Emma Watson Gets Married Pt. 02 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

“I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride.”

Emma looked up into Ty’s eyes as he raised the veil from her face and kissed her. Their tongues met and circled each other. They were married! Of course the marriage still needed to be consummated but that would happen later tonight. For now, she was ecstatic!

Later at the reception they cut the cake and she threw the bouquet! They smeared cake in each other’s face and danced for all to see.

At last they were alone!

“Come on Ty! Let’s fuck!” she suggested.

“Do you truly love me? Will you obey your husband in all things?” he asked.

“Of course, silly! I’m all yours.” She answered.

“Put your pretty white wedding dress back on then.”

“Oh jeez! This is making me so horny! He wants to fuck me in my wedding dress. Why didn’t I think of that!” she wondered to herself. She quickly doffed her clothes and put the wedding gown back on: sans panties of course.

She stood in front of him with a big smile on her face.

“Emma! Get on your knees.” He said.

She dropped to her knees immediately.

Ty walked to the door and opened it. Two large black men entered the room.

“Emma! You’re going to be breeded by my friends! You will do anything they demand of you! You will suck their cocks. You will beg them to ass-fuck you! You will beg them to cum in your pussy. Do you understand?” Ty instructed her.

Emma’s eyes teared up. “But darling! I want only you!”

“Shutup and start sucking!” Ty yelled.

She knew she had no choice and that realization made her even hornier for the two black men. She wanted them, but believed that acting demure would please Ty, and she had promised to obey him in all things.

The smaller black guy (Jake) stood in front of Emma and dropped his trousers. His underwear was tented into a very big bulge.

“Wow! You must have a really big cock!” she said.

“Take it out and find out just how big it is, whore!” Ty said.

Emma pulled his underwear down to his knees and a hard black cock flipped up and slapped her chin!

“Suck my cock Mrs. Johnson!”

It was the first time she had been called by her married name and she liked it.

“Yes! I’m gonna suck your cock like I’m mad at it!”

Grabbing the shaft with her right hand she jerked it a few times with her mouth open and then began licking all around the purplish head.

“Oh yeh! Yeh! Fuck yeh. But it’s not a popsicle! Suck!” Jake demanded, as he held her by the back of her head and pulled her forward until three inches of cock was in her sweet wet mouth.

Emma took a suction on it and Ty saw her cheeks depress.

She slowly moved her mouth up and down his thick cock. “God! I’m sucking a strange black man’s cock for Ty! It tastes good too. I hope the other guy gets in on the action soon.” She wondered.

She felt two hands pressing against her fabric covered tits and knew he was interested.

“I love your little titties, Emma. I saw the photos of you at Ibiza and that’s when I suggested to Ty that he let us breed you on your wedding night! I’m gonna suck on those fun bags tonight and you’ll enjoy it. I know I will!” he said.

Emma heard him but was engrossed in sucking cock. She prided herself at being a great cock sucker and she was willing to impress her two bulls.

Emma face bobbed up and down…up and down.

“Tell him how much you love sucking his cock! Tell him you want to be his cum dumpster!” Ty ordered.

Emma shook her head and just kept on sucking.

“When they’re done with you tonight you’ll be just a little cum receptacle. Call him your master! Tell him how much you love eating cum! Tell him!” Ty demanded.

Once again she shook her head no, but then Ty grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back. Jake’s cock popped from her mouth.

“Smack!” Ty slapped her face: hard.

“Do it! Tell him!”

“I…I love sucking your cock. I want to be your cum dumpster. You’re my Master and I love eating cum!” she said in a low voice. “I want your cum all over me! Please sodomize me: ass-fuck me now!”

“That better whore!” Ty said..

Jake picked her up and turned her over on her hands and knees, pulling her dress up. She ended up staring at the second black guy’s (Rich) flaccid cock!

“Do what comes natural Mrs. Johnson.” Rich said.

Without using her hands, Emma sucked the soft cock into her mouth. She sucked the head in and out in rapid succession. She felt it start to harden.

She felt something else too! Jake’s cock was poised at her asshole: ready to ass-fuck her. She pushed back on it and he took the hint. First one hard inch pushed in. Then he dragged it out. On the second push she felt her sphincter dilate to accept his thick cock. He buried it to the hilt: his balls slapping against her hard clit!

“Fuck her ass! Make her scream!” Ty said.

She couldn’t scream because she was being spit roasted. Rich’s cock was rock hard now and pistoning in and out of her mouth. Dribbles of saliva formed at the corners of her mouth.

“Uhh! Uhh! Yeaph!” she uttered.

“Fuck my wife silly! Make her your cum bag! Bounce your balls off her clit and chin. No mercy. She loves it!”

“Yes! I love it! I’ve always wanted to be fucked in the ass and mouth at the same time! I’m such a slut for Ty!” she wondered. “I want to do whatever he says. He’s my husband now and a good wife always obeys her husband!”

Emma reached up with one hand and squeezed her tits hard: pulling on the nipples.

“Fuck her! Fuck my fuck pig wife! She’ll be ready for you whenever you want her: tomorrow, next week, in the grocery store or wherever! Won’t you whore?”

Taking the cock from her mouth she said, “Yes! Oh shit yes! You are making me so horny! I’m a black cock whore for life! If Ty wants me to fuck you, I will. And if he’s against it, I’ll still fuck you both! Glouck!” Rich had just shoved his cock back into her wet mouth.

Jake’s every thrust into her ass shook her whole body and forced Rich’s cock further into her mouth. One particularly hard thrust pushed Rich’s cock into her throat!

“God yes! I’m deep throating Rich! I hope he cums straight into my stomach.” She wondered.

She was being spit roasted on her wedding night by two strangers. With her eyes closed her whole world was the two cocks fucking her! She wondered back to how much her ass hurt the first time she did anal and was grateful for how good it felt now. “Fuck my slimy asshole! God it feels so good!” she wondered.

Suddenly Jake yanked on her hair: pulling her head back. Rich took benefit of it as Emma’s throat and mouth lined up in one long tube. He started fucking her throat hard and fast: his balls slapping against her chin!

“Oh God yes! Faster! Harder! I’m gonna cum!” she wondered. Then her orgasm washed over her brain and she moaned!

“Uuuuummmmmmmm! Ummm! Uuuuuuuuummm! Ummm!”

“I think she’s cumming boys! My wife really is enjoying your cocks!”

Emma felt a new warmth in her throat! Rich was shooting his load! And her guts were being flooded by Jake’s seed at the same time. Her orgasm intensified knowing she could make these two studs cum inside her.

“I love being their cum storage cunt! Their cum is so warm and slick. Breed me fuckers! Breed me!” she wondered.

At last they finished dumping their loads in her and withdrew their cocks. Emma collapsed.

“Get over here cunt!” ordered Ty. “Take off that dress. The wedding’s over. It’s time for me to fuck you!”

Emma quickly stepped out of her stained wedding dress.

“I’m so tired though. Can’t I rest for a few minutes?”

“You’ll rest when you’ve been properly breeded by the three of us. And when you’re pregnant, you’ll just have to wonder who the father is. Does that excite you, whore?” Ty asked.

“Yes! I want Rich to suck the milk out of my tits! That’s what my tits are for.”

“Yes, slut! Your tits are there for our pleasure! Suck her tits Rich. She’ll soon appreciate being our little hucow!” Ty said.

Rich spun her around, grabbed her ass and pulled her tits to his mouth. First he licked each nipple.

“Shit Rich! Your tongue feels so good. Suck on your little British human cow. Make my milk flow!” Emma demanded.

“And I thought you were a cock tease! You’re the horniest little slut I’ve ever met!” Jake said as he watched Rich suck at Emma’s tits.

Rich sucked her slightly larger right tit almost completely into his mouth, twirling his tongue around her nipple.

“Fuck that’s making he horny! Keep doing it. Jake! Come over here and suck on my other tit. It’s lonely.” Emma said.

In an instant Jake was sucking on her left tit. It made a nice mouthful!

“Fuck yes. Suck me! Lick my nipples. It feels wonderful.”

“Keep on sucking on her titties! I’m gonna fuck my wife for the first time!”

Ty planted his cock at the entrance to Emma’s pussy. She looked down at it while he slowly pushed into her. When it was balls deep, she threw her head back and said, “Fuck me husband! Fuck your slut wife’s pussy. Breed me! I want all your cum inside me. When you’re done, I want Jake and Rich to breed me. I want you guys to make me pregnant.”

Ty pumped his cock in and out, going faster with each stroke.

“My clit is being ruined! Bruise my cervix Big Man! Flood me with your jizz!” she said as pleasure coursed through her brain.

It didn’t take long and Ty was cumming inside her sopping wet cunt!

“Oh yeah baby! How does that feel? How does by jizz feel splashing against your cervix?”

“I’m cumming again! I’m ccc…c…cuuuummmmmiing! Ah! Ah! Ah! AH!” she yelled.

“Take all my jizz, slut!”

Jake stopped sucking her tit and Emma saw that he was hard again. “You’re next Jake! Fuck me good. Make me a whore for your pleasure. I want you to impregnate me!”

Jake stood up and pushed Ty out of the way. “Now you’re gonna feel a real cock inside your pussy!”

“Please fuck me good! I’m your little British fuck pig!”

Her cunt was savagely entered by Jake’s hard cock! He sawed in and out in a frenzy of fucking!

“That’s the way! Jam it in me. Pound my pussy! I’m so horny for you!”

He was fucking her so hard that Rich couldn’t keep her tit in his mouth, so he began rooting for Jake to take her hard!

“Fuck her Jake! Stretch out her pussy! Make her cum! Dump your load in her.” Rich said.

Emma’s firm tits jiggled madly with each stroke. Her hair shook. Her whole body quivered.

“Fuck me! Fuuucckk my c…cc..cunt!”

“That’s all you are wife! Your just a cunt to be used. Say it!”

“I’m just a cunt to be used! I’m a pig cunt! I love it! I want to be a pig cunt for the rest of my life!”

“Fuck her pig cunt Jake! Give her your hot seed.”

Jake fucked her non-stop for the next ten minutes. At the end of that time, Emma had passed out from the pleasure, but her body continued to respond to her ravishment. Her chest was flushing red and she was sweating heavily.

“I’m gonna drop my load in her cunt! Here it comes. Fuck yes! I’m filling her pussy with my jizz!”

When the first spurt of jizz shot into her cunt, she came to. Feeling it she said, “I can feel it filling up my cunt! Yes baby, cum inside me. I want you!”

Jake shot 7 spurts of jizz into her! She felt like a complete slut: a cum pig for Jake’s jizz. She felt him pull out and her pussy gaped and a trickle of cum ran down the crack of her ass.

“Step aside, Jake. It’s my turn.” Said Rich. “We saved the best for the last, you pig!”

When she felt him enter her slippery cunt, she felt as if he was right. His cock stretched her pussy even further than Ty or Jake. It was massive!

“Now you’re feeling a man’s cock, aren’t you cunt?”

“Y…yes! You’re so big! Fuck my slimy cunt! Make me cum!” she ordered.

“Uh…uh…uh…UH!” she moaned as he bounced off her cervix.

“It hurts! Your bruising my lady parts. Go easy, please!” she begged.

He ignored her pleas and just kept fucking her as hard and deep as he could. He enjoyed the look of pain and pleasure on her gorgeous face. He liked it when her hands caressed his biceps: squeezing the muscles.

“You’re…so…strong! Pick me up and fuck me!” she said.

He grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her into a sitting position with his cock still inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and threw her arms around his neck!

She bounced up and down on his steel hard cock. Her tits were mashed against his chest and her nipples rubbed on his chest muscles, increasing her pleasure to an unbearable level!

“God! You’re gonna make me cum again! Yes! Here I cum! Aaaahh…ugh…ahh…yes! I’m cumming. Don’t stop fucking me! I need you jizz inside me. You’re such a stud.”

That was all he needed to hear and he ejaculated inside her pussy!

“Oh baby! You’re so sexy! I want to fuck you every night! Come over to my apartment and be my personal fuck pig! I must have you! Take all my cum, whore! Take it.”

When he finished, her orgasm subsided and he threw her sweaty cum-filled body on the couch.

“Thank you so much Ty! This has been the best night of my life! I’ve become a fuck pig for black cock and I’m so happy!”

“You’ll service all my friends on a regular basis, wife! And I think we’ll join a swingers club. Would you like that? Can you imaging the looks on the faces of the ordinary guys when you enter the room with me?” Ty said.

“Let’s do it! I want to fuck all day and all night for the rest of my life. I’ll go on the pill and we’ll be safe!”


The End

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