Emma Watson Makes the Rounds Ch. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

“When can I see the video?”

“They’re sending me a copy tomorrow.”

“I can’t wait!”

One week went by.

“I called Monsters of Jizz today and they were happy to have me! I have an appointment for tomorrow. I can’t wait to be tutored in how to suck cock!”

“I can attest to the fact that you already know how to do that! All my friends are jealous that Emma Watson sucks me off on a regular basis.” Jake said.

“But their videos almost always have an older woman telling the girl what to do as if she’s an oral virgin and I think I’ll really enjoy that.”

“Well, last week’s video was the horniest thing I’ve ever seen! By the way, when is Clyde coming over?”

“He’ll be here in two days and then you two can spitroast me!”

“The sooner you get all this out of your system, the better. I want you to be happy, but I’ve been feeling a bit neglected recently.”

“Poor boy!” Emma said with a pout. “I’ll make it up to you.”

The next day, Emma arrived at the address she was given and it turned out to be a very swank private home.

“Ding dong!” she rang the bell.

A nicely dressed good looking older guy answered the door.

“Welcome! Please come in Emma! We we’re just setting everything up in the living room.” He said. “My name’s Paul and we are very glad you decided to make a video with us.”

“Hello Paul.” Emma said as she stuck out her hand. They shook and he led her into the other room where his wife Sandy was waiting.

Sandy had been a real looker in her earlier days but she is best described now as a cougar.

“Hello Emma. You’ve seen some of our Monsters of Jizz videos then?”

“I have and they made me really horny. I just had to experience it for myself.”

“Then you know the formulas we use. Which one would you like to perform in?”

“I want to be made to suck my Daddy’s cock and get a huge facial!” Emma said meekly.

“I think we can manage that. Paul’s been saving up a big load for you, haven’t you dear?”

“It’s been tough going because thinking of you sucking my cock has not only filled my prostate, but made me fit to burst.” he admitted.

“Excellent! That’s just what a girl wants to hear: she’s desirable.”

“We do all the filming ourselves, so it will be just the three of us here today. Shall we get started then? We’ll start when you walk in the room and see me sitting on the couch. Then just act like you’ve never sucked cock before and follow our directions. When Paul starts jerking his cock and pointing it toward you, you’ll get the biggest facial you’ll ever experience.”

“Okay. I’m ready.” Emma walked to the entrance to the room and turned to face her. She was wearing shorts and a halter top.

“Action!” Sandy yelled.

Emma walked slowly into the room where Sandy was sitting.

“Come sit next to your Mommy!”

“Is Daddy home too?” Emma asked.

“Yes. But I wanted to talk to you first.”

“What about?”

“You know what all men want, don’t you?”

“They all want to fuck me!” Emma said with a blush.

“Yes they do. But they want something else even more. Do you know what a blowjob is?”

“I’ve heard the word before. I think it’s when you blow onto a guy’s erect penis.”

“No! And never call his member a penis again. Call it a cock or a dick. That’s what real women call it. No…a blowjob is where you take his cock in your mouth and suck until he cums.”

“But, I could never do that. It’s so…dirty!”

“You’ll come to enjoy it almost as much as he does after you’ve done it a few times, and today you’re gonna learn how to give a proper blowjob.”

“You mean with a real…cock?”

“Yes. And here comes your Daddy. You’ll be practicing on him!”

“I could never! He’s my Daddy!” she said.

“Don’t argue with me. I’ve seen how you look at him and I know you find him sexy, don’t you?”

“Maybe, but to do anything with him would be incest!!”

“It’s only incest if you fuck him, didn’t you know that?”

“You really think so?”

“Sure. Your Daddy knows that too and he has agreed to let you suck his cock today.”

“Hello baby! Has your mother been telling you about blowjobs?” he asked.

“Y…yes. She says I have to suck your cock today.”

“There’s a first time for everything pumpkin.”

“Take off your pants Paul and move closer.”

Paul’s pants hit the floor and he kicked them off. His underwear was tented from his hard cock.

“Daddy! Your cock must be so big!” Emma said.

“Pull off his underwear.”

Emma reached out and pulled his underpants off. His cock sprang free and slapped her in the chin.

“Oh! It is big.”

“Take it in your hand and stroke it.”

“Okay. Then what?” Emma asked.

“Now open your mouth and he’ll shove his cock in.”

Emma’s eyes opened wide as her father’s cock entered her mouth.

“Make sure you don’t let your teeth touch it. Use your tongue on it and close your lips around it. That’s the way Emma!”

“Now you’re sucking my cock baby! How does it make you feel to know you’re gonna make me cum with your mouth?”

Momentarily taking it from her mouth she said, “I feel happy and dirty at the same time! I just hope my girlfriends never find out that I sucked cock!”

“You’re kidding me right? Your best friend sucked me off just yesterday and I filled her little belly with my jizz!”

“You’re what?”

“My jizz…my cum.”

“Are you gonna do the same to me Daddy?”

“No pumpkin. Today you’ll take my cum on your pretty little face! That’s called taking a facial.”

“Enough talk! Suck!” Sandy demanded.

She pushed Emma face back down on Paul’s cock and holding onto her head, she moved Emma’s head up and down and side to side with his cock buried in her mouth.

Fuck my mouth Daddy!” Emma wondered to herself.

“Fuck her mouth Paul. Fuck your slutty daughter’s mouth. She needs the practice.”

“Is this good Emma? Are you enjoying your first blowjob?” he asked.

“Um hmmm!” she answered as his cock slurped in and out of her mouth.

Emma’s gorgeous face was contorted in pleasure as she took a stranger’s cock. She had never had a complete stranger in her mouth before and it was making her pussy sooo wet!

Emma reached down and pushed one hand hard against her crotch and began rubbing herself.

Emma fest Sandy’s hand wander up inside her shorts until she touched ger cunt. Emma stopped rubbing herself and surrendered to Sandy’s finger banging!

Emma was pushing her face back and forth on Paul’s cock. She wanted all his cum!

“I don’t think I can hold back much longer! Are you ready for your monster facial?”

Emma pulled his cock out and said, “God yes Daddy. Facialize me now! Give me all your jizz.”

Paul took his cock in hand and jerked on it, pointing it at her face. Sandy held Emma’s head so she couldn’t duck away at the last second.

With a long-drawn-out groan, Paul prostate contracted and his first blast of cum flew in a thick white rope and hit Emma squarely in the face.

“Oh! Oh!” was all she could say as blast after blast covered her pretty little face with his semen.

“Take it all Emma. Take all your Daddy’s cum. Open your mouth.”

Emma opened her mouth and was rewarded with another thick shot of cum that hit the top of her throat and made her gag!”

“Gahack! Oh God yes! Your cum is sweet.”

By this time his cum was in her hair and on her neck. Her face was soaked with it.

“There’s so much!” she squealed. She felt her clit explode with her own orgasm. “Fuck yes! I’m coming too Daddy! I cannot stop cumming!”

In the end she got her wish. She had been covered with warm jizz!

With her orgasm over, she sat up and smiled when Sandy stopped fingering her..

“Cut!” Sandy yelled.

“How was it Emma? Did you get what you came for?”

“I did! Will you send me a copy of the finished video?”

“Certainly, and we would love to have you back anytime.”

To Be Continued

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