was going on. Stacy stroked, slurped and sucked Nick to a quick orgasm, savoring his cum, not releasing his cock from her mouth until he was soft again.

“Umm, I’m not sorry either.” Nick finally replied as he slowly bent down to pick up his pants.

By the time he was standing again Stacy was already out of sight. He’d have questioned it, but he knew it was her pending outing as Betty that was toying with her sex drive. What was he gonna do? Complain about an amazing blowjob? He was probably looking forward to tomorrow almost as much as Stacy at this point. All he had to do was get her to Shawn’s place undiscovered, and he had a plan for that.

The remainder of the evening was rather relaxed compared to how Stacy had arrived home from work. The couple curled up on the couch together watching a movie and nibbling on popcorn. Nick found it hard to believe that the same lovely woman tucked under his arm tonight, wearing a pair of leggings and one of his shirts, would be spending the later part of tomorrow covered in latex and feeding her almost insatiable beast.

The following morning things went as any other Saturday would, breakfast, coffee, and conversation. Neither brought up what was happening later on or mentioned anything about Betty until it needed to happen. While the undercurrent of their minds couldn’t stop thinking about what was to come, each tried not to mention it, until 11:30 when Nick needed to get things going according to his timeline. Walking up behind Stacy, Nick slid his hands around her waist, letting his right-hand drift upward underneath her sweatshirt until he was cupping her breast while his left followed the crease of her thigh over her yoga pants, nestling between her legs. Pressing his lips close to her ear, Nick held Stacy tightly to him, slowly fondling her body before he spoke.

“It’s time for Betty to come out and play,” Nick whispered in her ear, “why don’t you go upstairs and lay out everything you need to be Betty as well as her lingerie so I can choose what she wears today.”

Stacy leaned back into Nick’s body, rolling her hips to invite his fingers to touch her more, before responding. “Yes, Sir,” Stacy huskily replied, “is there anything specific you want Betty to lay out?”

“Lay it all out,” Nick instructed, pushing his middle finger against her body and slowly gliding it over her like a bow across a violin, “I’ll decide when I get there.” Stacy moaned softly as his touch. She’d been on edge since Thursday at least, but had tried to restrain herself and save energy for when it was time to become Betty. The time was approaching now, and she could let loose soon. “But, start with the sluttiest one’s first.” Nick whispered into her ear eliciting a deeper moan.

“Yes, Sir!” Stacy responded, reluctantly moving away as Nick released her.

Stacy made her way past Nick, who gave her butt a playful swat as she passed, feeling the flush of excitement burning on her face. She was already wet before Nick started his finger massage of her crotch, now she was on fire.

“Oh, and Betty,” Nick said as she reached the doorway, “after you lay everything out, start doing whatever it is you need to do to get ready. There’s no need for you to see what I want you to wear after all, is there?”

“No Sir,” Stacy shuddered in response, “not at all.”

Stacy bounded through the house and up the stairs, making a beeline for the closet. She started with her favorite catsuit, laying it neatly out on the bed, before pulling the two drawers in the organizer out and carrying those to the bed. She couldn’t believe how many outfits Betty had accumulated since this had started. Stacy laid out the original Betty outfit which was a crotchless panty and cup less bra with a garter belt in cheesy powder blue, a newer blue one, the outfit she’d worn to the club, the black fishnet one she’d worn for her first outing with Shawn and a red and white bustier with red stockings that looked like it was incredibly cheap but would fit the Betty motif perfectly. Stacy then laid out the growing collection of shoes she would only wear while covered in latex, all of which had numerous height platform soles, as well as the three inexpensive wigs. She could hear Nick making his way up the stairs, so she quickly ducked into the bathroom to take care of things. It was bad enough basting in your own sweat, Stacy didn’t need to add anything else to the inside of her catsuit.

Nick walked into the bedroom smiling, Stacy had done exactly as asked in a deliberately minimal amount of time. Her outfits were laid out neatly, with wigs and heels next to the outfits they were worn with. The only thing missing were the cuffs, collar and leash, but he hadn’t expected her to lay those out. No way was that gonna be allowed on the Betty bus. Those he would use today specifically for himself and her pleasure. Stacy had raved about how the collar, cuffs and leash had pushed her to heightened levels of submissiveness and arousal, so why not make use of them often? Taking a bag out of his side of the closet, Nick put most of the outfits in it, doing his best to keep them organized. His plan was to lay them out once they got to Shawn’s office anyway, it wasn’t like Stacy or Betty would need a changing room in between outfits. If anything, she may need an extra pair of hands to help fasten items as her lack of finger dexterity was an problem.

“I’m ready Sir.” Stacy said as she walked out of the bathroom.

“I don’t think so.” Nick replied, looking her over slowly.

Stacy looked at him for a moment, then definitely felt like Betty at the realization. “Sorry, Sir,” Stacy sheepishly said as she pulled off the sweatshirt she had on, “my Betty brain is kicking in early.”

Nick looked over his now naked girlfriend and tilted his head. “You’re still not ready Betty.” He scolded. Stacy stared blankly at Nick. “Lube, the plug to get your ass ready, a dildo to put the condoms in, you’ve done this enough time to know!”

“Oh!” Stacy couldn’t believe she’d forgotten all of the things he’d just mentioned. Maybe she really did have Betty brain.

“Just bring it here,” Nick chided, enjoying her flustered bewilderment, “I’ll take care of it for you.” Stacy quickly disappeared into the bathroom, returning with the items Nick had listed. Nick held out his hand, having her place the lube and plug into them, before setting the dildo on the bed. “You know I can’t put this in with you facing me right?”

“Oh fuck! I’m sorry.” Nick looked at her tilting his head again. “I mean, I’m sorry Sir.” Stacy looked panicked for a moment. “Should I bend over the bed Sir?”

“Just turn around,” Nick smirked, “and touch your toes.”

Stacy flushed with embarrassment, she was 5’4″ tall and had done gymnastics and yoga, she could stand flat footed and put her palms on the floor. Doing it naked, right in front of Nick, had such a slutty feel to it. Stacy turned quickly, then bent forward until her fingers were flat on the floor.

“Like this Sir?” Stacy asked, wishing she could see the look on his face.

“Better,” Nick said as he fought the urge to touch her, “but spread your legs too.” Stacy immediately complied, putting her feet shoulder width apart and placed her palms flat on the floor. “Now, this is for forgetting the lube and toys,” Nick said before giving Stacy’s left cheek a swat, causing her to yelp, “and this is for forgetting to call me Sir.” Nick swatted Stacy’s right cheek, watching his pink hand print appear.

“Ohhhh!” Stacy moaned slightly. “Sorry Sir, thank you Sir!”

Her ass burned, even though he hadn’t smacked her butt hard, the taught muscles from her being bent over made them feel far harder than they were. Stacy wondered if Nick could see the wetness slowly seeping down her thighs. He’d spanked her the first time and she felt her pussy ripple with excitement, the second time was no better. Stacy was quickly distracted by the lubed plug rubbing over her asshole.

“Don’t worry Betty,” Nick teased, “we have time, so I don’t have to rush this.”

“Mmmmm thank you, Sir!” Stacy replied with a soft moan as she felt the tip of the lubed plug press against her asshole.

“I have a question for you Betty?” Nick said, slipping one hand on her hip as he pushed the plug in halfway before letting it slip out slowly. “What would you do if Margueriette happened to be there today?” Nick pushed the plug in further, until all but the thickest part remained outside her body. Stacy could only groan in response. “It sounds like you like the idea,” Nick said, as he let the plug slowly ease out again, “doesn’t it?”


Nick pushed the plug in one more time, then easily inserted his into her quivering pussy. He wasn’t surprised how wet she was, she’d been horny all day, and she was rapidly descending into Betty-mode. He was a bit concerned the blood rushing to her head and position she was in would cause her to fall forward or pass out. Nick pushed the plug all the way in, turning his finger inside her so the pad of his finger touched the shaft of the plug. Nick then slowly pulled his finger out, while holding her hip tightly with his other hand.

“Keep doing that and I’m gonna need you to fuck me right now Sir!” Stacy growled.

Nick pulled Stacy slowly to a standing position, pulling her body tightly to him, his right hand sliding over her breasts while his left stopped just shy of her mound. Stacy’s nipples were both rock hard, her breathing rapid, and he could feel her fingernails digging into his thighs. She was ready to let him do whatever he wanted, and they both knew it.

“If you don’t get me in that suit,” Stacy panted, “I’m gonna turn around and ride you so hard neither of us will be able to walk until tomorrow!”

“Well then,” Nick replied, slowly gliding his hands to her sides, “go step into the feet and pull them up to your thighs.”

Reluctantly, Stacy did as she was told. While she wanted to embrace her beast tonight, she really wanted to orgasm right now. She knew, once she was encased in latex, she’d have to wait quite a while before her first orgasm. Stepping into the suit, Stacy pulled it up until her right foot was seated into the foot of the catsuit. She repeated the process with the left foot, pulling the suit up to her thighs as Nick had instructed.

Nick walked to Stacy holding the bottle of lube. Reaching down Nick positioned the bottle, squirting lube into the two red condoms hanging between Stacy’s legs. Setting the bottle aside, Nick massaged each of the condoms, coating the insides with lube.

“I know you don’t need any for your pussy,” Nick said slowly leaning up, pressing his lips against Stacy’s for a soft kiss, “but I didn’t think you’d complain if I added some.”

“You’re too good to me Sir.” Stacy replied softly.

“You mean the world to me.” Nick kissed Stacy deeply, their tongues intertwining as she threw her arms around his neck.

“You mean just as much to me Nicky!” Stacy replied as their kiss broke.

Stacy slowly lowered her arms, allowing Nick to walk behind her. She arched her back, sticking her ass out, allowing him to grasp the base of the plug. With his hand on her hip, Nick slowly eased the plug out of Stacy’s ass. What he didn’t see was Stacy biting her bottom lip or how her eyes fluttered as the thickest part of the plug passed through the rings of her canal.

“Go right ahead and get the suit on up to your neck.” Nick instructed before making his way to the bathroom with the plug.

“Yes, Sir.” Was Stacy’s breathless reply.

When Nick returned from the bathroom, Stacy was covered in latex from her neck downward. The hood and Betty’s face lay on her chest like a deflated tire. Picking up the dildo, Nick applied just enough lube to lightly coat it. Positioning the dildo at the tip of the red condom hanging below Stacy’s pussy, Nick slowly fed the dildo into the canal, sliding the dildo up the condom so the tip of the condom would enter with the tip of the dildo. Feeling the dildo reach Stacy’s body, Nick stopped, looking up at his girlfriend.


“Ohhh yes!” Stacy replied, placing her cartoon character hands on Nick’s shoulders and spreading her legs. Stacy moaned softly at first, increasing as the dildo easily slithered into her body. The 7-inch condom and dildo soon filled Stacy’s pussy. “You could leave that right there for a few minutes,” Stacy’s voice was rapid and breathing shallow as she spoke, “and I’d be okay with that.”

“I have a feeling you’ll need to save your energy.” Nick replied, slipping the dildo back out of her. “Why don’t you turn and lean onto the bed so I can get your ass ready.”

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