Deal with the Enemy Ch. 08 – Fetish

Alisson was amused when she heard Melissa’s story about her Thanksgiving. “Oh, believe me, Chloe is not the only one who can’t wait to see how fat you will be next year. And I will make sure you will be absolutely huge by then.”

The days kept following the same fattening routine. Every day, Melissa would get a load of treats from her schoolmates and later, at night, get stuffed to her maximum by Alisson until she would pass out. Sometimes Melissa would wake up at night to get herself another snack because she was already starving. She was living at Allison’s house now, only going home for a short time on the weekends, shocking her parents with how much bigger she looked every time. Melissa gained another 20 pounds by her next weigh-in, putting her at 230.

Alisson was pleased with Melissa’s progress and stuffed her until she was about to burst as a reward. As Melissa was sitting there, unable to move, Alisson walked up and started kneading her round belly.

“You have done such a good job getting fatter for me, so since Christmas is coming up, we’ll go to a buffet in 3 weeks as a reward, piggy.”

Melissa’s eyes lit up. She had been dreaming about making a pig of herself in front of strangers for a while now. But Alisson had never proposed to do it, not wanting to be seen with a fatty like her in public. But now, her next dream would finally come true.

“In those 3 weeks before your big day, we’ll have to work on your stomach capacity. I want you to be able to put away a ridiculous amount of food in front of your audience.”


For the following 3 weeks, Alisson ensured that Melissa was stuffed every minute she was awake. She woke her up early, so she could stuff her before college began. Melissa would already be uncomfortably full once she arrived at college. But Alisson still expected her to eat all the treats she was given there, so Melissa did just that. Since Christmas was coming up, it seemed like everyone had more treats to give to her. Melissa spent all her day being stuffed to the brim, breathing heavily while slowly waddling through the halls, where she was fed more snacks.

When the big day had finally come, Melissa felt ready to eat until the buffet ran out of food. Alisson had forbidden her to eat during the day so that she would be ravenous by the evening. It was pure torture for Melissa. She didn’t remember when she had last felt hunger and had never gone more than an hour without eating for the last few months. By noon, she was experiencing horrible pangs of hunger. After another hour, she couldn’t take it anymore and slowly walked to the fridge. As she reached out to open it, Alisson suddenly appeared behind her and grabbed her arm.

“What do you think you are doing?” She asked angrily.

“Please, I just need a little snack to get me through the day. I’m in so much pain,” Melissa whined.

She tried to get her arm free to grab a snack. But she struggled to no avail. Alisson was able to retain her without breaking a sweat. Melissa was surprised by Alisson’s strength and, at the same time, shocked about how weak she had gotten. All her muscles were gone by now, replaced by jiggly fat. Her weak, jiggly arms made her feel utterly helpless against Alisson. In contrast, Alisson’s toned arms pinned easily pinned her against the wall. As Alisson grabbed her other arm, Melissa realized she was entirely at her mercy.

“Get away from the fridge, fatty. I told you there would be no food for you until we get to the buffet, and I don’t make exceptions. Especially not for a pathetic pig like you.”

She led Melissa back to the living room and made her sit down. “I can’t deny that it’s fun seeing how out of control you are. But the rules are the rules,” she said as she grabbed a rope and tied Melissa to the chair. “I think this is the only way to prevent you from stuffing yourself before our big event later. So, you’ll sit here until I decide it’s time to go.”

She turned on the tv and left, ignoring Melissa’s desperate plea for a snack.

Time passed exceptionally slowly for Melissa. She felt like she had been sitting in her chair for days, the pain in her belly growing worse every minute. She had quickly regretted acting up against Alisson and wished her hands would be free, so she could at least rub her belly to soothe the pain. But now, she was just left with the pain and daydreams of all the delicious food she would stuff into her mouth once she was free.


After an eternity, Alisson returned. She untied Melissa and put some clothes on her lap.

“It’s time, piggy. Put these on and meet me in my car.”

Melissa jumped up, her body jiggling, and got undressed as quickly as feasible. She grabbed the leggings Alisson had given her and tried to put them on as fast as feasible. This proved harder than expected, as they were so tight that getting them over her thunderous thighs was a struggle. By the time she had put on the top she was given, Melissa was already breathing heavily. Her top was too short to cover her belly completely, looking more like a crop top. Besides that, the tightness of her leggings caused Melissa to have quite the prominent muffin top. But Melissa didn’t think about that too much. Instead, she rushed over to the car.

Alisson had to laugh as she watched Melissa hurry to her car. Her flabby body was jiggling all over, especially her belly, which was exposed since her top had ridden up. Melissa was breathless from her fast walk when she entered the car.

“I know this day has been hard for you so far,” Alisson said. “But the upcoming food will be worth it. Now, my unfit fatty, relax, catch your breath, and get ready to pig out.”

Melissa was shifting around impatiently during the ride. Once they got to the buffet, she let out a squeal of joy and was about to leave the car, but Alisson grabbed her arm.

“Not so fast. Did you really think I wanted to be seen at the buffet with a fat pig like you? No, I’m meeting up with my friends there. We go to this buffet once a year before Christmas to make fun of all the fatties there. And you are tonight’s main attraction. So, I will sit down with them and text you when it’s time for your entrance. And make sure you get a table in our line of sight so we can see every pathetic thing you do.”

With that, Melissa was left to wait once again. 15 minutes had passed, but it felt like an eternity until Melissa finally received a text from Alisson.

“Alright, piggy, it’s time for your show.”

Melissa jumped out of the car, her body jiggling everywhere, turning her on and making her even hungrier. As soon as she entered the buffet, she heard Alisson’s voice.

“Girls, we are up for a treat tonight. It’s our school’s disgusting pig. How does she have the nerve to wear something that tight?”

Alisson was sitting there with five of her trendy friends. Melissa quickly walked over to a table in Alisson’s line of sight, ignoring all the stares she was already getting for her exposed muffin top.

By the time she reached her table, her mind was already clouded from all the delicious-smelling food around her. She grabbed a plate and hurried over to the buffet, her hungry belly longing to finally get stuffed again. As she stood before the buffet and saw the food in front of her, she couldn’t stand to wait any longer. She grabbed a handful of chicken nuggets and stuffed them into her mouth, moaning as the flavors filled her mouth and her belly finally got what it wanted. She grabbed another handful, put it into her mouth, and quickly filled her plate. As she walked back to her table, she could see people staring at her and whispering about the fat girl that had just stuffed her face right out of the buffet.

Melissa began to engulf plate after plate.

As time passed, she was getting more and more stares and comments from the people around her. Her shirt had now ridden up even more and was stained from the food that missed her mouth. Every time she had to fill her plate back up, she had to pass by Alisson’s table. And every time, they made fun of her appearance and behavior, turning Melissa on and making her lean more into behaving like a pig.

As she kept stuffing herself, Melissa could see people around her taking out their phones and taking pictures and videos of the spectacle she was presenting. Especially one group of guys had taken great interest in Melissa. They were shouting comments about her, making grunting noises every time she went to get more food, and made no secret about how disgusting they found her.

Melissa wasn’t the only one who realized the guys’ particular interest in her. After a while, her phone vibrated with a text from Alisson. “Those boys seem to be really interested in you. You should go over and talk to them. And don’t forget to take a snack with you while walking over.”

Melissa felt her face turn red. Until now, she had been wholly hypnotized by stuffing herself, barely noticing the things happening around her. But now that she had to interact with others, she suddenly realized her state. She felt her full and exposed belly sticking out and learned how stained her shirt had become from her uncontrollable eating.

As she slowly got out of her seat and began walking, she couldn’t help but notice every jiggle her body was making. She was getting nervous as she walked toward the boys. Passing by the buffet, she grabbed a donut and immediately began eating it to soothe her nerves. When she realized that the donut wasn’t nearly enough, she turned around. She picked up four more donuts while hearing laughter coming from Alisson’s table.

By the time she had reached the guys’ table, she had only one donut left in her hand. She greeted them nervously and forced herself to smile. Then she took a bite from her remaining donut.

“Look, guys, the pig can actually talk,” one of the guys said and laughed. “I thought all she was good for was eating and moaning.”

Melissa was too nervous to say anything. Instead, she kept eating her donut. The guy who had just talked reached out and slapped her belly.

“I can’t believe a fatty like you has the nerve to come up and talk to us, looking like this.”

Another of the guys looked at the table and smiled. “Guys, I know why she is here. It’s because of our leftover cake. She just couldn’t stay away from that. Am I right?” He grabbed the plate with the chocolate cake and held it out to Melissa. “Here, take it. I know it’s supposed to be eaten with a fork, but I’m sure a fat pig like you can manage eating it with her hands.”

Melissa hesitated for a moment but then realized that everyone was thinking of her as a pig anyway, so she could as well act like one. She grabbed a piece and quickly stuffed it into her mouth. Piece after piece disappeared into her mouth, and soon the plate was empty while chocolate was smeared all over Melissa’s face and shirt. The guys stared at her in disbelief and then started laughing.

“Wow, that was…something. Now, get your flab out of our faces. We don’t want to be seen with a pig like you.”

Walking back to her table, Melissa felt better about herself than ever and turned on beyond belief. As she passed the girls’ table, Alisson suddenly extended her leg, causing Melissa to trip and fall. She let out a surprised scream and heard ripping noises from her leggings.

Everyone at the buffet started laughing while Melissa slowly got up and checked her leggings for the damage. She realized that she now had two big holes on both sides of her legs and one in the back, causing half of her butt to be exposed. She quickly sat down at her table, her face burning red from embarrassment, unsure what to do now. Just then, her phone rang with another message from Alisson.

“Don’t you dare think about leaving now. The fun is just about to begin. Now get another plate to stuff your fat face with.”

So, Melissa followed Alisson’s command and got herself another plate. As she began to eat, she noticed one of the servers approaching her.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t tolerate your behavior anymore. I’ll have to ask you to finish your plate and leave.”

Melissa nodded weakly and continued eating. After she finished her plate, she got up and started walking towards the door, feeling the stares from everyone around her resting on her exposed butt. Once outside, the cold breeze against her exposed body parts caused her to feel waves of pleasure surging through her body.

She was about to walk over to Alisson’s car when she got another text from her. “Too bad, I would have loved to see this play out. There’s a Burger King across the street. Go there and continue eating, piggy. I’ll let you know when it’s time to go.”


When Melissa entered the Burger King, all eyes were on her once again.

People couldn’t believe the sight she was presenting to them. A stuffed fat girl, with her belly, love handles, butt, and parts of her thighs exposed and a chocolaty mess on her face and shirt. All the stares she was getting caused a new eagerness to get stuffed to grow in Melissa. She ordered a bunch of burgers, fries, and milkshakes until no more room was left on her tray. Then she walked to a free seat while the cashier gave her a judging look.

She dug right in, and by the time she finished everything, she was so full that even the slightest movement felt too much. But she didn’t want to stop just yet, so she heaved herself out of her seat and slowly waddled over to the same cashier she had ordered from before. She got another judgmental look as she made her fill the tray up again and waddled back to her seat to continue eating. Every bite proved hard work, and Melissa struggled to keep up her fast pace, constantly moaning from the pain of her overstuffed belly.

As Melissa was halfway done and her eating kept getting slower, she heard the doors open and saw Alisson walking in. Alisson grinned as she saw Melissa sitting there, loudly panting with her stuffed belly hanging out. She pulled out her phone, typed a message, and then left.

“I see you’ve been doing a good job without me. Now finish up and meet me in my car in five minutes.”

Melissa looked at the remaining food before her and took a deep breath. Stuffing everything inside her in five minutes would be a challenging task. Still, she didn’t see any other way, so she began gorging on the food again. She managed to finish everything in five minutes but felt so full that she wasn’t sure if she could even walk.

She groaned as she slowly got up and started waddling. Once outside, she noticed the strain her overfed body was putting on her leggings. Not thinking more about it, she continued her incredibly slow waddle until she suddenly felt a snap and her leggings ripped even further.

Now, her butt, panties, and thighs were exposed entirely, and Melissa shrieked in horror. She wanted to run over to Alisson’s car as fast as feasible, but she was so stuffed that she couldn’t do anything more than continue her slow waddle. She felt her cellulite-covered butt and thighs jiggle as people around her pointed at her and took pictures of the bizarre spectacle she was offering.

The humiliation continued for a few more minutes as Melissa unwillingly presented her flabby butt and thighs to the whole parking lot until she finally reached Alisson’s car. She got inside and took a minute to catch her breath while Alisson was laughing.

“Well, this was the perfect ending for this evening. I know how turned on you must be from all of this.” She pinched Melissa’s exposed thighs and jiggled them. “Now start fingering yourself and come for me, fatty.”

Melissa followed her command even though her distended belly made it hard to reach between her legs. Alisson started driving, a smile on her face as she listened to the ecstatic moans of her overstuffed piggy.

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