Emily and I Ch. 02 – Fetish

I woke with my cock busting our of its chastity cage, a pain under my balls where the ring was digging in due to my attempted erection. As I sat up in bed, I realised Emily wasn’t next to me. I checked my phone to see the time was 4:15am and I noticed I had a message from her.

“Hi babe, I won’t be home until the morning, having too much fun. Love you.” It read. followed by a bunch of kisses and some emoji’s.

The last message I read from my fiancée before I went to sleep said something along the lines of “Don’t wait up.” I thought to myself how much she was enjoying Steve’s cock, how much bigger it was than mine.

I took a deep breath and got up to go to the bathroom. I had to sit down to piss, so not to make a mess. I had found during my six days of chastity, thet it really wasn’t worth trying to stand up and pee.

I wiped my cage and as I stood up I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. My tiny cock stuffed inside an equally tiny cage, while the love of my life was out getting fucked by another guy, What had I become?”

I went back to bed and tried to get some sleep. It wasn’t easy as I felt so aroused and I couldnt get the thought of my fiancée in bed with another man, out of my head. Not being able to masturbate made the whole situation so much harder, unfortunately not literally harder, (excuse the pun) but mentally, I was a mess.

I must have drifed off again eventually, because the next thing I knew it was 7:30am. I got up and showered, eagerly anticipating a call or message from Emily, but after an hour or more, some breakfast and a few household chores later, I still hadn’t heard anything, so I decided to text her. I just casually wrote, “Good morning gorgeous, how was your night?”

Five minutes or so later my phone rang, it was Emily. “Morning babe,” I said, trying to sound as casual as I could, even though my mind was racing. But there was no answer, just the sound of rustling like she had phoned me accidentally from her handbag or something. “Hello,” I said loudly, but still nothing.

I was just about to hang up when I heard a womans voice. “Oh yes that’s it,” she said. “God it feels so deep.”

‘Holy shit,’ I thought to myself ‘Am I listening to my fiancée having sex?’ I listened closer. I most definitely was.

I wondered if she had called me by accident, but knowing Emily like I do, she wanted me to hear what was going on. This became more apparent when she said. “Oh this is the best sex I’ve had in years.” subsequently, followed by her muffled moans. So deliberate, yet so erotic.

I listened in to Emily having an orgasm as her lover fucked her, I could only imagine the position they were in. The moans and groans of pure ecstasy coming from my beautiful woman were something I had only heard on a few occasions, I wondered if she was she putting it on for my benefit, or if he was really making her feel that good.

So many things entered my mind, how big was he compared to me, did he go down on her, did she suck him, was he wearing a condom? The latter is something we had discussed many times, the whole creampie clean up thing is super erotic for both of us and something we had used as pillow talk. I had even eaten my own cum from her pussy on a few occasions, which was just fantastic, but the thought of eating someone elses was simply mind blowing.

Emily was a little non-committal on the subject, I told her before she went to meet Steve that it would be crazy hot to be fed her creampie, but she kind of shrugged and changed the subject, so I had no idea what to expect.

By now my little cock was straining against the cage, I felt like had it been made out if anything weaker than metal, I would have broken it. Just then then the phone went dead, leaving me having to imagine the rest.


You can imagine my frustration, I had just listened to the woman I love getting fucked by another man only for the phone to go dead, presumably mid way through and I couldn’t touch my cock, which by now was causing some real discomfort. I could see a large leakage of pre-cum in my underpants and I had no idea if Emily had both keys on her person, or if she had hidden one in the house.

I waited, trying to take my mind off the situation for a little while. I put on some Saturday morning television, but found myself unable to concentrate. I did all the housework until the place was spotless, not only to take my mind off things, but also to please Emily when she returned home.

A few hours later I looked out of the window to see my fiancée’s car pull into the driveway. I watched as Emily got out and walked up the drive. God she looked sexy, a blue, short summer dress, showing off her cleavage, sunglasses on her head, holding her shiny, dark hair up.

She opened the door and shot me a shy, embarrassed kind of smile. As much as I love her being confident and dominant, this rare vulnerability was so damn sexy, I could barely contain my excitement. It was as if she was waiting for my reaction. I smiled back, she dropped her bag on the floor and we gave each other the biggest hug, which soon turned into a very passionate kiss.

It was so erotic, I don’t think we had ever kissed like that before and neither of us had spoken a word yet. Emily pulled away and gestured for us to go upstairs.

I eagerly pushed my girl onto the bed and climbed on top of her while we recommenced the kiss. I looked her in the eyes and she had the biggest smile on her face. “So, how was it?” I asked.

Emily just giggled. “Amazing,” she said. “Thank you for encouraging me to do it.”

I kissed her again and began to slowly run my hand over her cleavage and down her side towards her thigh. I desperately wanted to know everything she had done and Emily knew this, she kept smiling with a cheeky look that teased the life out of me. I ran my hand eagerly around so it was between her legs, to which she stopped me.

“Uh, hang on a second,” Emily said, sounding a little Nervous. “I’m a bit tender.”

“That’s okay, I’ll be gentle.” I replied, as she let go and let me run my hand up her inner thigh and feel the dampness of her knickers. “Wow you’re really wet.” I said.

“Um, well…” Emily paused. “That’s probably not just me.” She smiled wickedly. I felt like I had an idea what she meant by this.

“You mean… He came inside you?” I replied, my hand beginning to shake as I took in this information. Emily just smiled and nodded with a guilty look on her face. “Holy shit.” I said.

“I’m sorry, it just sort of happened like that babe, and I know it’s a big fantasy for you, so I decided to ditch the protection and let him have me, bare,” she replied, “Are you mad?”

I shook my head, ” Not at all, its hot as fuck.” I sputtered, taking a deep breath. My cock almost breaking out of it’s cage.

We had discussed many times the idea of her returning to me full of another mans cum, or me watching her get fucked and going down on her afterwards, however I wasn’t expecting it the first time she’d been with another man, but that’s Emily, quite literally full of surprises.

We both paused and looked into each others eyes. There was an awkward silence before Emily reached down and grabbed my caged cock, through my jeans. “Oh please let me out of this thing,” I pleaded as she unzipped my fly.

“Hmm,” she mused thoughtfully. “Maybe later tonight… I want you nice and horny all day as i drip feed you the details of my night, its much hotter that way, dont you think?”

I couldn’t disagree, no matter how badly I wanted my beautiful, unfaithful fiancée to unlock me so I could have her sloppy seconds, the denial aspect was something she really got off on. “You’re the boss” I said reluctantly.

“You bet I am,” she replied. “Now get down there and do what you’re best at.” She smirked, gently guiding my head down towards her pussy.

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