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Warning! This is a work of erotic fiction and should not be read by minors, by continuing to read you acknowledge that you are entitled to view this material. This work contains Adult themes relating to: body possession, huge breasts, and lactation. The names in this work are fictitious and identification with actual persons should not be inferred.

_New instability located — Dimension TT-32137, Planet 3mMW2012-GC, Earth

_Status: Dormant

_Target Species: Human — Ambitious. Curious. Creative. Rapid development. Sexual reproduction.

_Target Being: Female. Young Adult. Inclination — Mammary. Assigned BB-8341

_Planting seed.

Meanwhile on Earth…

I brushed my teeth monotonously in front of the large bathroom mirror. It was past midnight, I stayed up to finish a college essay and would regret not getting to it earlier, going to sleep after the normal time always seemed harder somehow. The sound of the apartment door opening indicated that my roommate had returned from her night out. Sam shuffled into the bathroom and without a word began wiping off her makeup.

“Didn’t go well?” I asked as I rinsed off my toothbrush.

“What makes you think that?”

“Because you look like you could strangle a cat, and because when it goes well you don’t shut up about your new hunk for a week.”

Sam put down her makeup remover and faced me. “Am I that open of a book?”

“Uh-huh,” I said, nodding.

Sam’s attention went back to the mirror. “Since you’re so interested… I met this guy at the bar. He had muscles, but not like bodybuilder muscles, more like swimmer muscles…”

“So more like a fish then?” I butted in.

Sam scowled, “Yeah Riley, he was carrying a trident and wore a coral crown too.”

I chuckled, teasing Sam was always a treat.

“Fuck you, let me finish my story,” Sam continued. “He was a real flirt and since I couldn’t resist those muscles, we went back to his place. Things started getting a little heated, aaaaaaand while he was in the middle of taking my bra off, his friend barges into the room carrying a pack of beer. The asshole actually called his best bud in for a threesome and thought I wouldn’t mind!”

With her last outburst Sam performed a half-hearted foot stamp which drew my attention to her generous, jiggling cleavage.

“What kind of weirdo wants to do it with their friend?” Sam added. She looked back at me and saw me lazily staring at her chest. “You know what, don’t answer that you perverted lesbo. Get out, I have to tinkle.”

“But I’m bi.”

Sam practically pushed me out of the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

“Goodnight slut,” Sam’s muffled voice came from inside.

“Goodnight bitch,” I replied, groggily returning to my room.

I settled into bed and tried to forget the image of Sam’s boob valley etched in my mind. Part of it was attraction and part of it was jealousy, Sam was blessed with DD-cup breasts and mine barely surpassed A-cups. In some illogical part of my brain that made me less of a woman, but there was nothing to be done about it. Plastic surgery seemed dangerous and not worth the money, and what other option was there? I turned over in an attempt to shake my frustration, this was the problem with going to bed late — too much silence to fill, too much time to think about random, insignificant worries.

Luminous orbs started to appear around me in the blackness of my closed vision, popping into view like individual lights being turned in quick succession until there were thousands. I felt my body became weightless and I tried to open my eyes but nothing happened. The only thing I could do was float among the orbs and observe their beauty. An orb far away looked brighter than the rest — inviting and desireable. I drifted over and touched it.

The First Drift

I awoke in a sweat, it was already morning. Daylight was peeking in through the gaps in the window blinds and casting bright lines across my bedroom. I grasped my head and tried to recount the events of the strange dream, it had seemed so real. Was I slipped drugs or something last night? The last thing I remembered before going to bed was staying up late to finish my essay… no wait, I had been on a date with Sam… or Sam got back from a bad date? Something was wrong, I remembered two different things happening at the same time and day. A figure shifted in bed beside me. I peeked under the sheet and saw Sam, stark naked and coming out of sleep. No… Sam was straight, we weren’t fucking each other… we’re we?

“Something wrong?” Sam asked as she rolled over. She flipped the sheet off her body, revealing her large, F-cup breasts, which were accentuated by her messy long blonde hair flowing around their shape.

“I’m confused,” I spoke honestly. I looked down at my own breasts which were modestly sized C-cups by comparison. They hadn’t always been that size of course, and yet they had.

“Really confused,” I added.

_BB-8321 Drift completed: Dimension TT-32141, Planet 3mMW2012-GC, Earth. Near-Identical.

_Amalgamation complete, successfully enhanced Inclination.

_Continuing to monitor.

I ran to the bathroom and splashed my face with water. It didn’t make sense, as I recalled things in my past there were two distinct versions. I knew instinctively my original memories, so who was this other Riley? There were some key differences: different family tragedies, different college majors, different loves. These thoughts were interrupted when I looked into the mirror and saw my body, her body — slender, but with curves in the places that mattered. I was no longer a pixie-cut sporting stick figure, my hair now reached to my shoulders and my perky breasts stuck out proudly from under my nightie. A sensation of calm satisfaction washed over me and I felt as if I had gained something long desired.

I was tempted to admire myself for longer but the questions that disturbed my mind slowly returned. I walked back to the entrance of the bedroom and peaked in, Sam was sitting up in bed and browsing her phone. If we were really dating surely this was everything original me had ever wanted: a bustier self, getting to fuck Sam, an even bustier Sam. I stared with intense desire seeing Sam’s big breasts sway the slightest amount whenever she made a motion on her phone.

“Heeeeyyyy,” I said, walking back into the bedroom.

Sam looked up from her phone, “Yeeeesss?”

“I need to know if something happened last night,” I requested.

Sam spent an uncomfortable second looking at me and then at the floor between us. “You want to repeat that without standing 20 feet away like a weirdo?”

Embarrassed, I went and sat beside Sam on the edge of the bed. “Did something happen last night?” I repeated the question. My eyes fell on Sam’s large breasts again, normally I had some measure of self control but now it seemed impossible to resist.

“On our date?” Sam asked, lifting my head up by the chin so that we were making eye contact. “We got a little tipsy, then we gave the taxi driver a good show when we made out in the back seat.”

“No, I mean… after, when we fell asleep?”

“Uh, not really,” Sam said with a puzzled expression.

“You jolted around a couple times which woke me up, so I punched you in the arm to make sure you were okay and then went back to sleep.”

“You… punched me in the arm?” I asked in disbelief.

“To make sure you were okay,” Sam replied, turning her head away shyly.

I stifled a chuckle, that was just like Sam, both versions of her.

“That must have been an intense dream,” Sam said. “What was it about?”

“Another life, I think,” I replied solemnly.

I rummaged through the refrigerator looking for ingredients to make breakfast. “Eggs, milk, green onions…” I murmured as I pulled out items and set them on the counter. I grimaced when I spotted the jar of mayo, Sam’s favorite condiment and my least favorite. I ate it sometimes in the past but now the thought utterly disgusted me. I pondered my newfound hatred for the eggy paste but was interrupted by a thunderous slap from Sam on my Ass.

“Eep!” I yelped, turning around.

Sam stood there in a worn baggy shirt smiling ear-to-ear. “Hey booty gurl,” she teased. “If you want to cool down might I suggest not doing it in front of the open fridge.”

I closed the door slowly and paused for a brief second, “Did I ever mention how much I hate mayo?”

“So you don’t like it, what else is new?”

I shook my head, “No, I mean just thinking about eating it is almost making me gag.”

“Well I’m sorry you have such a big aversion, I happen to like it,” Sam replied, crossing her arms. The motion lifted her breasts up and accentuated their shape within her shirt. I couldn’t help but stare.

Sam smirked, “Okay, what’s with you today? You’ve been fixated on my tits all morning like a Horny teenage boy.”

“Have I?” I asked, absentmindedly cupping my own pair.

Sam walked up to me and pinched my nipples hard through my shirt.

“Oww, fuck!” I yelled.

“Come here you boob-slut,” Sam said, grabbing my hand and leading me back to the bedroom.

Sam pushed me onto the bed and fell on top of me. Shifting some stray blonde strands of hair out of the way, Sam locked lips with mine. Our tongues tickled at each other amid the occasional wet smack when the seal of our lips broke. I reached under Sam’s shirt and started groping her breasts, feeling the full warmth of Sam’s skin and every little detail of her perfect bosom. My fingers teased around her nipples making sure not to touch them just yet. This teasing quickened Sam’s breathing, and I could tell my lover’s kissing was becoming less focused as pleasurable anticipation ran through her.

After a minute of enduring the merry-go-round around her nipples, Sam finally had enough and broke off making out to rip her shirt off. She grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the bed.

“Suck,” she instructed. Sam’s pendulous breasts hung just above my head, her nipples occasionally grazing past my freshly moistened lips. Not one to stop teasing so easily, I lazily stuck my tongue out to briefly lick Sam’s nipples as they swayed back and forth. A frustrated Sam forced the issue when she lowered herself and smothered me with her left boob.

I took in Sam’s nipple and the surrounding boob-flesh, the tip of her nipple touched the back of my tongue and I pressed it hard against the roof of my mouth. Sam shook from the pleasure and lost her grip on my wrists. Taking advantage, I wrenched my wrists Free and went back to squeezing Sam’s breasts, forcing them together and allowing me to take in both nipples at once. I couldn’t swallow them as deeply but the double assault was doing a number on my busty lover.

“Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuck,” Sam moaned. She tried to push herself back up but was held down by my steadfast grip on her breasts. The writhing motions of my girlfriend gave rise to a little jealously in me. My own boobs were fairly sensitive, yes, and they were decently sized… at least now they were. Yet I wasn’t completely satisfied, not after sucking on Sam’s luscious titties. I wanted to trounce my bust over others and over Sam, who even in my original past was larger than I was now.

_Inclination saturation reached, seeding.




_BB-8321 Drift completed: Dimension TT-39204, Planet 3mMW2012-GC, Earth. Tangential.

_Amalgamation complete, successfully enhanced Inclination.

_Continuing to monitor.

The Second Drift

I blinked several times to take in my new surroundings — I was standing on the sidewalk in some city I wasn’t entirely familiar with. What just happened? I was in the middle of making Love to Sam when I was transported to that place with the orbs. Was this real or all just one long dream? I went to pinch myself but realized I was holding a phone in my hand, it was recording and I could see some chat messages popping up.

Is something wrong with her? one said.

She trembled and now she looks spaced out, said another.

I searched my memories and found another life that wasn’t there before, except this time it didn’t belong to just another version of myself. I was someone else entirely — Tessa, or TessTatas as she was known online. The phone was recording for her hundreds of followers, mostly men who paid to see her do erotic things. I looked down and my feet were partially obscured by her bulbous, F-cup breasts, stuffed into a too-tight orange tank top that revealed my midriff. My equally impressive Ass was barely covered by a pair of denim mini-shorts that looked like they came straight from the early 2000s. Without a bra, the only thing keeping my nipples from waving hello to the world were a robust pair of nipple pasties. Tessa was a big titty streamer.

The lengths lonely men would go to just to feel validated by a girl with big tits was astonishing. Well, astonishing to my original self but not to Tessa. She’d been doing it for years and making thousands of dollars from donations every week, and all she did was read shout-outs and do a little bit of performing for the camera. It wasn’t like she was just doing this for the money either, Tessa was a huge fucking slut. She… I was filled with an intense satisfaction of being Masturbation material for so many men, and my sexed-up outfit was just another part of that desire. I wasn’t normally into selling myself like that but Tessa preferences seemed to be blending into my own and I found myself being unusually comfortable with the idea. When in Rome…

I held the phone high up so that Tessa’s viewers got a good view of her cleavage and I licked my lips seductively at the camera. A chime indicated a donation coming in and I instantly found myself at the mercy of a rabbit vibrator in my snatch. This slutty fucking bimbo had hooked up her vibrator to turn on whenever a donation was made, and it would increase in intensity with the amount. My mouth gaped open partially due to shock and partially to pleasure. I instinctively grabbed a breast with my Free hand but awkwardly stopped when reality set in that I was still in public. After a few seconds the vibrating stopped and I was able to collect myself.

I looked at the chat and read off a thanks to the person who donated, it was one hundred dollars… one hundred dollars for a shitty dutch angle of my tits. Was this life on easy mode?

My big titties swayed like pendulums as I walked down the sidewalk to check out the store window fronts. My camera caught many people turning to stare as I walked by, and who could blame them when I was rocking this absolute bombshell body? Every so often I’d have to withstand the vibrations in my loins from a donation, but it was manageable. I turned a corner and found myself entering a farmer’s market. Taking up the entirety of a large parking lot were rows of fruits, vegetables, and all sorts of arts and crafts for sale. My eyes were drawn to a little booth selling homemade knitwear but my viewers had other ideas — the chat was filled with requests to go try some food samples and who was I to deny them?

I found the nearest stall offering samples: a honey booth being operated by a plump middle aged woman. She eyed me curiously as I approached, though she seemed more interested in the phone stick than with what I was wearing.

“Can I try some?” I asked.

“Sure thing, dear,” she replied. “But I have to ask, what’s with the phone thingy?” she added as she stuck a little wooden spoon into a jar of her honey, taking out a generous clump.

“Oh, I show people online what I do and where I go,” I explained. It was technically the truth.

The lady smiled and handed me the small spoon. “Well make sure you get a good picture of my logo, I’m trying to expand my business.”

I thanked her for the sample and greedily licked the sweet nectar off the spoon. My phone instantly lit up with notifications and I could only brace for what was coming. The bullet vibrator came alive with an intensity that I hadn’t experienced since I became Tessa.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned with a mouth still full of sticky honey. Another wave hit me and I dropped to spoon to brace myself against the display table as my legs became weak.

“Are you okay dear? I know my honey’s good but it ain’t that good,” the honey lady asked me nervously.

“I’m… erm… fine,” I managed to eek out. But was I far from in control, the relentless assault from the vibrator was bringing me to the edge. The following Orgasm spread out from my core, a vivid warmth flowing throughout my body. My legs started shaking uncontrollably and I gasped for air as my eyes rolled back in ecstasy. The poor honey lady looked like she was considering calling an ambulance.

“Would you like take some home sweetie?” she asked me after I regained my composure. Then she leaned in closer and whispered “I’m a little jealous of you if honey does that to you all the time.”

I smiled and ordered four jars between heavy breaths.

As I exited the market and read off thanks to all my donors a strange message caught my eye among the typical compliments and requests coming in: This is not who you really are. As far as I knew I wasn’t behaving very differently from how Tessa usually did her streams. Did this guy know about the real me? I made an excuse to end the stream early and started a DM with the mysterious viewer.

TessTatas: Who is this?

Diego91: Someone like you.

TessTatas: A streamer?

Diego91: A Drifter. I know that is not your original body.

TessTatas: I don’t know what that is.

Diego91: It is what you and I are. A Drifter can throw their consciousness between dimensions to inhabit a new host body.

I pondered what to write next. This person really seemed to know what was happening with me. If I hadn’t been living it he would sound crazy.

TessTatas: How did you find me?

Diego91: A Drifter leaves dimensional instabilities wherever they go. Yours were easy to find, they were enormous.

TessTatas: Is that impressive?

Diego91: It was promising. But you are already caught in an inclination decline. I can’t risk saying more to you here. Expect me in your next Drift.

Diego91 logged off without another word and I was left with more questions than I started with. Now that I knew this wasn’t just some fever dream, that there were really others out there like me, the seriousness of the situation set in. Could I ever go back to my real self? Did I want to? I hurried home to Tessa’s apartment, I wanted to enjoy this body while I still had it, who knew when I would be set out to Drift again.

Tessa lived in an upscale apartment downtown, befitting her generous income. It was furnished with girly stuffed animals and pink décor, the perfect style for someone so focused on sharing her feminine figure. I curiously went through her wardrobe even though I already knew what was in there. Tessa’s closet was filled to the brim with Fetish and cosplay outfits. In her dresser was a whole drawer devoted to various Sex toys. I accidentally smacked myself in the face with a particularly long dildo when I picked it up to examine it. It waved about over my cleavage I wondered if my tits would be able to wrap around it; it was then that I remembered why I came back to the apartment in the first place.

In the first moments of privacy I had since I entered this body, I found myself stripping down and standing in front of the bathroom mirror. My hands prodded at a somewhat unfamiliar face, my lips were puffy and looked enhanced, though exploring Tessa’s memories revealed they were natural, every part of her was. This bitch was built for Sex. The exquisite breasts I now possessed were everything like I dreamed of having that night when this all started. Big. Luscious. Titties. Yet for some reason I was still not satisfied with their size, I wasn’t sure if it was Tessa speaking or the rest of me.

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