Erotic Adventures of Doctor Who Ch. 10 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Note= Still none the wiser how the new Doctor is gonna turn out, so I’m using my imagination again. This episode contains graphic sex scenes and body modification.


The Doctor’s ship had not been in the best of shape when he had taken it without permission all that time ago on Gallifrey. The TARDIS is capable of space and time-travel and has a built in ‘chameleon circuit,’ a type of camouflage that changes the exterior form of the ship to blend into the environment of whatever time or place it lands in. The Doctor’s TARDIS at all times resembles a 1960’s London police box, an object that was very common in Britain up until the 1980’s. Due to a malfunction of that circuit, the ship became stuck in the same disguise.

When she had joined the Doctor as a traveling companion, Ruby Sunday had been in awe of the larger interior. Behind the doors of what appeared to be a police box was a large control room, at the center of which she saw a hexagonal console which operated the TARDIS. The Doctor explained the presence of a physically larger space contained within the police box as ‘dimensionally transcendental.’ with the interior being a whole separate dimension containing an endless number of rooms, corridors and storage spaces, all of which can change their appearance and configuration.

“It’s absolutely fabulous!”

On her request, her first trip had been to the past. The pair had gone to the Egypt of the year 58 BCE, which made the girl’s day. Although they were not lucky enough to get an audience with Cleopatra.

Now, The Doctor promised to take the saucer eyed blonde far into the future.

“What’s that, Doctor?”

The dark skinned Time Lord tugged on the lapels of his brown and black chequered jacket and peered at the display screen on the central console.

He found the computer crunching numbers and reading numerous power levels and energy readings. He did some quick mental calculations and saw a strong reading in the gravity wave spectrum. He set the computer to seek out the trajectory of a small planetoid or moon in the approximate region.

“I’m detecting some form of life in the close proximity.”

Ruby watched him intently as he busied himself with tapping buttons, fingering a keyboard, and spinning a fine toothed wheel.

“It appears to be a derelict spaceship.”

“Aliens!” Said an excited Ruby with her hand across her mouth.

“Quite,” answered the amused Time Lord. He being an ‘alien’ himself.

On the scanner, both viewed the city sized ship in unsurveyed space.

“Derelict, and of origin unknown. Sensors indicate there is no life aboard ship. But there IS some signs of sentient intellect maintaining power on many areas of the ship. Whatever the reason for it’s demise, we have a duty to investigate.”


“Good girl. I admire your spunk.”

The Doctor reset the coordinates. Quadrant six, WHI1212. 99904100.

“Hmm.” The Doctor studied the vessel on the scanner when the TARDIS rematerialised and saw that the ship appeared to be intact. Approximately one kilometer in length. No signs of debris, nor any damage to the hull. I’m transmitting communication, but no answer as of yet.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“As this ship is of unfamiliar origin, I would suggest a certain degree of caution. Having said that, I don’t anticipate anything untoward. My computer has notified me of what appears to be a designed landing area near one end. It’s raised up off from the rest of the main fuselage and isolated. I propose to set down there and check things out.


“Crumbs! We’re really going into space!” Gushed an excited Ruby as The Doctor directed the TARDIS to the selected coordinates.

Ruby had discovered the wardrobe of the TARDIS and stepped out in her Shearling denim jacket and ocean blue shorts, She also threw on a pair of tights and added a pair of Doctor Marten black boots.

“I believe there to be a way in here.”

As they ventured outside, they looked up and down an extremely long corridor which was cold and empty. Some sort of luminescent globes along the cylindrical walls lit the corridor as far as the eye could see. The Doctor produced his sonic screwdriver.

“What’s that? Looks like a vibrator.”

Sex on the brain. Dear me. My scanners cannot detect any life readings bar the two of us. Yet, though effectively sterile, the ship appears to be functioning normally, as if still manned by some sort of a crew. Speed and trajectory seem fixed, but as of yet I have no idea of its objective. Air is 73% Nitrogen and 23% Oxygen. 4% mixed others. Fuel unknown. Hmm. Could this be a transport? Ferrying a race to another world? Another destination? Is the ship returning from its completed mission?”

“There’s some writing here, Doctor.”

The cute slip of a girl pointed with her index finger to some script on a wall.

‘&€&;;,, >■

Again, the newly regenerated Time Lord ran his special screwdriver along the strange wording but he had to admit defeat, totally mystified by the unusual language.

“I can speak many, many languages but this is new to me. Who or what is controlling this vessel? I need answers. Let’s go down here.”

Ruby Martha followed him as he led the way cautiously. Pacing down the clinical and empty passageway was just as scary to the teenage girl as trying to catch a cab at two in the morning on a Saturday night. She kept looking over her shoulder, harbouring a feeling that they were being watched.

Eventually they came to a large room with blank display screens all around the inner walls and two raised platforms opposite one another.

“Right,” said he as he looked at Ruby with his big brown eyes. “We don’t go in until. Hey!”

Without looking back, the blonde filly stepped into the room, feeling the metal floor beneath her boots.

At that moment, a loud klaxon sounded and sudden bursts of bright light from the once dormant computer systems rebooted.

“What the bloody hell! Doctor!”

Ignoring any personal danger, he leapt forward and grabbed the girl and hugged her close to his chest. Suddenly, they became illuminated by vivid halo’s of green light which passed over their bodies.

It were as if they were being scanned as the room became lit by an eerie glow, leaving them both separated and isolated by the luminescent green halo’s.

Then, starting at their heels, both of them began to wink out of the large room.


Ruby slowly came to and tried to lift her head.

A slow hum filled the brightly lit chamber, and the same dim vibration also fed the black and grey table to which she had been restrained face upward.

The spirited young Earthling saw that she had been stripped of her clothing and boots and left naked for all to see.

She was not aware of any visible ties or bonds and yet she found it impossible to move her limbs. Her arms and legs were so secured that her back was arched upwards, and consequently her sex was raised and exposed in a most callous and lewd manner.

Trapped and unable to move an inch, Ruby awaited her fate.

“Keep your chin up, babes. You aren’t alone.”

The voice of The Doctor came from her immediate left. As she managed to turn her head a fraction, she saw that the black skinned Time Lord was also naked and secured to a table similar to hers.

Some sort of an elongated metal probe appeared out of the floor behind her head and placed itself on her forehead.

“Bj《}>□□《°•, jkihhjj €=%:? hgv njm lkjm lkjn.”

She felt a throbbing in her temples as the thing applied pressure.

“Bj《¿ we kkinn are jkk■♤♡♡ connecting ljjjj with your kjhikbvv brain.”

A cold, metallic voice crackled from a hidden speaker and attempted to communicate.

“What are you? And why am I naked?”

“Bhy/&^f we are beginning to understand huin^%_; your language.”

Now the alien computer had linked with her mind, the captured pair of time and space travelers became curious at to who or what had captured them.

“You beings are the first to arrive onboard in 50,000 of our years. We serve our masters and creators who built this vessel and the computer complex that oversees all. We have extracted information from your brainwaves so that we can readily communicate. We have also discerned your genetic make up, and observe some differences between the two of you. This shall determine the manner of your sexual union.”

“What’s that about sex?” Asked Ruby with a moderation of concern.

“Much time has passed since the masters were obliterated in the 3rd Biological War. And we have been patient for those such as you to arrive.

More metal appendages stirred into motion, eerily ascending from beneath the very table she was held motionless. The same was happening to The Doctor who strained to free himself from his invisible restraints.

Now, odd tubes and silver tendrils appeared and started to touch and feel both of their naked bodies. Two alike tubes opened an iris which connected to Ruby’s heaving breasts with an audible suction sound.

Two spider like feelers scrambled up her flanks and belly, inevitably making for the insides of her upper thighs. The unmoving young blonde sucked in oxygen as her pale skin was stroked and rubbed with surprising dexterity and insistence. Her pert buttocks quivered on the table she had been set at the obscene touch of the alien investigation.

“You are both perfect specimens for our experiments. Your metaforms are proving most qualified for inter species breeding.”

“But? You’re just a machine.” Queried The Doctor. “You cannot possibly want this from us.”

Ruby’s lower body became a zone of pulsing heat mixed with an ever increasing tingling sensation. Every pore in her body prickled with perspiration as alien probes began to explore the sensitive area of her vulva!

“No! No, not there, please!”

“Leave her! Do me!”

The metal digit twittered as it paused at her pussy entrance. Then she gasped in horror as the probe continued inside her very sex!

“Insertion has commenced. Proceed with inner examination.”

Ruby heard someone other than herself pleading for the humiliation to stop, and realised that it was actually her!

The utter degradation of being naked and susceptible was one thing, but the worst thing was the fact that she was highly aroused!

Was this the intention of the exploratory examination? Wondered the stark naked Time Lord.

Now dozens of tiny metallic strands played up and down Ruby’s entire body. The more she was caressed and fondled, the more she grew aroused, and her swollen clitoris and mons betrayed her carnal pleasure.


The plucky girl struggled futilely as her pussy moistened from the fluid pistoning of her exposed muff. The suction cups on her tits massaged and tweaked her erect nipples which fired off sparks of exquisite tingles throughout her entire body.


The Doctor’s voice filtered through the constant hum of chinking metal devices that debased their bodies.

He felt his cock reach its full erect state. Both his hearts beat in his chest as his nine inch boner rose up on his belly, the mushroom head poking up almost to his navel.

He hissed through gritted teeth as a thicker, hollow object proceeded to envelope his cock. As it started to create a peculiar sucking noise, he tensed and his ass muscles tightened as the phallic device devoured him and squeezed his thick shaft most thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the phallus like appendage began to fuck Ruby, persistently gliding in and out of her with a dogged determination.

“Holy shit!”

The alien machines had now linked with the minds and emotions of the captured travelers. The molecular fabricators had an inherent duty to manufacturer their leader’s image in a symbiotic synthetic facsimile of the real thing.

The hot blooded pair both had a nervous system different to the machines and their deceased masters, but generated a sexual energy compatible. Only the Doctor had a different DNA to the more human Ruby.

“We, who serve our masters, are incapable of creating that which we exist to obey. Life, in every form, from fetus to developed being, is our supreme goal. And you shall also serve.”

Not content with mere capitulation, the nameless computer had decided to experiment with the flesh and blood bodies of The Doctor and Ruby. The utter degradation of being naked and vulnerable was something new to the teenage blonde.

Ruby, naked on her back and with arms and legs indecorously splayed out wide, was being persistently fucked with long and firm thrusts by a phallic probe. The flexible probe was greased and slid in and out with a mechanical resoluteness.

It curved up so that it rubbed certain spots of her pussy and her petite frame trembled in her invisible bonds.

Every time it went inside her a loud moan escaped her lips, and her perky tits bounced with the vigorous pace of the intrusive member. Her curvaceous body was wet with sweat as the foreign organ continued to abuse her pussy.

“Fuck it! I’m…coming!”

From her immediate left came the anguished cry of pleasure as the glistening form of the Doctor cried out as he was milked by the sucking device which continued its rhythmic rising and falling, fucking him with sleek motions. The Time Lord could only lie back and watch as his superb dick was enveloped with relentless motions. Inevitably he too climaxed from his own mistreatment.

“Bio scans reveal the darker lifeform to have strands of an odd DNA, suggesting he is of other origins than the female. But the need to recreate our masters that can reproduce is imperative.”

As for Ruby, her mind only registered untold pleasure as her reasoning disappeared beneath an exquisite orgasm of her own. The only thoughts in her mind were of the fake cock that went inside her deeply and doggedly.

Unexpectedly, the sterile table she has been secured to then tilted into an upright position so that she was effectively impaled on top of the slick probe.

She groaned and panted heavily as the phallus forced it’s way inside her stretched out quim. More and more delicious orgasms thundered through her as the unrelenting probe explored her warm pink opening.

Her wracked body responded to the overload of stimulus to the treatment, appeasing the unseen artificial intelligence.

Shuddering from the investigative treatment she fell into an exhausted unconsciousness.


“The biometric information needed to redefine our obliterated masters eludes us. These primitive creatures shall aid us by seeding a helpless host. If we can learn from this cross breeding with our determined males and female humans, we can learn much about recreating our masters.”

The Doctor and Ruby, still unclothed, were suspended above the floor by the same invisible restraints as before. Their arms pointed straight up and their bare feet dangled in the air about a foot from the metallic flooring.

This chamber was minimalist to say the least. White, yet dim. Airy, yet odourless. Warm, yet bone chilling. Recent memories flooded back and Ruby felt a natural urge to close her thighs to protect her mons.

“Hear us. You have been selected to take on our subservient underlings to experiment further. We have scanned your brains and have adapted our approach to breeding to make it more efficient to your inferior bodies. We have administered the male ones’ sperm samples kept in storage to our hosts.”

“What are you? You cannot just go around impregnating Earth women against their will!” Exclaimed an anxious Doctor.

His protestations fell on deaf ears as the artificial intelligence continued.

“Once the initial impregnation is complete, the process will immediately escalate so that we can the female again and again.”

Suddenly, Ruby felt sprays of warm fluid coat the inside of her exposed vagina.

“It is good that the both of you have been successfully processed. Our hosts shall mate with you multiple times so that they have a better chance of fertilisation. The subjects have been defrosted from their cryogenic chambers and therefore the mating process can now proceed.”

A chill ran through both of them as a distinct odour now filled their nostrils.

Two six feet plus beings with dark brown skin matted with some kind of fur or hair emerged from behind them.

The creatures snorted loudly from flat noses as they seemed to almost communicate with each other.

Ruby twisted her head to see that one had an erect sexual organ that curled up from his hairy groin. It was dark brown and quite huge, like a thick log of flesh and tissue with a spongy pinkish glans.

A hairy arm came up around Hermione’s slim waist and squeezed. The fur felt surprisingly soft as it made contact with her peachy skin. His monster cock slid up between the curves of her firm bottom and his big balls stirred under his length and brushed the insides of her upper thighs.


The thing pressed his hips to Ruby and the fat bloated head met the entrance of her undefended cunt. The reality of it all crept over the young girl as she hung useless in his strong arms.

“Don’t you dare!” She yelled in defiance.

His size was incredible as he grunted and pushed up inside her. The thick shaft was lined with pulsing ridges that scraped the insides of her vulva. Her tight pussy relented to the pronounced dick and waves of intense vibrations washed over her.

The in and out motions of the ever grunting monster gave her an immense amplified friction as she was rocked back and forth against his hot hide.

“Stop you, you…thing!”

Ruby twisted and wiggled in mid air and so the thing put his large paws to her hips as the unnatural intercourse continued. Despite her reservations, her muff juiced up, possibly accentuated by the alien fluids injected previously.

“For 50,000 years we have drifted through the cold recesses of space in search of those such as you. Through you we shall give birth to a new race that will direct us once more.”

“Chin up, babes.” Said The Doctor as the other furry creature bounced up and down on his nine inch ebony boner.

Like a toy in his hands, the diminutive nineteen year old felt the rigid organ of the savage effortlessly penetrating her to an incredible depth.

The creature’s fucking became ever more frantic and Ruby endured a tidal wave of mini orgasms from the persistent hard cock rocking within her.

Her slender body jerked as the dick worked in and out. In and out, in and out, back and forth, back and forth.

Faster and faster now as the vile creature stretched her tight pussy to it’s maximum, and yet more sublime tingling made her whimper softly.

“I must be dreaming.”

She measured her breaths, trying to empty her head of all thoughts. It was a hopeless task. Her mind was filled only the now.

The monster ejaculated, shooting hot sperm from his pulsating log inside her and coating her inner pussy walls with his abundant seed. As she hung helplessly in his paws, he gushed in her again and again, until the thick goo ran out of her overfilled cunt to the floor.

He finally withdrew and left her gaping and dripping cum down the insides of her legs. Ruby hung limp from her restraints and her pert tits heaved as she recovered from the enforced struggle.

“We may well have a positive fertilisation. But continue nonetheless.” Crackled the alien computer.


“Oh, my word! Look.”

Ruby looked up in abject horror at yet more scientifically developed inter-species. She had lost all sense of time, but the last hour had been a physically abusive and mind numbing grind. Her labia were swollen and her breathing ragged.

At nigh on ten feet tall, these monstrosities were almost reptilian with green and shiny skin, horns, and a tail. As they lumbered toward the two restrained travelers it became obvious the things had no eyes and were blind.

“Holy shit! The size of those cocks!”

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