Desire Unleashed: A Forbidden Office Affair

As Amanda walked into her new internship, she couldn’t help but be nervous. She was excited to be working at such a prestigious business, but she was also anxious about her job duties and fitting in with the rest of the staff. As she made her way to her cubicle, she caught sight of the dark and handsome man sitting at the desk across from hers. His piercing blue eyes met hers and she felt a shiver run down her spine. She tried to ignore him and focus on her work, but throughout the day, she found herself sneaking glances at him and then quickly looking away.

Little did Amanda know, he was looking at her too. His name was Jack and he had been with the business for years. He was the ultimate playboy and had a reputation for seducing young interns who wondered they could handle his charm. He was drawn to Amanda from the moment she walked in the door. Her innocence and naivety were like a temptation he couldn’t withstand.

Days turned into weeks and Amanda and Jack’s small talk slowly turned into flirty banter. They found themselves lingering around each other’s cubicles, intentionally crossing paths during lunch breaks and casual conversations became less and less professional. The sexual tension between them was palpable and they both sensed it was only a matter of time before they would give into their desires.

One afternoon, Amanda was working late and Jack was the only other person in the office. She was feeling more adventurous than usual and decided to take a risk and tease him. She bent over to pick up a file and allowed her skirt to ride up, revealing more of her thighs than usual. She looked over her shoulder and caught Jack’s gaze fixed on her. His eyes were smoldering and it was clear he was turned on.

Without a word, he stood up and walked over to her. He pressed his body against hers and she could feel the heat radiating off of him. His arms reached around and pulled her close, their lips met in a passionate embrace. Amanda melted into him, their tongues dancing together in a tantalizing rhythm. He lifted her up and carried her to an empty conference room, laying her down on the table.

He removed her clothing slowly, taking in the sight of her perfect curves and porcelain skin. He returned her affections, kissing her languidly as he moved his hand between her legs. Her body writhed beneath him as he pleasured her, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy.

As they made love on the conference table, Amanda couldn’t help but feel guilty. She knew that office romances were forbidden, but the pleasure he was giving her was too good to withstand. They finished and he kissed her deeply, telling her that he wanted her time and time again. Amanda knew that this forbidden office affair would be the beginning of a long and exciting journey of sexual exploration. She felt her desire unleashed and knew there was no turning back.

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