Emma Watson Loses It – Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Free Sex Story

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“No! Please! I don’t want to! I’ve never even allowed a boy to touch my tits! Please don’t force me to take his thing in my mouth!” Emma begged. Of course, she wanted exactly that! She was tired of being a cock tease and wanted the real cock.

“You must learn how the world really works now that you’re 18, especially if you want to be an actress!” Emma’s agent said. “Now suck his cock! And make him cum in your mouth! Swallow it, too!”

“Do I really have to? Why now?” Emma sobbed.

“This is my boss and he’s been watching you grow into a beautiful young woman. And you, sweet cheeks, will swallow all his cum! Get busy!” he said.

Emma stared, wide-eyed, as the huge black man’s cock came closer and closer to her face! She looked up into his eyes. He had an evil grin on his black skinned face. She was glad she could inspire such lust!

“Shit! I’m about to become a cocksucker. Not just that! I’m going to suck a black man’s cock! It big too. Will it even fit in my mouth?” she thought to herself.

“Jake! I’m begging you! Please don’t force me to do this. I’m saving myself for my husband. Please?”

“You don’t think I believe you, do you? I know you want it, so quit pretending.” He grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it open, exposing her white bra. “Take that bra off. You won’t be needing it for the rest of the night.” He squeezed her tits through the conservative bra.

“Stop! You’re hurting me.”

“Take off your shirt and bra for Jeff.”

“Your boss’s name is Jeff?”

“Stop talking and start stripping. He’s going to do more things to you that just Cumming in your sassy little mouth.”

“No! You can’t make me!”

“Jeff! Hold her arms behind her back.”

Emma found herself restrained by Jeff as her agent ripped off her shirt and cut off her bra, freeing her teen tits for all to see!

“Nice tits little girl!” Jeff said. Releasing her, he bent down and cupped her firm teen titties. “I’ll bet these things taste just wonderful.”

“Don’t touch me you pig!”

Smack! Slap!

Jeff had slapped both of her cheeks which slowly turned pink.

“Alright, then we’ll get right down to it! On your knees, slut! Take my cock in your hand and stroke it. Do it or face the consequences!”

Not wanting to be slapped anymore, Emma took Jeff’s big black cock in her right hand. Her fingers didn’t reach all the way round it. “Jesus! I’m touching a cock! It’s so hard and warm. I Love it!” she thought.

Her hand slowly moved up and down on it; her eyes glued to the sight. She licked her lips and forgot all about her tits being exposed.

“That’s nice Emma. Jerk on my cock. Get a big load in my balls before you blow me. You’ll never forget this night. You are more beautiful now than you will ever be again. A girl’s first cock will do that to her.”

“Do you like it? Am I doing it right? Am I acting like a slut? Do you want more than just my hand and mouth tonight?”

“Baby! You are well on your way to being a slut and you’re doing just fine. Do you want me to fuck you in your Pussy? In your little asshole?”

“I don’t know! I’m very excited just doing what I’m doing. Will being fucked by you hurt? Your thing is really big!”

“My cock will fit nicely in your Pussy and Ass, but you can’t undo it. You’ll never be a virgin again!”

“I….I want you to do it to me tonight. Can you do it? Please?”

“Ask me again later: after you’ve got a belly full of my cum! Now squeeze my cock and move your hand faster!”

Emma began moving her hand faster up and down his now rock-hard cock. She was amazed at how the skin stretched and sometimes moved with her hand. She was fixated on the head of his cock. It was spongy and turning purple as she watched. His balls swung in time with her tiny hand. She saw a drop of clear liquid issue from the tip. She ran her thumb across it and discovered is was very slippery. It was pre-cum.

“Now Emma! Open your mouth wide and take my cock inside it. Suck my cock, whore!” He had a sneer on his face as he said it.

Emma happily obeyed. She pushed her face down on his member and made sure her teeth didn’t touch him. She closed her eyes and closed her pretty pink lips on it. “Fuck! I’m a cocksucker. He’s fucking my mouth. I feel so dirty doing it, but I want to please him. What would my girlfriends say if they could see me now: a big black cock buried in my mouth with my hand stroking it?” she thought to herself.

Jeff’s cock was see-sawing in and out of her warm wet mouth. A trickle of saliva escaped the corners of her mouth. “God I Love it! I Love having my mouth fucked. How long will it take before he cums? What will it taste like?” she thought.

“Ghack! Ghackk! Glug!” she retched as his cock bounced against the top of her throat.

“Shit! Is he going to force his cock down my throat? I want it, but I need to protest so he doesn’t think I’m easy!” she thought to herself.

Emma pulled her head back from his cock and said, “What are you doing? I don’t want your cock in my throat. I’m not that easy.”

“You are exactly that easy. Admit it. Tell me you want to deep throat me!” Jeff demanded.

“No I don’t, and you can’t make me say it.”

Reaching down, her grabbed her left nipple and twisted!

“Eiieeeeeeek! That hurts, you bastard.”

He continued pinching and twisting. “Now tell me you want my cock in your throat!”

“No please! Please?”

“Say it!”

“I….want your cock in my throat. I want it now!”

“That’s better. Now come over here to the bed and lay on your back with your head hanging down over the edge.”


“That will create a straight path from your lips down into your throat. You’ll appreciate it soon enough.”

Emma assumed the position. Her hair hung down almost to the floor.

“Take deep breaths right now to oxygenate your blood and you’ll be able to accommodate me for a longer period of time. I’ll take my cock out of your mouth every so often so you can breathe again. If you run out of breath at any time, just slap the bed with your left hand and I’ll pull out for you. Understand?”

“Yes…I think so.”

“Start your deep breathing now. Take ten breaths, deep and fast. Do it now!” Jeff ordered.

Emma did as commanded, all the while wondering how it was going to feel to have his cock slide into her throat! She was soon dizzy from hyperventilating.

“Now hold it and open your mouth wide!”

Emma did so! She saw his cock and pendent balls approaching her face. His cock entered her mouth and his balls were very close!

“Mmmmph! Gloaak!” his cock entered her throat. It barely fit and then his loins pressed against her nose: he was buried balls deep in her throat! Emma had closed her eyes as his balls came to rest on her closed eyelids.

“Fuck this is making me Horny. I’m deep throating his cock and it’s so exciting. Shit, he’s fucking my throat. His cock is going in and out! His balls are rolling about on my eyelids!”

They remained like this for almost two minutes until she needed to breathe again. She slapped the bed. His cock withdrew from her mouth. She gasped for breath!

“Shit Jeff! I liked that. Let’s do it some more. Fuck my throat!”

“Ok Emma. But this time when I get all the way in, I want you to hum a tune. That’s called ‘giving a hummer’ and it’s likened to a woman using a vibrator on herself. A few trips down your throat while you hum ought to get me off and I intend to shoot my jizz directly into your stomach!”

“Wow! But I so much wanted a facial. Could you shoot just once into my throat and then pull out and cover my pretty little face with your cum? Please?” she begged.

“We’ll see! Now open up and remember to hum as I go in and out.”

Emma opened her mouth wide and soon felt his cock slide over her tongue and bury in her throat.

“Hmmmmmmmmm! Hhhuummm! Hummmmmmmmmmmm!” she hummed.

He was fucking her throat at the same time. His low-hanging balls bounced against her closed eyes with each stroke he took. Emma reached for his Ass and pushed one finger in his asshole and massaged his prostate.

“Fuck Emma! That feels good. Where did you learn to do that? And your humming is fabulous. At this rate, you’ll make me cum soon.”

“Hummmmmmmm! Hmmmmmm! HHUUUMMMMMMMMM!” Emma hummed her favorite tune.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop humming! Keep going! Here it comes, slut!”

Suddenly she felt a new warmth inside her throat. “Fuck! He shot jizz into my throat!” she thought.

His cock was no longer inside her! She quickly got on her knees on the floor and saw him holding his cock and squeezing. She looked up at his face and she saw his grimace of lust. Then she felt a splash on her left cheek and she jerked her head back, He had shot some cum into her face with such force it splashed a good three feet off her cheek.

“Take it all Emma! Take it! Take it”

Each “Take it!” was accompanied with a blast of jizz on her face. He was jerking his cock frantically and he seemed to just cum and cum and cum! She opened her mouth and the next blast disappeared in it.

Emma’s face was covered in his jizz and she loved it! “God I feel like such a slut! I never dreamed I would get such pleasure from being so completely humiliated.”

“Fuck me Jeff! Please fuck me!” Emma begged.

Jeff was just squeezing the last few drops of cum from his cock. “I can’t right now. Give my balls a rest and I’ll take your virginity then. I’m not a jizz machine you can put a coin in and get what you want.”

“Fuck! I’m so Horny. I suppose you’re right though.”

“We’ll get back to it in about an hour.” Jeff said.


The End

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