Dear Dad (Incest)

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Dear Dad,
It’s been a long time since I’ve written and I have a lot of things to
tell you about. Before you go any further though I want to make something
perfectly clear. Inside this letter you will see an envelope of pictures
that says don’t open until you’ve read the letter first. Do what it
says!! This letter is for your eyes only. That means if you are reading
this to Mom right now you have to stop reading it out loud. No offense
to mom, but this letter is Very personal and non of her company.

Now, the only way you should be reading this part is to yourself, alone.
I swear to God that if you let mom see this or read this I will never
speak to you again.

I’m writing because I have to get some things off my chest before I
explode and do something stupid. What I’m gonna tell you is gonna
be very shocking but please read every last word of this before making
any decisions.

Let me begin by telling you how much I love you. I know that
after reading this our relationship will never be the same. There are only
two feasible outcomes to this letter. Either we will never speak again or
our relationship will be so much stronger than before.

Ok, I’ve stalled enough so now it’s time to get down to the
facts. Mark and I are getting a divorce and it’s because of you.
Now before you get all defensive let me assure you that you couldn’t
have done anything to stop it and I don’t blame you at all. The issue is
actually with me, not you, but I’ll explain that all shortly.

Mark and I were very close, too close in fact. I shared with him secrets
even you never knew. Secrets that eventually led to our coming divorce.
I explained to Mark how things were when I was growing up. I told him
how close you and I at all times were and how you helped me through my little
teen age crisis when I got pregnant by that asshole Brad.

Anyway, I also told him about the time I spied on you in the shower. I
don’t know if you even remember that, but when I was about 16 you caught
me peeking through your shower curtain while you showered. You didn’t
think much of it at the time but little did you know that seeing you then
would eventually lead to my coming divorce.

You see, what you didn’t know was what I did after you caught me. Right
you kicked me out of the bathroom I ran to my room and found myself
pulling down my panties and masturbating while thinking of you naked. It
was the
very first time in my life I ever had an orgasm and I never forgot it.

I told Mark how ever since then I had tried to see you naked whenever I
I used to peek under your bedroom door and watch you and mom make love at
night and I’d at all times masturbate after you had finished.

At first Mark wondered my little story was kinky and fun. When we’d make
love he’d ask me to call him daddy and he encouraged me to think of you
whenever we’d have sex. I know that probably sounds sick to you, but
that’s what I did. For 12 years now I’ve been fantasizing about you when
my husband and I would make love. Eventually the fantasy became more
and more real for me. It was no longer enough to think of you when he made
love to me. I began to think of you at all times. I imagined what it
would be like to be your wife. Every morning when Mark would leave for
work I’d kiss him and think of you. Soon I was calling him daddy all the
time and eventually he got tired of it.

Mark and I fought a lot one night and he told me that if I didn’t stop
calling him daddy he was gonna leave me. He said that I had become
obsessed with you and it wasn’t healthy. He was right of course, I had
become obsessed with you.

The next couple weeks we made love without me calling him daddy
and not once could I bring myself to orgasm. Frustrated beyond belief, Mark
told me I could call him daddy once more during sex and I came so hard I
nearly passed out!

That’s when Mark decided to leave me. He said it was sick that I couldn’t
have an orgasm unless I was thinking of you and that he would be
better off with someone else.

It doesn’t bother me that Mark is leaving me but something else does. I
can not stop this feeling I have inside me. Mark moved out a few days ago
and all I do now is think of you constantly. I go through my old photo’s
of you and discover myself masturbating while looking at them. I sleep with
your picture on my pillow at night even. I’m sick dad and I don’t know
what to do.

That’s why I’m writing this letter to you now. I have to figure out once
and for all if there is any chance for us. I know it probably sounds
sick but I need you so bad! I need you on top of me, inside of me. I love
you daddy! I love you so much it hurts. I know you love mom and would
never do anything to hurt her, but I have to try. I hope you can
figure out.
I’m sick and desperate.

If this is just too sick for you to even imagine then don’t worry. I’ll
never bother you again. I know my feelings wont change on this so
you’ll figure out if I never see you again. However, if you aren’t sickened
this. If for some heavenly miracle you decide you want me too, please
write back. Once I get your letter and know how you feel I’ll tell you
where you can meet me and…oh I shudder at the wondered.

Knowing that this is an all or nothing sort of deal I decided to give you
a little incentive. If mom is not around to see, you can open the envelope
of pictures now. Inside you will discover some pictures of me. Mark took
these just last year so you can have a good idea what I look like now.

I know you like breasts, I remember how you liked to squeeze mom’s and
suck them. As you can see, mine are even bigger! I’d love to feel you suck
on my nipples – ohhh GOD!!! I’ve also included a good shot of my pussy.
I’m holding it open for you daddy. Imagine yourself pushing your cock up
inside me. God I want it daddy! I want your cock inside me. I want to
suck it and lick your big gorgeous balls. I want to marry you daddy.

I know that you may hate me now and you may never want to see me again,
but I’m hoping, praying that you will write me back and tell me you feel the
same way.
If not, remember I’ll love you at all times.



Well you certainly gave me a shock. I didn’t even believe what I was
reading until after I had seen the pictures you sent me. I looked over
the pictures and re-read your letter probably 20 times, word for word.

I don’t know where to start so let me begin by saying that all of this is
a dream come true! When I read what you wrote the first time I wondered
it was some sick joke played on me by a good friend of mine. I’ve only
told one other person in the world how I really felt about you and now I see
it’s time to let you know.

Ever since that time I helped you get that abortion I began thinking of
you differently. For the first time ever I imagined you in a sexual way.
I thought what that dumb S.O.B. Brad must have felt having such a hot
young thing like you. Ever since then I couldn’t stop admiring your
body, your firm legs and ass and, Lord have mercy, those breasts!

I knew it was wrong to think that way so when you finally met someone and
decided to move away I didn’t fight it. I knew if you stayed I would just
be tempted to do something incredibly stupid and make you hate me.

Just to let you know sweetheart, I’ve put in two weeks notice at
work and I’ve told your mother I’m moving in with you for a while. I told
about your letter (don’t worry she didn’t read it) and how I realized that
I needed to be with you. She said she is gonna divorce me but I
offered to support her the rest of her life. I do love your mother, but
I love you more.

Thank you so much for the pictures! I’ve been jerking off to them three
or four times a day! I can hardly wait to get there and feel you in the
flesh. I hope you’ll figure out if the first time we make love it
doesn’t last very long. I’m so horny I’ll probably shoot my load before I
get it in. But I promise you I wont stop till I make you cum too baby.

Oh God how I want to make you cum! I can not believe how just thinking
that makes me so horny.

Nicole wasted no time picking out her father as he stepped off the plane.
With open arms Nikki ran into her father’s arms and hugged him tightly.

“I’m so glad you came daddy!” Nicole gasped as she pressed her huge
breasts against him. “You wont regret it.”

“I know I wont,” Roger said as he kissed his daughter on the lips lightly
and felt his cock stiffen with anticipation. “I know you wont.”

Nicole had been waiting for this kiss for 12 long years.

Without a seconds wondered she kissed him again, this time opening her mouth
slipping her tongue into her father’s mouth. Roger nearly choked on the
surprised tongue intrusion but eagerly flicked his tongue across his
daughter’s and enjoyed her hot wet taste.

Nicole ignored the curious onlookers who gawked at their wet kiss. She
had completely forgoten she had called him daddy right before she kissed
him. Next time she decided to be more careful in public.

“Come on,” Nicole said with an awkward glance at her ownlookers.

“Let’s get out of her.”

Nicole drove as fast as traffic would allow to her house.

“We’ll get your stuff moved into our bedroom and I’ll make us both
dinner,” Nicole said.

“That sounds wonderful,” Roger said with a roaming eye all over
his grown up daughter.

Nicole helped her father haul his bags into her bedroom and showed him
where to put his clothes.

“I recognize the bed from the picture,” Roger smiled.

“Did you like the pictures?” Nicole smiled.

“I loved them, you know that.”

“Did you like seeing me naked?” Nicole wiggled uncomfortably.

“Of course I did. I told you what it did to me.”

“Do you want to see me naked again daddy?”

“Oh God do I ever,” Roger groaned.

Nicole slowly began unbuttoning her blouse as she stared into her
father’s deep brown eyes. “After 12 long years I’m finally gonna get
what I’ve at all times wanted,” she said as the blouse came open and she
slipped it off and onto the floor.

Roger’s cock sprung to life as he stared at his daughter’s enormous
breasts held back by a tiny straining bra.

With a snap the bra popped open in front and Nicole’s firm lobes bounced

“Oh fuck jesus,” Roger moaned as he reached out and took his daughter in
his arms. Roger’s big hands held his daughter’s firm back as he smashed
his face into her enormous tit and sucked her fat hard nipple into his

Tears began to stream down Nicole’s pretty face as she held on to her
father’s head and winced as he nibbled on her tender nipple.

“Oh God that feels so good,” Nicole cried. “Oh daddy I’ve wanted this
for so long.”

“I love you Nikki,” Roger growled with passion as he switched from one
nipple to the other. “god I love you.”

“Oh Dad,” Nicole moaned as she watched her father eagerly suckle each of
her fat mounds. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Roger’s hands slid instinctively down his daughter’s back and cupped her
firm tight ass through her thin skirt. Nicole gasped with pleasure as her
father began pulling up her skirt in back until his hands were grabbing
the backs of her bare legs and sliding up to her panties.

“Oh daddy,” Nicole choked as her father dropped to his knees in front of
her and began pulling down her panties.

“I’m going to treat you like the little princess you always were to me,”
Roger said as he slipped his daughter’s panties over her knees and
dropped them to the floor.

“I love it when you call me princess,” Nicole sobbed as she pulled at the
button on her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Roger’s hands slid up the back of his daughter’s firm bare legs and up
over the curves of her tight ass. Cupping a cheek in each hand Roger
pulled his daughter toward him and kissed her pretty brown bush softly.

“That’s my princess,” he said kissing her bush again, lower.

“Lay down and let daddy kiss you.”

With a little turn of her hips and a reach back, Nicole eased her naked
body down onto the bed and watched as her father crawled up between her
legs like she had dreamed about so many times.

“Oh yes,” Roger said as he slid his hands under his daughter’s legs and
lifted them up into the air, spreading them slighty. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh

Nicole strained to hold her head up far enough to see over her enormous
breast and quickly grabbed a couple of pillows to support her instead.
Nicole bent her knees and allowed her father to push them aside to
expose her wanting pussy.

“It’s so beautiful,” Roger said as he let go of one of her legs and
placed it on her wet clit. “Oh ya. Loot at that.”

Roger carefully pulled the tight wet lips of his daughter’s pussy open
with his finger and moaned with anticipation.

Nicole began panting heavily as she saw her father’s head lower between
her legs and felt his hot wet tongue stab into her aching cunt.

“FUUCKKK!!!” Nicole moaned as her hands shot up to her big tits and
squeezed them till they hurt. “Oh Fuck daddy!”

“Daddy wants to make you cum,” Roger panted as he worked his tongue up
inside his daughter’s hot pussy. “Cum for me princess.”

“I am daddy,” Nicole gasped finally. “I already am!!!”

“OH YA!” Roger groaned as he tasted the thick tangy cum flowing
from hisdaughter’s insides. “Oh ya, I can taste it baby!”

“OHHH!” Nicole cried out as she squeezed her tits relentlessly and caused
little finger sized bruises. “Eat me daddy! EAT ME!!!”

For the next half an hour Roger lapped and sucked the cum out of his
daughter’s pretty fuck hole and left her sprawled sleepily on the bed,
her giant breasts bruised heavily in places from her squeezing them so

Roger kissed his daughter lightly as she drifted off to sleep and walked
out to the kitchen to get something to drink.

“Oh no you don’t,” Nicole said suddenly from the hall as she came out of
the bedroom. “You don’t get to leave me like that before I even get to
suck your cock.”

“You fell asleep,” Roger said softly. “I’m gonna be here as long as
you want.”

“Promise?” Nicole said as she snuggled up to her father and put her hand
on his crotch. Quickly Nicole felt her father’s cock harden in her handand
she smiled.

“I promise,” Roger said as his naked daughter began unzipping his pants
as she kissed him on the lips.

Roger looked over his shoulder at the open curtains in the livingroom and
before he looked back his daughter was on her knees on the floor and
pulling out his thick rod.

Nicole shuddered as her hand wrapped around her father’s hard cock for
the first time. She could feel the viens pulsing inside his shaft and
wanted it inside her so bad. For 12 years she had fantasized about
sucking her father’s big cock and in an instant she was doing it.

Roger groaned loudly as his daughter’s wet mouth engulfed his fat head
and shaft and slid it down her hot throat.

Roger pulled his daughter’s long brown hair up off her shoulders so he
could see down at her gorgeous big tits and pushed his hips in and out
making his pole slide in and out of her hot willing mouth.

“Suck it,” Roger groaned. “Suck daddy’s cock.”

Nicole hungrily shoved as much of her father’s shaft in her mouth and
quickly pulled down his pants to his knees.

“Oh ya,” Roger groaned as his daughter’s hands squeezed his assand
worked his fat cock in and out of her pretty face. “Show daddy you love

Nicole took her father’s cock out of her mouth and pushed it against his
stomach as she started licking his fat balls.

“I do love you daddy,” Nicole moaned as she quickly pulled his cock down
and shoved it in her hot mouth again.

“Oh that feels so good baby,” Roger said. “You’re gonna make daddy

Nicole eagerly grabbed her father’s heavy balls and rubbed them as she
sucked faster and faster, bobbing her head up and down on his pole.

“Oh ya baby,” Roger groaned. “That’s my little princes. Make daddy cum.”

Nicole’s body was on fire and one hand shot to her aching pussy again as
she sucked her father to his first climax.

The first blast of cum errupted inside her mouth and Nicole swallowed it
shortly before the next one filled her mouth again. Nicole loved the
taste of cum, loved the way it made her feel when a man shot his load in
her mouth but nothing was ever as good as tasting her own father’s cum.

“OH!! OHHH!!!” Roger groaned as he grabbed his spurting cock to keep his
daughter from sliding her mouth up and down on it again. “Oh God yes!”

Nicole wondered about taking her father’s cock out of her mouth and
squirting some of his wonderful cum on her tits just like Mark at all times
liked, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop drinking it.

Like a dehydrated person in the desert, Nicole milked every ounce of
fluid from her father’s thick cock before she let go of it.

“Thank you daddy,” Nicole said looking up into his eyes as he smiled at

“No, thank you,” Roger laughed.

Nicole got up and hugged her father, his hard cock still pressing against
her stomach.

“I never knew it would be so good,” Roger said as he put his hands on his
daughter’s ass and rubbed her soft naked flesh.

“I told my husband Mark that I’d never feel like a whole person until I
had this. To know if it was everything I wondered it would be.”

“And was it?” Roger asked.

“I couldn’t feel any better than this,” Nicole said with a kiss.

“Are you sure about that?” Roger said as he squeezed her ass foremphasis.

“Only one thing could even possibly make me feel better,” Nicole smiled
as she reached between them and grabbed her father’s still hard shaft.

“Turn around,” Roger said as he forcefully pushed Nicole’s shoulders
around so she faced away from him. “Daddy’s gonna give you something
you’ll never forget.”

“Oh daddy!” Nicole moaned as her father pushed her forward so she had to
bend over and grab onto the countertop.

“Ya that’s my good girl,” Roger said as he pushed his daughter’s legs
aside and pushed on her shoulders to make her stick her ass out further.

“Bend over for daddy nice and far like that.”

Nicole breathed heavily as she looked over her shoulder at her father.

Roger quickly peeled off his tee shirt and ripped his pants down to his

“Oh yes daddy! Fuck me!” Nicole gasped as her father grabbed his fat
cock and prepared to put it inside her.

“That’s right baby,” Roger groaned. “Daddy’s gonna fuck you real

With one hand Roger pulled open his daughter’s tight looking pussy and
worked his cock head between her open lips.

Without waiting Nicole rammed herself back onto her father’s cock ,
forcing it all the way up inside her.

“OHH FUCKKK DADDY!!!!” Nicole cried out in pain and surprise.

“It’s so big!!!”

“Do you like it baby?” Roger asked as he grabbed Nicole’s hips and began
pumping his shaft in and out of his daughter’s tight cunt. “Do you like
it when daddy FUCKS you like this? HUH?”

“UH! UH! UH!” Was all Nicole could grunt as she reached between her legs
and held her father’s balls in her hand while he fucked her.

Roger loved the way his daughter’s enormous breasts jiggled and bounced
each time he drilled into her and the way she looked at him over her
shoulder, mouth open wide as if trying to say something.

Roger couldn’t fight the urge to pull his daughter’s hair and ram his
cock up inside her forcefully.

Nicole’s eye’s clinched in pain and pleasure and a shrill wheeze escaped
her throat as she gather her first breath in a long time.

“OOOOOOO!!!!!!” she cried out with tears streaming down her face in

A thin sheen of sweat began to cover Nicole’s gorgeous back and Roger
rubbed his hands all over his daughter’s body, around to her enormous
breasts while he continued his torrid pace.

Roger pinched his daughter’s nipples and pulled on them hard while he
fucked her which made her cry out again in that wonderful pleasure/pain

“Come on princess!” Roger barked. “Cum for daddy! Cum baby!”

“I..I..” Nicole gasped for air. “I HAVE BEEN!”

“You like it?” Roger asked. “You like daddy’s big cock?”

“I LOVE YOU DADDY!” Nicole squealed in orgasm.

“I love you too,” Roger said as he pulled his cock out of his daughter

“Nooo!” Nicole protested as she spun around and reached for her father.

“Come on baby,” Roger said as he took his daughter’s hand.

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom.”

“Oh hurry!” Nicole said as she quickly ran to the bedroom pulling her
father along.

Roger carefully pushed Nicole onto the bed on her back. Her enormous tits
looked no worse laying on her back then when they were swinging beneath

“You’re so beautiful,” Roger said as he bent over and cupped both of his
daughter’s sweaty breasts in his hands. Roger’s finger’s tweaked his
daughter’s nipples and pinched them as he stared at her.

“Please daddy,” Nicole begged. “Please put it in me!”

Roger looked down between his daughter’s legs as she spread them and
raised her knees.

“You want daddy to stuff your little pussy?” Roger asked as he grabbed
his cock and slapped it against his daughter’s brown bush.

“God daddy,” Nicole panted. “I’ve never been fucked so good.

Please! Fuck me more!”

“I love it when you talk like that baby,” Roger said pushing his cock
down between his daughter’s legs and slipping it back inside her.

“Do.DOES..Does that feel good daddy?” Nicole panted as her father’s cock
slid deeply inside her.

Roger put his arms under both of his daughter’s legs and laid on her till
her knees push into her tits. Slowly and deliberately Roger worked his
enormous cock in and out of his daughter as sweat dripped from his face
onto her enormous mounds.

“You’re going to see just how good it feels to me in a minute,”

Roger moaned.

“I want you to cum daddy,” Nicole panted. “I want you to squirt your cum
all over me.”

“Yes talk like that,” Roger groaned as he pumped himself deeper into his
tight daughter. “Tell me you love your daddy’s big cock.”

“I love it daddy!” Nicole cried as she reached between her legs to touch
her father’s thick cock as it slid in and out of her. “It feels so good
inside me. Fuck me daddy! FUCK ME!!!”

“Oh God baby!” Roger shouted. “Oh here it comes!”

Suddenly Roger pulled out of his daughter with a wet sound, grabbed his
sticky cock and began jerking himself off as he stood over his daughter.

Nicole rubbed her pussy frantically as she watched the head of her
father’s cock squirt thick white cum out of it’s purple slit. Almost as
if in slow motion the gorgeous thick cum her father oozed fell in a
stream onto her enormous breasts and poured down her lobes.

Nicole fingered her pussy madly, bringing herself to a powerful orgasm as
her father’s cum slid down the sides of both her breast and down her

Roger carefully jerked his load down his daughter’s body, squirting large
puddles onto her belly and pubic hair.

“Squirt some in me,” Nicole begged as she held open her well fucked

Roger eagerly jerked a glob of cum right into her open hole and smiled as
his daughter used her fingers to push it inside her.

“Next time it all goes inside me,” Nicole purred as she rubbed her big
slippery tits with one hand and smiled.

“I promise,” Roger said as he rolled over on the bed beside his daughter
and sighed in exhaustion.

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