Emmerdale the Next Generation Ch. 48 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

My name is Naomi Walters and after finding my long lost family, I have settled into a Yorkshire village called Emmerdale, and have landed a job as a kitchen assistant in the Woolpack the village pub. I am a slim black girl in my early twenties.

After a hostile few weeks, I have settled in and have had an intense sexual relationship with Nate, a mixed race local farmer, and while it was good as he was fucking me I couldn’t get the image of someone else out of my mind. Her name was Belle Dingle and she was a beautiful blonde.

Now let me make it clear, I love being fucked and sucking cock but have never been with another woman or even wondered about it until I saw Belle.

I started to watch lesbian videos and online lesbian porn. As I watched blonde girls having sex with black girls, I fantasised that it was Belle doing those things to me.

Last week there was a Dingle party at the Woolpack to welcome some Irish cousins and after I had finished work in the kitchen I sat at the bar and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine.

I’d been watching Belle discreetly for the better part of an hour. Every movement, every brush of her hair, every small smile, the way she lifts the glass to her lips, every heartfelt laugh. She had me enraptured.

Ok, so some might suggest that it was the drink that might have something to do with the warm fuzzies I was feeling, but I know the difference and this gorgeous woman had me entranced.

I kept repeating to myself, she is beautiful, smart, funny, intoxicating, and irresistible and I desperately wanted her.

Then Belle got up to go to the toilet. I watched her go, watched the way her hips swayed as she walked, and her breasts moved seductively under her top.

Before I could really think about what I was doing, I stood and made my way quickly to the toilet. I got there before her, as she was still chatting to people in the bar. I quickly enter a cubicle and sat down, head in my hands.

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at?, I say softly to myself. Never giving a thought to potential consequences, of which there were many.

I heard the toilet door from the bar open and then a cubicle door open and shut, and I figured that she must have made it away from all the cousins wishing to talk to her. Ok, so what I need to do is get up and leave. Go back to the bar and make my excuses. Say I’m too drunk or I’m working tomorrow. Anything. Just leave.

I flush the toilet as I’m leaving so as not to seem like I was just hiding out, and exit the cubicle.

I was standing washing my hands at the basin when I felt her approach and nudge me out of the way so she could wash her own hands. I playfully pushed her back, and she flicked me with water. I grabbed at her wrists to stop her and then looked into her eyes… oh fuck, those eyes! Those beautiful blue eyes that have drawn me in are now not letting me go, not letting me look away. I felt my heart skip a beat and my breathing quicken. Just as the edges of my vision started to go blurry with lust, I heard the toilet door being pushed open and this broke the spell she has over me and I hastily dropped her wrists.

She caught my hand and dragged me into a cubicle, pushing the door shut just as three giggling women burst into the toilet. I stifled a gasp and looked at her, only to find her gazing at me.

I was trapped again, my eyes locked on hers. The noises of the giggling women at the mirrors fades into nothing as my entire world becomes her. I could feel her pulling me in… physically? Emotionally? Sexually?

Before I know what I was doing, I couldn’t stop myself, I leaned forward, tentatively and slowly, oh so slowly, I grazed her lips with my own.

Her eyes flew wide open in surprise and something else? Did I actually see that? Does she want me the way I want her?

I leaned in again, this time a little more purposefully, and when our lips met it is as much her doing as my own.

My stomach flips and I get butterflies. I’ve heard people talk about kisses feeling like electricity, but I’ve always figured that was poetic licence. I Never thought it was a real thing. I eased my tongue into her mouth and felt her eagerly respond. We kissed as though we have always been doing it.

I put my arm firmly round her waist and drew her in tightly, possessively. My other hand was n the back of her head, pulling her to me.

We could have been anywhere. The fact we are crammed into a tiny toilet cubicle is completely lost to me as I hungrily kissed her.

Moving my lips to her neck and exposed shoulder, I heard her moan appreciatively which elicits a small groan deep at the back of my throat, almost a growl. My fingers became entangled in her hair and I pushed her back hard against the wall, pushing myself against her, pinning her.

I found my hands on her hips, urging her closer to me. I wanted to be as close to this woman as possible.

Without breaking our now frantic kisses I moved my hands to her wrists and raised them above her head. Using just one hand to hold them in place, I had a free hand to explore her body.

My right hand was soon inside her top and enfolded her right breast. I almost immediately felt her nipple harden and I ran my thumb in a circle round it, hearing her intake of breath as I did so.

I looked directly into her eyes and all self-restraint and morals go out the window. This woman is hot and has been in so many of my dreams. I ached for her.

Pushing her top up, I dipped my head and brushed my lips against the lacy material of her bra. Cupping her ample breast in my hand, I rubbed my lips over her nipple before taking it in my teeth and biting down on it, not to hard, but enough for me to hear her gasp in an exciting mixture of pleasure and pain and I feel a throb deep inside me as my body responds. Turning my attention to her other breast, I bite down a little harder on her nipple through her bra, wanting to test her limits. Although she drew in her breath rapidly, she arched her body towards me, pushing her perfect tits into my face.

I released her hands, and before I knew it my hands were on her arse, gripping her tightly and pulling her to me, lifting her slightly onto her tiptoes. We were kissing frantically and passionately and I felt her hand move to the back of my head, fingers entwining into my hair and pulling it.

I pulled back from her briefly and saw a wicked, flirtatious look on her face.

“Oh, so that’s the way you want to play it, is it?” I spoke for the first time.

I grabbed at her wrists again, this time in control. I knew what I was doing and I put them high above her head, once again pinning her against the cubicle wall. I reached my hand round behind her and quickly worked the clasp of her bra, releasing her breasts. Without waiting for her to respond, I pushed her bra up and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. She arched towards me and I felt her trying to pull her hands free of my grasp.

“Oh no, sweetheart, that isn’t happening. ” I murmur as I grip harder and bite her nipple. She cried out and I gave her a warning look. We both know how dangerous this is, and yet neither of us seems capable of stopping it.

I kissed her deeply and pushed her legs aside with my knee.

I unbuttoned her jeans and, unable to wait, slid my hand down inside them. This time it’s my turn to be shocked as I find that she is not wearing panties and is shaved in such a way as to leave a small amount of stubble. I gave a deep guttural moan at the back of my throat as my questing finger found her clitoris.

She is so wet that my finger glided over it easily as I slowly began to circle it. She gave a small whimper of delight and her head dropped forward onto my shoulder.

I let my finger explore her, feeling her breathing quicken as I touched her.


Using my thumb and ring finger, I parted her lips back, stretching her open. She moaned hard and says my name into my neck.

Her clit was large. I pushed my middle finger down hard on it and felt it jerk and pulse. I held my finger there not moving it, enjoying the experience. She must be, too, as she started to move against me. I lightened my touch, wanting to tease her, wanting to feel her push hard against me, and she didn’t disappoint. She started to kiss my neck, sucking and licking it, sending shivers of pleasure all over my body.

I began to flick her clit, just the tip, and she moaned deeply.

I was so turned on, I was filled with this woman, the taste of kissing her, the warmth of her body pressed against mine, the smell of sex that is lingering in the air, the slick wetness of her as I started to circle her clit more quickly.

She was groaning quietly into my neck now, and I could feel waves of wetness dripping out of her pussy. I slid my finger down and teased the opening to her pussy, dipping the end of my finger into her. I did this a few times and she started to grind into me, trying to encourage me to fuck her.

I pushed my finger hard into her and she pulled her hands free of my grasp and put them both on the back of my head, pulling me into a hard, frantic kiss. I put my hand on the cubicle wall to brace us both and I started to fuck her hard with my finger. Finding her g-spot, I rubbed my finger over it and felt her begin to go weak at the knees. I used my body to pin her to the wall and slipped a second finger into her. Fucking her hard, she entwined her fingers through my hair and pulled it, moaning into my mouth as she did so.

I moved my fingers back onto her clit, rubbing in a steady circular movement. Her breathing started to come in small shallow breaths and she held my face close to hers giving me short kisses. I sped up, unable to stop myself, and she started to quiver and moan loudly. I put my mouth over hers in less of a kiss and more of an attempt to keep her quiet as the throes of her orgasm completely took over her, and she started to buck against my hand.

She slumped against me, panting heavily, and I eased my hand out of her jeans. I put my finger under her chin and raised her head to look at me. Those gorgeous eyes met mine, and I gazed into them, searching, hoping. Please don’t let there be remorse. But she smiled at me, reassuringly. What an amazing woman… she is reassuring me. Kissed me so softly and lovingly on my lips and I melt into her.

Suddenly the bathroom door was opened and her name is called. She replies that she will be there shortly. She quickly does her bra up, straightens her clothes, kisses me briefly, and then she’s out the door and gone.

Later night as I lay on my bed, fingers playfully twirling in my pussy, I relive every moment and cannot wait to kiss her again.

Suddenly my phone pings….. * Are you alone? if so I am on my way over….*

Five minutes later we were naked in my bed…….but that’s another story.

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