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Note- More made up fun, based in celebrity, but fictional nevertheless. Written for MissWatsonsSissyonLit. Enjoy. Special thanks to Mrs 123z for the practical.


February, 2022.


Emma Watson did not believe in coincidence, but what occurred in February made her think twice. It had been while Emma was watching England against France in the Six Nations tournament on television, that she had a flashback to one of her ex-lovers. Himself a rugby player.

Famous from a young age for playing the role of Hermione Granger, Emma Watson was one of those rare actresses who enjoyed a balanced, normal life despite being one of the most recognized and highest-earning stars of the famous franchise. Her meteoric rise to fame was nothing short of magical. With virtually no professional acting experience, she had been propelled into international stardom with her very first film. She became a regular at fashion shows, befriended legendary fashion icons like Karl Lagerfeld and often arrived at red carpet events swathed in haute couture. The fashion house Burberry took notice of the budding fashionista and signed Watson to be the new face of the brand in 2009.

It had been a few years since she had split from hunky rugby player boyfriend Matthew Janney. After what seemed a solid relationship, reports have emerged that suggested the actress and the 22-year-old American born student had broken up but had remained friends. Matthew and Emma had been dating for over a year, but spent most of their time apart due to Emma’s demanding work schedule and his university studies.

Contrary to reports, the pair had not moved in together, but the break-up had been described as ‘amicable’ by a spokesman for the actress. in fact, the pair had broken up in December 2014, and Watson had honestly stated that the split was “horrendous.” Still, Emma explained at the time that overall, her dating experiences have been good ones. Her past boyfriends had generally made her feel “really cherished. They’ve built me up,” the U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador said, as she opened up about the difficulties of dating, and whether guys find her intimidating.

“I certainly haven’t found that with doing all that I do or being all that I am, that I’ve struggled in my Love life,” she said. “I just think it’s very patronizing towards men. It undermines them.”

Watching the game now brought up many happy memories with Matty, but also sadly, his several infidelities. Let’s face the facts: Emma Watson is a total catch. Not only did she manage to go from tiny film star to stunning young starlet while managing to bypass any awkward teenage years, she also became an inspiring role model for young women everywhere. Her speech made to the UN on behalf of the #HeForShe campaign, which promotes gender equality, was just the latest wonderful Watson act to catch our eye and remind us that this unique beauty is a total feminist queen. Not to mention, she’s a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, a Brown University graduate, and incredibly rich and famous to boot. We know so much about how Watson is making waves on and off screen, but we don’t know much about the lucky young man who once captured her heart.


Like the rest of us, the end of lockdowns had been long overdue. Emma had ventured out to a local bar close to where she lived, for a pleasant night out as soon as Spring arrived. Despite her fame and familiarity, she was not bothered by anybody as she sat alone at the bar. It was good to be out and about again, and the laughter and chatter of her fellow drinkers, was most welcome.

“Okay, Greg. How have you been?”

The forty year old owner of the bar topped up Emma’s gin and tonic and spread his hands.

“It’s been rough, Emma. Being closed for months, and then the distancing. I tell you, it’s good to be back.”

“Cheers to that.”

Emma held her glass up and smiled. It was just then that she felt, rather than saw, the tall figure standing right behind her, but she didn’t bring herself to turn around and check.

“Evening.” Said a male in an American accent.

Emma slowly turned on her stool. She confronted the bearded man standing ridiculously close to her back and grinning down at her. She could feel the heat radiating off his body as she gradually realised that she knew him.


Matthew Janney lifted his glass of beer and smiled broadly.

“Hi, babe. Long time, and so on. Can I get you another? G and T, isn’t it?”

“Sod off! You’re a total git. You know that?”

Emma turned her back and fumed into her glass.

“Me? What did I do?”

Emma faced him again with a scowl and narrowed eyes. He was tall, a good eight inches taller than her 5’5 frame. His shoulders were broad and his dark green rugby shirt pulled slightly to contain his typical footballer physique. And his jeans hung low on his narrow waist.

“It’s not what you did, but WHO you did. Git!”

“AW! Come on. Can’t we still be friends?”

He reached forward to the bar to place his glass down and his fingers brushed hers, sending an electric jolt that made her jump back. He leaned down to her eye level and looked her straight in the eyes.

“I know, babe. I felt it too.”

Bastard! The hunk had mesmerised her from the first time they had met. One glance, one smile, was all it took, and she was his. They had gone to bed that very night, and the Sex was amazing. He was the only one at that time who could excite both her body and mind. Unfortunately, he had no concept of the word, no. And as a consequence, whenever other women hit on him, he caved in and slept with them.

“But, Em?”

He looked her directly in the eyes unapologetically and didn’t waiver the entire time he drank his beer.

“You still here?” She huffed.

“You had me all confused. When we stopped seeing each other, you said you weren’t ready for a relationship. I completely understood that because of everything you had going on. You needed time and space, and had a career to pursue. Yet, you started dating someone not long after that. So you didn’t really need time? Am I right, or am I right?”

Matthew ran his fingers over his dark hair. Emma recalled that he frequently dragged his fingers through his thick, unruly hair. A gesture which she had always found enchanting. True enough, when they had stopped seeing each other, she was upset. But she decided it wasn’t meant to be. It hadn’t been long before she started to date others. But now, in the low light of the bar, his stare made her head swim. The bloody arrogance of the man. Her heart began to beat faster when he looked her up and down, his eyes taking their time as they wandered over her slender figure. Emma felt a tingle between her thighs and she shifted her legs on her stool in response. He caught her shift and gave her a wicked smile with one eyebrow arched.

“I still get to you, eh? Don’t deny it. You still fancy me.”

“Do not!”

Emma cursed the croak in her voice as she spoke. The bastard was correct in his assumption. One glance at his desirable form and all her senses were on fire. She needed him. The fire was like never before. No matter what happened in the past, the sexual attraction was impossible to ignore. Best thing to do was get out of there.

“I have to leave.”

Matthew put his hand on her shoulder as she stood and stopped her in mid stride.

“I’ll walk you out.”

His hand never left her as they left the bar and walked outside.

“Did you drive?”

“I’m not too far. I’ll walk.”

“Nonsense. I’ll drop you off.”

Emma shrugged and they walked arm in arm to the car park. He pointed to his vehicle with a certain pride. It was a nice looking Mercedes saloon in charcoal grey. They sat in silence the short distance to Canary Wharf where Emma had a flat overlooking the Thames. It was dark and empty of people when he stopped on level 25 and turned off the motor. He turned to his left and leaned over.

“Emma. Any chance of a good night kiss?”

Matthew put his hand on her right shoulder and she felt her bare skin burning underneath his big hand. Then she sighed as his mouth met her neck, and his wet mouth kissed and sucked at the tender spot between neck and shoulder. A small moan escaped her lips as he traced a line with his tongue up from her collarbone to her ear. Emma was wearing a yellow sleeveless top with spaghetti string straps on this unseasonably warm night, and the thin top exposed the upper part of her modest cleavage. It barely managed to hide the small hardened circles of her aroused nipples.


His hand reached down to the outside of her left thigh, burning a trail of heat as it felt it’s way up the short hem of her red skirt. She gasped as he lifted her skirt and gently stroked the plump mound of her Pussy through the material of her panties. They kissed, and their tongues sought out each other in their increasing passion. The windows steamed up as he used two fingers to slide inside her underwear and into her slit. As he frigged her, he drew wet heat out of the sticky folds of her labia. Her legs parted willingly as Emma’s cute bottom slid back and forth into the passenger seat.


“You’re so wet for me.” He whispered in her ear.

Her face lifted and her mouth devoured his with a raw need that emptied her head of any past letdowns between them. They parted and she inhaled deeply.

“I felt it the first minute I looked at you. You felt it too.”

Emma nodded, knowing without any doubt that he was right.


At that moment a car passed and highlighted the interior of theirs with it’s headlights. Startled for a second, Emma opened the door on her side and got out. Matthew joined her, leaving his lights on to illuminate her slim figure. She stood frozen to the spot as he boldly went up to her and caressed her pert breasts under her thin top. Before she could protest, her mouth was met by his in another lingering full minute smooch.

“I know how much you want this.” He said of his cock which appeared to have a mind of its own as it threatened to burst out of the front his jeans.

He took hold of her hand and pressed it to his crotch. Shit! This is all happening in a blur, thought she as she was all consumed by an irresistible passion that had been building for the last hour. All she knew was that she wanted him. Needed him. Hungered for him. He spun her around and bent her over the hood of the car. Without removing her panties, he raised her skirt over her curved bum and lowered his jeans to take out his thick and long erection. Emma looked back to see the circumcised tip glisten in the beam of the lights. She sucked in air as he roughly grabbed both of her hips back into his groin. The willowy actress wobbled on her heels as he widened her legs with his and dry humped her Ass crack.

“God, I’ve missed this. You?”

“Uh, hmm!” Emma replied as she chewed on her lower lip and balled her fists.

“What?” He insisted as his cock insisted fucking the gap between her upper thighs.


“Missed what?” His cock pushed at her harder.

“Thisssss, this…cockkkah!”

Matthew pulled back, leaving a wet smear in the cleft of her sweet buns.

“Do it.” Said she in desperation as her juices ran out down the insides of her milky white thighs.

He took his throbbing shaft in his right hand and brought it up to her entrance under her underwear. Emma flattened her hands on the top of the warm car as his wonderful cock went up inside her with some considerable force.


Matty began to pump into Emma, kneading the cheeks of her bottom as he did so. Her lightweight body rose up with every peak of his jutting cock’s stroke. He put a hand in the small of her back and pushed so that she tumbled forward face down on the car. With her Ass raised up, he continued to bang the shit out of her, reaching under her top to squeeze her tits.

Fuck me, fuck me!”

Emma was like a bitch in heat as he rammed his dick into her Pussy as hard as he could, spearing her ever moistening moist cunt with audible squelching. The memories of their breathtaking Love making flooded back and the effect on her was shattering. Both appreciated the other. He, her tight Pussy that enveloped his throbbing length. And she, his rampant dick that thrust feverishly in and out of her at a fair rate. Emma caught a distorted sight of herself in the wing mirror and was surprised at how indecent she looked, stuffed as she was with a big cock from behind. Another car came into view then, and in a panic she managed to extricate herself from his boner.

“Are you serious?” Complained Matthew as his erection swayed from left to right like a shining cannon.

His attention was momentarily distracted when his mobile phone trilled in the back pocket of his jeans that were wrapped around his knees. He reached down to take it as Emma straightened out her skirt and adjusted her drawers.

“Yeah. Yeah. Right, babe. Soon. Real soon. Yeah, Love you too. Bye.”

Emma fluffed up her disheveled hair as she pouted.

“Who was that?”

“Oh, just my girlfriend. Now. Where were we?”

“What? Your girlfriend? What am I? Just a bit on the side to you?”

“But, I thought we were having fun.”

“Just fuck off, Matthew. Just…”

Emma waved a dismissive hand and took off to the stairwell. Visibly upset. x

Lying naked on top of her bed that night, Emma’s mind ran riot as thoughts of her failed relationship with Matthew filled her head. That time together in Antigua had been super special. Her hands drifted down her body to her loins as she widened her legs and closed her eyes. On a sun kissed, white sandy beach, they had frolicked in each others arms, blissfully in Love. In a secluded section, Matty had roughly pulled the slim body of Emma close to his and plunged his tongue into her waiting mouth. On the edge of the beach where the sea lapped at their bare feet, he had deftly unhooked the top of her black bikini so that he could cup her medium sized breasts. Their eyes met in a shared look of pure carnal lust. As Emma welcomed the erotic sensation of skin on skin, her muff became so wet that it caused a noticeable dampness in her bikini bottoms.

“Down there.”

He laid her down on the warm sand and slowly dragged her bottoms off over her long pins. He studied every inch of her entire body as he traced a hand over her waist, across the subtle curve of her belly and down to the top of her mons. His hand made its way up her left inner thigh, bearing down on her trimmed mound. She had let out a tiny gasp as his fingers danced lightly along the V shape between her legs. She had kicked out her feet and dug her toes in the sand and stared at the top of his head as he had begun to lick her out.


She had whimpered as his tongue dipped inside her, causing her to grind her hips and make a small dent in the white sand. He looked up then and their eyes locked as he wiped his dark beard. He reached down and slid his trunks off to reveal his turgid cock, engorged with blood. Emma rose up and gently painted his abdomen with her flattened tongue. Her knees had sunk into the sand as she buried her face into his crotch. With his balls in one hand, Emma kissed the head of his cock, before she took him into her Hot mouth. She had inhaled through flared nostrils as her open mouth sank down halfway, liberally coating his shaft with copious amounts of saliva.

“Oh, Em!”

Matthew groaned aloud as Emma slackened her jaw so that she was able to glide down all the way to the bottom of his shaft. Her never wavering tongue flicked out along one side of his cock at the same time. She was able to feel that unique bump of him in the back of her as she pushed down all the way. She sucked on him gleefully with eyes rolled back for a good three minutes until she came up for air.

“Fucking amazing,” he blurted as he slid his heavier frame up onto hers.

Emma opened her mouth in a silent O shape as his swollen dick slapped on her aching cunt. He had raised his lower body just enough for the perfect angle of penetration. She felt the hairs on his chest and face tickle her skin as he settled. Spreading her legs a little wider she reached down with her left hand to move the head of his dick right there, and then she held her breath.


Even now, as Emma frigged her wet Pussy at the glorious memory. she fancied she could still feel his considerable length enter her that special time. His cock was superb, and Emma moaned in his chest as his shaft throbbed along the inner walls of her cunt. She felt every ridge and vein of the thickening meat slide on in. With him fully buried in her muff, her inner muscles squeezed it in return.

“Matty! It’s wonderful.”

Under the clear blue sky they screwed, their naked bodies slick with perspiration in the Hot and humid air. Already, Emma felt her Orgasm build as Matthew rose up and down in a persistent and rhythmic rut. He snorted as he reared back, and then exhaled on the in strike. He lingered inside of her, wriggling his hips so that his dick rubbed inside her delightfully.


Emma yelped as he rolled the pair of them in the grainy so that now she was on top of him. Without hesitating, Emma started to move up and down, slowly at first as his hard cock stoked fires inside of her Pussy. With her palms flat on his chest, she moved her hips faster, grinding her cunt onto his entire length. She had begun to quiver and tremble in utter abandonment until she had screamed and fallen across his chest, breathing hard and shaking uncontrollably from her triumphant climax.


Driven by a need to ejaculate, Matty rolled her again and hammered her into the sand, her Pussy still throbbing and dripping from her Orgasm. Incredibly, his pounding cock brought the delirious actress to another squealing climax as he banged her harder and harder. Her feet suddenly met her ears as he bent her legs back and up. Their co-joined bodies, slick with sweat, moved in perfect tandem. He thrusting up from the hips, and she thrusting back to meet him. With little effort, Matthew had placed his elbows under her knees and lifted her legs on top of his shoulders.


Emma had hugged him tightly as the sloppy wet sound of her Pussy being filled with his cum drowned out any other sound. Her legs draped his elbows as his body falls down on top of hers. He gave her one final deep thrust and went limp. They had laid still in the warm air, their youthful bodies entwined together and glossy with sweat under the yellow ball of the sun. Having frigged herself to Orgasm at the memory, Emma rolled over in her bed and dropped off into a dreamless sleep.


April, 2022


Rather than logging hour after hour at the gym, Emma Watson got in 45-minute workouts when she worked with her fitness instructor. The program focused on three areas: stretching, strength and stillness. Stretching helped Emma’s posture, keeping her looking long and lean, while the strength circuit combined leg, cardio, and ab exercises. During the stillness portion, Emma held yoga poses and meditated. In April, she had decided to join up at one of the famous ‘Frame’ gyms. A favourite with hipsters, dancers and celebrity songstresses such as Alison Goldfrapp and Florence Welch, Frame was founded in Shoreditch and had since opened numerous branches across London. Funky, fun and aimed predominantly at fashionable young women, Frame offered an impressive timetable of varied fitness, dance and yoga sessions, as well as pre and post-natal exercise classes.

The original Frame sits in three railway arches in Shoreditch. Spot the big neon sign on the railway bridge, walk down the alley, listen out for some big tunes and you’ll find it through a big wooden door on your left. For some time now, Emma Watson had rarely had an occasion to show off her figure. Clearly proud of her toned physique, the 31-year old actress decided to wear a pink sports bra and very low-slung leggings to display her toned midriff as she hit the gym for the first visit. Emma teamed her exercise clothes with a grey jumper tied around her waist and a headband to keep her hair out of her eyes. Her first session had been booked a week earlier with an instructor named Cecilia. In a pretty good mood, Emma’s newfound peace quickly dissipated, replaced by fury and tension the minute she walked through the door of the Gym.

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