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I was so tired that I flopped into a nearby chair. I lost track of how many more times she came with his dick in her ass! I went to the kitchen for a drink and a bite to eat.

When I finally went back in the bedroom, they were still at it!

“To hell with it! I’m going to bed in the other room.”

When I woke in the morning they had just finished. I never wondered anyone could fuck all night, but they did.

Emma’s second anniversary was fast approaching. Little Sophia had been born and was the cutest little girl!

Emma had taken just one part in a movie: an R rated movie where she had shown her tits for the first time on screen. It caused a bit of an uproar as many still wondered of her as Hermione.

One day Russ showed up at her door.

“Hi Emma! You’re looking good.”

“Thanx Russ. You’re your usual buff self too.”

“Emma! I need your help. I’m up for a good part in a movie, but I have to bring along a girl friend of mine and you’re the logical choice.”

“Sure. Whatever you need.”

“Before you say yes, you should know you’ll have to do a sex scene in it.”

“I’ve done that before. Who’s producing it?”

“Some guy named Harvey. I don’t remember his last name, but he’s very well known in the industry.”

“When will we be filming?”

“They want to start next week, but you’ll have to get the producer’s OK. So you’ll need to see him in person.”

“Give me his number and I’ll call him.”

Russ handed her a number on a small piece of paper.

“Thanx so much! This film is very important to me and you’re a life saver!”

“It should be fun!” Emma said.

“Well…I gotta get going. Lots to buy!”

Emma’s audition was scheduled for the very next day.

She dressed in a pants suit with a see through blouse under the jacket. It was perfect and said she was all company and ready to do a sex scene for the film.

She arrived at Harvey’s office ten minutes early only to discover that he wasn’t there.

“What the heck?” she exclaimed.

“I’m so sorry Miss but he had to go out, but said he would have dinner with you at eight at the Ritz.” Harvey’s secretary said.

“Alright…I’ll be there.”

She went home and changed clothes. She had to wear something elegant and sexy. The Ritz was, well, Ritzy!

She chose a full-length dress that hugged her curves. Her breasts had grown for the baby and were now C cups. She knew she looked even prettier than before she had Sophia. Men preferred big tits.

She made it to the Maître De a few minutes before eight.

“Yes Miss?”

“We have a reservation for eight o’clock. It’s with Harvey..?”

“Ah yes. He arrived a couple minutes ago and described you to me.”

“He did? May I ask how you knew I was the correct woman?”

“He said, excuse me Miss, his words, ‘She’s drop dead gorgeous and you’ll know it’s her if your dick gets hard!'”

Emma smiled. “I like Harvey already!” she wondered.

He led her into the dining room and straight to a table where an older gentleman sat. He stood as she approached.

“Emma! So nice of you to come! I hope I didn’t inconvenience you?” Harvey said.

“Nice to meet you.” Emma said with a smile. She sat in the seat directly across from him.

“How much did Russ tell you about the movie and your part in it?”

“All he said was it would be rated R and I would have a love scene in it.”

“All correct. Shall we talk about it as we eat?”

They made small talk over their delicious meal which included a bottle of excellent Bordeaux. He described in more detail the story of the film. She would be one of three ladies and Russ would be the leading man’s best friend.

“It’s getting late and the weather has turned bad. I have a very large suite for the night and you could stay with me. You would have a room to yourself and no funny business.”

“That’s very gracious of you and I accept the offer.”

When they left the table he guided her to the elevators with his arm around her waist. “He’s so nice. I hope he makes a pass at me.”

When they got in the elevator his hand slipped down to her ample ass and a tingle went through her body. “I think he wants to fuck me!”

They got off on the seventh floor and walked to room 705.

When they were inside, he asked, “Would you like a nightcap?”

She knew that question really meant “Do you wanna fuck?”

She wondered for a second before saying, “I’m sorry. I’m very tired. I think bed is my destination.”

“Very well then.” He showed her to her room and left her.

“God that was hard! Even though he’s ugly and all but I’m married!”

Her clothes were half off when she heard the door open.

“Ah! Emma Watson! Have you changed your mind? Would you like to suck my cock?”

She gasped! “You’re naked! And what do you think you’re gonna do with that thing?” She glanced at his erection. It was massive!

“Nothing you don’t ask me to do. Now do you think you could lower yourself to having sex to me?”

She felt a tingle in her pussy and swallowed hard. “No one could ever know! Especially my husband.”

“Deal! Now finish taking off your clothes for me. I just love your tits.”

She slowly undressed teasing him along the way. “Do you like my ass Harvey? Do you wanna fuck it?”

“I’ve never seen a finer ass and yes, you’ll have my cock in your ass tonight.”

A thrill shot up from her clit to her brain! She loved taking it in the ass.

With her dress pooled at her feet, her high heels were the only things she wore. She bent over to remove them and he said, “Leave them on. You’re even sexier with them on.”

“What’s next Harvey?”

“Lay down on the bed. No…on your back.”

Emma was getting more excited with each command he gave her. She was a born submissive!

“That’s it slut!” he said as he pulled her so her head hung back off the edge of the bed.

“What the fuck is he doing?” she wondered.

Harvey’s cock was right in front of her and she saw the veins close up!

“Open your mouth wide. Wider!”

Emma opened her mouth as wide as she could and he slid his cock in!

“Now take it slut!” he said as he fucked her face.

“Mmmph! Gluck gluck!” she went as his balls slapped against her closed eyes.

“Oh yeh! Your mouth is sweet. Use your tongue!”

His cock filled her mouth completely. “God I love being face fucked! It makes me feel helpless and slutty. Keep going baby!” she wondered.

His cock slid in and out relentlessly. He was playing with her tits at the same time. He mashed them. He twisted her nipples!

“I can feel your throat bitch. How does my geezer cock taste?”

“I can’t believe such an ugly geezer is face fucking me. Why am I allowing it?” she wondered.

“Your mouth! God yes, it’s perfect. Your tongue caresses me as I pass by it. I should have had you in one of my films long ago!”

“Wait! Is this the perv that has been in so much trouble with the law? Fuck it! I don’t care. He’s gonna do me good.”

He fucked her mouth with a perfect rhythm. His balls bounced on her eyes. Her nose met the root of his cock. They did this for several minutes before he said, “It’s time to feel my fat cock in your ass!”

He pulled out and she turned her head and puked on the carpet.

“Now? Don’t you want my pussy first?”

“All I want is your famous ass! Get on your hands and knees.”

Emma assumed the position, shaking her ass in his direction.

She felt a finger probe her rearend. It slid in like a swizzle stick.

“Finger bang my butt, Harvey! Rev me up for a good ass fucking!”

That was exactly what he was doing. And soon she felt a second finger join the first. She loved the feeling.

It felt strange when his fingers left her asshole. But she recognized it when what felt like a baseball bat pushed against her.


“Yes! You’ve never felt such a big cock, have you?”

“Never in my ass!” she admitted.

She relaxed her sphincter and his cock slid slowly into her bowels.

“Oh Jesus!”

“Relax and take every inch. You’ve worked me up using your mouth and now you’re gonna reap the rewards!”

“Please fuck my ass! I need you. I have to have you!”

“Who would have guessed that I would be fucking Hermione Granger’s ass?” he wondered.

Harvey watched as she wriggled her ass on his big dick. His long thick cock filled her up with each movement. Her sphincter flexed in and out as he fucked her!

“Spank me! Bruise my ass cheeks. Do it just like my Daddy used to do!”

“How could he have resisted? Were you naughty?”

“He…he caught me sucking a classmates cock when I was younger. He didn’t care that I was of age, he was jealous I think.”

“He wanted you…for…himself…?”

He made several strong thrusts into her as he spoke.

“Yes. He visited me in the middle of the night as soon as my mother fell asleep. He made me do things: naughty things!”

“Did he make you suck him off? Did you have to swallow his cum?”

“Yes.” She whispered.

“I’ll bet he never fucked you like this though!”

“Your cock is so big! And you’re only the third man to fuck my ass!” She shuddered as he filled her up.

“Yeah baby! Take all my dick! I think you’re perfect for the part in this film: beautiful, sexy, horny and submissive!”

“Please hurry up and cum! I need to feel you shooting it into me! It’ll make me cum too.”

“Brace yourself whore.”

He held her tight by her hips and fucked her ass faster and faster. Her whole body shook as he went balls deep in her. She felt her guts being rearranged. It was the best ass fucking she ever had!


Her enthusiasm inspired him! “You’re such a great ass whore! I think we can incorporate your skills into the movie. Would…you…like…that?”

“I’ll do anything for you, just make me cum!” Emma said as she reached back and rubbed her clit with abandon.

“Cum with me bitch! Cum NOW!”

Emma felt his sperm fill her ass! Shot after shot of it filled her.

“Cummminng! I’m cumming like never before! My ass loves your cock! I can’t stop cumming for you!”

Even after he finished cumming inside her, he fucked her ass several more times until she stopped screaming for it.

At last she was done. Her hand stopped diddling her cunt and she slacked down on her tits as it all ended.

“Ooooohhhh!” she groaned.

She felt his cock leave her body. It was over.

“Well Miss Watson…the filming starts next week, You can take home a copy of the script. You’ll have the part of Jean.”

“Okay.” she said softly as she slumped onto the bed.

Harvey returned to his bedroom leaving her shaking on her bed.

To be continued

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