Downfall of a Delivery Girl Ch. 01 – Fetish

This is my first official story, It is gonna contain a ton of kinks and fun and I plan on having several chapters. I apologize for any grammar or spelling issues, I hope you all enjoy and I would love any feedback.


Someone Once said, “An Idle mind is the Devil’s playground”.

In the beginning, Delivery Driving was a dream come true.

I would jam out to some of my favorite songs, throw on a conspiracy podcast or even call a friend and talk on the phone; spending hours running around the Metropolis in my trusty civic. I tried to be professional and sweet, updating my customers at every step of the delivery, However, I quickly found out the fake cheery attitude did almost nothing to increase the tips and I turned back to my more natural silent disposition.

It was a relief, I could drop the façade and just be the silent delivery girl who leaves food on the door step and vanishes from sight. Shortly after I found my groove, the world began to shut down and the lock-down spiked deliveries and I began to thrive. As the other factors of my life were crumbling around me, I had one area where I was could be me and get paid decently doing so

The Corporate Overlords slashed delivery fees to pull in more large orders, and I used my newfound finances to move into an apartment away from the fractured remains of my family. I slowly built a life for myself around the long shifts of driving required to make it each month. After a year things began slowly returning to typical, all while the driver pool slowly increased with “Hustlers” and I realized I needed to adapt to make money, or I would be out on the street.

I found working overnight led to some decent tips and repeat customers, matching that with a part-time job at the local gas station I was just scraping by. I didn’t need anything fancy, I just to scrape by.

Saturday, 9 pm


“Jesus Christ, Lex, pull your pants up.” I hear Glenn grumble, followed by an exaggerated groan.

“Sorry Glenn, I forgot my belt today and I lost some weight. Beauty regiment and all that jazz” I chirp in response as I tug my sagging shorts up, the truth was I hadn’t been eating all that much, but Glenn didn’t need to know that nor did I want to admit it.

Glenn was the manager at the MacRonald’s where I spend the first half of my night, it usually had a few stacked deliveries and would keep me busy until early morning where my clientele would change to stoners and drunks. My Classic Nightly Routine, and it was a routine because it worked. And I needed it to work.

The added bonus to this routine was Glenn. Glenn would give me occasional meals, water cups and usually a good conversation about one of his odd hobbies or a conspiracy rabbit hole he went down during his break. It is safe to say that my friendship with Glenn is my only non-online friendship I have.

I flashed him a warm smile as I finished filling a “water” cup with root beer, tugging up my shorts once again. The near silent lobby is disrupted as my phone began to ping as an order rolled. The ping sending a small feeling of relief through my small body, “Looks like my night is Starting, Hopefully y’all don’t get any shit customers.”

Glenn snorts in agreement, sharing the sentiment as he hands me a bag and waves me off. “Same to you, Kid.”

Thus, my night began.

A Chaotic dance of late night orders and silent drop-offs. Bouncing back and forth between convenience stores and drive-throughs for snacks and cigarettes.

After several hours of running around, I slid into a gas station parking lot. The orders had stopped around 11 and based on past nights, I would be here for almost an hour before the stoners started ordering their munchies.

Over the past few weeks since forming this nightly work schedule, I’d tried a handful of things to fill my time. Knitting, Reading, Scrolling through RikRok, App Games. Nothing filled the time.

Almost two weeks ago, while curled up in my bed, I watched a video that gave me inspiration. A solo film of a thick girl playing with herself in her car, her pants pulled down to her ankles with her striped panties shoved to the side. My fingers pushed into my slick folds as I watched eagerly, imagining being just outside her car, watching first hand as the voluptuous woman pumped her fingers into her slit. After a few minutes, I was covered in a small film of sweat and shaking, trying my best to last as long as the woman on the screen, her squeals blasting through my phone speakers as I covered my mouth and finished with a shivering squeak.

The next night, I tried it myself. Since then, every night in the small hour window of time between orders, I would play with myself.

I glanced around the parking lot nervously before opening my phone, switching to my secret Feddit and beginning to browse. My hands sinking down into my waistband, rubbing playfully through my cotton panties as porn flooded my screen.

I slowly teased my clit as I began with Lesbian Porn Subs, scrolling eagerly through the GIFs and pictures and imagining myself as one of the girls, usually the submissive. My fingers pressing harder as I hover on a GIF of a goth woman sitting on a petite girl’s face, degrading her as she slapped the girl’s wet slit. I tugged my damp panties to the side and pushed in with a sharp breath and moan as I dove further into Lesdom.

I kept myself on edge as I scrolled slowly through posts, each one filling my mind with desire, drinking in the countless pictures and videos until my fingers were slick with my own excitement and my body was twitching and begging for release.

I settle on a highlight reel of a Domme with black and red hair using a small blonde like a toy.

The Raven haired domme is in a black leather lingerie set that contrast perfectly against her pale skin, it starts with her leading the naked blonde into the room on her hands and knees. She is led to a couch where the domme grips her hair and spits into her mouth before slapping her face a soft shade of pink then forcing her to start worshiping her black heels.

The reel jumps to the next clip from the video, the blonde now being shoved roughly into the Domme’s slit. Her once innocent face is slick and wet, and her stunning makeup was now streaked and running. The Raven haired woman’s moans hum through the speaker as she uses her toy’s hair like a leash.

It jumps again and the Domme’s heart shaped ass is being spread for the pet’s tongue, my fingers picking up speed as I feel my body begin to tense, my mouth open as a low moan spills out, and my body starts to arch. My tongue twitches as I picture the woman’s perfect ass engulfing my face, my fingers shoving eagerly into my soaked slit as I come right to the edge, my hushed moans turning into squeals.


The unexpected noise causes me to jump, my phone spilling onto the floor as I desperately grab at it, accepting the order by accident.

FUCK” I shout at nothing as I slowly catch my breath, my body still desperate for relief. I pant slowly as I look down at the puddle between my legs and sigh. “I guess I’ll finish later” I think, licking my fingers clean before tugging my shorts up and starting my car.

The robotic voice carries me through the motions as I make the quick trip to the gas station on autopilot, my breathing finally slowed as I pull into the empty lot.

Stepping into the store is jarring, the bright pale lights and crisp air a complete opposite to the warm Texas night. I blink a few times to adjust before stepping to the unmanned counter, “Hello?” I call out softly.

Directly behind the register is a large mirror facing out towards the store, and I am met with my own reflection.

The first thing that catches my eye is my bright pink hair, it’s flowing out from under a black Slink-182 beanie. When I first started working, I dyed my hair pink much to the disapproval of my parents and I regularly maintained the vibrant pink color over the year, but as money tightened I opted to cover my blonde roots with a beanie or hat. I don’t need luxury, I just need to scrap by.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a door shutting.

A muffled energetic voice fills the store, it’s loud but sweet and playful, almost intoxicating. The words are an incoherent mess as they bounce from the walls as she approaches through the back halls of the store until her voice becomes clear, and she steps onto the floor.

“Oh Shush, You are full of it! Shit, I’ve got a customer. I got to go…. Yes! Come visit me tonight! No Excuses! I gotta go!” The tone is teasing and playful but also commanding, whoever is on the other side of the phone was clearly expected to show up. “Yessss, I am here til Seven. Quit your complaining, you can sleep when I’m dead! Now I gotta go!”

She finally stepped into view of the mirror, my eyes watch as she approaches from behind. My eyes trace up her body as she enters my view, starting at her legs and tracing up to her name tag, Elise, to her cleavage up to her face and jet black hair. She steps closer walking around me and moving behind the counter, as I raise my eyes to match her.

“So Sorry about that Hun, hopefully you weren’t waiting long.” Her voice was sweet and gentle while maintaining a playful tone.

“N-Not a problem” I answer softly, my mind blank as I look up at her. I knew her, but I couldn’t seem to place how. She smiled bright as she looked down at me with an expectant look and amused smile.

“Can I help you with something? Or would you like to just stare?” She teased.

“I um” I stammer, my mind still frazzled as I stare up at the intoxicating woman, “Delivery Order, I have an order.” I say meekly while holding up my phone.

“It must have come in while I was on break, you’ll have to give me a minute.” she says as begins to gather the items, my eyes watching her as I bite my lip softly. I tried to look away, I really tried, but my eyes would at all times discover a way back to her body, especially when she would bend over.

My mind starts to drift as I stare at her thick jean encased ass, imagining kneeling behind her, my hands running up her thick thighs before peeling down her jeans to reveal her thick ass. My face leanin- Click

“Oh” I whisper to myself as my mind clicks.

RikRok. I’ve seen her on RikRok promoting her OnlyPlans

I had seen her before, hell I even liked one of her videos, my mind flashing back to her bikini reveal I saved. I will need to look it up later.

She finally stands up holding the bag filled with cigarettes, an oversized beer bottle and a smorgasbord of snacks. She staples the receipt to the bag before handing it to me, “Here you are! Thank you for your patience.”

I thank her and take the bag, my cheeks still red from my indecent thoughts as I scurry out of the building.

The delivery went by in a flash and I found myself pulled over by a park in the area of the drop-off. My hand buried down my shorts as I scroll through Elise’s page. Her videos were all lewd, most showing her in bikini’s and lingerie, her thick body bouncing a jiggling on screen. I wanted to see more, I needed to see more but I couldn’t afford the $15 she was charging to subscribe, so I settled for her ass in lingerie and my imagination, pumping my fingers into my drenched cunt until I finished.

As I sat panting in the driver’s seat, staring at the repeating video of her lingerie video, I realized I could do that.

I didn’t have the personality to be a RikRok star, but I could be lewd and dirty.

The set-up took all of 10 minutes to build a Twiller and OnlyPlans. I scrolled through a handful of nudes I had saved to my phone from a variety of flings, deciding on one that showed off my ass in a cute pair of panties and posted to twiller for the first time.

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