Emma Watson Makes the Rounds Ch. 03 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

“When will you be visiting Blacked?” Jake asked.

“Later today. They said they’ve got just the thing for me.”

“How did you like the way Clyde and me fucked you last night?”

“It was great! I just couldn’t stop cumming!”

“Hurry back when you’re done today and tell me every detail!?

“Yes sir!” she agreed.

One hour later Emma arrived at a truly beautiful and new style mansion! She could only imagine how much it must have cost. She had brought some very sexy clothes with her so the director could choose what she would wear to start the festivities.

Emma had watched dozens of BLACKED videos and she knew she was going to have some huge black cocks inside her today. They had agreed that she would do two guys at the same time!

She was dolled up in her best makeup and knew she looked flawless: one of the most beautiful women in the world!

She was ushered inside by the Director’s personal assistant: a beautiful Caucasian girl in her late teens.

“Mark will be with you shortly.” she said.


“The Director!”

“Of course.”

Just a few seconds later a very handsome black man approached her with his hand out ready to shake.

“Emma Watson! I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time: ever since I saw The Bling Ring! My name is Mark and I’ll be directing you today.”

Taking the offered hand, she said “I’ve masturbated to any number of your videos! So, the pleasure will soon be all mine!”

“I see you brought some clothes with you. Did you bring a bikini?”

“I did! But it’s a new one: a string bikini to show off my ass.”

“Excellent because I wondered we would start the shoot with you out by the pool wearing a bikini.”

“Let’s do it! Are my two black lovers ready to go?”

“Ready? They’re bursting to fuck you! So put on your bikini and meet us at the pool.”

Fifteen minutes later, Emma showed up wearing a very small bikini. It was obvious that she had shaved her pussy for the video as the very top of her slit could be seen!

“Holy crap! Those two guys are enormous. The taller one has to be six foot eight inches tall and very muscular. The other guy is just a bit shorter and probably clocks in at 250 pounds. I’m going to enjoy this!” she thought to herself.

“Emma! I want you to meet Dre and Sammi.”

Dre was the big guy and her pussy was getting wet just looking at him.

“Hi guys! Are you ready for this? Just remember, I want to be used. Use me like you paid for it! Can you do that?” Emma asked.

“That’s the least of your worries baby. What you should be worried about is this!” Dre said as he pulled his cock from his pants.

Emma’s eyes bugged out! “Is that thing supposed to fit inside me?”

“Yes…along with this one.” Sammi said.

These were the two biggest dicks Emma had ever seen and her jaw dropped in awe. “Fuck me!”

“Oh, we will.” they said in unison.

“That’s why you came to us, isn’t it?” Mark asked.

“Yes…yes…oh God yes!”

“Let’s get to it then. Emma you’ll be laying on one of the reclining pool chairs talking on the phone. You’ll say it’s your husband who called from South Africa where he is on company. Then just do what comes naturally.” Mark said.

Emma laid down and brought the phone up to her ear.

“Dre and Sammi! You know what to do.”


“Yes Paul! I miss you so much. When will you be home? Next Saturday? Alright then. I love you! Bye.”

Emma gazed around the pool and saw Dre coming down the steps in his loose swim trunks. The trunks couldn’t hide the outline of his cock though.

Emma stood up and walked over to him and said, “You look lonely. Would you like some business?” Her perky tits bounced slightly as she approached him.

“I don’t know. What have you got in mind?”

In answer, Emma removed the top of her bikini and said, “I want you to suck on these titties to begin with.”

Taking her hand, Dre said “Come with me baby. We need some privacy.”

Emma walked with him, dropping her bikini top on the ground and pressing her right tit against his left arm.

In about two minutes they were in a huge room with a bed with no posts in the middle of the room. Emma didn’t fool around. She dropped to her knees and took his cock from his pants.

“Holy shit! That’s a big cock.”

“Do you like black cock?”

“I love big black cocks!” she admitted as she reached for it.

She grabbed it with both her tiny hands and pulled it to her face.

Looking up at him, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took two inches in her slutty British mouth.

“Mmmm! Mmm!” Her hands moved up and down his cock as if she were trying to make him cum in her mouth. The head only just fit.

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about bitch. Suck it!”

One of her hands moved down to his low hanging balls and massaged them: rolling them around.

His big hands took hold of her head and held it steady. His hips thrust forward and he jammed his cock further into her oral cavity. She gagged!

“Ghacck! Gluck!”

“That’s better now, isn’t it?”

“Uh huh! Ghack!”

“You know, you look just like that girl who played Hermione in the Harry Potter films.”

Momentarily pulling off his big dick she said, “That’s because I am that girl. I’m Emma Watson and you’re fucking Hermione’s mouth!”

He leaned down and spit in her face. “I had no idea Hermione was a black cock whore!”

“She is! She is a whore for black cock. Get on your knees on the bed and I’ll show you.”

Dre hopped up on the bed and got on his knees with his head down. Emma knelt next to him and pulled his cock backwards between his legs and started stroking it with one hand.

“Here’s how much I love black men!” Emma said and she bent over and jammed her face into his ass crack.

Dre felt her tongue darting into his asshole and licking his entire ass crack! “Oh, shit your tongue feels so good!”

Emma just continued taking his ass to flavor town! “I love hairy black ass! It tastes so good.” She grabbed his balls and forced them into a tight bag. Her tongue left his ass crack and she began sucking on his balls, all the while continuing to stroke his cock.

“Suck his balls bitch!” It was Sammi. He had followed them up to the bedroom and watched as Dre debased Emma.

“You really know how to show a man a good time!” he said.

“Mmmm! Mmmm!” she moaned as she continued sucking Dre’s black balls. Her eyes went to Sammi and she saw he was naked too. His raging hardon told her that she was about to be part of a threesome which was fine with her!

Sammi walked around behind her, ripped off her bikini bottom, squatted down and Emma felt a wet tongue licking the length of her cuntal slit. He was eating her out!

“Mmmm! Oh yes! Eat my pussy. Eat me!”

Emma face was no longer plastered to Dre balls. Her head arched up and back as Sammi’s tongue sent quivers of pleasure into her brain.

But she kept on jerking Dre’s huge hardon. She wanted both black dicks now.

“I want both of you inside me at the same time. I want to be able to tell my husband how I fucked two black guys at the same time!”

Dre stood up and looking right in her eyes, he said, “You want to be spit roasted then? Who do you want where?”

“I want you in my pussy and Sammi in my mouth. I want it so bad!”

“You here that Sammi? She wants you to fuck her face while I destroy her little pussy!”

Coming up for air, Sammi said, “I can live with that!”

They lifted Emma and spun her around so she was facing Sammi and her ass was pointing at Dre. As Dre started putting his cock in her cunt, sha gasped and said, “That’s a big cock! Go slow. Please go slow!”

Dre slowly pumped his dick in and out, going deeper in her with each new thrust. Finally, Emma felt his cock touch her cervix and she knew he couldn’t go any deeper.

“Yes! Fuck my wet pussy with that big black dick! Take what you want. Take it fucker!”

Holding her hips steady, Dre fucked her cunt without mercy. Her tits bounced back and forth as her body absorbed each shock of his hips hitting hers.

She was looking back at Dre when Sammi said, “Look at me bitch! It’s time for you to suck some black dick!”

She opened her mouth wide and he slipped four inches of black meat into her mouth. Emma immediately started using her tongue on it.

“Yes whore! Lick my cock and move those lips on it. Rumor has it that you’ve sucked off British royalty! Rumor also says you’re one of the best cock suckers alive today. Well, are you?”

Emma didn’t respond: she just kept on sucking.

“How did that tidbit of information leave the Palace? I wondered they were smarter than that. After all, I made three Royals cum in my mouth that night.” She thought.

Sammi was now fucking her face with gusto.

“Do you enjoy being spit roasted by two big black cocks? Will you tell your friends about it?” Sammi asked.

“Yes…gasp! I’m going to tell them all.” She said when he took his cock out and slapped her face with it.

“Yes asshole! Slap my face with that cock. Slap my chin and slap my nose. Slap my eyes too! I’ve been a naughty girl.”

She endured his abuse as Dre fucked her.

Emma’s eyes were closed when Sammi said, “Tell me you love it.”

“I do love it! I love the way you take charge of your women. I want to be one of them. I want to be forced to take your cock every night.”

With that, Sammi filled her mouth again and got into a rhythm with Dre’s pounding of her cunt.

Dre reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair and started pulling it as he fucked her.

“God yes! Pull my hair fucker. It feels so good! It hurts, but it also heightens my pleasure.”

He jerked Emma’s head around by the hair. Her eyes clenched shut while her hair was being yanked so hard.

With one hand she began jerking Sammi’s monster cock. It looked as if she wanted him to cum in her mouth, but she really wanted him to cum on her face!

“Tell me you’re my black cock slut!”

Pulling her face off his cock, she said, “I cannot say that.”

“Say it bitch or I’ll twist your nipple off!” His one hand had pinched her left nipple and was pulling on it.

“Okay! I’m your black cock slut!”

“That’s better bitch.” Sammi said as he pushed his cock back into her mouth.

The three of them fucked like this for a solid ten minutes, until…

“Ahh…ahh…take it bitch!”

Emma knew what he meant because at the same time she felt a flood of hot semen gush into the depths of her vagina!

“Please don’t make me pregnant! Creampie me! I’ll never forget to take my birth control pill again!” she thought.

At the same time Sammi pulled his cock from Emma’s mouth as his cock spurted a blast of cum into her face!

“Yes! I love your cum! Facialize me Sammi. Cover me pretty little face with it.”

A second blast of jizz shot straight into her open mouth and hit the top of her throat.

“Gahahk!” Emma gagged on his jizz. It was too much for her to take and she started cumming too. Her hand went down and rubbed her clit frantically!

While Sammi was emptying his balls into her face and Dre finished flooding her cunt, Emma’s orgasm contorted her face in ecstasy!

“Yes! I’m cumming too! God it’s so good. Your cum is making me climax. Ahhhh! Oh! Oh! Yes. I love your cocks. I just love big black cock!”

Her orgasm seemed to last for several minutes. Finally, with cum oozing from her cunt and dripping from her chin, she collapsed on the bed with her eyes rolled up in her head.

Dre and Sammi looked down on what they had done. Dre said, I think Hermione just got blacked!”

“I think she’ll be back for more soon.” Sammi answered.


“That was great guys! You really gave it to her.” said Mark.

Emma finally stirred and commented, “That was the best fuck of my life! When can I come back?”

Mark just smiled.

The End

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