Emma Watson’s Last Movie Pt. 04 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Sex Story

“No Greg! I need to save myself for the movie! If we fuck now, I won’t be as horny when the time cums to fuck for the movie. You’ll just have to wait.”

“Shit Emma. Watching you sucking and getting eaten out yesterday gave me a real set of blue balls!” Greg said.

“You’re just going to have to deal with it. I going out girl shopping. I’m meeting Linda downtown.” Emma said.

Two days later

Greg and Emma showed up for the next scene on time and Emma was horny as a ten peckered goat!

The set was all prepared: it was a dungeon! Carl gave Emma a funny leather strap harness to wear. She just stared at it.

“What the fuck is this?” she asked.

“Today we film the obligatory BDSM scene. Dan will work you over, but there will be very little pain involved. If you feel you can’t do this, the film we’ll have to think of something else.”

Emma stripped naked and wriggled into the harness. The straps were about an inch wide and they went around but not onto her tits. Two straps went down into her crotch so that if her legs were spread, her cunt would be in plain view.

“Shit this thing makes me feel like a complete bondage slut!”

“You look amazing in it!” Greg said.

“Greg darling. I don’t want you to watch this scene today. Just think of how you’ll feel while you wait to see it after the film comes out. Plus, I need to know you won’t break into the scene while I’m being used by Dan, understand?” Emma asked.

“Fuck! I’ll see you back home then bitch.” Greg said angrily.

Dan came in the room, wearing a similar harness, but he also wore a tight leather mask that covered half his face from the cheek bones and up. He also had on strange looking boots. He was not smiling!

“Dan is going to put you through your paces and you’ll need a safe word!”

“What the hell is a safe word?”

“Dan would be putting you in bondage and doing anything he wants to you, so you need a word that will put a stop to it if it gets to be too much for you.”

“Okay, then ‘bananas’ is my safe word.” Emma said.

“Stand with your ass against the wall and we’ll begin.”


Dan stood in front of Emma with a stern look on his face. “Do you know what’s about to happen to you, whore?”

“Please fuck me!” she begged.

“Of course, but first we must get you properly rigged.” Dan said.

Dan fastened steel manacles on Emma’s wrists. Each manacle was attached to a stout chain which hung to the floor.

Dan reached out and squeezed her tits. He pinched her nipples and had them standing out in hard little nubs. He had a short light chain with what looked like alligator clips on each end.

“Aaaeeiou!” Emma screamed as he snapped the alligator clips on her nipples.

“Shit that hurts so nice. I never knew pain could bring so much pleasure.” Emma wondered.

“Please…please stop! Don’t hurt me.” She begged, but she secretly wanted it to continue. She wanted to be made into his bondage whore.

Dan chained her into a rig that pulled her arms up and out until they could go no further. Her feet touched a horizontal bar connecting the rig near the bottom. The entire rig was on four wheels for easy repositioning. The first tears rolled down her cheeks!

Dan reached out and squeezed her luscious tits. “You have perfect tits, whore! Maybe I’ll change that for you.”

“Please no! Suck on them instead. I love it when men suck on my tits!”

“Silence cunt!” he ordered.

He released her breasts and reached down to her crotch. She felt his fingers slide back and forth against her wet slit.

“Do you like this, slave?”

“N…no. Please stop.” Emma lied.

“Tell the truth slut. You love having your quim stroked, don’t you?”

“God yes! It feels so good. Are you gonna fuck me now? I’m so horny for your big cock!”

“Soon…soon.” Dan answered.

Dan began moving Emma, rig and all, into the center of the room. The wheels squeaked as the rig moved. She came to rest with her hips against a long-padded table. Dan loosened two large wingnuts on the sides of the vertical bars and pulled the top down towards the padded table. Emma was bent over at the waist with her ass sticking out.

“What the fuck Dan?”

“Smack!” her slapped her right ass cheek hard.

“Owe! That hurt!”

“You will address me as Master, whore!”

“Yes Master.” She whimpered.

Walking to the dungeon wall, Dan ran his fingers over a selection of floggers, finally settling on one made of nine leather thongs with 18-inch-long tails. Emma saw none of this.

“How does that ass cheek feel, slave?”

“It…feels…fine.” She lied.

“Swish smack!” Dan lashed her for the first time.

“Iiiieeeeeeeeee!” she screamed.

“How does it feel now?” he asked.

“Fuck that hurt! Don’t stop though. I loved it!”

“Swish smack! Swish smack! Swish smack!” he turned her ass cheeks bright red.

“Oh God yes! Make me your bondage slut Master.”

“Swish smack!”

“I…I…I’m cumming! I’m cuuuuuuuumming! More…I want more! I’m still cumming for you!” she screamed as her eyes rolled up in her head. Her entire body quivered as he continued.

“Swish smack! Swish smack! Swish smack!”

Emma stopped moving. She had fainted in pleasure. Seeing this, Dan lifted a bucket from the corner and threw a large amount of water at her face!

“Sp…sp.” Emma sputtered as she was revived.

“Master! I’ve never cum so hard! I’m yours now forever. I’m your sex slave for life. Please fuck me now. I need to feel your big cock stretch out my tight pussy!” Emma begged. She shook her arms in the restraints.

Dan approached her from behind and took hold of her hips. Emma felt the head of his cock rub against her ass cheeks.

“Please don’t tease me! Bury that cock in my pussy. Fuck me hard. Oh God I need it so bad.”

Emma felt her pussy lips being parted as his cock pushed very slowly in her wet cunt.

“I’m so wet for you! Jam it in there! Make me scream with pleasure. Make me cum again.” She demanded.

“You’ll cum! I’m gonna fuck your little British cunt all night long, whore.” Dan promised. “And that’s not all I’m gonna fuck. Your ass is next and then that pretty mouth of yours. You want me to fuck all your holes, don’t you?”

“Creampie me first. Fill my pussy with your jizz.”

“Ugh!” Emma grunted as his cock suddenly filled her cunt. “Fuck me hard Master, please.” She begged.

“Oh…oh…God…yes!” Emma moaned. “Fuck it! Fuck that juicy cunt. It’s so big. God yes, fuck it hard!”

“Take it bitch. Take all my cock.”

Emma’s body shook every time he bottomed out. The rig she was chained to rattled.

“I have to feel your jizz blast into me! Fill me up. Give me a baby.”

Emma heard movement from her left side. She turned her head and saw three other nude men stroking their cocks. They were watching her being fucked from behind.

“No Master! Please don’t let them have me. I want only you tonight.” Emma begged.

“You’ll fuck whoever I say, whore. I may even have them all fuck your tender little asshole: ream you out good!”

“Fuck my now then! My ass is waiting for you. Sodomize me!”

Emma felt a finger shoved in her asshole. It wasn’t her Master’s finger though because he still had his hands on her hips. Whoever it was, began finger fucking her ass, and it felt really good.

“Yes…finger bang my asshole! Faster. Harder.”

In an instant her pussy and ass were empty and she was being wheeled so that she remained bent at the waist, but her crotch and face were each available to be fucked.

Emma felt a hard cock against her asshole and it slowly pushed it’s way in until her guts were full of man meat! “Please let that be Dan! I don’t want to do multiple cocks again today.” She wondered.

“That cock feels so good in my ass. Ream me out! Pack my fudge.”

“Take his fat cock, whore. Say hello to my friend, Jimmy. He specializes in ass fucking and from the look on his face, your ass is gripping his cock like a vice.” Dan said.

“I feel so humiliated! I’m not an anal whore. I’m your whore. But it feels so good. Make him go faster…harder.”

“Hear that Jimmy? She wants it rough. Really bang her butt. Rearrange her guts.”

“Oh God!” said a deep voice.

Jimmy watched as her sphincter strained to remain inside her, but it could be seen bulging in and out as he fucked her tight ass.

“Fuck that ass!” said two other voices. “Leave some for us though.”

“My ass is going to be fucked by a lot of men tonight, and I want it to happen. I’m such a slut!” Emma wondered.

Jimmy redoubled his efforts: fucking her ass brutally. “You like it this way, whore? Am I ass fucking you hard enough?”

Emma didn’t respond.

“Stop Jimmy…stop! She’s fainted. We want her to have the whole experience.” Dan said. “You there! Give her another face full of water.” Dan pointed to one of the waiting men.

“Splash!” A full bucket of cold water hit Emma in the face.

“Huh? Uh!” Emma spit. “What? Oh God my ass! It’s on fire. I love the feeling. Don’t stop sodomizing me. My ass is so full of cock. Fuck it! Yeh, fuck it!”

Jimmy resumed the royal ass fucking he was giving her. Her ass cheeks quivered with each deep stroke of his cock.

“Shit bitch! Your asshole is so tight. I’m gonna cum soon. Do you want my cum in your guts?”

“YES! Fill my ass with your man-goo.”

She didn’t have to wait any longer as a flood of his warm jizz shot deep in her ass!

“I can feel your cum shooting in my ass. It feels wonderful! Cum in me baby.”

“Fuck yes, whore. Take all my cum!” Jimmy demanded as it flooded into her. “Take it! Aahhh! Aahhh!”

Finally he stopped cumming.

“Shit that was good!” Jimmy said. “You’ve got a great ass, bitch!”

Emma’s ass gaped as her sphincter slowly closed.

“Come around here, Jimmy. My slave is going to clean up your cock with her mouth, aren’t you, whore?” Dan asked.

“Do I have to? I’ve never tasted my own ass before.” Emma asked.

“You’ll do whatever I say, cunt. Now suck his cock!”

Jimmy walked around to her face and rubbed his cock against her lips. She opened her mouth and it slid right in. He felt her tongue circling his cockhead.

“This bitch really seems to love it!” Jimmy said.

“I do love it! I’m such a slut. I’m doing ass-to-mouth and loving it!” Emma wondered.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt another cock press against her sore little asshole. “Oh yes! Another man is gonna sodomize me.”

Emma spent the next thirty minutes being ass fucked by two more men. While the third guy was fucking her ass, Dan pulled her head up by the hair, and with a vicious look on his face, he said, “Time to deep throat my cock, slave!”

“Please Master! Spit roast me. I want your cock in my mouth while this guy ass fucks me.”

“You love being gangbanged, don’t you? You enjoy being a slut.” Dan said.

“I…I’ve cum so many times I’ve lost count. It seems like I’ve been cumming forever! Please cum in my mouth Master!”

Suddenly, her mouth was full of her Master’s cock! Her eyes opened wide in surprise!

“Now suck, slave.”

Emma felt Dan’s 7-inch cock touch the top of her throat.

“Ghack! Gluumph!” Emma gagged on it.

“Swallow it, slut! I want my balls resting on your chin.”

Her gag reflex was choking her, but she pushed her head forward in spite of it. His cock entered her throat.

Her Master held her there. She couldn’t breathe and she began shaking her head.

“Aaaaaah!” His cock was out of her mouth and she breathed deeply: hyperventilating so she could hold her breath longer. “More Master!”

He buried his cock down her throat again and held it there. Her torso spasmed and he took it out again. It was just in time because she puked all over the floor! Her open mouth dripped a white goo.

He pulled her head up again and stuffed her mouth full of cock. “Suck it, slave!”

Her lips slid easily on the shaft of his cock. She used her tongue all over the head. “Ummm! Mmmmmm!”

Once again his cock invaded her eager throat. At last his balls slapped against her chin. She was deep throating him and it made her deliciously horny!

Meanwhile, her ass was being fucked hard and fast by the third guy. His cock wasn’t as large as the first two, but it still filled her up.

“God your ass is so tight. It’s going to be mine for the rest of the night. In the morning you won’t be able to walk.” He said as he roughly ass fucked her.

All that she knew was that she was being loved as never before! Her body was drenched in sweat from her exertions. She wanted it to never end.

Her throat was getting sore too, until with one last thrust, her Master shot his big load directly into her stomach. Spurt after spurt shot into her.

“Ooooeeooommmm!” she moaned as her orgasm burst in her brain. She could hear Dan groaning as he ejaculated.

“Ooohhh yes! Take all my cum! Shit yes slave. Your night has just begun!”

He pumped his cock out and in. Emma heard more men enter the room. She heard them jerking on their cocks!

“Everyone! Fuck her all night long! She’s yours!”

Emma got her wish. It didn’t end for several more hours. In the morning she was exhausted and a gigantic amount if semen filled each of her orifices.

When the Director finally yelled “Cut!” she fainted from pleasure again.

To Be Continued

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