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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. No harm is meant by it.


She sat in her car, having just dropped her daughters off at college. Even though a mom now and pushing forty, she still had that perky youthful look that didn’t require anything more than a little lipstick. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a little ponytail and she was dressed like most of the other mothers she had seen in the drop off line: yoga pants, hoodie and tank top.

She looked at the number she had written down on a post-it note again and shivered at the wondered of what she was considering. Was she doing this for the right reason? She thought.

In the end, she stopped trying to think it out and went with what her feeling told her. Her hands shaking, she punched in the numbers on the screen of her phone and waited. With her other hand, she sent the audio to her phone, not trusting it to be secret if it was being blared from the car’s speakers.

On the third ring, the call recipient picked up the phone. “Hi,” she said in as calm and upbeat tone as she could muster. “Is this…”

She paused for a moment listening to the voice on the other end before continuing. “Well.. wow… ok… so Janet… Janet Silver … yeah she’s great…how do I know her? Actually its funny, her kids go to school with mine and we met doing a fundraiser last year.”

She paused and then felt embarrassed as a nervous giggle escaped. Why couldn’t she be cool like the people she played? “Yeah,.. I guess I did forget to introduce myself. My name is Kristen… Kristen Bell….”

“Ahh that’s so sweet of you to say. I’m really proud of that …” she paused again listening.

“So Janet said you could help me with something. I’m setting up a little something for when my husband gets back… oh … ummm… well we’ve talked about it a little in the past… no… we…G-d… we’re kind of boring, especially since the kids.”

After listening to the other person for a moment, “No… well to tell the truth I have a little experience, well more than a little to be honest.” She could feel her cheeks flushing red as she admitted to life before Dax. All of her transgressions had been discrete, but admitting to any of them was both embarrassing and arousing as memories she hadn’t wondered of in years came rushing back.

“So yeah… look, I have to admit, I know that Janet does some work for your company and handles some of your other books. And for this, … I… I wanted someone who was professional so that it was clear where things start and end.”

She waited for a moment, not realizing that she was holding her breath until the person on the other end stopped talking. Kristen then gave a relieved giggle, “I’m so glad you understand, I felt so … I’m that kind of person but like I felt like I sounded like one of those people who … thank you.”

Kristen listened again as the person on the other end of the phone spoke, her smile getting a little broader. “That’s totally doable. I’m not exactly sure when my husband is going to get home, but it should be the three weeks from yesterday… yeah the 18th… oh thank you. I can text you the rest, ok? Wonderful.”

A few moments later, she disconnected the call and gave a contented sigh. There was no turning back now, Kristen wondered to herself.

And that made her feel even more at ease as she drove off to her yoga class.

Part 1

Kristen sat in the back of the car she had hired to pick up Dax. She smiled at herself, running her hand to smooth the hem of teal halter minidress. Had to make sure no one could see she was wearing stockings and garters underneath. She had chosen the dress because of the way Dax looked at her when she wore at a premiere the year before. She had on matching, peep toed 5-inch stiletto heels and her hair was slicked back giving it a wet look.

She smiled broadly as the door open and Dax stooped in to look. “Babe! I could have Ubered…wow! You look amazing!” He looked like he usually did, although with maybe a bit more tiredness around his eyes. He had been here for 30 days since he finally admitted to falling off the wagon to her.

They must have had him exercise because the bloat from all the pills he had been taking had made him look puffy and out of shape. But the Dax who was leaning into the car had that leaner look back, like he was ready to go back out on his motorcycle and race.

Kristen turned up the wattage on her smile as she cocked her head a little bad patted the seat next to her. “Don’tcha want a ride big boy?”

Dax smiled and slid into the cabin and sat next to her. They hugged for a moment, holding each other tightly. Dax whispered, “Babe, I’m sorry…I..”

Kristen shushed him, putting her manicured nail on his lips. “We’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to have date night. The kids will see you tomorrow and they’re ok with that.”

An hour later, they arrived at the Beverly Hills Hotel and were shown to Bungalow No. 7. As soon as the bellhop was out of the room, the tiny blonde lead him through the suite and into the bedroom. Once there, she tossed her handbag with not the bed and then pushed Dax into a chair near the foot of the bed and straddled his legs. Leaning forward, she gave a series of soft little kisses up his neck to his ear.

She nibbled on the earlobe for a moment, pushing his hands back down as he tried to feel her up. Kristen purred for a moment in his ear, and just as he at all times did when he wasn’t stoned, his head fell back and she knew his eyes were rolling back.

“Now mommy missed her husband while he was gone for 30 days,” she whispered in his ear. Her hands were now running up his body as purred once more. She lowered herself a little, pressing her still perky b cups through her dress against him.

“Oh babe,” said Dax, squirming as he felt his erection caught uncomfortably in his pants as his teased him. “I missed you… g-d I missed you…”

“Shhhhh,” said Kristen, putting her finger on his lips once more. Sliding off him, she stood up and tapped the face of her Apple Watch, turning on the playlist she had queued up on her phone. As the music came up, she started to work her body in time with it, spinning in place and then bending at the waist for a moment, looking at him from between her legs and then standing again.

Kristen undid the zip on back of the dress and then pulled off the halter. She had not been wearing a bra but her hands covered his breasts as she moved closer to him once more. Straddling his lap once more, she leaned in and pulled her hands away, revealing her breast to him, letting one nipple and then the other hang just out of reach of his mouth.

Dax was turned on. Even after years of marriage and children, he still found his wife to be sexy and beautiful. And everything she had done, they were all high on his list of things that made him a drooling, horny fool. His cock needed some relief, caught in his pants at an odd angle. “Babe..”

As he opened his mouth, leaned in, silencing it with a nipple. “Good boy,” she moaned, feeling his teeth on her nipple, running her fingers through his hair. “I bet my man wants something more than a nipple, doesn’t he?”

He nodded eagerly, suckling the nipple. Kristen continued running her fingers through his hair, saying in throaty whisper “Tell mama what you want.”

“I wanna…” Dax said, gasping, trying to focus through the haze of lust, “I wanna make love to you babe. It’s been so long!”

Kristen rewarded him by moving her knee between his thighs, gently nudging his stiff cock with it. A moment after that, she let her hand trail down his body, grasping his shaft through his jeans. “Looks like someone really wants to have fun.”

“Yessss,” Dax moaned.

Once again, Kristen straddled him, this time grinding her bum against his crotch. “Are you going to ask nicely?” Kristen said, guiding his hands up her body to her tits.

“Pleassse! Please babe, this is killing me!” Dax said.

Kristen gave a wicked little grin and leaned back, arms outstretched. Dax was too focused on his need to free his cock and feel his wife that he didn’t notice her fumble for a second with her purse before bringing herself back up right. In one quick motion, she snapped the cuffs she had retrieved from her back onto Dax’s wrists, She then took the other end of each pair of cuffs and pulled across so snap the other end of the handcuffs onto opposite arm of the chair. The effect was force Dax’s arms to cross each other in front of him.

“Kinky,” he said with a dopey grin.

Kristen slowly, seductively licked her lips before standing up. “You have no idea,” she said, although not in the plaful sex kitten tone she had been using. She retrieved her phone and quickly tapped a message before dropping it on the bed once more and turning to Dax.

She leaned forward, this time with hands on each of the arms of the chair. Her knee moved up, toying with his cock through the pants once more. Dax tried to kiss her but she moved her mouth quickly to the ear she hadn’t teased before. Once again, she nibbled on his earlobe and then purred for a few moments into his ear. Dax shivered and squirmed, his breathing became ragged as she teased him.

“Oh g-d babe, I… I…please I need you,” he groaned.

“Well you know that only good boys get what they want,” Kristen said in a throaty whisper.

“Y-yes,” he whimpered. His cock was so needy, throbbing as she worked it with her knee.

“Have you been a good boy?” Kristen asked.

“N-no,” he stammered.

“What have you been?”

“Weak,” he whispered, in shame.

“Oh yes, and more than that,” she said teasingly.

“I’m-” Dax tried to speak but she had her hand on his lips once more.

“Do you remember what we promised when we got together?” Kristen asked.

Dax tried think. Even as ashamed as he suddenly felt, he was still so turned on and in need of release.

“We were dating,” she said, pausing to purr once more in his ear. “We weren’t exclusive yet.”

Dax groaned. She continued to torment him. How was he gonna hold back much longer?

Kristin shifted, giving him a little break. “And I was seeing some other guys. Do you remember who they were?”

Dax tried to think. “Th-tho-those Black guys, umm, I – I think.. Jeff and ah… Leonard…”

“Mhmmmm, good boy,” she whisper in his ear, her hand sliding down his chest to his pants. Undoing the belt and button, she pulled it open to let his cock stand erect under his boxers. With a quick move, she pulled them down enough to reveal his cock. Slowly, she grasped the cock with her fingers, working it up and down, making sure he was fully at attention as she purred once more. “And you wanted me to stop seeing them, didn’t you?’

“Oh my g-d,” Dax grunted. Her hand felt so good but why was she bringing this up, he wondered. “Please, I was bad, I was-“

“Shhh baby,” she said, her other hand putting a finger on his lips once more. “You speak when I let you. Ok? Otherwise, we can just go home and not have any fun,” she said with a pout. Her hand stopped its movements, leaving his cock jerking a little. “Is that what you want?”

Dax wasn’t sure if he should speak, so shook his head “no”. Kristen rewarded that with a kiss on his nose. Her fingers moved to tease the underside of his cockhead as she went on. “Well, I said, ‘I’ll stop fucking Black men if you promise to stay sober.”

Kristen leaned in and nibbled on his earlobe again before saying, a litte more harshly than she intended, “Did I stop fucking Black men?”

Dax nodded his head. “Did someone fall off the wagon?” Kristen asked softly. Dax nodded again.

“Now, I wasn’t gonna begin fucking Black men again,” said, working her hand a little quicker as she felt his shame start to weaken his erection. It took a little work, but soon she had him back up. So easy, she thought.

“But then someone’s fell off the wagon. And they didn’t just fall off the wagon, did they,” she asked playfully, but with an edge to her voice, her hand stroking his rigid shaft slowly. “No, they didn’t just begin using again, and they didn’t just lie about being using, did they?”

She worked her hand even slower now, she could feel his feels, the the way his hips moved as she teased his cockhead. “Nope,” Kristen said, her hand pausing as she feel his need, his desire to lose control despite her words. “They also put my babies at risk.”

“I..I never did!” Dax started to protest through the need of how she had manipulated his shaft.. Kristen didn’t bother with the finger this time. She smacked him hard across the face. The strike burned and made him look down again, humiliation mixing with the haze of lust.

Kristen stood and retrieved her phone. A few swipes and she had the video on the screen. He recognized it immediately, it was from the dash cam of their car, showing him popping a pill. She fast forwarded 15 minutes and it showed their two daughters being helped into their booster seats by school staff.

“Don’t ever lie again,” she said coldly. “Ever. I can forgive a lot. Hell, I could have forgiven if you had gone and banged some wannabe actress. But you took pills and drove with our babies. You fucking put their lives at risk because you didn’t want to admit you were in pain.”

She let that hang out there for a few moments. Dax hung his head.

“Now,” she said, channeling her most famous character, and regaining her composure. “There has to be a penalty for that. Because this BS of a verbal apology counting as ‘making amends’ doesn’t cut it when you put our kids lives at risk.”

“W-what is gonna happen?” Dax asked plaintively. Then there was a knock at the door.

“You’re gonna see what happens when someone breaks a deal with me,” she said, walking to the door still only her heels, g-string, garters and stockings..

Dax couldn’t see from his angle who was at the door. He heard Kristin giggle for a moment and then the door closed.

It took a few more moments, but she returned to the room, a glass of vodka in each hand followed by a large, solid looking Black man. Head shaven, trimmed goatee, he was dressed in sports coat, black shirt that was unbuttoned to expose his chest, and a pair of jeans. He didn’t just walk into the room, he swaggered in like he owned it. As he passed Dax, he Kristen’s ass a smack which made her give a little moan and almost spill the drinks.

“Honey,” said Kristen taking a sip of the vodka while handing the other to their new guest. “I’d like you meet Shane Diesel. Shane, this is Dax.”

Part 2

“What? This… this isn’t funny,” blubbered Dax as he struggled against his cuffs.

Kristen was now standing in front of Diesel, wiggling her bum against Diesel who seemed to dwarf her even in the heels she was wearing. They clinked classes as Diesel possessively ran his free hand almost Kristen’s body.

“It’s not,” Kristen said, arching a little and lifting her am to stroke his neck with her free hand to give Diesel easier access to her bare breast. “You’re right,” she said with a little pout. “It’s sexy, dont you think?”

“Mmmm,” growled Diesel, his hand exploring her, looking down at Dax. “That stiffy of his seems to say otherwise.”

Dax felt his face burn with shame. He was still hard, watching a stranger, a Black man, touching his wife like that. “Hon,” he said, surprising himself with how much it sounded like a whine, “we’re married. We don’t. -“

Kristen bent at the waist, pressing her ass back and up towards Diesel, as she said, “We don’t what? Lie about our needs? You needed those little pills you chose over the safety of our kids. I’ve been lying about what I need too. The only difference is, I didn’t break a promise to indulge.”

Diesel smacked her ass loudly as Kristen paused. She gave a little moan, biting her lip as she felt her body. “And I’m gonna give her what she needs,” Diesel said, squeezing her ass for a moment. Then he grabbed her hair in his hand, pulling on it to get her standing up right. “On your knees, Daddy has something for you to unwrap.”

Kristen surprised herself at how quickly she dropped to her knees. Diesel turned a little, making it so that Dax could get a good look at what was about to happen. Kristen rubbed her hands up Diesel’s thighs, moving over the crotch of his slacks.

Licking her lips, she forced herself to take a deep breath, embarrassed how she was panting with anticipation. She looked up and Diesel nodded. “Get it out, its what you brought me here for.”

That made Kristen blush a little. He was not wrong, but hearing it out loud just reinforced how wanton this was of her. Kristen fumbled with the zipper for a moment and then managed to get it down after a snag. Not wanting to waste time, she got his belt open and undid the clasp of the pants. Slipping her hand into his slacks, she felt it through his boxers.

“Oh wow,” she said, stroking it a little. “Oh honey, you never felt like this when.I touched your dick.”

“Don’t make hubby imagine it, babe,” said Diesel, running his fingers through her hair. “Show him.”

Kristen pulled down the boxers and Shane’s cock popped out. It was not fully hard, Kristen could tell that, but it was thicker and longer than she had seen since she’d become Dax’s wife. “Oh my g0d it’s so…” she said, unable to finish the sentence as she kissed the tip. With one hand she stroked it, feeing it harden and grow.

“Baby,” Kristen coped as she gave a side glance at Dax as she paused to lick the tip, “do you recognize this? This is where that dildo you pretend I don’t have came from.”

Dax squirmed in the chair. He was filled with a mix of emotions as he watched the scene unfolding in front of him. Humiliation, disgust, and anger were a few. But all that was made worse by the fact his penis was harder than he could ever remember it being.

He blushed red as he heard his wife’s words taunting him. Dax had known about the dildo but he just never brought it because she never brought it out when he was around. He had only found it by accident one day, thinking it was just a novelty gift she’d gotten from a friend or something.

But she wasn’t lying. Shane Diesel stood looking at him for a moment and then back down at Dax’s wife, a self-satisfied smile on his face as Kristen started to take the head in her mouth.

“So you’ve been practicing for this day for a while, have ya girl?” Diesel said with a little chuckle. “Aight, let’s see if you’re ready for the exam.”

Kristen looked up at Shane, his cockhead in her mouth, eyes wide, body flushed, as she teased the underside with her tongue. “Mmm test me,” Kristen cooed, letting his cock slip from her lips.

Shane grabbed her hair, twisting it in his hand and pulled her back down onto cock. Adding his other hand to her head, he started to thrust his hips, driving his a cock a bit deeper each time. Kristen’s lips stretched as the girthy Black shaft spread her lips till she was wondering if they could be stretched more.

Kristen’s eyes started to water as she felt his cock hitting into her throat. It had been years, more than thirteen, since she had had a cock that deep into her throat. She’d given Dax blow jobs, even doing what he called “deep throating” but given his average size wasn’t really.

But Shane’s cock, she thought as he took control and drove his shaft into her mouth and throat, now that was a cock she could deep their. But she was out of practice, and try and she might to relax, she started to gag.

Shane pulled her off, letting her cough, lines of drool sagging between her lips and his cock head. “Looks like someone hasn’t been doing their throat exercises with my dildo.”

“No,” Kristen said between coughs, “I’ve been bad and greedy.”

“‘I’ve been bad and greedy’ what?” corrected Diesel.

“Bad and greedy, Sir?” Kristen said, licking the tip of Diesel’s cock.

“Good girl,” Diesel said. “Now tell me, is sucking my cock like sucking your husband’s?”

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