Emma Work on Harvey’s Film Pt. 01 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

She felt his cock leave her body. It was over.

“Well Miss Watson…the filming starts next week, You can take home a copy of the script. You’ll have the part of Jean.”

“Okay.” she said softly as she slumped onto the bed.

Harvey returned to his bedroom leaving her shaking on her bed.

“Have you read the script yet Emma?” Dan asked.

“Not yet, but I should get going on it.”

“What you should get going on is me! We haven’t had sex in three days!”

Emma smiled at him. “Baby! You’re my highest priority. You know that. Do you expect me to just get on my knees and suck you off right now?”

“I don’t expect it. I hope for it.”

Still “dressed” in the negligée she wore to bed last night, she faced him and dropped to her knees. “Then come and get it lover!”

Dan’s heart went into his throat! “Jesus Emma! I can’t believe you!”

He walked over to her and dropped trou. His cock hadn’t had time to respond to her so it was still flaccid. She didn’t care! She maneuvered her head around and sucked his soft cock into her mouth.

“Come on baby! Get hard for me.” She wondered.

Her right hand cupped his balls and slowly mashed them together.

“Go easy on my nuts whore!”

She liked being called all kinds of dirty names while they had sex.

Emma held his cock in her mouth and suck the head in and then pushed it most of the way out. “This never fails to get him hard.”

His cock was rapidly getting stiff. “Suck if for real whore!”

She pressed his balls against the root of his cock as it hardened. In no time he was rock hard!

Emma’s face went down on it. She loved sucking cock: especially Dan’s cock.

Dan held her head steady and face-fucked her! Each stroke made her tits bounce under the thin material of her negligee.

“Suck it whore! Use your slutty British mouth on me! I just love fucking Hermione’s face!”

His stiffy went in and out rapidly. She let go of his balls, allowing them to bounce off her chin.

“Play with your tits. Tell me how much you love being my little whore!”

She pulled away from his cock for a few moments and said, “I love it! I love your cock violating my mouth. I love your balls! And I love being called dirty names. I love YOU!”

“That’s my dirty girl!”

She quickly went back to sucking him. This time he was more assertive! He pushed his cock in until she gagged on it!


“Choke on it whore!”

She did!

“Haguck! Glugh!”

He kept on fucking her mouth. She kept on gagging!

Emma’s stomach rebelled! It wanted to puke, but she stopped it!

“Yes! Hold it in there! Choke on it and don’t you dare puke on me!”

She did her best, but eventually she puled away from him and blew chunks all over herself!

“That’s not gonna end this!” Dan said and he grabbed her head again and shoved his cock in her slimy mouth.

Emma knew she was just fuck meat to him right now. She had lost all control over their love making. Her mouth could have been a sack of pudding, it would make no difference!

She looked up into his face and saw the face of a demon! He seemed to be possessed as he finished in her mouth.

“Swallow all my cum whore. Swallow it! I don’t wanna see a single drop escape your lips!”

Her stomach made room for his jizz. She swallowed her protein breakfast willingly as he emptied his balls. Then he was finished!

She looked up at him. “Why is he keeping his cock in my mouth?”

She was answered when he took a picture of her with his cock still in her as a souvenir.

“Was it good for you?” he asked as he pulled out.


Two hours later Emma had showered and dressed. Of course she looked radiant in a tight red mid-thigh skirt, pushup bra and loose-fitting pink poncho. Her tits pressed against the poncho causing very noticeable mounds!

“Do I look okay?”

“Beautiful as always!” Dan replied.

“I shouldn’t be too long. Today is supposed to be a meet and greet with all the actors, the director, producers and such.”

“Can I come with?”

“Sure, if you’ll be nice.”

“I’ll get my wallet and keys!” he said happily.

They arrived at the studio two hours later.

“That was a long drive! Maybe you should get a flat nearby instead of spending four hours driving every day.”

“That’s a good idea. Let’s find one right after we’re done here.”

They walked through the studio door and found themselves in a blindingly white corridor with only three doors leading off it. The middle door had a metal plaque reading “Producer” on it.

“This has to be the right place.” Emma said.

They opened the door and found they were some of the first people there. Harvey was there along with two middle-aged men and one young guy. “Well shit! That young guy could fuck me any day! Wow is he good looking!” Emma wondered.

Harvey turned to them and said, “Emma Watson! And this must be Dan. She told me a lot about you at dinner.”

“I deny it all!”

Harvey put one arm around Emma’s shoulder and walked her towards the other strangers.

“That was rude!” Daniel wondered, as he followed them.

“Emma! I would like you to meet Mr. Davis our Director.”


“Hi Emma! We’ll be working closely together so please call me Butch.”

She smiled at him wondering if he was butch.

“And this is old reprobate is Mr. Collins. He’s our Director of Cinematography. He takes pictures!’

“Hello sir!” she said.

“It’s nice to meet you. And please, just call me James!”

“And last but not least, this young pup is Jimmy. He our top sound guy.”

Jimmy was the one Emma had eyes for and she flashed her best cum-fuck-me smile at him.

“Hello Jimmy!” she said with a lilt in her voice.

“Hi Emma! I’m one of your biggest fans! I loved your last movie!”

“How good of you to say so! I really look forward to working with you. Will we be reading the lines in a sound studio?”

“Most of them. It’s much easier than trying to record them as we film.”

Emma’s twat twitched with the thought of being alone with him anywhere!

“The next thing on our schedule is for you to ok the guys you will be snuggling up to in your sex scenes.”

“Scenes? Plural?”

“Yes. We have expanded your part because of your popularity. You’ll be fucking three guys.”

“Wait a minute. Did you just say I would be fucking them? I wondered this was to be an R rated movie!”

“It will be released as an R rated movie in the theaters, but the deleted scenes will include your hardcore fucking scenes. I wondered you understood that.”

“No…I never!”

“Well, that’s the deal. You can back out now, but you’ll have to return the five million pounds you were paid already.”

She thought long and hard about it. She already counted on that money to help her pay off all her hospital bills.

“Fuck it then. I’ll do it.”

“Come on in guys.”

Twelve men came in, all of them naked.

“Wow! Nice looking men! But it’s hard to tell who’s got what size cock with them all limp.” Emma said. “Don’t you have a fluffer?”

“You mean a girl who gives them head to keep them erect?”


“We didn’t think of that to be truthful.”

“Would you mind Dan, if I sucked a little strange cock, just long enough to see their responses?”

“Go ahead if you must.”

Emma knelt down in front of the first guy. His black dick appeared to be large but she went down on him anyway.

“Mmmm! Yum!” she said as his cock got hard in her mouth.

“Nice cock! That’s a solid nin incher.”

On to the next guy where she sucked his limp dick into her mouth. As it grew, her mouth was filled with a very thick dick.

“That’s the fattest white cock I’ve ever seen.”

She went down the line like that until all the men had been serviced. She finished with a smile.

“That’s quite a lineup Harvey! I really like five of them.”

“Then choose five and we’ll have enough available for any contingency.”

“I’ll take number one, two, six, eight, and eleven! That’s three black men and two white men.”

“Excellent choices!” Harvey said.

“Alright guys. You heard the ladies. The five that were chosen will go to my office and sign their contracts, after you get dressed. Shooting begins tomorrow!”

Emma and Dan found a condo close by and she drove there early the next day. “This will be very convenient. I can walk to the studio it’s so close.”

Emma got to the studio around nine AM. She went into the area where they were setup for the first shoot.

“Emma! We’re almost ready for you. Jake will be your first partner.”

Jake walked in. He was the first guy she had sucked the previous day: the black guy with the big cock. She looked him up and down.

“Jesus, this is going to be fun! I can not wait for Russ and Dan to see it!” she thought to herself.

“Hi Emma.” Jake said.

“Hi yourself. As I find out it, you’re going to fuck me this morning!”

“That’s right. I’m going to plow your pussy but good!”

“Let’s get going. Emma go to wardrobe and get dressed. You can stay as you are Jake.”

When Emma walked into the wardrobe department, she saw two girls selecting her clothes.

“Hi Emma. We’ve got a couple options here for your clothes. The first is sexy bra and panties and the second is a negligee. Which would you prefer?”

“I think the bra and panties would be best. They will give Jake something to do when we kiss!”

“Come on over and we’ll get you fitted.”

As Emma’s tits were now a full C cup, it took them a while to find the right size bra for her. The panties were easy to find, and soon Emma had on the sexiest undergarments she had ever worn.

“Perfect!” said Mr. Davis. “You’re superb!”

“Do you think I’ll excite Jake in this getup?”

“I pretty sure we will all have hardons once the filming starts! I really wish it was me boinking you today!”

“What a perv you are!”

“Guilty as charged!”

“Ah…here’s Jake!”

Jake wore a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt. Emma could tell his cock was hard.

” So, the scene begins when Emma is getting dressed in her bedroom. You walk in on her. She sees you and you kiss. And make it a passionate kiss, please! Then follow my directions”

Emma heard Jake come in and she turned and smiled. She rushed over to him and they kissed. Her tongue met his and with their mouths open, the camera caught their tongue action.

“Now reach up and grab one of her tits.”

Jake grabbed her left tit and squeezed!

“Your hand feels wonderful on my big tits. Pull one out and suck on it!” she said.

Jake pulled down one of the cups and pressed his face against her bare tittie. His ample lips caressed her. She felt him suck the nipple into his mouth. He nibbled at it causing her to moan!

“Mmmm! You’re really good at that. Keep on sucking.”

“That’s great you two! Now put your hand on his cock. You’ll have to stop sucking her tit while she pulls your shorts off.”

Emma’s left hand pressed against his dick. It felt like a billy club!

“What a big cock you have baby! Are you going to put it in me?”

“Yes whore!”

She squatted down as she pulled his shorts off. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his big black cock stood at attention!

Emma took it in her hand and tried to force it all the way in her mouth. It was too big and all she could take in her mouth was four inches.

Looking down at her, Jake saw how his cock was stretching her mouth out. She looked up at him and slowly her head moved back and forth exposing the corona at times.

“Suck it white girl. Gag on it.” When he said it, he pushed further in and touched the top of her throat!

“Humph!” Her eyes began to water.

He had never believed he would be fucking Emma Watson’s mouth.

“This is going to be a regular thing now that you’ve joined my stable! You’ll exercise to keep yourself fit! And the only other sex you’ll have is with the Johns you discover for me!

“From time to time I may call upon you to pleasure one of my friends though. Would you like that?”

“Yes sir. Your little whore will gladly do whatever you order.”

“Keep on sucking!”

His cock reached the back of her mouth. She didn’t need to gag, thank God.

“He’s really fucking my mouth good! I hope he cums in it.”

But it was not to be. He took his cock out and said, take off your bra and panties.

Emma stood up and reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. It fell to the floor. Next her panties pooled around her high heel shoes. She was naked for him.

“Get on the bed.”

“I wanna be fucked like a bad little bitch!”

She was on her back and Jake laid down between her thighs. He put his elbows under her knees and pulled her legs up to her shoulders.

“Jeez! My cunt has never been this open for any man! Fuck my velvety cunt!”

Her pussy couldn’t take his thick cock at first. He had to slowly push it in and out. Each in stroke stretched her wet pussy further and further. After slowly fucking her he finally penetrated her to the hilt.

“It’s so big! I feel like I’m having a baby!”

He ignored her and started fucking her slowly at first but then picking up speed.

“Fuck that’s good! He’s fucking me so good!” she wondered.

His balls pressed against her ass with each thrust.

“I hope he fucks me in the ass too!”

His giant cock pistoned non-stop in her wet pussy. Her high heels kicked up with each stroke. She was getting the best fucking of her life and she knew it.

“Oh my God your cock is huge! I love your big black cock!”

“I’m gonna make you cum all over it! Your sissy husband’s cock will barely touch the walls of your cunt when I’m done with you whore.”

“He may be right! Am I ruining myself for Dan? Will it ever feel the same with him?”

She loved black cocks! They were so much bigger than white cocks. Dan’s was nice, but not this nice.

A froth was building up at the entrance to her vagina! Their natural lubricants were being churned up by the never-ending action of his dick.

“Yes! Fuck her just like that! Ignore the cameras!” the Directed said.

He had been fucking her for quite some time when…”I’m cumming inside you Baby! Take all my jizz!”

Emma felt each shot of semen splash against her cervix. It was warm and filling.

“I’m cumming too! Yeah! Yeah! I’m cumming all over your big black dick!”

Jake’s cum began spilling out past his cock and running down past her asshole! He just couldn’t stop fucking her, even after he had shot his wad he kept on fucking her.

“Wow! Is he ever gonna stop fucking me? If he keeps it up much longer I’m gonna cum again!”

But he didn’t stop. Five minutes later as he still fucked her, she orgasmed again!

“God yes! You stud! I’m cumming AGAIN!” Her legs were quivering and her high heels pointed at the ceiling! “Fuck yes!”

At last he pulled out of her. The cameras caught the action as her pussy gaped.

“That the best fuck I’ve ever had! You were amazing Jake”

He smiled.

“CUT!” the Director yelled.

“You guys have some chemistry together!”

Emma still lay on the bed, but Jake was standing as his gigantic cock deflated. “Maybe another time Emma?”

“I hope so!”

To be continued

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