Debbie and Sara Ch. 03 – Fetish

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This is the continuation of a wild afternoon that I spent with two sisters in my younger years. If you haven’t already done so, please read the two previous chapters for some hot action but also to put this chapter into perspective.

Sara and I made a feeble attempt to cover up, but who were we kidding, Debbie had stood in the doorway for God knows how long, watching me “pound Sara’s ass into the mattress”. There really was no need to pretend that this wasn’t an awkward moment, Sara and I were now “in flagrante delicto”. Quite frankly, I felt like the “slut”, having gone from casual friend to full-fledged sexual partner with two sisters in the same afternoon. Both girls had been eager and active participants but part of me felt like screwing Sara wasn’t the right thing to do. However, Sara understood that Debbie and I had just finished fucking, she had found Debbie’s come soaked panties on the floor. Sara had initiated the foot massage, encouraged my exploration of her slip, and then led me to her bedroom for the rest of the evening.

I guess that Debbie had a right to get pissed, when she left for class, Sara and I were sitting on the couch chatting and presumably could have been trusted to behave ourselves. But that’s not what happened, almost as soon as she left, I had my hands up Sara’s dress! Finally, it didn’t seem like Debbie was very upset but there were a few quiet seconds when all these thoughts flashed through my head.

I got out of bed, reached for my clothes, and asked the girls, “Should I just leave, or should I invite you two out for a few beers?”

“Beers, and pizza!” both girls blurted out at nearly the same time.

Sara slid out from the bed, peeled off her soggy underwear, and announced, “First, I need a shower, you too, stud, what a mess you left between my legs!”

“And no shower sex!” Debbie scolded, as she went downstairs, “I’m hungry and I’d like a few beers, so move it!”

“Déjà vu all over again!” For the second time that day, I’m headed to the shower with a naked, tall slender blonde whom I’ve just fucked! Debbie and Sara looked so similar from the rear, both had incredibly toned asses, long legs, slim waistlines, and firm, medium sized breasts. Add in the long straight blonde hair and there was no question as to why so many people wondered that they were twins.

Once again, I stepped into the now familiar shower as Sara turned on the water and I reached for the soap. From behind, I put my arms around Sara and whispered into her ear, “Ooops, I wonder how long that she was watching? That was awkward!”

“Yeah, it was,” she admitted, “we share a lot of things, but this is the first time that we have shared a guy. All in all, she seemed pretty cool about it, it’s not like you two have a long-time thing together. What about you, do you have feelings for her, and what about me?”

As I soaped Sara’s firm round breasts, I answered as honestly as I could. “Sara, I’ve known you two for years, but only as friends, now it looks like we are friends with benefits. Can we leave it this way until we see where this goes?”

“Sure”, Sara said, “those were some mighty fine benefits back there, I’d like to do that again, that is if Debbie doesn’t cut your dick off! Speaking of dicks, wash that thing off and get out of here. A Lady needs a little privacy, so scram.”

I soaped up, rinsed off, groped Sara’s ass one more time and left her to her privacy.

I quickly dried off, then headed to Sara’s room to put my old clothes back on and then……… well, you know that I had to snoop into Sara’s panty drawer! Holy fuck did she have a collection of panties. There must have been more than 100 pairs, neatly folded and sorted by color, all satin or satin and lace, every color of the rainbow and all arranged like a color wheel. God did Sara have some panties, I wanted to scoop up hands full of them and wrap them around my cock. Outside of a lingerie store, I had never seen so many panties at one time, my heart began pounding from the excitement of this discovery and from the knowledge that I had no company being in her things. The next drawer down held an equally impressive assortment of bras, many were matching sets with the panties up above. I was careful not to mess things up and as much as I wanted to, I resisted the urge to swipe a few of those panties. Fearful that I would get caught, I quietly closed the drawers without looking any further put on my clothes, and headed downstairs to talk to Debbie.

“Debbie, that was awkward”, I began, “after you left, it just happened, but it just happened with you as well. This morning we were casual friends, now I’ve had sex with both of you…”

“Don’t loose any sleep over it”, Debbie interrupted, “Let’s just call it great sex, I’m cool with that, I’m also cool with you and Sara. We share a lot of things, let’s see if we can share a guy!”

With that, Debbie leaned into me and kissed me on the lips. “You know”, she confided, “All evening I couldn’t help thinking about your obsession with my panties, and then watching you and Sara……. that was hot!”

I heard Sara skipping down the stairs, now dressed in jeans and a simple, pink, cotton blouse. I immediately wondered of a pair of pink panties that I had seen while snooping in her panty drawer and silently thought if she was wearing them tonight. My next mental vision was a pink bra, then I thought if I would be lucky enough to understand later that evening. She slipped on her shoes, and the three of us headed out to my truck. This was still in the time of bench seats so both girls piled in, Debbie in the middle and Sara next to the door. It was only a five-minute drive to the restaurant but with these two beautiful girls next to me, I had trouble keeping my eyes on the road. We arrived without incident, and we must have been a sight walking across the parking lot, me in the middle with my arms around the slender waists of these two beauties. As we waited for our table, every eye in the place was on the three of us and I was as proud as a Peacock to be seen with my dates.

After we got to our table, we ordered beers, then a large pizza, then three more beers. We talked about old times, laughed, joked, ate our pizza, and ordered more beer. As she sipped her third beer, Debbie leaned toward me and asked, “well Stud, what’s next? Do you think that you can handle the two of us? You opened up Pandora’s Box, there will be consequences.”

Imaging a double meaning of “box”, I shot back, “Are those consequences going to be wearing satin panties? Are those consequences going to be like this afternoon? If so, throw me into that briar patch. Fuck, you two turn me on! Why the fuck did I wait so long make my move?”

Sara jumped in, “Well, we just might have a couple more pairs of panties to show you, times a’wastin’, let’s get out of here!”

I settled the check and shepherded my two ladies out the door, visions of panties dancing in my head. As we headed back towards my truck, again, both Debbie and Sara put their arms around me but this time, being a little tipsy, but not drunk, they snuggled even closer.

At this point, we didn’t have a plan of where we were going, but bed was on the top of my list, and judging from Debbie and Sara’s body language, it was at the top of their list as well. “Hey”, I suggested as I started the truck, “the night is young, how about I show you two my house?”

“As long as you don’t try to take advantage of us”, Sara quipped, “this is our first date, we aren’t going to just flop over for you!”

“Who are you kidding?” Debbie asked, “As I came up the stairs a little earlier, I vividly remember hearing you moaning, oh, oh, oh, oh God, I’m coming. Then I watched Lover Boy here fill your hot pussy with his load.”

Sara shot back, “And whose come soaked panties did I find on the living room floor this afternoon? At least I invited him into my bed rather than fucking him on Mom’s sofa!”

Sara leaned over and kissed my cheek, reached down, squeezed my cock, then added “I hope that there is more where that came from.” I put my arm around Sara’s shoulders and returned her kiss as best as I could without wrecking. Debbie, wanting to get her two cents in, reached over and unbuttoned two more buttons on Sara’s blouse, announcing,” Well, if you two are making out here, I might as well show everyone what your bra looks like. Sara, by the way, nice innocent pink one there girl! Rob, do you like pink? I bet her panties match as well.”

Getting more turned on by the second, but trying to remain focused on driving, I answered Debbie’s question. “Do I like pink? I love pink!” I slipped my hand in front of Sara’s unbuttoned blouse to feel the silky fabric of her bra and her excited nipple peaking into the satin and lace cup.

Sara sat up, “Hey no fair! Debbie, you don’t have any buttons, how come we can’t see your tits?”

Debbie rose to the bait, pulled her t-shirt up, flashing her snow-white satin and lace bra, her perky nipples also putting on a show. “There, are you happy? Rob, who’s got the prettier bra, me, or Sara?”

Not fully taking that bait, I said, “I’m not sure, I’d like to have some time to examine them more closely, perhaps in a little better light. I’d also like to see your panties before I decide.”

By this time, I had turned down the lane to my house, none too soon, I was as hot to trot as the girls were and I couldn’t wait to get them into my king-sized bed.

I slammed my truck into park, and by the time that I got to the passenger door, both girls had gotten out, Sara’s blouse still unbuttoned, her pink bra exposed to the world. Debbie had pulled her shirt back down as we headed towards the door, so I kept staring at Sara’s open shirt and the sweet curve of her chest. Fuck, I had to have her again, for that matter, I had to have Debbie again and the sooner the better.

Because I had only recently moved in, my house was sparsely furnished but I all the time kept it neat and clean. Debbie was the first to opinion as she looked around, “Look Sara”, she teased,” a clean bachelor pad, I guess that we don’t need to worry about cholera or anything, our new friend isn’t a slob.”

I headed for the fridge, grabbed a bottle of wine that had been left over from a party two weeks ago. “Here girls”, I said, “I don’t know what kind it is, it looks pink, grab three glasses from that shelf while I get the opener.”

I pulled the cork and poured each of us a glass, then with a flourish, I invited my guests to continue the tour. The living room was nice and cozy with a large sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, Tv, and a stereo. Last, but not least, I ushered them into the bedroom.

“Look,” Sara said, “a king-sized bed, and it’s even made! Look at all these pillows.” With that she grabbed one and whacked Debbie on the ass. The next thing that I knew, I had the sexiest pillow fight that you could imagine. I quickly put the glasses on the dresser and joined in just in time to bonk Sara on her ass. The additional combatant surprised her long enough for Debbie to take control and wrestle her onto the bed, the two of them landing in a giggling heap. Sara had never buttoned up her blouse and now it was gaping wide open, exposing her torso, her gorgeous pink bra doing little to contain her excited nipples. She finished unbuttoning her blouse, slipped it from her shoulders, tossed it to the floor and reached for the hem of Debbie’s T-shirt. With one deft move and Debbie’s cooperation, both girls were laying in my bed, giving me an unobstructed view of their bras.

As I have mentioned, both sisters appeared to be the same size, a solid B cup, in perfect proportion to their tall slender builds. I was in awe! Debbie was wearing a white satin and lace creation with a front clasp. It looked so sweet and pure, the soft light shone on the silky satin and her pink nipples were visible through the floral lace of the upper half of the cups.

I had gotten glimpses of Sara’s baby pink bra during the ride home but now that she had removed her blouse, I got to get a good look at it without the risk of running off the road. Much like Debbie’s, Sara’s bra had nylon satin cups with lace on the upper half. The lace had a different pattern, it had a sweet little bow in the front, and her bra hooked in the back. Most men probably would have been in a hurry to get the girls out of their bras, but I wanted to prolong the anticipation, I found bras to be extremely sexy, so I was content to further explore them at my leisure.

Wanting to keep things rolling, I paused to pull off my t-shirt and then dropped my jeans, my rapidly hardening cock bulging in my tighty, white’s. Both girls followed suit and shimmied out of their jeans, exposing their panties to my inspection. Holy fuck, do I love panties! Debbie had flashed a glimpse of hers earlier as she headed to class and now, they were on full display in all their pure white, satin and lace glory. Made from silky polyester satin, they were a string bikini cut, the front panel being satin with a band of lace running down each side to meet at the satin crotch panel. As she rolled over to drop her jeans onto the floor, I got a good look at the solid satin back panel as it conformed to her incredibly firm ass.

I caught Sara watching me stare at Debbie’s panty clad ass, not to be outdone, Sara rolled onto her side, bent her knee to expose the satin crotch of her pink panties. These were a classic bikini cut with a partial lace panel in the front, the rest being silky nylon satin. I recognized these panties from when I had snooped into Saras panty drawer, they had been at the top of one of her neatly arranged stacks of panties. I had held them to my face, inhaling her sweet perfume, fantasizing about eating her pussy while she had them on. It was amazing that she had chosen to wear those particular panties tonight, and now I planned to make love to them while Sara was wearing them.

Debbie snapped me out of my panty induced daydream, “Well, who wins? Which one of us has the sexiest underwear? Sara, how about a sexy, little fashion show? If he wants to see our panties, lets show him!”

Debbie began rolling about on the sheets, posing like some lingerie model, her beautiful body highlighting the sensuousness of her bra and panties. With her eyes closed, she began cupping one and then both of her breasts, gently kneading them through the white fabric of her bra. If this wasn’t enough, Debbie then snaked one hand downward, her fingers gliding over the front of her silky white panties.

While Debbie was vamping it up on the bed, Sara began her own commentary, “Our first model, wearing Victoria’s Secret, is Debbie. Debbie’s virginal white, bra and panty set, is made from the silkiest of polyester satin with lace inserts in all the right places. “Look how pretty this lace is, you should feel how silky the satin is, look how it ripples and shines. The panties have a full satin back, and just look at the delicate lace in the elastic at the waist band and leg openings. Now look at her bra, the lower portion of the cups are the same silky polyester with a wide band of floral lace for the top half. Debbie’s wears a size 34B and she needs minimal support, but this bra has underwires to keep its shape. When the time comes to remove this delicate creation, the clasp is in the front for easy access. I know that you are dying to touch our model, but it’s hands off until the show is complete.”

Sara continued, “Now here is a little personal information about Debbie. While she is dressed in white, Debbie is no virgin! Her latest sexual exploit this afternoon involved getting fucked on the couch at her parents’ house. It must have been quite the escapade as she left her red, come soaked panties on the floor. While she has an outward sweet and innocent persona, it is rumored that she can have quite the potty mouth during sex! With a voyeuristic side to her, she has been known to stand in the background while her sister is making love, doing Lord knows what to herself all the while!”

No longer able to keep a straight face, Sara burst into laughter and jumped into bed next to Debbie. Seeing two gorgeous women in my bed, I jumped into the middle, between the two of them and copped a quick feel of Debbie’s breasts.

“No, no, no, no”, Debbie scolded, “no touchy feely until the fashion show is complete!”

As I lay in the middle of the bed, propped up by several pillows, Sara positioned herself at the foot of the bed, facing me. While also struggling to sound serious, Debbie started her own commentary about Sara’s delightful outfit.

“Our next model is Sara. Sara is wearing an Olga Shimmerlillies bra, also in a size 34B, made from the silkiest baby pink nylon and lace. Notice how the nylon portion of the cups mold themselves to Sara’s fabulously firm breasts, the lace portion giving a provocative glimpse of firm flesh and her excited nipples. Also, please note that the slim silky straps have minimal work to support her gloriously perfect boobs. This pink confection hooks with a single clasp in the back, also allowing for easy removal for those with nimble fingers. But let’s be real here, I don’t think that our enraptured audience wants that to happen. Now look at her matching panties, notice the sleek satin bikini style, with a lace panel just north of her silky pubic area! Don’t you just love how the elastic puckers up the fabric at her waist and leg openings? The cotton lining in the silky gusset will help absorb any moisture in the event that our model has some naughty thoughts!”

Debbie continued with her own running commentary about Sara.

“Some personal notes about Sara, at 21 years old, Sara works full time just to feed her lingerie addiction, all the time wanting the finest and silkiest panties, bras, slips etc. Her lucky lover will remember that she willingly keeps her underwear on during sex, and that she easily achieves an orgasm from oral sex. While she is less vocal than her older sister, she is known to announce her impending orgasm at high volume to her lover, her Deity, and to anyone else within earshot!” Now that we know a little more about the lovely Sara, perhaps she would like to give our audience a closer view of her intimate apparel?

Sara had been kneeling at the foot of the bed, now she moved up, straddling my knees, then my thighs, then my chest, giving me a perfect view of the crotch of her panties. Oh my God! I had been looking but not touching for too long. I reached to pull Sara towards me, I slid my hands across the cheeks of her ass, feeling the silky fabric of her panties, the delicate nylon satin, heavenly under my fingers. As many times as I had experienced the tactile sensation of a pair of women’s panties, each new encounter was as thrilling as the last. During the past few hours, I had had had sex with both Debbie and Sara. I had spent an inordinate amount of time in intimate contact with both girls’ panties. Now for the third time, I was doing it again. Laying on my back, I pulled her body close, just taking in the pure eroticism of her panties. I was enraptured by the silky fabric, the way that the light shone and reflected off the shiny nylon satin, the sweet, feminine pink color, the delicate floral lace, the gathered fabric around the waistline and leg openings, the tiny picot lace edgings at the leg openings. I held her close, brushing my face against the fabric, my nose inhaling Sara’s personal scent as well as the sweet scent of her perfume. My subconscious also detected pheromones that signaled Sara’s sexual arousal. My hands continued caressing her panty clad ass, now pulling her closer. I stuck my tongue out, using just the tip to gently lick the outside edges of her panties. Sara’s body responded by trembling in anticipation of more contact, but I was gonna take my time. I wasn’t in any rush to devour her pussy; I wanted to savor her panties and repay her for all of hers and Debbie’s teasing for the last hour. As I gently ran my tongue along the perimeter of her panties, occasionally I would stray outward and lick the inside of her thighs. This would raise goose bumps followed by soft sighs.

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