Fake Taxi – Wrestling Edition Pt. 04 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and are no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own TJPW or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Miu Watanabe (TJPW)

Fake Taxi: Miu Watanabe

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter, anal.

* * *

“Just another day on the job…” The thick English accent of the man only known as ‘John’ said as he drove the vehicle that to anyone just looked like a regular black Taxi. Inside however were a selection of hidden cameras, along with the couple clearly scene to just seem like usual Dash Cam ones, designed to capture the inside and some of the outside of the cab from plenty of angles. This of course is the infamous Fake Taxi where many a lucky female has gotten a free ride in more methods than one. “Day’s gettin’ a little late though, so I might have to call it quits after the next couple of fares if I don’t spy…” He said out loud to the cameras, rather than just thinking out loud to himself. But cutting off his words as he glanced at the street to the side. “Hang on, hang on… That cute bird is lookin’ a little lost…” He glanced, quickly flicking the indicator as he made a turn on the first corner he saw. Looking back with the mirrors as he used the turn to reverse, and then head back the way as he had his sights set on a new target. “And from the looks of her, she ain’t from around these parts. Looks like we’re gettin’ a video done today after all…” He chuckled to himself.

Slowing the car down, he pulled up to the pavement and rolled down the window as he leaned out. “Excuse me, love? You OK there, darlin’?” He asked with a well-practised tone. The woman’s voice was barely heard as she spoke. “Lost, are you? I’m a taxi! You know, get ya from A-to-B? One place to… Yeah, yeah! I can get you to where you need to. Hop on in, love.” He said, faking like he was a professional service as he unlocked the doors so she could step in. “You know where you’re goin’? Like, hotel or somethin’?”

As the woman entered, the cameras got a clear view of who this Japanese beauty was. A member of the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling roster, and part of the Up Up Girls group of Idols in Miu Watanabe. Her long dark hair was set in a ponytail with a pink bow keeping it held in place. Her body was clad in a nicely fitting pink top with frills and a snug black skirt, topped off with cute sneakers, wristbands and even a pink shoulder bag to go along with the nice thick layer of lipstick she had on.

“Ah, yes!” Miu smiled brightly, looking into her bag as she sat down. “This place! You know?” She said in broken English, holding out a company card from the hotel. She didn’t have the full grasp of the local language as some of the others on the roster she’s a part of have.

“Not a problem, love. I can get you there real quick.” ‘John’ said, starting the Taxi back up as he began to drive off. “Not from around these parts, are you?” He questioned, starting with some small talk as he drove in the right direction to an extent, but had no plans on going the most direct route with such a cutie now in the back of his cab.

“Ah, no! I am… Ummmm… From Japan! Yes!” Watanabe gave another dazzling smile. “I am Miu Watanabe! I come… To UK, to… How you say? See sights! I visit.” She managed to explain.

“Miu? Got ya, love. Tourist stuff. Sightseeing, checkin’ out stuff. You’re quite a bit away from seein’ anythin’ worthwhile around here if ya don’t mind me sayin’.” He joked with her.

“Yes… I got lost.” She admitted, sounding a little sad for a moment before perking right back up. “I not used to… To the UK. Not like my… Friends, are used to.”

“Friends, eh? They left you behind to wander on your own?” He continued the padding talk.

“Oh, no! I come on my own! I uh, I heard good things… My friends… They wrestle here! In the UK before.” Miu smiled again as she nodded her head.

“Wrestle? Don’t tell me… Well, ain’t this my bleedin’ luck, huh?” ‘John’ chuckled. “Another cute little wrestler girl in the back of me cab…” He remarked, drawing a confused look from the Joshi. “Tell me, darlin’… You wouldn’t happen to be familiar with those birds like Maki Itoh, would you? That girl Hyper who had the mask on?” He said, still driving as he glanced occasionally with the rearview mirror at his latest target.

“Itoh-Chan? Ah! Yes! Yes!” Miu excitedly said, nodding again. “We same, uh how you say? TJPW! We wrestle same place!” She confirmed.

“Well well… This is my lucky day then…” The smile was clear in his voice. “I had the pleasure, and I mean that of drivin’ them around in this cab a while ago… And I’m sure I can give you the same kind of service to get you where you need to.” He said, even if she didn’t pick up with the language barrier what he meant by ‘the pleasure was all his’.

“Ah! That’s good! Yes.” Watanabe said, not getting the double meaning of his words. “Very good. I will pay you, yes?” She said, reaching into her bag again. Pulling out a travel currency credit card.

“Oh? Sorry, love…” ‘John’ spotted a chance to play her now as he put on a tone of regret. “I’m afraid we don’t take plastic here. Not got the modern tech for it yet. Too expensive to install, you know?” He lied. Especially as one of the cameras at the front could show a card reader device installed down under the radio. “Only take paper and coins, you know? Cold, hard cash.”

“O-Oh?” Miu innocently bought the lie. Biting her lip as she rummaged through her bad. “Oh no, oh no…” She mumbled, clearly not having the physical cash on her. Just as he’d hoped.

“Easy there, darlin’… Don’t get yourself into a tizzy now!” He said to apply his skilled charm to her. Even as he changed course, heading towards onto of his favourite quiet spots. “I think we can still get a way for you to pay for this ride. Without any big fuss.”

“Oh? I still pay?” Miu again bought the deception as she softly smiled. “Ah, that’s good! Yes. How I pay you?” She asked.

“Well, love… Over here in these parts? We’ve got a bit of a sayin’… If you can’t pay with cash, you pay with your arse.” He bluntly said, but got another look of confusion from his new guest. “Your body, love. Sex? Havin’ a good old time, gettin’ your end away… A good old rogerin’ and all that.”

“S-Sex? What??” Her eyes went wide before she let out a laugh. “No no! I am Idol! I am good girl!” She playfully protested with a smile, so at the least wasn’t sounding offended.

“Oh, I bet you are, lookin’ all cute in pink as you are…” ‘John’ remarked. “And here we are, all alone… No one knows you’re here, and no one back home knows what you’re gettin’ up to.” He claimed. Missing out the part about all the cameras set up around the cab.

“You no tell?” She bit her lip again, mulling over the offer. “And I get to hotel, yes?”

“I swear on me Mum’s life. Scout’s honour and all that.” He lied again and shamelessly so.

A cute blush was across her cheeks, knowing how wrong this was to accept such an indecent proposal like this, especially with her status as an Idol back in Japan. Yet even so, she reached down and took hold of her top. Slowly peeling it upward with a shake of her ponytail as it moved over her head. Showing her modest but nicely rounded and perky chest in, of course, a bright pink bra. Not even needing to be directed to continue, perhaps a sign she isn’t quite the truly wholesome girl her character and gimmick make her out to be. Shifting on the back seats as she eased down the skirt, showing off her tight backside in a cute pair of pink panties.

“Very, very nice, love!” He stated the obvious as he continued to drive and showed his experience to have his eyes ripped from watching the road ahead to gaze at her beautiful body.

“You like?” Miu cutely giggled. Once again capturing her lower lip in her teeth but with a hint of sensuality to it this time.

“Too bloody right I do, darlin’! And don’t be stoppin’ just there, either! Let me see what goods you’ve really got.” He encouraged. “Wouldn’t be the first time some eager bird from Japan weren’t too shy to show it all off…” With a cheeky tone, he gave quite the hint that this wasn’t the first time he’d nailed a TJPW starlet in the back of his cab.

“And you no tell, right? Is secret?” She questioned again as she reached back. Peeling off the bra to show off those petite Asian tits in full view. It seemed like she was getting turned on herself by this all from the hard state of her nipples. Still smiling as she hooked the panties. Sliding them down and off her legs, showing off the tight, smoothly shaved pussy she had. Even sitting back with a little spread of the thighs as she let out another cute laugh.

“Absolutely… Just you, me and this little Taxi of mine…” He lied again as he made a turn to head down into a back street. Pulling up into a yard area at the back of a building to make a turn so his cab was facing back at the alley into this area. No intention of sneaking a tea break here as he turned the engine off.

“Ah? You are joining?” Miu watched, seeing him unbuckle to leave the driver’s seat, exiting the cab just to open the side door and step into the back area.

“Oh, I’m gonna be doin’ a lot more than that, darlin’…” ‘John’ stated as he didn’t even undress right away. Kneeling in front of her as he reached up. Spreading those legs further wide before using a grip on her hips to bring her forward a bit. Leaving her but perched just on the edge as he reached down and spread her tight cheeks.

“What do you… Mmmmmm!!” Her question was cut off by quite a loud moan from her as he didn’t just go at her with his experienced tongue but went straight to rimming the Japanese beauty. A firm press of the tongue against that tight hole before he explored around to swirl at the entrance and around her. Making her squirm a bit in his touch as she stared down and watched him. “Ahhhhh! That dirty! Mmmmm! That is not… Ahhhhh… Where you should lick, right?? Mmmmm…” Miu half-heartedly protested as she was still smiling and letting out groans as she took a licking of her tight backside. Her eyes locked onto him and seeing that mature face pressed up into her rump. Ensuring she had no idea that several cameras were filming her getting her ass eaten out in the back of this cab by a man she’s only just met.

This was far from the first time he’s gotten the pleasure to dine on some tight, stunning ass either as he flicked out against her asshole. Testing the snugness there with a slight move down to her crack before back to lick across the entrance. Getting the hint here along with her previous words that this wasn’t a hole she offered up often if even at all. As expected of the Idol of Up Up Girls she’s supposed to be. Even if the moans she was letting out as she got rimmed made her sound like she was more used to action like this than any song or dance performance. This dirty cabbie let out groans into her cutely rounded butt to voice his approval for the taste. Lapping out and around her asshole as he squeezed those cheeks with clear plans to get more from her than even this.

“Ooooooooh! MMMM… Ahhhhhh… So good! Mmmmmm…” The former singles and tag team champion in TJPW moaned as her hands slid down her nearly nude form. Holding a leg up by the pink trainer she still had on as if he didn’t have enough easy access to her tight hole already to lick. Her other hand however going onto her pussy. Further showing her growing arousal and the fact she might not be as innocent as her sweet smile makes her out to be, as her fingers slowly roamed across her slit. “Ahhhhh… Dirty! Mmmmmm… This is bad! Naughty! Mmmmm…” Her tone made it clear she wasn’t hating this at all, along with the moans that gave her clear permission to keep on rimming her. Her booty squirmed a bit in his grasp as she shifted against the licks. And giving him the close-up look of her fingers brushing over her snatch as it started getting wet.

Naturally, ‘John’ was smiling into her butt as he pushed his tongue against her asshole to finally slip in while she took care of the other lower hole with her finger strokes. A louder groan from him at getting the full flavour of her backside as he darted his tongue slowly in and out. Showing off more of his experience as he took his time enjoying her tight backside. The feeling was more than mutual from the moans that escaped her pink lips. Her hips shifted nicely to work her asshole against that probing tongue for a little extra pleasure while she continued to play with herself. No problem of a language barrier here as he munched on some delicious, tight Asian ass to make her groan out as she got her asshole licked to the point that his saliva was slowly dripping down her crack and onto the back seats she was perched on.

“Mmmmm! AHHHHH… So good! MMMMM…” She purred, nodding her head with a slight swish of her long ponytail as she gazed down with a smile that while mostly beautiful did have a bit of a sinful hint to it. Her free hand moved off her leg, giving her perky tit a quick squeeze before going back to gripping her foot. The other still slid along her wet pussy to ensure she moaned out from getting a tongue fucking into her back passage. “Ahhhhh… But this is… Mmmmm… Odd, yes? Ahhhhh… I am the one… Mmmmm! Paying you for ride? Yes?” She pointed out. Letting out a giggle before groaning again as he slipped his tongue in and smoothly out to enjoy her rump as he certainly took a payment of sorts from her. Dishing out a rimjob to enjoy her rump in a way many men, fans of Joshis or otherwise, would be happy to pay for. Saliva coated her asshole and pushed in a little into her back passage from his experienced tongue work before he finally sat back and took in some air.

“Sounds like to me you’re wantin’ some more fun…” ‘John’ pointed out as even with the countless notches he’s racked up on his bedpost, he didn’t need too much of a hint to know that she wanted some more action too. “You ain’t quite the innocent bird you make yourself out to be, are ya, love?” He said, moving back as he pulled off his shirt to toss it apart.

“No no… I am good girl! I am Idol!” Miu claimed, even as she kept on rubbing her pussy a bit while watching him undress.

“Sure you are… And I’m next in line to be the King of England…” He teased as he pushed down his pants. Letting his rock-hard, thick and long white cock spring free.

“Ah! That… That’s big! Very big!” Watanabe’s eyes widened, locking onto that prick and giving the sort of look he’s seen from so many beauties when they’d witnessed the biggest dick in their lives.

“Too right, love… And a dirty bird like you I bet knows how to take it, right?” He said, reaching in to grip her legs as he turned her over. Making her present with a kind of doggy style position but her legs off the back seats to spread wide, while propping herself up on her elbows on the seating as she looked over a shoulder. Perhaps surprisingly considering he’d just eaten her ass out, he pushed his fat cock into her tight, damp pussy as he took hold of her hips. Making her moan already as her tight snatch had to spread to take this invasion, and taking it bareback no less to feel those fat white inches in her snug Asian snatch. “MMMMM… Too bloody right you can take it! MMMM… Just like the rest of your dirty friends back home…” He added, again not being shy about the fact this isn’t the first female pro wrestler from the Land of the Rising Sun he’s gotten to bang in the back of his Taxi.

“OOOOOOOOOH! MMMMMM…” Miu’s long ponytail was already swinging as she rather eagerly pushed back against his thrusts, showing a need to get filled up even as her tightness was getting stretched by a thickness and length of dick she wasn’t used to. Getting her juices over his length as he pumped in just as eased against the motion. Certainly, a sign that this isn’t the first time the pink-loving Idol had enjoyed some action before. “So big! AHHHHH… MMMMMM… It feels good! MMMM…” Even without the broken English, her moans spoke louder than words about how much she was enjoying this already. Gazing over her shoulder at a man she’s only just me and letting him fuck her twat to pay for a cab ride. Although from her shifts back she was taking as good as she was getting and smiling with every thrust she took into her damp, snug tunnel.

“MMMM… Feels pretty bloody good from where I’m at too, love! MMMMM…” He said, intentionally angling his body a bit so that all the hidden cameras around his Fake Taxi could capture the sight of his prick vanishing forward into her wet slot before he eased back a few inches just to firmly go right back in. Gradually fitting in even more into a passage built to take some big porn star cock but hasn’t gotten the chance to both from the lacking men she’s used to and her usual Idol duties that make her take part in a lot more wholesome activities than this. “MMMMM… I can tell a bird like you… MMMM! FUCK… Is a lot more up for a hard shaggin’ than you’re lettin’ on! MMMMM… Got this whole cutie act down to a T, don’t you? MMMM…” He teased again, keeping a hold on her hips so he can work straight and smooth into her box and ensure they both continued to moan out loudly around the back of the cab they were fucking in. His upper body and the top of her swaying head moved above the bottom of the windows meaning that if anyone stumbled into this back lot they’d easily know some filthy action was going on in that slightly rocking car.

“AHHHHH… Is not true! MMMM! I’m… AHHHHH! I’m good Idol! Good wrestler! MMMMM…” She protested innocently even with not just the big cock action she was so easily handling, but the wide smile on that pretty face as she moaned out. The bareback action made sweat begin to form across her tight body as she put in plenty of effort herself. Sending her rump firmly back to meet his toned frame as that smack of skin started ringing out along with their cries of delight. “MMMMM… Maybe you… AHHHHH… You are the dirty man, yes? MMMMM… Taking lost girl… MMMMM! In new land like this?? MMMMM!” The former International Princess Champion was even able to tease back with another grin with a hint of desire to it as she took his dick balls deep into her snug, wet pussy. Sliding her twat back along his thrusting rod as he sent it in so that it looked like he could just freeze on the spot and she’d happily do the job for them both with this far-from-inexperienced shifting back along his pole.

“MMMMM… You ain’t foolin’ me, darlin’… AHHHHH… If you just threw in some cursin’ and cussin’? MMMMM… I’d be thinkin’ I was givin’ Itoh-Chan a right good seein’ too again with how… MMMM! FUCK ME… With how bleedin’ good this feels!” He gave both a nasty compliment and dared to evaluate how good her soaking hole felt compared to one of her fellow TJPW Joshis he’s banged in the past. At least keeping this one entertained to say this least as he matched her timing and force to slide his big cock forward into her pussy whenever she shifted back into him. Sending her butt clapping into his waist as they groaned out, neither feeling a sting of pain despite the willing force she was using. “MMMM… And I bet you’re up for… MMMM! FUCK… Even more dirty fun than this… Aren’t you, love?” He said, giving her rump a grope before testing what he could get from her with a firm smack onto her cheek That blow got a gasp from her, but then a beautiful laugh as she kept smiling and gazing back. A flash of a hint in her eyes that she wouldn’t have objected to another spank as she took a fucking from behind.

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