Facesitting Cafe Ch. 05 – Fetish

Author’s note: HOLY FUCK this took a long time. Thank you all for your incredible patience with me. Life really got in the way of my innovative process. The good news is I know what I want to do with the story in the next few chapters. Can not say when more will come but the series isn’t done yet.


That night, I slept better than I had in years. Alicia kept her arms around me the entire night, her hands over what would be my pecs if I were more fit. I awoke the next morning slowly, stretching while trying to ease out of her grip. I had no luck, as she felt my stirring and pulled me back in for more neck kisses. “Morning, Will!” she said in between kisses. “How’d you sleep?”

I yawned and she let me turn to face her, as she planted a final kiss on my lips. “Very well, thank you. I… I really enjoyed last night. I don’t remember ever feeling that good in my life. Thank you.”

“My pleasure. Yours too, I’m sure, but I’m definitely glad you decided to come home with me.”

“I feel the same way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate how awesome you’ve been through all my firsts. And again, sorry I passed out last night too.”

“No issue at all, sweetie. It’s all part of a man’s life in Femina. Just as long as that cock of yours is mine alone. And it’s my fault you passed out. I should’ve let you go. But if you’re not upset about that and you’d like to do this again and build up your ability to hold your breath, I’m always down to teach you.”

“Definitely. I want to have nights like that whenever I can.”

“Agreed. That was the best night I’ve had in years.”

I checked my phone and remembered my promise to Madame Kelly. “Listen, I really hate to go but I need to get to work.”

“Okay! You should probably shower before heading over to Madame Kelly’s office though, not that she won’t smell sex on you from a mile away. She’s got quite the nose, that one. Let’s shower together.”

“You read my mind,” I said, stretching a little before following Alicia into the bathroom.

She stared at me as I entered. “Not yet. I want you to strip for me first.”

“Not sure there’s much stripping to be done,” I said. “All I have on are my underwear and a shirt.”

“C’mon, cutie, undress for me! Take those off, real slow.” I did as she asked, removing my shirt, then underwear slowly. “Mmm, such a cute thing you are!” she cooed. “Now get your cute butt in there.”

She turned on the shower, and we climbed in as soon as it was warm. I reached for the bar of soap when I felt two strong arms wrap around my back. I turned to see Alicia holding me, looking down at me with her bright blue eyes. “Are you ready?” she said.

“For wha- uh!” My question was interrupted by Alicia pushing me to my knees and turning me to face her. She put one strong, muscular thigh on the wall of the shower.

“Lick,” she ordered. I pressed my face into her cunt, lapping away. She tasted so, so good. Her wet, strong thighs felt like heaven against my face. I felt tingles of pleasure as her fingers ran through my hair. I looked up into her gorgeous eyes as her wet, naked body writhed in pleasure on my tongue. Soon, her gentle head scratches became slightly rougher as she grabbed my hair and turned around, holding me in place against her ass and pushing my head against the shower wall.

I buried my tongue in Alicia’s asshole, lapping away as the shower head continued pumping warm water. The water flowed down her powerful, muscular back, down into her ass crack, nearly drowning me in her ass. I barely avoided losing consciousness as I tongued the ass of this Goddess in front of me. Eventually she turned again, trapping my head between her thighs and cumming all over my face once more.

“Couldn’t resist,” she said, pulling me in for a kiss once I’d swallowed her climax.

“I’m glad,” I whispered back. She turned and handed me the soap, instructing me to clean her backside. I did as she requested, running my hands all over her powerful shoulders, defined back muscles, strong legs, and plump, toned butt. Every inch of this woman was pure perfection. When it was done she took my soapy hands and ran them over her breasts before washing my back, her strong hands going all over every nook and cranny of my body. I almost didn’t want the shower to ever end, but I had my responsibilities. We shut the water off once we were clean and exited the shower. We dried off and I began to dress myself.

“Off to another day in the trenches?” Alicia asked with a smirk, pulling on a sports bra and booty shorts for her morning workout.

“Very funny,” I replied sarcastically. “You must run up a high water bill, showering with me then having to take another after working out.”

“With any luck I’ll have you to clean me up after my workouts someday,” Alicia said.

“Any other day,” I replied. “But today I really need to impress Madame Kelly.”

“I get it. Your job often has you under a lot of pressure.”

“How many facesitting-related puns do you have, exactly?” I asked.

“Lots. I’ve spent a ton of time imagining having my own seat, all the things I’d say to him. I like a man who can have a sense of humor about things and isn’t ashamed of how much he enjoys being sat on.”

“I can see that,” I said. “I like how casual you are about it. Hard of a job as it can be, I like being able to joke about it in a way that isn’t degrading.”

“I so agree!” Alicia gushed. “I hate how so much porn portrays facesitting as degrading for a man, but I think it’s wonderful, teaching men their place.”

“Absolutely,” I said. I couldn’t think of anything I preferred more than being a chair.

“Look, I need to get going but, seriously, thank you. Last night was incredible. So was this morning.”

“It was for me as well,” Alicia said, giving me one more kiss before I left. “If I don’t see you again this weekend, I’ll see you at the cafe, first thing on Monday.”

“I’ll be there,” I said. With that, I left the home of the woman who had just claimed my virginity, and headed to the cafe. My life had taken a turn I never would have wondered feasible.


When I arrived at the cafe, I knocked on the back door. Madame Kelly opened it, looking happy to see me. “Hello, my new seat!” she said excitedly. “Thank you so much for coming in today.”

“Of course. Thanks for choosing me.”

“Ah, so polite!” My boss said, leading me to the back. “I always like to do my work while sitting on a man, and you had so many appointments this week that I hardly ever got the chance to have you! Aside from the first day, of course, but that wasn’t nearly enough.”

“I’m glad to help,” I said, stepping into her office. I was surprised by how quickly I had forgotten how unusual my situation was. Here I was about to have my face sat on by an older woman for several hours, and I didn’t even think of it as odd. How many men got to be in my situation, after all? The way I saw it, I was lucky, getting to be sat on by gorgeous women all day every day.

“Would you like some coffee before we start?” my boss asked.

“Absolutely!” I accepted, never one to turn down the cafe’s delicious coffee. She poured me a cup and we sat together.

“I’m so glad we haven’t scared you off. I know the first week is always tough, but I’ve found that a busy schedule with lots of clients helps my new seats to learn how to handle the… special requirements of the job.”

“Not at all!” I replied. “In fact, I’m very thankful. Not only for the job, but for helping me to discover my facesitting fetish. I never realized quite how much I enjoy being sat on and used like a piece of furniture. I sometimes find myself a little embarrassed by how aroused I get during my shifts. If my hands weren’t cuffed in place I’m honestly not sure I could resist touching myself. When I get home every day I have to jerk off immediately, and all I think about is the asses that sit on me every day. I crave facesitting so much and I can’t thank you enough for introducing it to me.” I paused for a second. “That may have been too much detail, I apologize. Saying all of that out loud, confessing my fetish, it’s all true.”

“Not a problem,” Madame Kelly said, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m so glad I’ve helped you learn what you want, and what you need. Now, shall we get started? It shouldn’t take more than a few hours.”

Madame Kelly had a chair with a large open space in the bottom for us. Once my coffee was finished I removed all my clothes at her request, got on my knees underneath the chair and pressed my face into the gap. She smiled down at me briefly before sitting down. She truly was a gorgeous woman. All the women of Femina were perfect.

“Ahh, so much better than a plain chair,” she cooed. “There’s nothing quite like sitting on a sweet, young, obedient man’s face.”

I extended my tongue and began my work, trailing up and down the crack of her vast buttocks. It had only taken a week for me to be totally obedient. I savored every soft inch of my boss’s enormous ass. Every time I passed over her asshole I gave it a kiss. “Such a good boy…” she sighed as she worked. Once again, my cock began to swell, and just like during my shifts, my hands were bound, leaving me unable to attend to it.

I began to get into my rhythm, slowly trailing my tongue across her wet womanhood. I was in love with eating pussy and ass by now. There was nothing in the world I wanted more than to worship the ass in my face. It was like I was in a trance, my sole focus being on what was directly in front of me. I tried to ignore my empty lungs for as long as I could. Madame Kelly shifted her weight slightly every so often so I could breathe slightly between her ass cheeks, but would shift back to full smothering shortly after. She was a master, only giving me the bare minimum amount of oxygen needed to survive. She and some of my older, more experienced clients all seemed to have a similar tactic for giving me air. They would raise one ass cheek, just enough so I could suck air through my nose, then sit back down. Madame Kelly was so good at it that I could barely pull my nose out of her ass to inhale before she came down again. I could feel myself submitting more and more as time went on.

After a few heavenly hours of smothering, Madame Kelly raised her ass off of me, letting me have several deep breaths. “Seat, I have a request,” she said, “if you’re willing.”

“A request?” I wondered. I had never had a request before, only orders.

“Anything you say, Madame Kelly,” I panted in between kissing her cheeks.

“I want you to put your lips around my asshole and suck on it. Like you would do to one of my nipples. If that’s too depraved for you I understand, but it’s one of my favorite things to have a seat do to me. Will you do it?”

“Of course, Madame Kelly,” I said immediately. “You gave me this incredible job, I’ll do anything you say.”

My boss slammed her ass down onto me. “Good boy,” she whispered. I took a moment of hesitation before following her order. I placed my mouth around her puckered hole, licked it a few times, and began to suck. I applied as much as I could with my mouth, shocked at how desensitized I had become. I could hear my Mistress moaning as I sucked away, doing my best to snake my tongue up her tight hole. This was by far the most depraved thing I had ever done. It was so naughty! I was so absorbed by my sucking that I nearly forgot about the crushing weight and my need to breathe. I got no air as I continued this depraved pleasuring act. I was only at it for a few minutes when I felt Madame Kelly’s thighs start to shake. “Mouth over my pussy! Right now! I’m cumming!” she screamed, more desperate than I had ever heard her before. I detached my mouth with a wet pop and pressed my lips to her pussy right as the orgasm hit. Her sweet nectar shot down my throat as my eyes rolled back in ecstasy from my total submission. Her body shook on top of me as her climax overwhelmed her.

My whole body ached from lack of oxygen. The smothering mixed with her orgasm was drowning me. Madame Kelly had become so overtaken in her orgasm that she had to sit in order to relax. This left me helpless as her orgasm overwhelmed my senses. My world had gone totally dark. It was only when her orgasm at long last subsided that she finally gained her strength back and rotated herself slightly to give me the tiniest hint of air. I heaved and panted, my heart about to burst.

“Oh, my Goddess…” she said. “Nothing… nothing makes me cum quite like that. Don’t do that to just anyone now, all right? It’s a special trick to be used sparingly. But if you’re ever entertaining a lady outside the cafe, try that out and see how it works.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I gasped.

“Now, I’ll need to get some actual work done now, so no more oral until I say. Just stay under me and don’t move a muscle, it’s only a few hours more.” I put my tongue back in my mouth and resumed my position underneath her. I wasn’t sure I would even survive this, but all I could think about was being smothered even more.

The hours ticked away, my lungs at all times right on the edge of burning, my nose sucking in every meager breath of air I was offered by Madame Kelly occasionally shifting her weight. She really had it down to a science. Before all of this, I could never have imagined a woman being so comfortable sitting on a human face, but she made it seem like regular chairs had no purpose at all. All I could do from my squashed, helpless position was support my dominant boss and try not to pass out.

At around noon, Madame Kelly finished her work and released me from my restraints. “Fine work, young man,” she said. “Fine work indeed. You’re truly gifted. I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I truly know how to pick them.”

“It’s – always an honor to – serve a woman like you,” I said, somewhat out of breath.

“You’re too sweet,” she said, looking down at my puny body. “It’s no wonder why you’ve gotten such rave reviews from the ladies.”

“Madame Kelly, can I ask you something?” I said.

“Of course, hon!” she replied.

“Well, last night I hooked up with this woman… she comes in here now and then. Is there any rule against that? I don’t know how this all works and I don’t want to lie to you.”

“There’s no problem!” she said with a smile. “I could tell you’d gotten some action, I just didn’t want to embarrass you by mentioning it. Or maybe I just wanted to feel like that extra pep in your step today was because you wanted to be sat on by your dear old boss.”

“Well, there was that too!” I said, still a little nervous.

She giggled at my clear nervousness. “Sweetie, if you want to fool around with a customer off the clock, that’s your business. It’s that Alicia girl, right? She left you a glowing review and the baristas said she took quite a liking to you.”

“That’s right,” I nodded, impressed by her perceptiveness.

“I had a feeling about you two. I can always tell when a Mistress and seat are in sync. Did she smother you?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I said, remembering it well.

“Oh, you don’t know what you’re saying, sweetie,” Madame Kelly said with a grin. “I’ve seen smothering like you wouldn’t believe. I’m sure she’s damn good but I’ve been at this for a very long time.”

“You’re right, you know much more than I do. But still, it was incredible. She had me bound to her bed and rode my face in her jeans, she edged me like crazy while I ate her out, she made me feel pleasure I’d never felt before. She even knocked me unconscious!”

“That’s what I like to hear!” my boss said with a nod. “A woman after my own heart.”

“I really am so thankful to you for allowing me to be a part of all of this,” I said. “I’d never be able to experience what I have this past week without you offering me this job.”

“You’re so sweet,” Madame Kelly said. “Now go on, I’m sure you want to enjoy your weekend.”

“Well, there’s actually one other thing I wanted to ask about,” I said.

“I’m listening.”

“I saw there’s an empty space in one of the booths, do you mind if I filled in? Maybe every other week? I could be a chair one week and a booth seat the next? I think I can handle it by now.”

“Really?” Madame Kelly said. I could tell she was pleasantly surprised. “You haven’t been here very long. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I really like this job and I want to go even further. I’m ready to try having multiple women sit on me.”

She wondered for a moment. “Well, seat, letting multiple women sit on you is not as easy as you might think. It takes a lot of endurance. As such, before taking this position I will have to train you in the art of chestsitting. It is just as intense as facesitting, I assure you.”

“I’m ready,” I said.

“Then let’s head out to the cafe. The booths here are perfect for training.”

Madame Kelly took me to the main room of the cafe and laid me down on one of the booth benches. Each one was arranged like a booth at a regular restaurant, but a bit more spacious, with a pad for the slave to lay on which was slightly set into the bench and a few straps to secure him in place. Once I was tied down, Madame Kelly sat down on my chest heavily. I grunted from the impact, feeling my ribs strain to support her weight. “One of the most important things to remember is that while a woman sits on your chest, you can breathe, but it will be tough. The ladies are likely to be rough and slam their asses on your chest as they would your face without much care for your ribs, and they are also less likely to get up, so breathing will still be a challenge. Not that I don’t think you can handle it, though. You’ve gone above and beyond my expectations thus far, so this should be well within your abilities.”

“I see… what you… mean…” I choked out, my chest slowly rising as my labored breathing continued.

“And if multiple women sit on you, both on your face and your chest, then you’re completely at their mercy.” I looked up at her and saw her texting on her phone. “Working in this position, you’ll often have multiple women sitting on you at once, so you need to be ready. Mind if I get a friend to join us?”

“Of course not,” I gasped from underneath her. Having Madame Kelly sitting on my chest was already arousing enough, but the wondered of two women at once sitting on me quickly took me to full mast. I did my best to breathe in and out, my chest struggling to rise with Madame Kelly’s heavy weight on it. Even without my face covered, breathing wasn’t easy. It felt like intense weight lifting every time I exhaled.

“Hey girl! I’ve got a favor to ask if you’re free. One of my seats wants to move to a booth position, mind coming over to double team him? Yeah, I thought so. See you in a few!” She hung up the phone and looked down at me with a smile. “You’re in for it now, seat. Just you wait.”


A short while later I heard the door swing open and the bell attached to it chime out.

“Hello?” I heard a familiar voice call out. I recognized it. That voice was Emily, my landlady. I gulped at the wondered of what was coming next.

“Hey girl! How are you? Thanks for stopping by on such short notice!” Madame Kelly said as she and Emily greeted each other with a kiss on the lips.

“Absolutely! You know I wouldn’t miss… Will? You’re the seat she’s training?”

“That’s right!” Madame Kelly said. “My rising star in our little world of ass worship. Quite proud of myself for finding him, I must say.”

“You’ve only been here for a week!” Emily said, looking down at me. “You must really love ass.”

“He does indeed. Come try him out while I get us some coffee.”

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