Dress Rehearsal – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, promotions, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own the WWE or any wrestlers or people etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Becky Lynch, The Miz (all WWE).

Dress Rehearsal

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

Written by DaxG2001 & Kristi.

Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

Only days before WWE WrestleMania in 2023, the large arena that is about to host Monday Night Raw is silent and at least for the main area empty. The staging, seats, crowd barriers and even announce table are in place along with the sports entertainment ring in the middle. But with a big difference from the usual squared circle.

A black carpet is across the canvas with a selection of movie set director’s chairs set up. Along with some large movie theatre posters on stands at the corners of The Miz not even promoting anything, but just posed shots of himself grinning and pointing at the audience.

“No, I’m telling you, I need the suits to all be double-pressed! No creases whatsoever!” The Miz said, speaking into his cellphone as he stands in the middle of the ring so even alone, his voice echos slightly in the silence. “If I am going to be the best host that WrestleMania has ever had, and I will be, I need to look like the Hollywood A-Lister that I am! Perfect from head to toe and if I’m not?? Heads will roll, you understand me??” He snaps down the phone as he listens. “Good… And make sure the cufflinks are to the highest standards too! No expense spared! And I’m sure that worthless dolt Adam Pearce will be happy for the WWE to cover it as expenses! It’s the least they can do to make sure I make WrestleMania actually worth watching!”

As The Miz is shouting orders into his phone toward some measly assistant, he turns to face the entrance ramp and spots the incredibly late, and seemingly uncaring that she is way past the scheduled time, “The Man” Becky Lynch, casually strolling down the entrance ramp with her natural air of confidence and swagger surrounding her. Becky sports obnoxiously bright yellow pants and a matching jacket, with a black undershirt that rests just below her chest and shows off her nicely flat and toned stomach. In addition to wearing equally obnoxiously large designer sunglasses with bright yellow framing.

“Finally!” Miz yells, seeing Lynch waltzing down the ramp. “No, not you! I mean… Never mind! Just get it done!” Miz snaps, rudely ending the phone call and stuffing his cell into a pocket. “About damn time!” The Miz says. Dressed in an expensive-looking suit complete with shoes and tie. “I gave you a specific starting time so that we could get this dress rehearsal done in plenty of time! Do you have any idea how many thousands of dollars are being wasted by renting out this entire empty around just for us?! Only for to show up late??” Miz yells from the ring, watching Becky and her over-the-top attire that’s making him wince from the bright yellow.

“Yeah… Yeah… Yeah…” Becky Lynch responds as she approaches the ring, with her lips pressed together. “Don’t get ya lil’ girly panties in a twist…” Becky adds as she casually walks over to the ring steps “I’m here for ya lil’ stupid dress rehearsal…” Becky says as she marches up the ring steps before stepping onto the ring apron and proceeds to enter the ring, removing her designer sunglasses in the process.

“Well, since I’m going to be a respectable, classy host for WrestleMania I’ll allow this to slide.” Miz claims, sounding like he’s doing Lynch a favour. “I’d say that I’ll chalk it off to you being fashionably late, but…” Miz looks over at Becky’s super bright attire but shakes his head, stopping himself. “Never mind. Look, Becky, at the very least you’ve shown yourself to be a professional to take part in all this. Especially since you’re actually around each show, unlike Lita and Trish.” He says with a hint of rudeness towards the Hall of Famers. “And with WrestleMania just coming up, I’m sure we can both agree we need something like this to go off without a hitch. For both of our reputations.”

“The Man already has a solid reputation…” Becky Lynch responds and moves to sit down on one of the director’s chairs, while moving to swing her legs up and put her black booted feet up onto the director’s chairs next to her, turning and not looking at The Miz, “Alright… Let’s get this over with…” Becky says and raises her left hand, motions for The Miz to speak “Ask away with ya stupid lil’ questions…”

“Excellent!” The Miz smiles before clearing his throat, picking up the microphone off his chair that has the upside-down WWE logo on it to make it look like the M for Miz TV. Matching the one on the spare chair next to The Man.

“Welcome everyone to the most must-see talk show in all of WWE!” The Miz went right into his usual speech, pretending a live audience is watching and cameras are rolling. “Welcome to!!!” The Miz pauses, much to Becky’s disgust, as he waits for the non-existent crowd to chant back. “Miz TV! And my guest tonight has almost done it all here in the WWE! A multi-time Champion! Former Royal Rumble winner! One-half of the current Women’s Tag Team Champions! And at WrestleMania, she will lead her team of two Hall of Famers to take on the most dominant trio of females in WWE history in Damage CTRL! Ladies and gentlemen! Give it up for THE MAN! BECKY LYNCH!!” He grins, motioning to Becky despite the fact she’s already in the ring and seated.

Becky Lynch rolls her eyes and turns to look ahead at the non-existent audience in front of her, raising her right hand and giving a mocking wave, not bothering to reach for the microphone placed on the empty director’s chairs next to her, where her feet happen to be resting upon.

“Thank you, thank you!” Miz raises his hand to get the ‘audience’ to be silent. “Now then Becky, let’s get to it…” The Miz says, turning as he sits down in his chair opposite Becky. Briefly looking disgusted by Lynch’s obnoxiously coloured, over-the-top boots she had on and up on a chair. “Lynch, I’ll be blunt. How does it honestly feel knowing that you couldn’t fend off Damage CTRL all on your own?” He says smugly and with a smile to match. “All this talk about you taking on Bayley and her friends on your own, taking her on three-on-one, in a Cage Match and all that? And you couldn’t get the job done! You couldn’t beat them on your own, so you had to go get two Hall of Famers out of the retirement home to act as your backup!” He says, and clearly, this edition of Miz TV wasn’t gonna be any interview designed to favourable showcase Lynch, Lita or Stratus.

Becky silently turns her head and looks at The Miz, with her lips pursed together and narrows her eyes slightly. Becky opens her mouth to speak without the use of the microphone, however, The Miz stops her with a raised hand of his own and motions toward the microphone on the empty director’s chair. “Really?” Becky asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Really.” Miz says into his microphone which isn’t even on just like Lynch’s. “Really?” Becky repeats. “Really!” Miz repeats, pointing rudely to the other mic. “Really??” Lynch says with an annoyed tone. “Really!” Miz repeats, now getting annoyed. “Really??” Becky glares with narrowed eyes. “Really!!” Miz repeats with a raised tone as the two are just going back and forth.

“Really?!” “Really!!” “Really??” “Really!!” “Reeeeally??” Lynch raises her eyebrow again using a deliberately annoying tone to match her outfit. “REALLY!!” Miz snaps, set off by the confidence and attitude of Big Time Becks. “Just use the damn mic, Becky! This is supposed to be a dress rehearsal! We’re professionals, damn it!” Miz demands before clearing his throat, trying to compose himself.

Becky sighs and rolls her eyes, which is likely the hundredth time in the short period that she and The Miz have been together. “Whatever…” Becky says, clearly annoyed as she reluctantly reaches to the empty director’s chair and picks up the microphone, “There the fuck ya go!” Becky says into the unpowered microphone, “Happy?!” Becky snaps as she turns and removes her feet from the adjacent director’s chair and for the first time fully looks at The Miz.

“Language aside, yes I am! Thank you!” Miz sighs, sitting back a bit. “Thank you for finally being a professional! Now, where was I…” He cleared his throat again, sitting up. “Now then, Becky!” He spoke with his usual arrogant tone again, pretending this is a live segment on Raw. “Becky Lynch, you are heading into WrestleMania teaming with one woman who staggered her way through a tag team match a few weeks ago, carried by you to just sneak your way to becoming Tag Team Champions…” Miz again rudely insults Lynch’s allies who aren’t even here to defend themselves. “That was like her first match in a year. And your other partner hasn’t completed in even longer! So how the Hell do you think you and those so-called Hall of Famers stand any kind of chance against a dominating trio like Damage CTRL?”

Becky Lynch cocks her head slightly at The Miz and presses her lips together, and opens her mouth to speak without the use of the microphone in her hand, however, immediately is halted by The Miz and motions for her to use the non-working microphone. Becky sighs and raises the microphone toward her mouth “Yeah… Alright… The Man can admit it… I was outnumbered by Bayley and her lil’ cronies… So The Man reached out to two certified Hall of Famers, Lita and Trish Stratus… Who The Man idolizes…two Hall of Famers that blazed the trail for the Women’s Revolution of today… And I am confident that together The Man and the Hall of Famers can put a fuckin’ end to Damage CTRL!” Becky responds confidently, while she switches from speaking between first and third person.

“Or… You had to resort to raiding through a retirement home to find two people desperate for the spotlight.” Miz dismisses Lynch’s confident remarks. “Because you don’t have any friends any more! And the ones who used to have either hate your guts or just left the WWE to slum it Japan now!” Miz says, referring to other members of the Four Horsewomen of the WWE or at least the three still in the business. “And while you managed to get one over on Bayley with the surprise of Trish a few weeks ago, you’re not going to have that same trick this time. I mean, come on, Becky! What happened to The Man? Huh?” He questions, leaning forward a bit. “The badass who didn’t give a damn! Didn’t need anyone or any help from anyone! And now? Now you’re being dragged down by two relics from The Attitude Era? That doesn’t sound like Becks is Big Time any more to me!”

Becky’s eyes narrow with clear annoyance and anger toward The Miz’s line of questioning and comments “Ya wanna talk about what happened to someone?” Becky replies with a chuckle before she turns more toward The Miz and leans forward as well “Ya wanna talk about The Man? How about we talk about ya… Former Champ… In the main event of WrestleMania with fuckin’ John Cena a couple of years ago… To…” Becky pauses and looks shocked in a mocking manner toward The Miz “Well, hey… Wait a minute… Where the fuck is ya spot on WrestleMania this year? “

“First of all, watch your language!” Miz says, annoyed by the insults along with her cocky tone. “This is a PG show! Not one of your drunken pub crawls!” He mocks, even though none of this is being filmed. “And I happened to win that WrestleMania match against John Cena who is now jerking the curtain against Austin Theory this year! And I hope Austin kicks that horrible actor’s ass!” Miz rants. “Furthermore! I am the HOST of WrestleMania which is by far the single most important role of the whole event!” He claims arrogantly. “From Kim Kardashian to The Rock to Alexa Bliss, and now finally to a real Superstar in the most must-see Superstar in all the WWE – The Miz!” He says, avoiding answering Becky’s question altogether.

Becky tilts her head back and laughs “Ya really think…” Becky begins to say before she realizes that she is not speaking into the non-working microphone, pausing and innocently mockingly raising her hands “Oops… Sorry… Don’t need ya to get ya lil’ girly panties in a twist again…” Becky now says into the microphone. “…Now where was I? Ah, yes…. Ya mean to The Man that ya think that y’all are on the same level as The Rock?”

“The same?? The same level??” Miz has an appalled look on his handsome, A-List face. “I am on a level above The Rock!” He wildly claims and even with her massive sunglasses on, Becky’s body reactions show how she feels about that statement. “Better than The Rock, than Cena! Than Batista! Than all those other fake actors trying to act like they’re Hollywood when I’m the Superstar! I’m the A-Lister! I’m the biggest star on the whole damn card! Bigger than anyone else!” He rants, falling for Lunch’s insults and teasing.

“Whoa… There didn’t mean to strike a nerve…” Becky says with an assumed smirk before she leans back in the director’s chair “So we done yet?” Becky asks, before she presses her lips together “Or do ya got any more stupid questions for The Man?”

“Stupid?? You’ve got some nerve… You know what, fine! Here’s a ‘stupid’ question…” The Miz is irritated as he sits up straight. “What’s with this stupid outfit you’ve got on?” He bluntly asks, and it’s not exactly much of an insult but still quite a question to ask. “You went from the badass black T-shirt and white text saying The Man to…” He motions at her. “This?? Looking like you skinned damn Big Bird and are wearing its skin!”

Becky calmly shrugs her “What can The Man say… It’s fashion! And The Man sports it well, baby!” She replies coolly before she glances at The Miz’s tailored shirt “Unlike… Some… People…” Lynch says, clearly indicating The Miz.

“How dare you…” Miz narrows his eyes. “This suit costs more than most of these idiots make in their entire lives!” He points out, so pissed at Becky’s mockery that he’s forgotten he’s pointing at nothing since there’s no crowd to direct comments at. “These shoes cost more than a VIP package to Raw! You wouldn’t know fashion if it came up and slapped you in the face, Becky!” He claims, before sitting back a bit as he smirks. “Then again… We all know you’re only still around here because one sloppy chick did just that to you and broke your face, right?” He mocks, bringing up an insult that’s become familiar for Lynch’s rivals to use against her.

Becky pauses for a moment and blankly stares at The Miz before removing the designer sunglasses from her face and locking her irritated eyes with The Miz “Ahhh… Yes… Ya want to bring that up, yeah?” Becky says a light frustrated laugh before she stands from the director’s chair “How about The Man shows ya how that feels?!?”

“Oh, sounds like I’ve struck a nerve!” The Miz’s talented, trash-talking mouth strikes again as he moves off his chair. “What’s wrong, Becky? Oh, wait, I already know the answer! Seeing that tacky outfit of yours… Guess you earned the right to wear the pants in your relationship and got your husband’s awful taste in clothes in return!” He mocks as the dress rehearsal has devolved into just insult-slinging between two of the best in the WWE today on the mic.

Becky steps up to The Miz and comes face to face with the brash and arrogant A-Lister, locking her fiery eyes with his taunting and smug eyes “Oh… Ya want to bring up spouse now, eh?” Becky says as she takes a step back from The Miz and turns her back to him, nodding her head for a moment “Alright… Alright… Since ya went ahead and opened the door, The Man is about to kick it the fuck down!” Becky says into the non-working microphone, before she turns back around to The Miz “Alright…say, Miz… The Man a question for ya…”

“Go ahead ‘Big Time! Go for it!” Miz smirks cockily thinking he’s gotten the stunning redhead all flustered when she’s just fired up.

Becky presses her lips together and stares at The Miz again before raising the non-working microphone to her mouth, completely in the mindset of this being a real, intense promo in front of a live audience “Miz… How does it feel to know that the only reason ya got this hosting gig for WrestleMania was that ya wifey… Ol’ sweet little Maryse went and blew Adam Pearce?”

Miz’s jaw drops, having not expected that insult at all. “How… DARE… You!” The Miz says, glaring at Lynch. “I earned my place as the host because I am a multimedia, cross-platform, Reality TV star and A-List movie star! And furthermore! My wife is a damn saint! She would never resort to… To what you just claimed!” He claimed but isn’t exactly denying it. “She gets plenty of action back at home from me! Thank you very much!” He says defensively.

Becky smirks and raises an eyebrow as she witnesses The Miz’s anger at her opinion “Really? Ol’ Maryse gets enough at home?” Becky nods her head ‘To be honest… The Man is surprised… I mean kudos to ya, man… It’s a shock ya can even satisfy ol’ Maryse with those tiny lil’ balls ya got…” Becky says as she presses her lips together and stares directly at The Miz before glancing down at the crotch of his tailored slack, shrugging her shoulders.

“I DO NOT HAVE TINY BALLS!!” Miz yells, easily triggered by this regularly heard insult from other Superstars as he gets into Becky’s calm, smirking face. “My balls are huge! Big! Enormous! Planet sized! Biggest fucking balls on the whole Earth!!” He’s so mad now he even curses. “NOT. TINY!!!”

Becky mockingly raises her hands, pleading innocence and takes a step back “Whoa… Whoa!! Watch the fuckin’ language there, Miz! This is a family show!” Becky replies with a smirk “Alright… Alright… Whatever ya say… Ya don’t have lil’ balls…” Becky replies and lowers her head a bit, with a nod. “The Man is sorry to… Ya know… Poke at a fresh wound!”

“It’s not a wound! I don’t have tiny balls!!” Miz insists as he’s still yelling with his voice echoing around the empty arena. “I’m sick of this shit! My balls are huge! You know it, and everyone knows it!” He points out again at the non-existent crowd.

“Ya right… Ya right… Ya don’t.” Becky says with a nod of her head, seeming to agree with The Miz “Not at all, man! Nah… Not at all!” Becky says and laughs ‘Nah… Ya just have lil’ tiny, microscopic… Ya can barely see them, BALLS!” Becky says before she raises her right arm and pumps her fist into the air “C’mon everyone… Tiny Balls! Tiny Balls! Tiny Balls!” Becky chants and mimics like she is pumping up a live audience. Becky says before she pauses and looks at the empty arena “Ya see that Miz?” Becky asks as she points out to the empty arena “There ain’t anyone FUCKIN’ HERE!” Becky yells before she tosses the microphone down onto the carpeted wrestling mat. “The Man is done with this… I wish ya, and your tiny lil’ balls a good day!”

“FUCK YOU!” Miz snaps as he tosses his microphone away as Becky smirks, but before she can turn to leave he grabs his belt. “You want proof, huh? HUH??” He rants, fumbling with the expensive belt before loosening it. Shoving his expensive suit pants down along with his boxers. “SEE?? THAT PROVES IT!!” He yells, exposing himself to the married MILF as he shows off that while his balls are far from tiny, he’s also packing a long, thick, truly A-List cock to match his heavy-looking, rounded nuts.

Becky Lynch’s eyes widen for a moment as The Miz exposes himself in front of her. Becky silently lifts her eyes from The Miz’s impressive balls and cock to look at him and locks her eyes with him. Becky quietly steps forward to The Miz “Ya seem pretty pissed off there, Miz…”

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