Deborah Discovers Domination Ch. 01 – Fetish

Part 1~**

A little backstory here..

My wife is open-minded and super horny and indulges my foot fetish by letting me kiss, lick, suck and caress her feet on a nightly basis. Although she was a little grossed-out at first by the idea of me wanting her to wear her work pantyhose during sex. When she saw that the smell and taste of the stale sweat on her feet would send me into a frenzy and make me thrust harder in the missionary position, she loved it. She also enjoyed me sucking on her damp gusset when her pussy became moist before I pulled the waistband down over her ass. She soon found out that her feet and toes are gigantic erogenous zones for her and she began to want me to massage them on a very regular basis. It wasn’t long before she discovered her dominant side.

She has a playful mind and loves teasing me from work by sending me videos of her rubbing her nylon foot as she’s flexing it and cooing in pleasure. She also loves taking up-skirt pics of her white panties showing through her black opague pantyhose and sending them to me with captions like “Guess what you’re having for dinner tonight?XX”. Needless to say, that if I don’t discover a restroom or a toilet with a private stall in order to release my hardening frustration, I’ll spend the rest of the day on a boner with limited concentration.

So, my wife’s evening routine was to come home from work (she’s a manager of a business, works primarily in an office but she’s on her feet most of the day) and just chill with a coffee for a half an hour or so while she checked the mail and watched the news etc. This one particular scenario started off as a private joke between us when I was made redundant from my business after 15 years and spent a short time practically unemployed and at home throughout the day. On this day, she sat down as I handed her a coffee and she asked me to peel off her black pumps and bring footstool forward for her. She complained about how tired she was and what an awful day she had.

The footstool was a large cumbersome heavy box-type which was difficult to pull or push while a person was standing up (it also functioned as a receptical for magazines and books). So, I knelt down behind the footstool and pushed it towards her exposed pantyhose soles which were then staring me in the face when she raised them. She was wiggling her toes and sighing in pleasure of having them free and I could see through the black nylon that the balls of both feet were reddened from the pressure of being locked up in her pumps all day. I raised myself up off the floor with the intention of sitting down beside her when she started clicking her fingers and pointing downwards.

“And where do you think you’re going shithead?” She asked with a broad grin on her face.

She clicked her fingers again and pointed at her feet.

“Get back down and start rubbing! Earn your keep bitch!”

She laughed at this as she said it and as I was halfway between kneeling and standing, she blurted out…

“I’m serious! From now on, while you are unemployed, I want you to be kneeling here with a coffee ready for me when I get home and I want you ready to attend to my tired feet. No more freeloading! You have to earn your keep now.”

Thinking this was a fun role play I nodded and said ok, at which point she quickly snapped…

“Don’t mumble when you speak to me! Say yes Miss Deborah.”

“Yes Miss Deborah.” I replied in jest.

I complied, positioned myself and began to slowly rub her feet and softly pinch her toes between my thumb and forefinger. It didn’t take long for her to roll her head back onto the settee and exhale in gasps of pleasure. Her soles were clammy and moist and my fingers were picking up the residue of her sweat. I had not even smelled them yet but the sheer touch of her almost damp feet had my dick straining against the taut denim of my jeans.

“Now sniff and lick.” She commanded. I needed no further prompting for I immediately buried my nose into the stretchy nylon just under her toes and inhaled in a frenzy. In an instant, the overwhelming musky odour of stale sweat and worn leather, and a myriad of other scents I couldn’t describe, permeated my airways and overtook my senses. I winced a little from the sudden sharp pain in my groin as my ever-hardening cock fought hard against the constraints of the fabric, I quickly unzipped so I could devote all my attention to my assigned task.

From foot to foot I moved my nose and ran it along every available inch, desperate to inhale more of her stale scent, I whimpered as she stroked my cheek with her soft nylon toes. When I looked up at her I could see that she was looking at me intently with a contented smirk; I could see that she was getting off on the power thing. I was loving it too.

She raised her foot up and extended her toes.

“Open your mouth.” She commanded.

I stopped and did as she asked and then received a large toe pressing across my lips that prised my mouth open wider.

“Suck on them like your life depended on it!”

She moaned as I began sucking on her big toe. I started by giving it a long sucking motion and then running my tongue along the underside of her toes and sole. I summoned up every ounce of saliva that I could muster and completely engulfed the toe line of her pantyhose bur even that was not enough to dilute the taste of the sour, salty, excessive sweat. Her breathing became a little erratic and heavy as I sucked and licked with vigour. For me, I was in heaven, and as foul as the stale odour and rank taste of her feet was, I couldn’t get enough of it. I was so willing in my task that I was worried about my mouth drying up.

Her other foot searched for my ever obedient mouth and on finding it, her toes sought the same attention her other foot had received. My tongue served with pleasure as more rancid sweat residue swirled around my mouth. In my peripheral view, I could see her hand sliding up her nylon thigh as she began to gasp in breaths. This increased as I moved my mouth to the tired and reddened ball of her foot and wrapped my lips around it. I sucked and pressed my tongue on it in a slow,and even, pulsating motion and the little squirm of her hips and legs told me this was making her wet.

By this time our positions had changed somewhat and she now sat with her legs open giving me full view of the pulsating movement of her black nylon gusset and pale blue panties that stretched against her inserted hand. After taking care of the ball on her other foot and bringing on increasing moans from her, I moved onto the hardened skin of her heels. I sucked,and sucked, and sucked in the vain hope that I could somehow soften them but that was not my objective, the sour, salty, dirty taste of a long day in nylons and heels was more intense around the heel area and I didn’t want it to end, I needed more.

I had not touched my dick at all yet throughout this frenzied servicing of my mistress wife’s soiled feet, but I could certainly feel it had become wet through the sheer ecstasy of being on my knees attending to her needs. I carried on in my own little world of devouring her soles when she interrupted me with clicking fingers.


That was the first time she called me that and it almost made me come with excitement.

I looked to see that she had withdrawn her hand from her panties and beckoned for me to come closer with a bending finger. As I did, she inserted her pussy-soaked fingers into my mouth.

“Taste your reward for being a good boy…” She said, as I began sucking on her gooey wet fingers.

She noticed my cock sticking out of my jeans and caressed it softly with her foot as I cleaned her fingers. I fought hard not to come and tried to concentrate on my task.

After a few minutes, and to my relief, she took her foot away and arched herself back onto the settee and raised her legs straight up so she could peel her waistband down to her knees. With legs up she pulled my face forward to her visibly wet pussy lips and thrust them into my face. She was so worked up that within a few minutes of me inserting my fingers and throbbing my tongue against her clit, she clasped her thighs around my head and locked my face into her crotch and let out a stifled scream of extreme pleasure as my face became engulfed in her ejaculation. She held me there for what seemed like forever with undulating thrusts of her supple hips pushing her pussy further and further into my face. I thought if she was gonna reach the heights again so quickly but her thrusts slowed down and her thighs loosened, allowing me to pull my head back.

She remained in her position with her legs up and told me fuck her. I took off her pantyhose and opened her legs not being able to withstand the urge in the process to sniff them again. I felt her hand taking hold of my throbbing cock and give it a little jerk as she giggled.

“Don’t please.” I asked, “I’m so close already..”

She pushed her bare foot against my face.

“Enough of that bullshit! You better fuck my brains out loser, get to it!”

Her sternness made me even harder, she now took hold and guided it into her lips with a little gasp and a coo. I immediately began to thrust in a slow and deliberate movement. She had opened her blouse and pulled her bra cups down to expose her generous breasts with large erect nipples. I contorted myself trying to lean forward and managed to reach one to suck, my lips wrapped around it and I began sucking. Her legs tightened as she moaned and thrust her hips back at me. Because of the angle we were at I could only hold the position for so long before I had to straighten up, which put her yellowing soles in front of my face yet again. The smell and taste was as intense as ever and I closed both soles around my face and licked furiously. I nibbled with my teeth at the hard skin of the balls and heels and sucked, kissed and licked clean in between each toe. Her muscle tightened around the tip of my cock and I could hold no more. I pressed her stinking feet deep into my face and erupted in a cry of released tension in perfect synchronicity with Deborah’s ecstatic whimper of joy.

We both remained in position for a minute or two before passionately kissing and flopping onto the settee beside each other.

“You did well today slave.” Deborah said as she finally stood up to go to the shower.

She leaned forward to collect her shoes and pantyhose and took her pale blue panties out of the gusset and stuffed them into my mouth with the feet of the pantyhose.

“Suck every bit of sweat out of them and get used to your new life as my servant.”

This was the beginning of our fun role play, little did I know of what was to come…

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