Naked Wet Daughter – Dad Sex

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This is a long incest sex story between dad and daughter, with 11 chapters.

Story Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Chapter 9
  10. Chapter 10
  11. Chapter 11

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Chapter 1

Teenaged Carol Ardmore stretched out nakedly on the air
mattress directly beneath the skylight, sighing with pleasure as
the bright noonday sun played over her young body.
She slipped one hand down to her crotch and began to finger
her horny little pussy. It had been a couple of days since she
had been fucked, and the knowledge that she was alone in the house
with her handsome father made her breathing grow faster. She felt
a hot tin-gling sensation deep in her cunt as it radiated out
through her entire body, filling the girl with a pounding desire
that she knew only a big cock could satisfy.
“Oh, God, I’m so horny!” Carol cried as she flipped herself
over onto her tummy so she could rub her pussy mound against the
air mattress while she continued to finger-fuck herself.
Carol’s father, Mike Ardmore, was watching his daughter from
only a couple of yards away. He had entered the sun room just in
time to see his sexy little girl flip herself over and he had seen
her hand busily playing with her pussy. The sight of his daughter
finger-fucking herself, completely naked, made hot aroused blood
rush to his cock. He rubbed his cock through his trousers,
licking his lips with anticipation as he continued to spy on his
“Oh, God, Daddy, I need your cock! I need your big cock in
my pussy!” Carol cried, unaware that her father could hear her
every lewd word.

Mike grinned, glad now that he had encouraged his wife, Fran,
and their other kids, Barbara, Greg, and Jerry to drive into town
without him. He had originally planned to go with them for it was
to be a real family outing‹‹first, shopping, then a movie and
dinner at a nice restaurant in town.
But when Carol had begged off, saying that she had already
seen the movie and that she would rather work on her tan, Mike had
decided to stay behind too. The man knew that this was his
opportunity to fuck his youngest daughter, an opportunity he had
been waiting for, for a long time now.
He and Carol would be alone for hours yet, and now that he
had discovered that Carol was as horny for his cock as he was for
her pussy, there was no reason to fight his natural desires any
“Ohhhhh, it’s soooo good! Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me!” the
young girl wailed, her obscene cries bringing her father’s
attention back to the exciting sight of the teenager writhing in
orgasm on the air mattress, her fingers stabbing in and out of her
Mike rubbed his hard cock more urgently through his pants,
all the while staring lustfully at his sexy little girl. Carol
was lying on her tummy so that her round, firm ass and long,
slender legs were displayed to her father, making his prick grow
even harder.
Suddenly, as the last spasm of her orgasm passed through her,
Carol sighed happily and turned over, gasping with shock and
excite-ment when she saw her father staring at her, his hand
stroking his crotch.
“Daddy!” she cried, breathing hard. “How long have you been
“Just for a few minutes, baby. But long enough to see you
getting yourself off. What a sight!” he said with a grin.
“Why don’t you join me, Daddy?” the teenager asked, grinning
back at her father. “This sun is heavenly!”
“That’s not all that’s heavenly, baby,” Mike muttered as he
crossed the room toward the sexy young girl and sat down in a

“Want me to make us a drink, Daddy? I’m really parched,”
Carol said, gesturing toward the bar across the room.
Mike nodded and started to offer to make the drinks himself
but then he realized that this was his chance to watch his naked
daughter in motion.
As Carol rose from the mattress, her father watched her huge
tits swaying gently. They stood high and firm, high and hard and
lily-white, creamy from the sun lotions she had rubbed on them
earlier. She picked up her towel and softly wiped off the lotion,
running the towel deep under her mounds of tit-flesh and gently
over the nips, which seemed to harden before her father’s widened
Then, she used the towel to wipe off the rest of her naked
body, extending one leg at a time before her and running up it
with an easy stroke. Then, with a suggestive, circular movement,
she wiped off her flat belly.
It was as exciting as a strip tease to her father and his
cock was now straining hard against his pants. As the girl turned
and began to move toward the bar, he slammed his hand to his
crotch and began to rub his prick once again.
As Carol mixed the drinks, she watched her father, grinning
to herself. She had seen her daddy’s hard-on and it turned her on
with a savage force that took her breath away. She knew that it
was going to happen at long last. She knew that she and her
father were going to fuck.
Carol gave her father his drink and, as she bent toward him,
the man stroked one finger along her naked thigh. She wiggled,
moving closer to him, and his hand caressed her fluffy golden
“You’re sure one sexy little bitch, baby,” he groaned.
“You really think so, Daddy?” Carol asked, wriggling her body
“You know it, baby!” Mike said, draining half his glass as
his daughter did the same with her own drink. “Want to sit on my
“Ohhhh, Daddy, I’ve got all this creamy goo all over me!” she
giggled as her father reached for her.
“I’d like to splash my own goo all over you, you sexy little
cunt!” Mike growled, reaching for his little girl again as she
managed to wriggle out of his grasp.
“Ooooh, Daddy, you’ve got such a big hard-on!” Carol cried
“Yeah, and it’s your sexy little body that gave it to me,
Carol,” Mike said.
“Mmmm, I’d love to feel your cum all over me. God, you’re so
hard!” Carol moaned, moving toward her father, no longer able to
play games with him. She wanted him too badly for that.
Mike reached out again, grabbing the young girl by the hips
as he rose from his chair. Carol reached out, too, and stroked
her hand up the bulge of his pants.
“Wow! A full-blown hard-on! Let me see it!” Carol cried.
Licking her lips excitedly, the teenager bent to her knees.
With a lust-filled expression on her young, beautiful face, she
boldly reached forward and unzipped her daddy’s fly, feeling
inside eagerly. Her father’s tremendously thick cock lurched out
into her small soft hand and she squealed with delight.
Mike began to undress, eagerly assisted by his willing
daughter, and Carol kept her eyes lewdly fixed on his
thick-shafted prick.
When he was completely naked, as she was, the young girl
closed one hand around the hard, pulsating cockshaft and rubbed it
down, turning them both on all the more. Growing hornier and
hornier, Carol jacked her father off harder. His prick lengthened
and grew rock-hard in her hand.
Drool oozed from the corners of her mouth as she watched her
daddy’s prickmeat growing in her hand and she continued to stroke
and rub it.
“Ohhh, Daddy, your big cock makes me feel sooo horny!” she
“And you’re turning me on so much that I can hardly stand it,
you horny little cunt! Suck it, Carol! Suck your daddy’s cock!”
Mike demanded as he grabbed her head and thrust his cock into her
With a grateful moan, Carol embraced the red-hot head of her
father’s prick with her mouth, her lips descending over the
throbbing prick. Her lust-filled eyes thanked him silently as she
took more and more of his prick, licking it and loving it with her
The young girl opened and closed her mouth about the man’s
prick, up and down its hard length, sending jolts of erotic
pleasure through his loins.
While she sloshed her tongue all over her father’s cock, she
moved her head up and down. At the same time the man thrust his
prick in and out of her mouth, expertly fucking his daughter’s
“Ohhhh, yeah, baby, that’s it! That’s great! Suck me off!
You’re doing great!” Mike groaned, running his hands through her
thick, golden hair as she continued to suck his cockmeat.
Carol moaned. She loved the way her daddy’s cock felt as it
pulsed lewdly against the walls of her mouth. Her face was lust-
contorted and she began to suck his cock harder.
She was moving her mouth rapidly up and down the full length
of Mike’s cock as she sucked him hard, each time burying her nose
in his prick hairs. He didn’t have to fuck her mouth anymore.
She was doing just fine on her own. So he concentrated on his
little girl’s tits, scooping up the huge mounds with both hands
and stroking them with hard, demanding fingers.
Her nipples were swollen and hard. Mike groaned with lust as
he moved his fingertips across them, feeling them pulse against
his fingers. Meanwhile, the girl’s cock-stuffed face moved
expertly up and down as she gave her daddy the best, most exciting
blowjob of his life.
She swished her wet tongue over the man’s hairy balls,
leaving them sprinkled with her warm saliva. Slowly, she trailed
her tongue back up his prick, feeling her father’s cockmeat
throbbing lewdly against her tongue. She saw the huge cockhead
swollen and large before her lust-filled eyes and she moaned with
even more excitement, the sounds muffled by the prick that
completely filled her hungry mouth.
Seeing his daughter’s excitement as her mouth came nearer to
his cockhead, Mike held his cock steady for her as it tried to bob
out of her grasp. He watched excitedly as the girl’s beautiful,
soft lips stretched out over its broad, shining surface, taking it
all in, inch by inch.

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Then it was as if something wild broke loose in the teenager.
She was tired of teasing her father and herself. With a savage
force that surprised both of the incestuous lovers, Carol began to
juicily run her mouth up and down his hot, hard pole, slurping
loudly, her eyes bright with desire.
Her mouth was so wet with saliva and pre-cum now that it rode
over her father’s big cock easily. Her cheeks sucked in on each
of her backward pulls and she seemed intent on sucking the cum
from his balls.
As her mouth plunged downward, Carol tried to swallow her
daddy’s entire prick. But his mammoth cock filled her mouth so
fully it nearly choked her. After a while, exhausted by such
strenuous sucking, she eased up. She sucked her father’s cock as
erotically as ever but now she used a rhythmic mouth-fucking tempo
that concentrated on the huge head of the man’s prick.
Carol was between Mike’s legs, facing him as she sucked him
off. She rested on her knees, her little pussy parted before his
gaze. It was running with cunt-sauce. Eyeing it, catching
flashes of pink cunt-flesh when she spread it wide, Mike felt his
cock expand and thicken in the wet cavern of her mouth.
Each time she spread her pussylips apart with a movement of
her thighs, unveiling her naked cuntflesh, Mike shoved his cock
into her face. And, in response, the girl licked his prick
The man’s self-control was slipping. Moving his hips, he
pumped his big, swollen prick hard in and out of her mouth. He
fucked her face so forcefully that she groaned with pain and
Carol sucked her daddy’s prick harder and harder and he
fucked it in and out of her face faster and faster. Both fuckers
thrilled to the obscene movements of the girl’s lips rapidly
sliding up and down his hard cockmeat. Her saliva ran down his
cockstaff thickly now. Carol was so aroused that her tits looked
as if they would burst any moment, the nips hard and taut.
Mike’s gaze was riveted to the girl’s cunt. He groaned with
excitement each time the bloated cuntlips opened, revealing more
of her inner pussyflesh to him. Suddenly, the man could control
himself no longer. He jerked his cock out of her mouth and,
putting his rough hands on her soft shoulders, forced her
“Daddy!” Carol cried out in surprise and excitement as she
realized what was about to happen.
The girl was lying before him on her back and Mike quickly
spread her legs far apart. He skimmed his eager hands up her legs
until his head was just above her belly button.
Bending, he pressed his wet tongue to her little cunthole and
licked it thoroughly, making the girl wriggle with desire.
“Ohhh, Daddy, I love that!” she said.
“That’s just the beginning, baby,” he mumbled.
He slowly, teasingly ran his tongue out of her navel and
slicked it down toward her horny little cunt. Her legs flew up
and wrapped around his body, pushing him downward. He eased his
face into her cuntmound and licked out.
“Oohhhhh, yesssss!” she hissed between clenched teeth.
With his lips spread wide, Mike touched more wet cuntflesh,
burrowing into her pussy with a hot, sexual fervor. Whimpering
sounds of lust and pleasure came from the teenagers as her father
moved his tongue around her pussylabes. Her pussylips were wet
and tasty.
He poked his tongue hard into her pussyhole now, finding her
clit and feeling it harden. He strummed it lewdly with his tongue
and her legs tightened around him like a vise as her body shook
all over with excitement and desire.
This was a dream come true for the young girl and she knew
that it was only the beginning. She had often dreamed about her
father eating her pussy and now he was doing just that. But, best
of all, was the knowledge that very soon now he would be fucking
her and she trembled with excitement at the idea.
“Fuck me, Daddy, fuck meeee! I can’t stand to wait any
longer!” she cried.
Mike raised his pussyjuice-smeared face from his daughter’s
cunt and grinned down at her. She unwrapped her legs and he drew
back. Carol saw that her daddy’s cock was rock-hard and jerking
eagerly and she moaned with desire.
“Hurry, Daddy, pleeeease!” she cried.
“You got it, baby! I’m gonna fuck the holy shit out of you,
you sexy little cunt!” Mike cried as he thrust the full length of
his cock into her wet cunt with a single swift fucking motion.
She closed her legs around his hips and groaned. As he
pumped into her, Carol bucked up and her cunt closed, wet and hot,
around the hard cock inside her. Her cunt snapped and clutched at
the man’s cock and her body writhed lewdly on the floor. Her eyes
closed in pleasure as her father rammed more cockmeat into her,
cock that had waited a long time for such relief.
As he thrust into her, he grabbed her thighs for support and
she cried out her excitement. Her entire body accepted and
welcomed his hard-driving prick.
Carol’s naked ass rode smoothly against the floor in response
to her father’s pounding prick. A fine sheen of sexual sweat
broke out over her huge tits, bobbing before the man’s lust-glazed
eyes. He was fucking her harder than ever now and the girl’s
mouth hung open slackly, drool forming at the corners.
The tight walls of her pussy closed around and sucked up the
hard-on that rode into them. As the man whipped his cock in and
out of his daughter’s pussy, her nostrils flared and her eyes
caught fire, burning with lust.
She bucked upward, matching each of his downward fuck-strokes
with an upward thrust of her own crotch. Her body broke into an
uncontrollable tremor as he tore into her with renewed fury,
sending his prick up her spongy, wet cunt. She screamed out in
pain and pleasure, feeling as though he were tearing her flesh

Their bodies were a blur of motion now and her sharp
fingernails raked across his broad back, drawing blood. Still, he
continued to thrust his hot, hard, thick cockmeat up into her.
He drove harder into her wildly aroused cunt, pumping his
hard, thick prick up her gushing cunthole while she dug into his
back with her claw-like nails. Her father’s prick seemed to be
burrowing out a newer and much deeper fuck-channel. Her pussy was
so hot now that it seemed to be shooting out flames of lust that
lapped at the man’s cock.
“God, Daddy, it feels sooooo fuckin’ good! Keep it up,
please keep it up, I love it!” the girl wailed.
Mike plunged even deeper into his daughter’s cunt, stuffing
her completely full of thick, hard meat, sending it into the
hottest depths of her churning cunt. The naked mounds of her big
tits trembled as he pistoned his long cockrod into her.
With steady, bruising blows, Mike hammered his horny prick
into his little girl’s pussy. He gorged her with every hard,
full, thick inch of his cock and somehow she managed to take it
all, time after time.
His cock was now greased from its bloated red head to its
swollen balls with the juice from the girl’s cunt and the pre-cum
that continually seeped from his twitching cum-slit.
Hot, licking grasps of her pussy-flesh raced up and down the
full length of his prick as he drove it up into her. All the heat
of her cunt seemed to focus on her daddy’s cock and rush up it as
she wantonly wriggled and writhed beneath him.
“Ohhhh, baby, your little pussy’s so hot and wet … I’ve
never fucked such a sexy chick in all my life!” Mike cried, the
veins of his neck standing out in bold relief as he fucked her
harder and harder.
Her father’s expert fucking movements turned the young girl
on even more and she fucked back harder, using her cunt muscles to
squeeze the thick prick that continued to fuck into her. Now, her
entire body was flying up to meet the demands of her daddy’s thick
Plunge after plunge, his cock remained stiff, now growing raw
from the friction of the girl’s pussywalls.
“Ohhhh, Daddy, let me be on top! I want to fuck you!” Carol
suddenly cried, hornier than ever.
With her father’s eager help, the teenager quickly climbed on
top of him with her tits firm and her cunt wet and her body
trembling with fuck-lust.
She poised her crotch over the big cock and, spreading her
pussylips wide open with one hand, she used her other hand to ram
the hard meat into her pussy. She descended over the cock with a
loud smack, grinning at him as his cock drove into her to the
hilt, filling her again with throbbing, thick meat.
“Ohhhh, Daddy, I like fucking you!” she cried.
“And I love it, baby! Go for it, Carol, do it! Fuck your
daddy’s cock! Fuck it hard, Carol!” Mike groaned, half out of his
mind with the need to come.
She trembled and moaned continually as she stayed in
position, feeling the cock pulse against her insides as she swayed
slightly on top of her father’s crotch.
Mike reached up and gripped her flying tits, clutching them
in the sweaty palms of both hands and kneading the firm tit-flesh
as his daughter moaned with pleasure.
She pistoned herself up and down on her father’s cock,
fucking him wildly as he played with her tits. She thrust her
pussy up and down his cockshaft with a force so violent that the
man was sure she would break loose and land on her ass.
His prick filled her body on each of its thrusts as she flung
her ripe body down on his hardened prick. His cock disappeared
completely into her so that her pussyhairs were meshed hard
against his prickhairs with each downward thrust.
“Aiiieeeee!” she screamed as she came.
Her bouncing body lost its rhythm and her pussy gushed out a
load of juice which spilled out onto the man’s crotch, thrilling
him so that he came too.
He fired a hot spray of cum into her pussy even as she bathed
his big prick with her own juice. Sticky hot liquids filled her
cunt and flowed up and down his cock, cum mingled with pussyjuice.


Chapter 2

While Mike and his daughter, Carol, were busily fucking each
other, Fran, the mother of the household, was in the movie theater
with the other kids, Barbara, Greg, and Jerry.
Greg and Barbara had wanted to sit way up in front so Fran
had remained in the back of the theater with her youngest son,
Jerry. They were sitting in the very last row and there was no
one around them, no one to see Fran sucking her son off.
“Ohhh, Mom, that’s sooo good! Suck my cock, Mom!” Jerry
moaned quietly. Fran moaned in response as she sucked her young
boy’s big throbbing prick.
The young boy reached down and rubbed his mother’s hard-
nippled tits as she continued to suck him off.
“Suck it, Mom, suck it! I love it the way you’re sucking my
cock! Make me come, Mom! I want to blow my wad right in your
mouth!” the youngster cried in a hoarse whisper, writhing about in
his seat in a frenzy of desire.
Slowly, expertly, the woman pulled back and began to lick her
son’s big prick. Every time her tongue lapped up his prick, his
ass twitched until his hips swung into motion and he was fucking
his mother in the mouth.
Harder and faster, Jerry fucked his mother’s hot, wet,
sucking mouth. His prick was as hard and stiff as a board now and
he longed to come, to shoot his entire load of cum into her mouth
and down her throat.
Fran groaned with excitement as Jerry fucked his bursting
cock deeper into her mouth and rotated his hips lewdly, fucking
her hot mouth with his pulsating prick. Now, the youngster was
all but leaping up from his theater seat, fucking his thick,
throbbing prick to the hilt, feeling his balls bumping lewdly
against his mother’s chin. His ass rotated in a wide circle, his
big cock reaming out her soft, sucking throat.
“Ohhhh, yeah, Mom! You really know how to suck cock! I’m
getting there, Mom, keep it up!” he cried in a half-whisper as he
felt his balls tightening up painfully.
Suddenly, Fran came. She felt her hot cuntjuices spilling
out from her tight little pussyhole, filling her entire pussy and
oozing out from between her swollen cuntlips, wetting and staining
her bikini panties.
She tightened her mouth-hold on her son’s prick as her
powerful orgasm thundered through her. A thousand multi-colored
flashes of color danced before her eyes as she panted to catch her
breath, never missing a beat in sucking her son off.
As Fran sucked hungrily on Jerry’s rigid, twitching prick,
the young boy continued to play with her big tits, rolling her
hardening nips between his fingers, pinching her turgid buds until
the woman cried out in pain and pleasure.
Fran sucked and licked, treating her little boy to the best
blow-job she had ever had the pleasure of giving. There was
something about the fact that it was his own mother who was
sucking him off that turned the boy on even more than he had ever
thought possible.
Fran tightened her hands around the base of Jerry’s cock as
she continued to suck him. She moved her mouth up and down his
prick, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked him as hard as
possible. And then she came again from the sheer thrill of giving
her own son a blow job.
She was fucking her own mouth with Jerry’s cock, slick with
his pre-cum, which tasted delicious to her. It made her impatient
for his jism. She couldn’t wait for him to shoot his wad right
into her sucking mouth. She trembled with anticipation at the
heady thought.
“Yeah, Mom, yeah! Suck my cock! Fuck your mouth with my big
cock!” the boy moaned softly.
The horny woman flared her nostrils to breathe around the
thickness of her son’s cock. Over and over, she sucked as hard as
she could, fucking the boy’s swollen prick in and out of her

Finally, the boy’s hips lurched crazily and his cock jerked
hard in her hot, wet mouth.
“This is it, Mom! I’m gonna come!” Jerry cried, still
remembering to keep his voice down as his cock twitched and jerked
around in his mother’s mouth.
Suddenly, a huge, hot wad of cum shot from his bursting cock
and splashed into Fran’s mouth. It was quickly followed by
another until he was pumping gallons of jism into his mother’s
eagerly sucking mouth.
Fran’s cheeks puffed out with the heavy creamy load and she
swallowed hard and fast, managing to gulp down most of her son’s
cum. But, just seconds later, there was too much jism for her to
handle, and she was forced to let the rest of the boy’s load spill
from her lips. It dribbled obscenely down her chin and splashed
down onto Jerry’s crotch.
Suddenly, Jerry yanked the sweater away from his lap, fully
exposing his cum-coated prick and his mother’s head, which was
still fastened to his coming prick.
“Ohhhhh, commmiiinnnngggg!” he cried as loudly as he dared
and he yanked his prick from her drooling mouth.
His cock was still shooting its hot, thick load and it
splashed lewdly all over his mother’s face. The boy watched her
excitedly as Fran scooped up all traces of her son’s cum with her
eager hands and licked her fingers, moaning in ecstasy at the
delicious taste.
Meanwhile, way up in front of the theater, Greg was stroking
his sister’s big tits.
“Mmmm, Greg, that feels sooooo good,” Barbara moaned.
“Yeah, I like it too, Sis. But that’s not enough,” Greg
whispered in her ear.
“What do you mean?” the young girl asked breathlessly.
“Oh, God, Greg, do it! I want you to touch my cunt! I’m not
wearing any panties so you can get to my pussy easily!” Babs
giggled excitedly.
“Great! Let’s just remember to keep our voices down. There
isn’t anyone around for a few rows,” Greg murmured, looking around
him in the semi-darkness. “But, still … we gotta be careful.”
“Yeah, don’t worry, I won’t yell out or anything when I
come,” Barbara said, growing more and more aroused.
“Okay, Babs. Just kind of scoot down in your seat and raise
your skirt so I can fuck your pussy with my hand!” Greg said,
swallowing hard as he felt his cock growing hard.
“Ohhh, yeah, Greg, do it,” the girl squealed, remembering to
keep her voice low. “Finger-fuck my pussy! It’s soooo hot and
horny, it needs it really bad, Greg!”
In the darkened theater, with the movie screen providing the
only illumination, the two teenagers grew bolder. Giggling
excitedly, Barbara raised her skirt up around her waist and spread
her legs as far apart as her seat would allow, at the same time
scooting down as far as possible.
Greg licked his dry lips and ran his strong hands down over
the low swell of his sister’s trim tummy to the blonde triangle of
soft hair over her cunt. He paused, feeling her downy cunt-fur
tickle the palm of his hand. He fought to control the excitement
that rose in his young body.
His cock was stiffening more and more with desire. Moaning
lowly, he closed his fingers over the soft, furry cunt mound and
he felt a surge of hot blood to his loins.
“Mmmm, good, Greg, real good,” Barbara murmured, closing her
eyes with pleasure. The teasingly slow touch of her brother was
arousing her even more than if he had attacked her roughly with
his hands.
Slowly, tauntingly, using both hands, Greg spread the lips of
his sister’s cunt. With a trembling hand, he eased his stiffened
middle finger into her wet cunt.
“Ohhhh,” Barbara moaned, her beautiful face now contorted
with lust.
Greg bent over and, by the light from the movie screen, he
was able to look between his sister’s widely spread legs and watch
his finger fucking in and out of her hot, slick pussy. His finger
probed deeper and he felt her tight cunt growing wetter and
He moved his finger higher in her cunt and bothered against
her rigid clit. He caught his breath sharply with excitement,
just as Barbara did. Her pussy was growing wetter by the second
and now her clit was stiff and twitching.
Greg glanced at his sister’s face and the two youngsters
grinned at each other as he continued to stroke her clit. She
began to move her hips, the small nub of clit-flesh growing harder
and stiffer against the boy’s finger.
Their lust grew uncontrollable as Greg finger-fucked his
sister and she ground her hips against his hand. She arched her
back and raised her body up as though trying to get more of his
stiff finger inside her cunt. She let her brother know that she
was getting off on his finger-fucking as much as he was.
Their breathing grew shallow as Greg continued to stroke his
sister’s wet cunt. Her pussy was now flooded with thick, hot
pussyjuice and her fragrant, musky cunt aroma came to him strongly
there in the darkened theater.
“Ohhh, yesssss, Greg, yesss,” Babs moaned softly, loving the
feel of her brother’s finger in her hot, clasping pussy.
She clenched her tight pussy muscles around his finger,
hugging it against her pussy walls as if it were a prick. Then
she unclenched her pussy-muscles, allowing his finger to slip out
of her cunt again.
As Greg continued to finger-fuck Barbara’s pussy, she reached
over, quickly unzipped his fly. She grabbed his hardening cock.
She wriggled her hips and felt a new rush of heat in her cunt as
she began to pull and stroke her brother’s throbbing prick.
He fucked his finger in and out of her hot pussy, his
breathing ragged with fuck-lust now. Small groans of excitement
and pleasure escaped his mouth.
“Ohhhh, yeah, Greg, that feels soooo friggin’ good!” the
young girl whispered hoarsely, arching her back more so her
brother could fuck his finger even deeper into her slick, fiery

She squirmed against the finger in her cunt, feeling her
orgasm building. She arched her back again as Greg’s finger sank
deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. She bucked her hips up and
back in a lewd, fucking motion.
She pulled harder and harder on his pulsing cock, feeling his
prick twitching in her hot, eager hands. She stroked the entire
length of his rigid cock from the base all the way up to the
shining bulbous prickhead where several drops of pearly pre-cum
oozed from the throbbing cum-slit.
Suddenly, she felt her brother’s finger pulling out of her
cunt and, as she began to groan in disappointment, she was
suddenly aware that he was now kneeling on the floor in front of
her. She gasped when she felt his face between her legs.
Moaning lowly with lewd excitement, Greg began to nuzzle the
girl’s pussymound, moving his wet lips around hotly. He knew that
he was arousing her every bit as much as he was turning himself
Greg closed his mouth over the girl’s pussy and began to suck
wildly. Barbara trembled as her brother’s tongue began to fuck in
and out of her young hot cunt. He slipped his hands beneath her
squirming ass, shoving her crotch up hard against his sucking
While her brother ate her cunt, Barbara continued to pull on
and stroke his big throbbing prick. She was pumping her hands up
and down on the rigid cockmeat now, moving her hands faster and
harder, trying to make him come.
The young boy arched his back, forcing more of his cock into
his sister’s hands. She moaned excitedly as he tongued her cunt
faster and deeper.
A few minutes later, Barbara stiffened, knowing that she was
about to come. She stroked Greg’s prick harder and faster until,
finally, his cock erupted, spilling hot wads of cum into her
eagerly embracing hands.
“Arrrgghhhh, commmiiinnnggg,” he groaned in a low tone as he
Barbara was thrilled to feel her brother coming right into
her hands. Her own orgasm washed over her powerfully and she felt
shudder after violent shudder wrack her young body as the boy’s
thick cum completely filled her hands.
As Greg continued to suck his sister’s orgasming pussy, Babs
brought her cum-smeared hands to her mouth. Closing her eyes in
ecstasy, she began to lick her fingers, moaning with obscene
excitement and incestuous pleasure.
Greg glanced up, raising his face from between his sister’s
legs. He saw the girl licking his cum from her fingers and he
groaned with lust. His prick twitched, shooting out another wad
of cum.
“Ohhhh, it tastes sooooo good, Greg!” Barbara cooed as she
felt the boy’s wad of jism strike her face. She quickly scooped
up the spilled jizz and ate the warm goo off her fingers.


Chapter 3

Late that night, after returning home with her kids and
having a terrific, exciting fuck-session with her husband, Mike,
Fran quietly made her way to Jerry’s bedroom.
For a moment, the mother stood in the doorway to her son’s
room and gazed fondly at him. Jerry slept in the nude, as did all
the other members of their family. Fran stroked her naked tits as
she looked at her little boy, feeling her incestuous desire


She walked into Jerry’s room and closed the door behind her.
She moved toward the boy’s bed and at that moment, Jerry awoke
with a start.
“Mom! What are you doing here?” the teenager gasped, his
eyes traveling up and down the full length of his mother’s
beautiful naked body, his gaze locking on her big tits and
tempting-looking pussy.
“You know why I’m here, Son. What we did together in the
show … that was just the beginning. We have some unfinished
business to take care of, don’t you think?” Fran asked softly as
she sat on the edge of her son’s bed.
“God, Mom, do you mean … I mean, do you mean that we should
… uh, you know, uh,” the boy stammered with a flush.
“You can go ahead and say it, Jerry,” Fran said with soft
laugh, amused and touched by her little boy’s shyness. “You know
what I want. It’s what you want, too. But do say it, Jerry. I
want to hear you say the words.”
“Oh, Mom,” Jerry said with a soft moan, reaching out and
touching his mother’s naked upper thigh. “I do want it! And I
know what it is you want me to say. You want us to … fuck …
right, Mom?”
“Right, Jerry!” Fran laughed. “I need to feel your big cock
inside my little pussy! Let’s fuck, Jerry!”
“Oh, yes, Mom, let’s fuck!” Jerry cried, reaching out for his
The mother and her son sprawled nakedly on the boy’s bed.
“Yeah, Mom, that feels great! Rub my cock!” the boy begged
his mother.

“Ohhhh, Jerry, you have such a beautiful cock. And it’s so
big for such a young boy!” she murmured huskily as she felt her
pussy growing hotter and wetter.
The woman moaned lustfully as her hand firmly gripped her
son’s prick. She pulled vigorously up and down the length of his
long, thick cockshaft.
Jerry groaned with pleasure and arched his back, trying to
push even more of his cockmeat into his mother’s hands. She
continued to pull on his big prick, pumping more and more life
into his big prick.
The young boy loved the lewd sensation of his beautiful
mother jerking him off. But, even more than that, he longed to
feel her strong ass-muscles grabbing his big cock and squeezing
all of his cum right out of his bursting prick. He’d dreamed
about ass-fucking for so long.
“Okay, Mom, that feels great, but it’s time for ether things
now,” the boy said, rising to his knees, his big cock dancing
obscenely in front of him.
“Other things?” Fran echoed, grinning at her son.
“Yeah, Mom! I wanna fuck your ass now!” Jerry said, grinning
back at his mother.
“All riiiiight, Son, do it! Fuck your mother in the ass!”
Fran squealed, throwing himself onto her hands and knees, her ass
wriggling lewdly in the air.
Trembling with lewd excitement, Jerry parted his mother’s
soft asscheeks. He began to fuck his huge, thick cock into her
tight asshole.
Fran could feel her son’s broad, fat cock-knob throbbing
against her asshole. She wriggled her hips impatiently.
Jerry grabbed the woman’s asscheeks firmly and fucked the
entire length of his cock right up her quivering asshole.
Fran wailed in pain and pleasure as she felt her handsome
boy’s large, pulsing prick invading the tight muscles of her
hungry ass.
“Aieeeee! It hurts, but I love it! Soooo good!” the woman
cried. “You’re fucking your mother’s ass soooooo good, Jerry! Do
it, Son, fuck meeeee!”
She wriggled her ass around violently, trying to capture even
more of his pulsating prick.
“I’ll fuck you all right, Mom! I’ve been wanting to fuck you
like this for a long time now! And now I’m gonna fuck you so hard
that you won’t be able to sit down for a month!” the young boy
growled, slapping his mother hard on her asscheeks, making her cry
out again.
Glancing down, Jerry watched with fuck-lust as his thick cock
pulled out and fucked back into his mother’s ass all the way. He
thrilled to the sight of her firm hips wriggling in response to
his driving cockstabs.
Fran lowered her head and let out an animalistic howl, so
turned on that she could hardly stand it. She felt her asshole
stretching to accommodate her son’s big cock and she thrilled to
the obscene sensations.
“Ohhhhh, Jerry, this feels sooooo good!” she cried, her big
tits swinging and bouncing, their fat, hard nips pointed downward
toward the bed.
“Move your ass more, Mom! That’s so sexy the way you shake
your hips! It really turns me on! Shake it, baby! I want you to
fuck your ass on my cock!” the boy groaned huskily.
Laughing with excitement, the woman began to wiggle her hips
just as hard as she could. She felt the rubbery grip of her tight
asshole pulling on her boy’s cock as she wiggled her ass as much
as possible.
“God, Mom, you’re sooooo good and tight!” Jerry cried.
“You really like fucking me in the ass, Son?” Fran asked
hoarsely, knowing the answer already but wanting to hear him say
the words.
“Oh, yeah, Mom! I love fucking you!” the boy responded as he
reached out and slapped his mother again, leaving his red hand-
prints on her lily-white assflesh.
As he continued to fuck his mother’s little ass, Jerry
realized that they had reversed their roles. His mother had
always been the one in command, the one to tell him what to do.
And, of course, he would never have thought of raising his voice
to her or hitting her as he was doing now.
But, somehow, they had reversed roles and now Jerry was the
one in control. He knew that his mother would gladly do whatever
he told her to. He could hit her or call her names and they both
loved it.
“Ohhhh, yessss, Jerry, fuck me, fuck me hard,” Fran moaned.
Hot, burning sensations rippled through her loins and her
young son continued to fuck her in the ass. She felt hot bolts of
pleasure which raced back and forth between her wet pussy and her
tight little asshole.
“Ahhhhhh, God, it feels soooo good,” she groaned, knowing
that she would come when she felt the boy’s hot cum shooting up
her ass.
“Yeah, you hot bitch! That’s it! Shake those hips!” Jerry
cried as he kept fucking his bursting prick in and out of his
mother’s asshole. “Squeeze my cock, Mom! Tighten your muscles
around my prick! You know how to do it, you little cunt! Now do
it, damnit!”
Groaning with excitement at her son’s lewd words and the
masterful way he said them, Fran began to work her strong ass-
muscles around her son’s cock. She held his cockmeat tightly
inside her ass, pinching his prick so hard that the teenager
moaned with pain and pleasure.
“Ohhhhh, Son, I love the way you’re fucking me! Don’t stop,
Jerry, don’t ever stop until you fill my ass with all your cum!”
Fran wailed, wriggling her ass around in a frenzy of fuck-lust for
her boy’s cock meat.
“Shut up, Mom! I’ll shoot when I’m good and ready! This is
one time you can’t tell me what to do!” Jerry growled, really
getting into his role of dominance over his mother and her
willingly submissive body.
As Jerry continued to fuck his mother in her tight, pulsing
ass, she thrust backward to meet his powerful cock-thrusts. She
worked her ass-muscles around his prick, wriggling her ass in lewd
and violent circles.
By now, her cunt was pouring out gallons of cunt-sauce, which
trickled into her asshole. It lubricated her little boy’s big
fucking cock.
“Ahhhh, Mom! Your asshole is soooo tight! It’s squeezing
the shit out of my cock! Fuck me good, Mommmyyyyy!” Jerry cried
as his tightening balls beat a steady tattoo against the woman’s
naked, upturned asscheeks.
“Yessssss, Son, yesssss!” Fran hissed between clenched teeth.
“It feels great! Fuck your mother, Jerry!”
Jerry glanced down again and turned on even more as he saw
his gleaming, wet cockshaft fucking into his mother’s ass with
tremendous, almost savage force. By now, both of the incestuous
lovers were trembling with a hot, pounding fuck-lust that could be
quenched only by the orgasms they so badly needed.
Suddenly inspired, Jerry reached beneath his mother’s quaking
body and rubbed her gushing cunt.
“Yeah, Jerry, yeah!” Fran panted, beside herself with desire
and excitement. “Finger-fuck my cunt, Jerry! Fuck my ass!
Ohhhh, Son!” Her tight ass-muscles clenched hard around her son’s
fucking cock as she thrust her hips back and forth against his
bushy crotch.
Jerry slipped his hand between his mother’s juicy, swollen
cuntlips and quickly found her clit. He began to rub the little
love-button as he continued to fuck her in the ass.
“Yesssss, ohhhhh, yeesssss!” Fran screamed as she came, her
pussyhole pouring out a huge amount of fuck-juice, which gushed
out over her son’s hand.
As her orgasm subsided, Jerry slipped his hand from her cunt
and raised it to her mouth.
“Smell it, Mom,” he commanded hoarsely. “Smell your own cum.
It smells great, doesn’t it? Now, I want you to lick my fingers!
Lick them clean, Mom! Lick off all your own cum!”
“Ohhhh, God, Jerry, that’s so obscene!” Fran whimpered.
But she grinned as she smelled her own pussy aroma on her
son’s hand. Then, she obediently sucked his fingers into her
hungry mouth, one by one, eagerly licking off her cunt-sauce. She
moaned with excitement as she swallowed the hot, thick fuck-juice.
Over and over, Jerry fucked his blistering cock deep into the
wet heat of his mother’s slick, grasping asshole. His gigantic
prick was oozing out drop after drop of pre-cum which mingled with
the woman’s cunt-juice and lubricated her ass even more.
“God, Mom, you’re such a hot ass-fuck! I love fucking you!”
the boy groaned.
“Ohhhh, yesssss, Son, I love fucking you too! Fuck me hard,
Jerry! Make me come again! Fuck me in the ass! Shoot your cum
up my asshole, Jerry! I can’t wait to feel your jizz gushing
inside meeeee!” the woman screamed, hardly knowing what she was
saying, she was so turned on.
Jerry stared at his glistening cock fucking easily in and out
of his mother’s asshole, which was now gurgling noisily with
pre-cum and cunt-sauce.
The woman felt half-mad with desire. She continued to
wriggle her ass lewdly as her son fucked her in the asshole as
deeply as possible. Her ass was squirming and writhing as the
huge, rock-hard cock continued to fuck her ass deeply.
“Ohhhhh, Mom!” Jerry grunted as he began to finger-fuck her
cunt again, keeping up the rhythm with his prick-stabs up her
asshole. “You’re sooo sexy!”
Her son’s words filled Fran with a heady pleasure, increasing
her sexual excitement. She squeezed her ass-muscles as hard as
she could around the boy’s prick. The intense clenching of her
ass-muscles only excited her son that much more as the soft
clinging walls of her ass closed around his stiff cockmeat. He
slammed his crotch hard against her upturned, quivering ass. His
balls swung heavily against her asscheeks as he fucked even
“Commmmiiiinnnnggg, Mommmmyyy!” the boy cried loudly as he
fucked his cock all the way up Fran’s ass and unloaded.
As Fran felt the boy’s cum shooting up her ass, she came too.
Wads of thick gooey cum shot from Jerry’s prick and gushed into
his mother’s asshole as they boy came hard.
“Aaaarrrgghhh, unnnhhhh!” Fran groaned as she felt her son’s
jism shooting up her asshole, overflowing it, and dribbling lewdly
down her trembling thighs.


Chapter 4

The next afternoon, Barbara and her brother, Greg, were alone
in the sun room. They were both naked and had been lying together
on the large air mattress, working on their tans. Now and then
they had exchanged a tongue-kiss and fondled each other. Greg’s
hands rubbed his sister’s moistening pussy, and the young girl’s
hands moved over the boy’s hardening cock.
But that was as far as they had gone, and by now, Barbara was
desperate for a good fuck. When Greg got up and moved to the bar
to mix their drinks, Barbara saw her chance to turn her brother on
so much he would have to finally fuck her.
She lay on her back and threw her arms up over her head, her
legs deliberately splayed wide so that her brother would have a
good, bird’s eye view of her juicy little cunt. She knew that he
wanted to fuck her and she told herself that all she had to do was
to turn him on powerfully. She couldn’t wait to feel his huge
cock ramming up her tight, wet pussy.
The young girl felt her pussy burning and itching with a deep
fuck-lust that was almost uncontrollable. She raised herself up
on her elbows and admired her brother’s handsome, muscular body as
he mixed their drinks. He turned toward her, his eyes widening at
the erotic picture she made there on the mattress, her legs wide
open and her pussy looking wet and inviting.
Greg handed his sister her glass and settled down next to her
again, quickly downing a good half of his strong drink. Barbara
did the same and the two youngsters grinned at each other as the
liquor turned them both on.
“You sure look sexy, Sis,” Greg murmured, his eyes moving
over Barbara’s naked body, almost as if he had never really seen
it before.
“Mmmmm, so do you, Brother Dear,” Barbara said with a laugh
and she shivered with excitement as her brother reached out and
stroked her arm.

The girl’s eyes were on her brother’s big semi-hard cock and
she swallowed hard as she realized that it was throbbing right
before her eyes.
She glanced up at her brother and saw with pleasure that his
hot gaze was fixed on her moist cunt. She shifted slightly,
opening her legs even wider to his gaze.
Then she put her hand on his naked leg. Greg gasped and
moaned softly and Barbara smiled to herself, knowing that she had
him right where she wanted him. She no longer wondered about
whether she could get him to fuck her. At last, she would feel
the thrill of her brother’s big, hard cock shoving its way up her
tight little pussyhole.
“God, Babs! Do you know how much you’re turning me on?” the
boy asked hoarsely.
“Oh, yeah, Greg, I know exactly how much I’m turning you on!”
Babs laughed as she slid her hand up the boy’s leg to his
inner thigh. The back of her hand brushed against his soft prick
hairs, mak-ing Greg moan again.
Then, she reached over and stroked his big cock, which grew
immediately erect in her hand. It was standing straight up in the
air and she groaned with erotic excitement as she continued to rub
the hard cockmeat.
“God, Babs, keep it up! Rub my cock!”
The boy groaned and Barbara grinned. She wrapped both of her
small, soft hands around her brother’s bursting hard-on, slowly
stroking his prick.
Greg moaned and began to stroke his sister’s big throbbing
tits. He rolled the long, stiff nips between his fingers over and
over again until the young girl writhed in excitement. By now her
little pussy was flowing with cuntjuice. She loved the lewd
sensation of her brother’s hands kneading and fondling her huge
tits, but she knew that the pleasure she felt now was nothing
compared to the incestuous joy she was going to feel when he
finally rammed his huge, pulsing prick up her little cunt.
“Ahhhhh, baby, I love your big tits! They’re the biggest
titties I’ve ever seen on a young girl your age!” Greg muttered,
his voice thick with lust for his little sister who was busily
fondling his ever-hardening cock.
“Thanks, Brother Dear,” Barbara giggled. “And I just love
your big cock!”
Sighing with happiness, Barbara cupped Greg’s churning balls
for a few seconds. She squeezed them gently, making the boy groan
with desire.
Then the young blonde grasped her brother’s huge cock tightly
and stroked and pulled at it. She was so turned on that she could
hardly stand it. She was especially turned on by his cock’s
gigantic size and she rubbed harder, making his prick twitch
obscenely in her greedily grasping hands.
“Ahhhhh, yesss, babe, that’s it! Rub your brother’s cock!
Keep it up!” he groaned, digging his strong fingers harder into
the girl’s throbbing titflesh.
Barbara stared lustfully at her brother’s huge cock as she
continued to rub its full length. His cock was rock-hard now and
the horny young girl couldn’t wait to feel it ramming up her
juicy, tight cunt.
“Mmmmmm, Greg! Your cock’s so big and hard! I just love
it!” she cried, her eyes glazing over with lust.
“I’m glad you like it, babe, ’cause in just a few minutes,
it’s gonna be fucking up your little pussy!” Greg said, almost
choking on the words as a wave of fuck-lust overwhelmed him.
Barbara moaned and squeezed her brother’s prick even harder.
“Yeah, that’s it, baby! Rub my cock! Rub it harder, Babs!”
Greg cried, thrusting his hips up off the mattress, pumping even
more of his huge prick into his little sister’s squeezing hands.
As the young girl continued to stroke Greg’s cock, he took
one hand from her bursting tits and pulled her face to his. Then
he pressed his mouth hard against hers, thrusting his tongue
between her lips, which parted immediately as he kissed her
passionately. Over and over again the brother and sister kissed,
their tongues fucking at each other.
The feel of her brother’s tongue against hers, their warm
saliva lewdly mingling, his teeth nibbling on the sides of her
tongue, all combined to arouse the young blonde so much that she
came on the spot.
“Ohhhh, Greg, I’m coming! Aaarghhh, it’s sooo good!” she
cried out as waves of hot orgasm smashed through her pussy,
releasing a torrent of hot cunt-sauce.
“Yeah, baby, come! I can feel you coming right on my hand!”
Greg yelled.
He thrust his hand between Barbara’s swollen cuntlips. He
felt the warm cuntjuices flowing over his fingers, soaking his
hand all the way to his wrist.
The feel of his kid sister’s pussyjuices on his hand aroused
the young boy powerfully. He knew he would come any second,
especially with the girl’s hand still clasped greedily around his
As Barbara’s orgasm ended, Greg forced himself to move away
from her, his breathing rapid and shallow.
“What now, Greg?” the young girl asked excitedly.
“Now … I want you to suck my cock, Babs!”
Greg reached out and fondled his sister’s huge tits, feeling
the long, rose-colored nips hardening in his hands. At the same
time, he thrust his hips up from the mattress, his cock jerking in
the girl’s hands.
Moaning with heady anticipation, Barbara lowered her head and
fastened her hot mouth on her brother’s cock-head. She licked up
several drops of pre-cum as she sucked his cockmeat into her
hungry mouth. She scooped her hands beneath his hairy, churning
balls and gently squeezed them as she rammed his bursting prick
all the way into her mouth and half-way down her throat.
The excitement of having her own brother’s huge cock sticking
deep inside her mouth was so powerful for the young blonde that
she had an orgasm right then and there.
“Mmmmmmfff!” she moaned around the thickness of the throbbing
prick as her orgasm thundered through her tight, wet pussy.
Greg knew that his kid sister was coming. She tightened her
mouth-hold on his cock, making him moan right along with her. He
arched his back, fucking more of his cockmeat down her throat.
“Suck it hard, Babs! Please, baby! Suck your brother’s big
cock harder!” he cried, losing control.
Her brother’s obscene words aroused the girl all the more.
She pulled his big, bursting prick almost all the way out of her
Then, just as if the brother and sister had rehearsed it,
Greg fucked his cock back into her mouth and down her throat as
far and as hard as he could.
Barbara moaned with excitement as the huge cock slid down her
throat. His prick was rock-hard and slick with her saliva and his
“You got it, babe! Suck my cock good, Babs!” the young boy
shouted, humping his crotch up toward his sister’s sucking mouth.
Over and over, she sucked her brother’s slick cock, sliding
it in and out of her hot eager mouth. She sucked its entire
length all the way to his churning balls. Then she pulled his
cock back out until she was just sucking its bloated tip, licking
up the drops of pearly pre-cum that formed at the twitching cum-
As she sucked his cock into her throat, she worked her strong
throat muscles around his bursting cock. His prick-shaft jerked
lewdly in her mouth.
The young blonde was intent on giving her beloved brother the
best blow-job she had ever given, and she hoped, the most exciting
blow-job he had ever received. Using all her skills, driven by
her hot lust, she sucked his cock as hard and as expertly as she
Greg felt as if he were half out of his mind with desire for
his sexy little sister. The feel of her hot, wet mouth fucking up
and down his cock was an incredible turn-on to the young boy. He
found himself longing for the moment when he would be able to pump
his entire creamy load of jizz into her greedily sucking mouth.
Then he planned to give Babs the fucking of her young life.
While Barbara tongued her brother’s prick from its throbbing
head to its root, she squeezed his balls as hard as she could
without actually hurting him. Then, groaning with lust, she
slipped one hand beneath his quivering asscheeks and stabbed her
middle finger into his tight asshole, reaming him out skillfully.
“Ohhhh, yeah, babe!” Greg cried.
His hips leapt up from the mattress, urging even more of his
cock-meat down his sister’s sucking throat. He could feel her
strong throat muscles working around his cock while her finger
continued to fuck in and out of his asshole. The boy moaned and
groaned with an excitement he had rarely felt in his life.
Barbara’s lips moved up and down on the pulsing hard-on in
her mouth as her brother fucked her mouth with his big cock. He
could feel the pressure growing in his balls until he knew that he
was about to pop.
Suddenly, the boy’s cock jerked wildly in her throat, and
Babs knew that her brother was about to dump his load into her
busily sucking mouth. With a moan of anticipation, she continued
to suck on the big prick as several large wads of hot cum jolted
from the jerking cock and sprayed against her throat. They slid
into her belly where they filled and warmed her.
“I’m coming, you sexy bitch!” the young boy screamed as his
cock continued to shoot its creamy load.
The young girl swallowed hard, not wanting to waste one
single drop of the delicious-tasting fluid. Then, the instant
that her brother’s orgasm subsided, Barbara slipped her mouth off
of his prickmeat and threw herself over onto her back, spreading
her legs wide.
“Please fuck me now, Greg!” she begged. “Fuck me now!”


Chapter 5

“Ohhhhhh, Greg, I’m sooo horny! Please fuck me!” Barbara
repeated, knowing that her brother’s gaze was fastened on her.
She kneaded her firm titflesh, rolling her big nips over and
over until they grew as hard as rocks. She moaned and stroked her
hot body, knowing that she was arousing her brother all over
“Oh, God, Babs, you’re so friggin’ sexy!” Greg exclaimed, his
eyes widening as he took in the erotic sight of his little sister
stroking her own tits, fondling her own aroused body.
Babs opened her eyes and raised her head. She saw her big
brother staring at her, his face contorted with lust, his mouth
slack and drooling. She grinned up at him.
She closed her eyes again and placed both of her hands on her
hot pussy, rubbing it hard. She thrust two fingers of one hand
between her puffy cuntlips and began to stroke her stiff, aroused
As she stroked her rigid clit, she thrust the middle finger
of her free hand in and out of her cunthole, faster and faster,
harder and harder.
She spread her legs even wider apart, her head thrown back on
the air mattress. Her mouth was half open, breathing hard with
sexual excitement.
She felt her orgasm building. Knowing that her sexy,
handsome brother was watching her every sexy move turned her on
even more.
Suddenly, Barbara began to come. She moaned loudly, her hand
rubbing over her bruised clit. But the pain only increased her
pleasure. Her other hand fucked furiously, her finger ramming in
and out of her flowing pussyhole as she came.
“Ohhhhh, commmmiiinnnggg!” the young blonde screamed as her
orgasm shot through her.

She humped her hips off the mattress and fucked one of her
fingers deep into her asshole. She moaned furiously, continuing
to finger-fuck her cunthole and her asshole as her hot, thick
girl-cum poured out, down her thighs and onto the mattress below.
As the last of her orgasm swept over her, the teenager could
not control herself. She screamed out at the top of her lungs,
“Ohhhh, God, Greg, can’t you see what you’re doing to me? Please
fuck me now, Greg! Don’t make me wait any longer! I have to feel
your huge cock fucking into my cunt! Fuck meeeeee!” she wailed.
“Damn right I’ll fuck you, baby! I can’t wait any longer
either!” the young boy growled.
Barbara reached up and pulled her brother’s face down to
hers. As his lips pressed against hers, she forced his lips open
with her tongue and kissed him obscenely over and over, tongue
locking into tongue.
A few minutes later, Greg pulled his mouth away from his
sister’s. Bending his head to her chest, he began to suck and
lick her throbbing, blood-engorged nips. His head moved back and
forth between the two gigantic tits, first one, then the other.
Barbara rolled her head from side to side on the mattress.
She was moaning with pleasure and desire as her brother’s hot,
greedy mouth sucked at her tits harder and harder.
She stroked the back of Greg’s head and moved her soft hands
down his back to his waist, lightly rubbing his asscheeks. He
groaned with excitement and bit into her nips, making her groan as
hot juice flooded into her cunt.
Then, Barbara reached around the boy’s ass and grasped his
huge, pulsing prick between her eager hands.
“Ohhhhh, God, Greg, your cock’s sooo big and hard!” she
cooed, growing even more excited.
“And it’s all yours, baby!” Greg responded.
Her brother’s lewd words made Barbara tremble with
“Shit, Greg! Please don’t keep teasing me! I can’t stand to
wait any longer! Fuck meeee!” she screamed, insane with desire
for her big brother’s cock.
Without wasting another second, Greg leaned back and, using
both hands, he spread the young girl’s firm, throbbing cuntlips
wide apart. Then, while his kid sister breathlessly watched his
every move, he aimed his bursting cock right toward her cunthole,
leaning back again just as far as possible.
Grinning down at the horny young girl, Greg lunged forward,
as hard as he could. Madly he fucked his huge, hard prick right
into her wet cunthole.
“Ohhhhhhh!” Babs screamed, filled with a numbing, mindless
sort of pleasure.
At long last she had her brother’s cock buried up her cunt!
She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.
“Yesssss, Greg, yessss, fuck meeee!” she screeched, throwing
her legs up around her brother’s waist and letting him fuck her
pussy even more deeply.
The feel of the boy’s gigantic prick fucking deeper and
deeper into her tight cunthole turned her on even more than
before. She wiggled her slender hips, trying to urge her
brother’s prick even deeper into her cunt.
Greg fucked forward savagely, sending even more of his cock
fucking deeper into the young girl’s tight, wet cunt. She yelled
out in pain and excitement, and they laughed together.
Barbara’s entire body shivered under the impact of her
brother’s brutal fucking and still she wanted more. As Greg began
to grind his hips in a circular motion, fucking even more of his
cock meat into his kid sister’s pussyhole, she moved her legs from
his waist to his shoulders. Finally he managed to fuck the entire
length of his thick, meaty cock into her hungry cunt.
The young girl moaned, feeling as if her little pussy could
not get enough of the boy’s rigid prick, not even with the full
length of his enormous cock inside her. The feel of his mammoth-
sized cock deep inside of her and the fact that it was her own
brother who was fucking her, thrilled the blonde girl so much that
she came again, even harder than before.
“Ooooooh, Greg, I’m commmiiinnnggg!” she wailed as her climax
blasted through her, making her strong cunt-muscles squeeze down
on his fucking cock.
“Yeah, babe, way to go! Squeeze my cock!” Greg yelled. He
felt her cunt walls clenching and unclenching around his cock. He
had never fucked such a tight pussy before and he knew that, when
he finally blew his wad up her pussy, it would be the biggest cum
of his life.
“Ohhhhh, it’s sooo good, Greg! Fuck me haaard while I come!”
Babs yelled.
She dug her heels into her brother’s back, just below his
neck, moving her hips instinctively from side to side. Then she
moved in small, lewd circles, grunting with ecstasy as her brother
continued to fuck her tight little pussyhole with his enormous
“Aaarrgghhh!” she cried, writhing on the mattress.
She thrust her ass up to force her small, tight cunt up
against her big brother’s rigid cock. He continued to fuck his
big prick in and out of her little pussy.
Greg lowered his head and sucked one of her large, throbbing
nips into his hot mouth. He tongued the rosebud nip, then sucked
harder and harder as the young girl moaned with sexual excitement.
“Ohhhhh, Greg, yessss! It feels sooo good!” she groaned.
Greg’s huge cock stroked the girl’s clit with each fucking
thrust it made. Barbara clenched and unclenched her strong, tight
cunt-muscles around the boy’s fucking cock, increasing the
incestuous fuck pleasure for both of them.
Greg moaned with hot, erotic pleasure as he felt his sexy
little sister’s tight cunt hugging his throbbing cock.
“Yeah, Babs, yeah! You’re squeezing my cock real good! Keep
it up, babe!” he chanted over and over.
The young boy savagely jerked and sent his gigantic cock
fucking even deeper into the girl’s cunt, touching areas of her
cunt that no cock ever had touched before. She screamed out with
pain and pleasure as her brother’s long, thick prick stretched her
cunt walls to the breaking point. But she loved it and wanted
more and Greg knew it.
“Aaarghhhh, Greg, I love fucking you … the way you’re
fucking me … your big hard cock … my pussy’s so hot …
ahhhhh, I can’t wait … until we come!” Babs cried as she humped
her crotch up hard against his.
Greg ground his hips in a circular motion, fucking his cock
harder and deeper into his sister’s little wet cunt.
“Man, it’s soo tight, babe … your little pussy’s sooo
fuckin’ tight!” he groaned.
He loved the incredible sensations of fucking his big cock
into her tiny cunthole and the incredibly erotic feeling of her
cunt-muscles milking his cock.
Again, Greg lowered his head and sucked his sister’s tits.
He licked the stiffening rosebud nips, nibbling at their throbbing
edges with his sharp teeth. He moaned loudly along with Babs as
the lust of the two incestuous fuckers grew and grew.
The girl’s entire body was trembling now as the force of her
brother’s reaming cock made her shudder from the sheer impact.
And still she wanted more. She loved every second of their fuck-
session and she could feel her little cunt oozing out more and
more warm pussy-juice. She felt the thick fuck-juice dribbling
out from between her swollen pussylips and trickling down her
firm, slender thighs.
Growling with hot lust, Greg sucked Barbara’s large left tit
into his hungry mouth. He sank his teeth into the titflesh,
making the young girl groan with pain and pleasure. Then, Greg
moved his head to her right tit, doing the same thing to that one.
He bit as hard as he dared into the firm, throbbing tit. Back and
forth he moved, from tit to tit, groaning in passion as he sucked
and nibbled his sister’s huge tits.
“Ahhhhh, I love that, Greg! The things you’re doing to my
tits! And to my pussy! Ohhh, Greg, it feels sooo good! Fuck me
haaaard!” she whimpered, tears of pleasure filling her eyes.
She just couldn’t get enough of her brother’s stiff prick.
The feel of his gigantic cock deep inside of her cunt thrilled her
so much that she began to come.
“Oh, God! Greg! Greg! Jeeeesus Christ, it feels sooo
good!” Babs cried insanely.
She was writhing on the air mattress in a frenzy of fuck-lust
as her climax began. Her orgasm smashed through her cunt,
squeezing down on the pulsing prick inside her.
“Yeah, baby, yeah! Way to go! I can feel you coming! It
feels great!” Greg cried, feeling the thrill of his sister’s
strong cunt-muscles contracting over and over again.
Greg began to fuck her even harder, not even thinking of
holding back. He grunted with the effort of his fucking movements
as he brutally thrust his long, thick cockmeat up her small, tight
pussy. Each thrust of his huge cock into her juicy cunt added
fuel to the hot fire of lust already raging between his legs.
Then the young boy lifted her ass up from the mattress. He
fucked his mammoth prick to the hilt deep within his kid sister’s
juicy little cunt. His huge cock completely filled every nook and
cranny of the girl’s cunt, thrilling her to the core. She came
again and again, feeling dizzy from the force of her multiple
“Ohhhh, shiiit, Greg!” she cried. “More, Greg, more! I want
your big gorgeous cock sooo bad! Fuck me haaaard!” And she came
“God, but you’re hot! I love it!” Greg groaned.
Barbara tossed her head from side to side as she continued to
slam her wet pussy up hard against her brother’s crotch. She
could hardly wait to feel the boy’s jism shooting up into her
horny cunt.
She tensed and relaxed the strong walls of her cunt, knowing
that she was arousing her brother as much as she was turning
herself on. She raised her head and watched, her mouth slack,
drooling, as her brother’s huge cock fucked repeatedly between her
swollen cuntlips.
Babs moaned with excitement as she saw the throbbing blue
vein on top of his big slab of cockmeat. It was pulsing with
lust. The side of his prick was rippled with veins and folds of
hot cock-flesh as the boy fucked in and out of her juicy little
cunt. Barbara moaned with pleasure as she felt the large cockhead
pressing hard into her cunthole and expanding her cunt walls to
the painful breaking point.
Each time Greg’s cock fucked hard into Barbara’s cunt, her
tight cunt walls expanded to allow room for the huge prick. Then,
as he pulled his prick out again, the cunt walls immediately
“Ahhhhh, it feels soooo good!” Babs cried as she clenched and
unclenched her cunt-muscles, milking her brother’s prick as he
continued to fuck her hard.
Suddenly, she moaned loudly, coming yet again. “Aieeeee!
“You hot, sexy bitch!” Greg growled.
He was pleased that he was able to give his kid sister so
many orgasms. He reached beneath her and gripped her asscheeks
firmly. He squeezed her ass and her cunt walls smashed down even
harder around his reaming prick. He jabbed his finger into her
asscrack and plunged it into her small, tight asshole, fucking his
finger in and out in perfect tempo with his fucking cock.
“Ohhhhh, Greg, that’s sooo fuckin’ good! Fuck meeeee!” she
“Damned right I’ll fuck you … fuck you hard … you sexy
little kid … been wanting to … do this … to you and your hot
little pussy … for a long time now … you made my cock sooo
fuckin’ hard,” the boy panted, hardly aware of his own words as he
continued to fuck his cock in and out of the girl’s little cunt.
Greg arched his back and fucked his throbbing prick even
deeper into his little sister’s pussy. His stiffened finger
fucked her asshole, keeping perfect time with the savage fuck-
strokes of his prick. Meanwhile, his huge loaded balls slapped
wetly against her ass.
“Ohhhhh, ahhhh, unnnhhhh!” the young girl moaned over and
over, needing still more.
Just then, another climax shot its shuddering way through
Barbara’s pussy. She moaned in pleasure, clutching her brother
even closer to her. Each time she came, she needed to come again
and again just as if she had not come yet at all.
Greg groaned and fucked furiously into his sister’s cunt,
gasping with excitement as she tensed her cunt-muscles around his
pistoning prick. He thought how lucky he was to have a kid sister
who could fuck like a pro but whose pussy was as tight as a
virgin’s. The best of both worlds, he thought with a lewd grin.
Finally, the young boy felt his balls screwing up tightly
against the base of his fucking cock and he felt himself beginning
to come. Breathing hard, sweat pouring from his body, he fucked
his cockrod faster and harder into Barbara’s slick, clasping
“Commmmiiinnngg!” he shouted.
His cock jerked and twitched inside the girl’s pussy as she
felt the exciting hot rush of her brother’s cum filling her little
cunt to overflowing. His jism poured from her pussy and ran
lewdly down her legs in hot, thick, creamy rivers.
“Yessss, Greg, yessss!” she hissed between clenched teeth.
“That feels wonderful! Give it all to me. Greg! I want all of
your cum inside me!”
Greg continued to brutally fuck in and out of Barbara’s cunt
as he came. She came again while he was coming and the lewd
sensations of his sister’s pussy orgasming around his cock just
aroused Greg all the more. He shot even more cum into her
spasming cunt.
As Barbara came, she felt her brother’s hot, thick cum
gushing into and spilling out of her cunthole. His jizz was
dribbling down onto the air mattress where it congealed into
cooling pools of cum. She closed her eyes and sighed happily,
realizing that she had just discovered the meaning of life‹‹
fucking and fucking again.


Chapter 6

It was late the next night and Fran and her husband, Mike,
were alone in the luxurious master bedroom. Fran was on her hands
and knees in the middle of the big bed, her husband kneeling
behind her.
The beautiful woman looked back at Mike over her right
shoulder, her eyes glittering with desire and excitement.
“Oh, please hurry, darling! I’m so horny! Go ahead! Do it,
Mike it, do it! Fuck me dog style!” she begged.
“Sure, baby, any minute now,” Mike drawled.
He was deliberately teasing her as he stroked her quivering
asscheeks with both of his hands. He was as hot to fuck her as
she was to be fucked but he knew, from past experience, that their
best fucks were when the woman was aroused half out of her mind.
Now, Mike took his large hard cock in his hands and aimed it
right toward his wife’s exposed cunthole.
“Go on, Mike! Stick it in!” Fran urged him as she placed her
fingertips over the ridges of her cunt and pulled the swollen
cuntlips apart.
“You sure that’s what you want, baby? You really want me to
stick my big cock up your pussy?” he asked with a grin, taunting
“Oh, God, yesssss!” Fran hissed between clenched teeth.
“It’s what I want more than anything in the world! Please, Mike,
pleeease! Fuck meeeee!”
Her lewd pleas of lust turned the man on so much that he
could suddenly wait no longer either. And, with a loud grunt, he
fell forward with a powerful fuck-lunge.
The full length of his hard, swollen prick immediately
penetrated Fran’s tight, juicy pussy, the knotty head of his cock
surging up the small canal of her hot cunthole.
“Yessss, that’s it!” the woman screamed with joy. “Now just
fuck me good and hard … until we both come!”
Mike smiled to himself, pleased that he had managed to make
his lovely wife so hot and horny for his cock. He pulled his
prick out until just the tip remained inside her, then fucked his
cock all the way in again until his loaded balls slapped against
her ass.

“Oh, God, that’s great, Mike! You always fuck me sooo good!”
Fran groaned huskily as she began to thrust her ass back toward
her husband’s cock.
Glancing down, Mike saw that Fran’s little cunt was oozing
out thick fuck juice, and that her cuntlips were swollen with
aroused hot blood.
He reached around his wife and grabbed hold of her huge
swinging tits as he put everything he had into a powerful fuck-
thrust. Her pussy was small and tight. It always had been. It
was one of the reasons Mike was so crazy about his sexy, beautiful
He quickly fucked his cock in to his balls, then paused,
breathless and turned on.
“Mmmmmm, sooo good, honey! You always fuck me sooo good!”
Fran moaned, her words cut off by a powerful thrust of her
husband’s cock into her pussy.
She moaned again with lust and pleasure. The woman was
filled with a hot sensuous happiness, just as she always was when
her little pussy was totally stuffed with hard cockmeat.
“God, baby, I love your tiny cunt! It feels so sexy wrapped
around my cock the way it is!” Mike exclaimed as he continued to
fuck his wife dog-style.
“Ohhhhh, Mike, your cock’s soo big! And hard! I love it
sooo much!” she groaned as, once again, the man savagely fucked
his throbbing prick up her tight little cunthole.
She clenched her strong cunt-muscles hard around Mike’s cock
as it fucked into her tight cunt. Then, after holding still
against her pussywalls for a few seconds, she relaxed her cunt-
muscles, allowing Mike to slide his cock almost all the way out
Over and over, Mike fucked his big cock into Fran’s pussy
where her strong cunt-muscles immediately grabbed his prick and
squeezed it hard. Then, as her pussy-muscles released his cock,
his prick slid out again, so far that only its tip remained buried
in her small, tight cunt. Then, once again, he thrust his prick
in to the hilt. Over and over. In and out, in and out.
While Mike fucked Fran as hard as he could, he continued to
squeeze her big tits, rubbing, fondling, pinching, making her
wince with pain and pleasure as he squeezed and pinched the
pulsing nips between his demanding fingers.
“Ohhhh, yessss, Mike! That feels soooo good! I love fucking
you!” she screamed in a frenzy of lust.
Mike responded with a loud grunt as he continued to fuck his
bursting cock in and out of his wife’s tight, wet pussy.
“More, Mike!” Fran cried. “Harder! I’m gonna come any
second now, Mike!”
Mike fucked his big cock into her tiny cunt faster and harder
with each fuck-stroke. Grunting with desire, Mike quickened his
movements, pulling his prick out of her pussy faster, and fucking
it back in again faster, harder, and deeper.
“Ohhhhh, yessss, Mike, fuck meeeee! Ohhhh, God, I have to
come!” the woman wailed, tossing her head first this way, then the
other, her blonde hair whipping wildly about her lovely,
lust-contorted face.
She kept perfect time with her ass and hips. She thrust them
back toward her husband’s crotch harder and faster in time with
his rapid fucking motions.
“Come, baby, come! I want to make you come harder than
you’ve ever come before!” Mike groaned, knowing that, no matter
how hard he came, he could not be completely satisfied unless he
could make his wife have the biggest orgasm of her life.
“I’ll come, Mike! I’ll come really soon! Just keep fucking
me until you come! Then, as soon as I feel you shooting your load
up my pussy, I’ll come too! That’s the way it always happens when
you fuck me, honey!” Fran yelled, thrashing her body around wildly
on the big bed.
She wriggled her hips and ass as she felt the relentless
driving fuck-thrusts of her husband’s big cock fucking in and out
of her tight little pussy.
Over and over, Mike fucked his prick hard up his wife’s tight
pussy, each time burying his prick balls-deep in her cunt. The
tight walls of her cunt were stretched wider than ever, and her
cuntlips hugged his cock, giving them both, husband and wife, the
best fuck of their lives.
“Mmmmmm, yeah, that’s it, Mike! Fuck me haaaaard!” the woman
yelled, half out of her mind with desire.
Mike continued to ease his throbbing prick almost all the way
out of his wife’s tight, clenching pussy. Then he fucked it back
in, faster and harder and deeper each time, thrilling to Fran’s
obscene cries of lust and pleasure.
As her husband continued to fuck the full length of his prick
into her horny pussy, she clawed at the bed in her frenzy of lust.
She arched her back and slammed her ass back to meet the man’s
savage fuck-thrusts. When she arched her back, her cunthole
opened up even more to her husband’s fucking prick. And she felt
the joy of his hard-on fucking again and again into her small,
tight pussy, turning her on beyond belief.
The woman was filled with a hot, raw erotic pleasure and a
fiery need which she knew could be extinguished only by the flood
of her husband’s cum and her own resulting orgasm.
“Ohhhh, baby, I love fucking you! Your pussy feels so hot
and tight around my cock!” Mike cried.
“And I love fucking you too, darling!” Fran cooed.
She felt the man’s big prick fucking into her over and over
again, her creamy pussyjuice coating his entire cockrod now. She
moaned lewdly and wriggled violently on the bed, trying to capture
even more of her husband’s cockmeat up her cunt.
Over and over, they repeated their hot fucking motions,
harder and deeper each time. They were both covered with a fine
sheen of sexual sweat which dripped onto the bed, mingling
obscenely with Fran’s warm and thick pussysauce.
Mike’s big, thick cock twitched and jerked in his wife’s
tight pussyhole. He could feel her strong cunt-muscles continuing
to hug his prick over and over and he threw his head back and
groaned aloud with the sheer joy he felt at fucking his sexy
wife’s clenching cunt.
“Ohhhh, ahhhhh,” Frank moaned huskily.
Her hips moved back and forth expertly as hot sexual thrills
shot through her juicy cunt.
Mike raised himself high up on his strong haunches, drew his
prick almost completely out of his wife’s pulsing pussy. Then he
lunged forward and down with all his power, keeping his huge cock
inside her to the hilt while he swung his hips in bold gyrating
movements that tore into the woman’s loins, giving her an erotic
pleasure that grew in its intensity.
Suddenly, Mike’s prick fucked into her all the way and
exploded in orgasm. Wads of thick, gooey cum swamped the woman’s
cunthole and, just as she had predicted, the incredibly heady
sensation made her come hard too.
Wriggling violently, Fran lurched forward, then back again,
continuing to fuck her husband’s cock while they both came.
“I’m coming, Mike, I’m commmiiinnngg!” she screamed as hot
waves of exciting orgasm swept over her trembling, flushed body.
Gallons of hot cuntjuice poured out of her ravaged pussyhole,
mingled in her pussy with her husband’s jism, then dribbled
obscenely from between her swollen cuntlips, running down her legs
and out onto the bed.
“Meeeee toooo, baby! I’m coming hard!” Mike yelled as his
balls screwed up tightly and shot another heavy load of jism into
his wife’s orgasming pussy.
Mike could feel Fran’s orgasm shuddering through her cunt,
making his cock vibrate from its force. The feel of her pussy in
the throes of climax turned the man on so much that even more cum
shot from his prick and drenched her pussyhole.
“Shoot it all, Mike, I want it all!” Fran cried, hysterical
in her need for her husband’s cum.
Long moments later, their orgasms subsided and they fell onto
the bed in an exhausted heap, wrapped their arms about each other,
and fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.


Chapter 7

The following morning, Carol and her older sister, Barbara,
sat alone in the kitchen, lingering over the remains of their
breakfast. The entire family had eaten breakfast together and
then they had all gone off to one place or another, leaving the
two girls alone.
Mike had gone to work. Fran had gone shopping with Jerry.
And, Greg had gone to a family friend’s ranch to go horseback
riding. Ordinarily, Carol would have gone riding with her brother
for it was one of the girl’s favorite activities. But she had had
a savage fuck-session the night before with both Greg and Jerry,
and now her little pussy was so sore that she could hardly sit on
the kitchen chair without hurting.
Carol’s bathrobe fit her loosely and her big tits all but
fell out, attracting her sister’s excited gaze.
“You sure have big tits, Sis. And they’re gorgeous, too,
from what I can see anyway,” Barbara murmured, licking her lips
“Thanks, Babs, so do you,” Carol said with a blush, noticing
how sexy her sister looked in her skimpy, tight bikini.
“God, but it’s getting so hot. Summer’s coming really early
this year,” Babs said, watching her sister closely.
“Yeah, I know. I’m getting hot too in this robe,” Carol
agreed, not really thinking about what she was saying.
“So why don’t you take it off, Carol?” Babs asked huskily.
Carol gasped and stared at her sister’s firm, young body and
felt her cuntjuice beginning to flow from her ravaged little
“Sure!” Carol cried, suddenly making up her mind. “Why not?”
And with that, the young girl shrugged out of her robe and
let it fall to the floor, revealing Carol’s completely naked body.
Now it was time for Barbara to gasp.
“God! You really do have a sexy body, Sis!” Babs said, her
voice thick with fuck-lust.
Carol flashed a grin at her sister and, as she shifted her
position slightly in her chair, a bolt of pain lanced through her
well-fucked cunt and she winced.
“What’s wrong, honey? You look as if you’re in pain!” Babs
said with concern, leaning toward her sister and placing her warm
hand on the other girl’s naked leg.
“I am in pain!” Carol laughed. “Last night I had a great
time fucking Jerry and Greg and today I’m paying the price!”
“Wow! That’s hot! You and Jerry and Greg, huh? I love it!”
Babs cried, stroking her sister’s inner thighs, her hand
deliberately brushing against the girl’s soft pussy-fur.
Carol trembled with lewd excitement. Her sister’s stroking
hand was making her hotter than she had thought possible.
“Yeah, it was great!” Carol said thickly. “The only thing is
that they fucked me so good and hard that my little cunt’s really
sore today! I can hardly sit still it hurts so much!”
“Hmmm, maybe I can help,” Babs said softly.
Without a word, Barbara stood up and quickly cleared the
table, placing all the dirty dishes into the sink. Then she wiped
the table with a damp sponge while her sister watched her
silently, wondering what she had in mind.
“Okay, honey, now get up here on the table and lie down on
your back so I can help your poor little cunt,” Babs instructed.
“God, Babs! Are you planning to do what I think you are?”
Carol asked, growing hotly excited.
“Probably!” Babs laughed.
Without wasting another second, Carol scooted up onto the
long, broad kitchen table and lay on her back. She felt herself
turning on more and more. And the fact that she was totally naked
aroused her even more.
The younger girl glanced up and saw her sister slipping out
of her bikini and she felt her pussy begin to throb with
incestuous desire.
With an eager grin on her young, beautiful face, Barbara slid
up onto the table with Carol and knelt between her sister’s legs.
Babs reached out and stroked the younger girl’s naked thighs.
“Mmmmm,” Carol moaned with pleasure.
Encouraged by her sister’s response. Babs moved her hands up
to Carol’s pussy and she felt a rush of heat from the other girl’s

“Wow! You’re really hot!” she cried.
“I know! And it’s all your fault!” Carol laughed hoarsely.
“God, Babs, I want you to touch my pussy!”
Babs smiled triumphantly and eased her middle finger between
the soft, downy cuntlips of her sister. Then, slowly, expertly,
she began to finger-fuck the younger girl while Carol moaned and
writhed on the table.
Then, still finger-fucking her sister’s cunt, Babs eased
herself up over Carol’s naked body and kissed the young girl on
the mouth. Their hot mouths mashed against each other, their
tongues fucking at each other like miniature cocks.
After a few minutes, Babs moved her face down to her sister’s
heaving tits. She kissed and licked each tit in turn, then sucked
the long, throbbing nips into her mouth as they grew stiff against
her tongue.
“Ohhhhhhhh, Babs, Babs, Babs,” Carol groaned, half out of her
mind with sexual excitement.
The feel of her sister’s mouth on her big tits and her finger
fucking in and out of her wet pussy combined to turn the younger
girl on with a savage intensity.
Babs continued to finger-fuck her little sister while she bit
and nibbled on the rigid nips which were visibly throbbing with
Suddenly, Babs moved back down between the other girl’s legs
and fastened her hungry mouth on Carol’s horny cunt.
“Babs! Ohhhhhhhh, God, Babs!” Carol screamed.
Babs raised her face from her sister’s crotch and grinned up
at the younger girl.
“You like that, don’t you?” she asked lewdly.
“Oh, God, yessss, Babs, lick my pussy!” Carol cried as she
threw her head back and forth from side to side on the table.
“That’s just what I have in mind. See, Carol? I told you I
could fix your poor sore little cunt! Just lie back and let me
heal it with my tongue!” Babs said, her voice thick with lust.
And, with that, she lowered her mouth to Carol’s pussy once
again. Babs rammed her hot, eager tongue between the younger
girl’s swollen cuntlips and licked the little twitching cunthole
as hard as she could. Babs felt the other girl writhing and
twisting in pleasure on the kitchen table.
Babs clamped her soft, full lips around the tiny cunt hole
and fucked her rigid tongue to the hilt inside. She was super
turned on by the delicious taste of her kid sister’s pussy.
Knowing that just last night, her two brothers had fucked their
big cocks into this very cunthole added fuel to the fire already
raging in the older girl, filling her with lust.
“Oh, God, Babs! Your mouth feels sooo good and hot on my
cunt! Don’t stop, Barbara! Don’t stop until I come!” the young
girl cried, half-mad with fuck-lust.
Turning on even more at her sister’s lewd words, Babs began
to fuck her stiffened tongue in and out of the tight, wet cunthole
with increasing speed. She could feel the obscene, twisting
movements of the younger girl beneath her sucking mouth and she
grew even more aroused.
“Yessss! Yesssss, goddamn you! Suck my pussy! Suck it
hard! Suck meeeee!” Carol screeched, running her soft hands over
her own bursting tits as her sister continued to eat her out.
Babs thrilled to the taste and aroma of the delicious pussy
cream oozing freely from the other girl’s cunthole, and Barbara’s
own cunt was dripping wet by now.
The older girl fucked her tongue deeper and deeper in Carol’s
pussyhole, fucking it in as far as she could and licking the tight
walls of the twitching cunthole. She pulled her tongue almost all
the way out of Carol’s cunt and started all over, fucking it all
the way in again. By now, hot, thick pussyjuice was running out
and dribbling lewdly down both pairs of slender legs.
As Babs drove her fucking tongue deeper and deeper, feeling
the younger girl’s cunt-muscles tightening convulsively around her
reaming tongue, Carol moaned and reached down to press her
sister’s head even tighter against her crotch.
“Ohhhh, God, Babs! You were right! You’re really helping my
sore little pussy with your great tongue! It feels soooo good!”
Carol cried.
Moaning with desire, Babs pulled her tongue from Carol’s
pussyhole and turned her attention to the girl’s clit. She licked
it. She sucked it. Then she nibbled the edges of the sensitive
“Aaarghhh! That’s incredible!” Carol screamed as her sister
made love to her clit.
Carol’s ass was bouncing high up in the air now as she
thrashed violently on the kitchen table. She bucked her hips,
grinding her cunt and clit against her sister’s hot sucking mouth.
Now, Babs moved her juice-smeared face back and forth, first
sucking the girl’s pulsing clit, then plugging her cock-like
tongue into her cunthole. Then she licked the entire throbbing
cuntal area. Back and forth she moved, bringing both of the horny
sisters that much closer to orgasm.
“Ohhhh, that’s sooo good, Babs! Make me come, Babs! Please,
make me come!” the younger girl begged.
Babs responded by slipping both hands under her sister’s ass
and raised it high in the air, humping Carol’s cunt against her
hungrily sucking mouth.
Carol bucked her hips up and raised her ass to meet her
sister’s grasping mouth. By now, Barbara’s mouth and Carol’s
crotch were slamming against each other violently, not caring
about anything else in the world except that orgasm that both of
the young blondes needed so desperately.
The sound of her big sister eating her pussy turned Carol on
almost as much as the act itself. They were wet gurgling sounds,
and Carol thrilled to the obscene sound.
Carol moaned over and over, her mouth slack, drool oozing
from its corners. She looked down between her heaving tits and
stared intently at her sister’s head moving between her wide-
spread legs. The expression in her glazed eyes was one of
maddened lust.
Carol arched her back and raised and lowered her ass, panting
loudly and moaning all the while. At the same time, she clenched
and unclenched her strong cunt-muscles around her sister’s tongue
just as if it were a big cock.
“Mmmmfffff,” Babs groaned, trying to vent her own desire as
she felt her kid sister’s pussy-muscles clamping tightly around
her tongue.
Both of the turned-on teenagers were close to coming now.
Hot pussyjuice ran freely down their firm thighs, wetting the
table below. Their huge tits were so hard that they threatened to
explode any second. And, hot groans of lust and pleasure
continued to pour from their wet mouths.
Over and over, Barbara’s tongue fucked in and out of Carol’s
dripping, swollen cunt until both of the girls were babbling and
moaning with incestuous lust.
Barbara was busily licking the younger girl’s clit again now,
attacking the small love-button with her hard tongue. She licked
her clit over and over again, harder each time, then brought her
teeth down and bit into the sensitive clit-flesh. Carol cried out
in excitement and pain.
“Aieeeeee!” she screamed.
Carol grabbed hold of Barbara’s hair with one hand and tried
to yank her away from her pain-ravaged pussy. But just then the
pain subsided and pleasure took its place, raw, hot, pounding
pleasure. Carol found herself mashing her sister’s head back down
against her cunt once again.
“Yessssss, Babs, yesssss! Tongue-fuck meeeeee! Make me
come! I have to come! Pleeeease!” Carol babbled, raking her
fingernails across her sensitive tit-flesh in a frenzy of desire.
She was so turned on that she hardly knew what she was doing.
She felt the muscles in her tummy and loins tighten up and her
large tits heaved and broke out in sexual sweat. She writhed
lustfully beneath her older sister’s raping tongue.
Suddenly, Babs fucked her hot, hard tongue deep into the
younger girl’s cunthole over and over until, at long last, Carol
began to come.
The young girl’s entire body stiffened, and she arched her
back painfully, driving her soaking wet cunt up against Barbara’s
greedy mouth.
“I’m commmiiinnngg! Eat my cunt, Babs, eat it good, you
fucking slut! I’m commmmmiiiinnnngggg!” Carol gasped, hardly able
to breathe.
A fresh flood of hot pussyjuices poured from the young girl’s
cunthole, drenching her sister’s mouth. Groaning with pleasure,
Babs licked it up thirstily, swallowing it greedily as fast as it
shot from her little sister’s throbbing cunt.
Shudder after shudder rippled through Carol’s thrashing body
as her long-awaited climax washed over her young, trembling body.
“Ohhhhh, yessssss!” she hollered as the last of her orgasm
shot through her.
Babs trembled excitedly. Her kid sister’s screams of lust
released her and she began to come, too. She tore her face away
from Carol’s cunt and threw herself onto the table next to the
younger girl as her tremendous orgasm smashed forcefully through
her entire body, leaving her shaken and trembling with sexual
Then, as the last tremors of her climax passed through her,
Babs happily realized that Carol was moving toward her, scooting
between her legs, quickly fastening her mouth on her big sister’s
wet pussy.
Settling back with a happy sigh, Babs gave her entire body up
to the incestuous pleasure of having her little sister’s wet mouth
sucking her swollen, gushing pussy.
“Suck it good, baby, suck it real good.” the older girl
“Oh, I will, I promise you that, Babs, I will!” Carol
exclaimed as she raised her juice-smeared face and grinned up at
her sister.


Chapter 8

One hot afternoon the following week, Jerry was home alone.
The young boy was putting his time to good use by mowing the lawn.
He had his shirt off and, having spent a lot of time at the beach,
the young boy had a deep, sexy tan.
After he had had enough time to work up a good sweat, Barbara
drove into the driveway. She got out with a bag of groceries in
her arms and Jerry gasped with excitement as he took in the sexy
sight of his big sister who was wearing a tight tank top and
short, tight shots that hugged her little ass temptingly.
Jerry felt his cock immediately harden.
“Here, Sis, let me help you,” he panted, dropping the
lawnmower and running over toward her and grabbing the bag from
her arms.
“Thanks, Jerry, you’re such a good brother,” the lovely young
girl said with a warm smile. “God, you’re so hot and sweaty. You
must have been working really hard.”
“Yeah, I have,” Jerry said, grinning back at her.
As the two teenagers walked into the kitchen with the
groceries, Babs became aware of a hot tingling sensation deep in
her horny little cunt. Her brother looked so damned sexy to her!
They set the groceries on the counter top and turned toward
each other.
“Thanks, Jerry,” the girl murmured.
“Sure, Sis, no big deal,” Jerry said, starting to move toward
the front door.
“Oh, don’t go yet, Jerry,” Babs said, her tongue betraying
her disappointment. “I mean, you look so hot and everything.
Look, there’s some beer in the fridge. Let’s have one together,
Jerry grinned and gladly accepted the beer his sister handed
him. She popped one open for herself and sat opposite the young
boy, both of the youngsters beginning to turn on strongly to each
Three beers later, the two youngsters were feeling giddy and
more sexually aroused. Jerry was staring openly at Barbara’s tits
and crotch, all inhibitions gone.
“Mmm, you still look so hot, Jerry, even after all that
beer,” the young girl said. “You know what you need right now to
cool you off?”
“A nice cold shower. In fact, I’m pretty hot too. So, why
don’t we take one together?” Babs asked excitedly.
“Are you serious, Sis?” Jerry asked, almost choking on the
last of his beer.
“Oh, yeah, I’m very serious,” Babs responded, looking her kid
brother directly in the eye. “Come on.”
In the bathroom, Babs turned the shower on full blast, then
ran her eyes up and down the length of her brother’s masculine
“Mmmm, this is really gonna be a lot of fun,” she murmured.
No sooner were the words out of her mouth than she reached
out and unbuckled the boy’s blue jeans. Then she unzipped his
fly, eagerly pulling out his hard cock, which she lovingly
caressed with her soft fingertips.
“God, Jerry! Mom told me you were well hung but I had no
idea!” the girl cried, feeling the desire rise in her loins and
sweep all through her body.
“Mom told you about her and me fucking?” Jerry asked, feeling
his cock grow even harder in his sister’s hands.
“Sure! Haven’t you learned by now that we’re all just one
big happy, loving family with no secrets? You should know by now
that the Ardmores believe in sharing everything!” Babs said.
“Yeah … so I’m learning!” Jerry said with an excited grin.
The youngsters were silent for the next few moments while
Babs played with her brother’s cock and balls. Then she finished
undressing him, pulling off his jeans and shorts.
“Wow! You sure look good naked!” she said approvingly. “And
now you’re gonna get to see me naked.”
“Hurry, Sis!” Jerry cried. “I want to see you without any
clothes on!”
In a matter of seconds, Barbara was completely naked and her
brother’s widened eyes roved over her luscious curves, locking
finally on her huge tits which seemed to be hardening before his
very eyes.
“You like what you see?” Babs asked coyly, posing
exaggeratedly for him.
“God, yes, I love your body! I’ve never seen you completely
naked before, Sis,” Jerry mumbled.
“I know, and it’s about time, don’t you think?” Babs asked
with a wink.
“I’ll say!”
“Come on, let’s get into the shower. I wanna clean off your
sweaty body,” Babs said as she stepped into the shower with her
kid brother right behind her.
As the cool water poured down on the two teenagers, Babs
grabbed her brother’s cock, moaning with excitement as she felt
how hard it was. She could feel it pulsing hard against her grasp
and she swallowed hard, trying vainly to stem the tide of lust
that threatened to overwhelm her.
“Ohhh, Jerry, your big cock really turns me on!” Babs moaned
as she ran her fingers over it, then his balls. And, finally she
picked up a bar of soap and carefully soaped down his cock and
churning nuts. Then she rinsed them off.
Step by expert step, the horny blonde gave her kid brother a
thorough cleansing, bathing his naked flesh all over, finishing at
last with his asshole.
“Unnhhh, you’re really turning me on!” Jerry grunted.
“Good! Now you do me,” Babs panted, handing her brother the
soap and gesturing toward her tits.
With an eager grin, Jerry began to soap his sister’s tits,
loving the feel of her throbbing nips against the palms of his
He soaped his hands again and ran his hands down her flat
tummy to her crotch. Babs instinctively spread her legs wider and
groaned with excitement as she felt Jerry’s soapy fingers slipping
between her puffy cuntlips and stroking her clit.
“Ohhh, that’s good, Jerry, play with my clit!” she moaned,
throwing her head back and letting the cool water wash over her
face and head.
Jerry groaned in response and rubbed his sister’s clit
harder, feeling it stiffen and grow rigid beneath his lewd touch.
Only a few seconds later, the young girl began to come.
“Ohhh, God, I’m coming, Jerry! Keep it up! Play with my
clit! More! Harder!” she wailed as a strong orgasm swept over
her, releasing a flood of cuntjuice which mingled with the shower
water and ran down her quivering legs.
After Barbara’s orgasm ended, brother and sister grinned at
each other and embraced. Then, they stepped out of the shower and
briskly dried each other off.
When they were both dry, Babs threw her towel down and threw
her arms around Jerry. She kissed him on the lips and thrust her
stiffened tongue between his lips, quickly finding his tongue and
tongue-kissed him passionately over and over again.
“Come on, Jerry, let’s go into my bedroom,” Babs murmured.
Moments later, the two teenagers were stretched out on the
girl’s king-sized bed. Barbara’s gaze was locked on her kid
brother’s huge, throbbing prick. Jerry lay down on his back and
his sister sat next to him, trailing her soft hands over his
stiff, hard dick and his firm, muscular thighs.
She leaned over the boy and poked her tongue out, trailing
her tongue-tip over the boy’s body, tickling, teasing, brushing
the wet flesh of her tongue over his throbbing cock, down into his
groin, over his flat tummy.
“Ohhhh, Sis,” Jerry moaned, closing his eyes and giving
himself over entirely to the sensation of incestuous excitement
that was coursing through his veins. It felt as if a thousand
small electrical shocks were running through his body.
Barbara expertly worked her brother’s body over with her
tongue, not missing an inch of his hard, muscular flesh. The
drool gathered steadily at the corners of her mouth and finally
dripped out and down over her chin.
Jerry groaned, feeling as if he were drowning in a sea of
naked female flesh, big tits, and long, slender legs. And,
suddenly, he knew that he could not wait any longer to sink his
big hard prick up his sister’s pussy. She was driving him wild,
teasing him unmercifully with her skillful tongue. He had to fuck
her and he had to fuck her now!
He jerked upright, all but throwing his sister off the bed.
A primitive urge jolted through his body with the force of an
electric current. He grasped Barbara’s body, pinning her arms to
her sides.
“Jerry! What’s gotten into you?” Babs cried, caught by
surprise but thrilled by her little brother’s masterful actions.
“Shut up, cunt!” Jerry growled, tightening his grip on the
young girl’s writhing body. “You’ve been cock-teasing me and now
you’re gonna get what you’ve been begging for!”
“Ohh, goody,” Babs murmured.
But her words were muffled at her brother flung her roughly
onto her back, throwing himself on top of her. Forcing her legs
apart with one knee, Jerry pinned one of Barbara’s arms over her
head and, with his free hand, he pushed his thick, pulsing
cockmeat between her wide-spread legs.
Jerry stared down at his gorgeous sister, panting, his eyes
gleaming with desire. Then, with a wicked grin, he bore down on
her, shouting with excitement as he rammed his hard cock into her
cunt with all the force he could muster.
“Yeeeeooooowwww!” she screamed, crying out in pain and
She could hardly believe what was happening. Her little
brother was fucking her. He was actually fucking her. She was
excited beyond belief and she writhed frantically beneath him, her
eyes rolling back in her head.

Jerry thrust his cock in and out of his big sister’s small,
juicy cunt, riding her brutally. She pushed her ass and hips up
to meet his fuck-thrusts with her slick pussy, her heels digging
into his broad back. Animalistic sounds came from her throat,
sounds of lust-filled pleasure as her brother continued to fuck
“You love it, don’t you, you horny little cunt?” Jerry
growled as he drove his bursting prick between his sister’s
swollen pussylips.
“God, yessss, Jerry! I love the way you’re fucking meee!
Fuck meeeee!” she cried.
Jerry drove his cock to the hilt inside his sister’s juicy
pussy, first taking long, slow strokes, then short, swift ones,
making the blonde girl groan with unbridled lust for her sexy kid
Babs thrust her cunt up hard to meet the boy’s driving prick,
mashing her crotch against his. He watched his sister’s beautiful
young face screwing up with lust as he slowly pushed forward each
time, sinking each inch of his huge, hard cockmeat into her.
“Ohhhhh, Jerry,” she cooed, turning her face away and biting
painfully into her lower lips.
Then she looked back up at Jerry, her eyes glassy with
desire. Spreading her legs wider, she bent her knees and raised
them until the soles of her feet were flat on the bed.
She groaned, grabbing the boy by the cheeks of his ass and
pulling him to her as she hunched up to meet his thrusting cock.
She gasped each time he slammed his cock in and his nuts slapped
lewdly against the crack of her quivering ass.
“Oh, God, your cock’s sooo big and hard! I love it! Fuck me
hard, Jerry!” she cried.
He lowered his chest onto hers and kissed her passionately,
his hands slipping down to grip her trembling asscheeks as he
continued to fuck her steaming cunthole with long, skillful fuck-
strokes. His ass was pistoning furiously up and down, pumping his
cock into the tight tunnel of his sister’s hungry cunt. He
savored the wet, exciting feel of it and the obscene way her pussy
grabbed his prick.
“Ahhhhhh, yesssssss, it’s sooo good,” Babs groaned.
She clenched her cunt-muscles hard around her brother’s big,
hard cock. Then she loosened her cunt walls just enough so he
could slip his cockmeat out of her pussy again. Over and over,
she worked her cunt-muscles, making the boy groan with incestuous
Jerry could feel his sister’s cuntflesh churning and
wriggling around his prick as it throbbed more and more with each
savage fuck-thrust. The young girl reached up and pulled his face
down to hers, kissing him hard on the mouth.
The teenagers’ feverish bodies were covered with a fine sheen
of sexual sweat, making their aroused, naked flesh slide wetly
together as they fucked their way to the orgasm they both wanted
and needed.
“I’m fucking you, baby! I’m really fucking you … just like
you’ve been begging me to do … with your sexy body … those big
tits of yours … this hot, wet little cunt … oh, God, Sis, I’m
fucking you at long last!” Jerry groaned.
“Yessss, Jerry, yessss! You’re fucking me soooooo good!
Just like I’ve wanted for so long! Fuck me good and hard, Jerry,
fuck me until we’re both all fucked-out!” she groaned. Then she
pulled his face to hers again and thrust her hot tongue deeply
into his mouth.
A hot, savage lust swept over the girl’s entire body,
churning deep in her cunt, washing up over her huge, heaving tits
and making even more juice pour out of her tiny cunthole.
“Yesssss, Jerry, you’re fucking me sooooo good!” she cried as
she thrust her crotch up in perfect timing with the boy’s slamming
She raked her long, sharp nails across his broad, muscular
back, and Jerry moaned with lewd excitement. The large bed
rattled with the steady, hard fucking and merging of their naked
flesh as Jerry fucked the horny girl.
He leaned down and licked and sucked her huge, firm tits as
he wiggled his hips in a wild, fucking motion.
“Aaarghhhh!” she cried, her eyes wide and glazed with lust
and pleasure.
His huge cock pulsed thickly inside her cunt. And its hard
thickness filled the girl with a raw, hot excitement. She felt as
if she could never get enough of the boy’s big prick.
Her tight cunt walls clung hard to the sides of his throbbing
cockshaft as he worked his prick in and out, giving the boy the
fuck of her life.
“Squeeze it, you cunt! Squeeze my prick, you horny bitch!”
he yelled.
Her kid brother’s obscene words turned on the girl all the
more and she began to fuck back at him even harder as she worked
her cunt-muscles around his pulsing prick.
“Commmiiinnnggg!” she screeched a few minutes later as a
powerful orgasm shook her entire body and she beat on the boy’s
back with her small fists.
Jerry groaned, thrilled to feel his big sister’s pussy
orgasming around his cock as he continued to thrust his cock in
and out of her spasming pussy.
Babs moved her ass back and forth, making wide, circular
motions as she kept time with her brother’s thrusting cock. He
supported her body, lifting her upward so he could suck and nibble
on the spongy, firm swells of her flushed, sweating tits.
All this time, Jerry was plunging his cock in and out of his
sister’s cunthole in a steady, relentless fucking rhythm. Again
and again, as he fucked her, he licked and sucked her hardened
nipples, sending forbidden shivers of lust through her trembling
“Ohhhh God, Jerry, don’t stop!” she squealed. “It feels
soooo fuckin’ good! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me with that huge
hard cock of yours!” She shrieked as she clawed her brother’s back
with her long, sharp fingernails.
Jerry’s strong fingers dug into the girl’s asscheeks, holding
her in place as he plunged his cock harder and deeper into her.
He plowed in and out of her cunt savagely, making her moan with
“Awwww, Jerry, I can’t stand it anymore! I have to feel your
cum shooting up my pussy! Please shoot your wad, Jerry, shoot it,
you lousy bastard!” she screamed.
But Jerry just grinned down at her and continued to fuck her
hard, a little faster than before, but always in control, holding
back from coming.
Jerry reached out toward her chest and pinched her tits as
hard as he could, remembering how much his mother always loved it
when he did that.
“Yeeeeoooooowwwww! You bastard!” she yelled but then she
grinned at him and they both laughed, knowing how much she really
enjoyed the combined pain and pleasure.
As they continued to fuck each other, the girl’s mouth fell
open slackly and her eyes rolled back and forth in her head. Her
breathing was ragged and her throat felt dry and hoarse.
Barbara wondered how her brother had gotten so smart. For,
as much as the young girl needed to come, she knew that Jerry knew
what he was doing by holding back. From past experiences, Babs
knew that their mutual orgasms, when they finally did happen,
would be all the sweeter for the wait.
She moaned, tossing and twitching her hips until he grabbed
her ass again, forcing her to remain still. He cupped each firm,
trembling asscheeks in his hands and slowly pulled his cock out of
her dripping cunt. Then he thrust his prick back in again, all
the way to the hilt.
His churning balls were slapping wetly against her asscrack
and her cunt-muscles continued to squeeze and release his reaming
prick, almost of their own will. It was as though the girl’s body
had completely taken over and she had given up all control.
Now Jerry was pulling his cock out almost all the way before
plunging back in. She gasped, feeling his large, pulsing cockhead
sinking into her wet cunt and nudging her tight pussyhole open.
“Ohhh, Jerry, you’re fucking me soooo good! I love it! Keep
it up, honey, keep it up!” she yelled.
Jerry grinned down at her and grasped her huge, heaving tits
once again, giving her nips a hard pinch. She whimpered and,
bending her head down, she sucked his middle finger into her hot,
wet mouth as if it were his cock.
“You hot cunt! You’re a great lay, Sis!” Jerry said, his
voice filled with admiration.
Barbara flushed with pleasure at her brother’s words of
praise. The spongy head of his prick felt even larger inside her
now, stretching her little pussyhole wider and wider with each
fuck-thrust. Her cunt was pouring out fuck-juice faster than it
ever had before, increasing the wet, squishy sounds of their
incestuous fucking.
Jerry let his cock fuck into his sister’s pussy a little
deeper each time, the hard sides of his prickmeat bruising her
squeezing cunt walls more with each plunging fuck-thrust.
The young boy’s mouth covered his sister’s again in a long,
passionate kiss, their tongues pressing hotly against each other.
Over and over, she raked his back with her long fingernails as his
slender, tight ass plunged between her wide-spread thighs. The
juicy, wet sound of their forbidden brother-and-sister fucking
just turned them on all the more.
Barbara worked her hips feverishly, rubbing back against the
stabbing friction of Jerry’s hot fucking movements. She threw her
legs over the backs of his thighs. She dug her heels into his
body and then moved her feet up to his firm asscheeks, crying out
with lust as he continued to plunge and thrust, giving her the
most savagely satisfying fuck possible.
Over and over, the boy’s huge prick surged in and out of his
sister’s hot cunthole. She could feel her brother’s loaded balls
rubbing obscenely against the bottom of her crotch. She squirmed
her ass around and around, increasing the pleasure for both of the
young lovers.
The large bed squeaked and groaned loudly in protest as the
brother and sister fucked each other harder and harder. Babs kept
her legs wrapped around her brother. She grabbed his head and
pressed his face to her tits, feeling him drooling all over her
firm, throbbing titflesh, sucking on her long, pulsing nips.
“Ohhhhh, Jerry, fuck me! You’re fucking me soooooo good!
Fuck me haaaarder! Deeeeper! Fuck meeeee!” she whimpered.
Jerry began to pump his prick even harder and faster into her
than before. The increased fucking action was all it took to
bring both of the youngsters to the brink of a hot, thundering
“Unnnhhhh,” Jerry groaned loudly with sexual excitement, his
rigid cock a stiff ramrod in his sister’s quivering cunt. He
could not hold back any longer. He had to come.
“Commmiiinnnggg!” he hollered at the top of his lungs.
“Yessss, Jerry, yessss, shoot! Shoot your load up my cunt!
I need to feel it soooooooo baaaaad!” the young girl sobbed.
His prick lurched an extra inch within his sister’s pussy and
exploded forcefully, filling her little pussy with hot, creamy
jizz. She came at the same time. Warm cuntjuice poured from her
pussy and trickled over her brother’s cock and down her trembling
Barbara could feel his prick still jerking hotly inside her
as he continued to come. It felt as though he would never stop
shooting his heavy load of cum, and she hoped that he wouldn’t!
As he continued to come, he sucked her big tits, first one, then
the other, nibbling on her nips with his sharp teeth.
Babs arched her back, her ass bouncing over the bed as the
peak of her climax burst through her cunt, making her entire body
shudder uncontrollably.
“Ohhhh, God, I’m commmiiinnnggg soooo haaaard!” she cried,
digging into her brother’s asscheeks.
“Good! ‘Cause as soon as you finish coming, I’m gonna fuck
you again, Sis!” the boy responded as his still-hard cock rested
inside his sister’s orgasming pussy.


Chapter 9

The next afternoon, Fran and her older son, Greg, were out
alone by their swimming pool. The beautiful woman was lying on a
lounge chair admiring Greg as he swam laps, his muscular arms
rippling beneath his deep tan.
When the young boy climbed out of the pool, he stood over his
mother, grinning down at her. Fran’s eyes moved to his crotch and
locked there, her cunt beginning to drool as she saw his cock grow
hard beneath his bikini briefs; “Wanna suck my cock, Mom?” Greg
asked lewdly as he quickly stripped his wet trunks off and moved
closer to the lounger.
“Thought you’d never ask, Son!” Fran laughed excitedly as she
sat up on the lounger, her legs straddling her son’s and she took
his huge hard-on into both hands.
Slowly, she inched her tongue’s juicy tip toward the boy’s
massive, throbbing cockhead. She ran her hot, silken tongue
around the glossy, swollen cockhead while she grasped his huge,
loaded balls in her soft hands.
“Oh, yeah, Mom, yeah!” Greg groaned, staring down at his
mother. Her young face was contorted with lust, just increasing
her beauty in the boy’s eyes. Her tits were high and firm and he
could see her nipples pulsing with excitement.
His big cock throbbed in the air between them, several drops
of pearly pre-cum oozing from the cum-slit. The woman closed her
eyes in ecstasy as she rolled her tongue up and down the backside
of the boy’s cockmeat, coating it with the warm saliva from her
hot wet mouth.
As she ran her tongue up and down his cock, the young boy
continued to gaze downward, admiring his gorgeous mother. She was
wearing a string bikini that revealed her womanly curves and the
teenager felt his cock hardening and thickening as he stared at
her huge tits and barely concealed crotch.

Fran murmured around her son’s prick as she continued to lick
and suck. Then she began to use her tongue as a whip, lashing it
back and forth across the broad underside of his throbbing prick.
She licked all the way from the base to the pulsing head.
“Unnhh, aaarrrrghhhh, ohhhhh, Jesus H. Christ, Mom! That’s
great! How you can suck cock! Suck it, Mom!” he cried, thrusting
his hips forward and trying to force his hard-on into her mouth.
A few minutes later, she moved into a rhythmic sucking that
made her entire mouth slide over his cock on her downward plunges.
The rim of her full, sensuous mouth closed around her son’s
mammoth prick, making the boy squirm with pleasure as he stood
before his mother, his cock deep inside her mouth.
The crotch of Fran’s bikini panties was soaking wet now. And
her large, hard-nippled tits throbbed, straining against the top
of her bikini.
Slurping back to her son’s knobby cockhead, Fran began to
twist her mouth wetly on its hot, meaty surface. Faster and
faster she revolved around his glossy prickknob. Meanwhile,
Greg’s entire body was responding hotly, lewdly. He shoved his
cock even deeper into her mouth and he squirmed violently back and
forth on both feet as she continued to suck him off.
“Ohhhhh, God, Mom!” he shouted as he suddenly pushed her
backward, sending her sprawling awkwardly onto the lounge chair as
he quickly straddled her chest, feeling her firm tits flattening
out beneath his ass.
Then, he shoved his cock into her mouth again and she took it
eagerly, swirling her tongue expertly around the head of his cock.
Her sucking movements turned him on so powerfully that he drove
his cockmeat even deeper into her.
The teenager hunched his ass forward, driving his cock deep
into his mother’s warm throat. Her face twisted with lust and
pleasure as her son continued to fuck her in the mouth. He let
the head of his prick lurch and slide against her soft, parted
lips, saw her lust-glazed eyes gazing down at his saliva-coated
prick, and turned on even more.
Greg slipped his thick cockmeat in deeper against the slick
heat of her tongue, thrusting his crotch upward until his mother’s
warm, sucking mouth was overflowing with the boy’s hot prickmeat.
She moaned, sucking wildly now, out of control. Her son’s
obscene actions had unleashed her most primitive of sexual
desires. Her body was now a mass of incestuous fuck-lust and she
was completely in her son’s power. She would do anything he
wanted. Everything he wanted. Gladly. Willingly. Eagerly.
The full length of his prick was buried inside her mouth now,
and still he rammed it violently inside, making her cheeks billow
out fully.
Greg gazed down at his cock sliding slowly in and out of his
mother’s mouth. He thrilled to the expression of raw, unbridled
desire in her eyes as he crammed his cock more swiftly in and out.
Her head bobbed and her teeth scraped painfully but
pleasurably against his pulsating prick, making it grow even
harder and thicker in the sucking heat of her mouth.
“Unnnhhhh, that’s it, Mom!” the teenager cried. “Yeah! Suck
my cock … aaarrghhh!”
With a loud cry of erotic pleasure, the young boy sank fully
onto Fran as his cum began to shoot deep inside her mouth.
Fran howled around his cockmeat, thrilled to feel her son’s
cum gushing into her mouth.
Her lips parted even wider as Greg crushed his meat down her
throat and let it erupt there.
Fran swallowed thirstily, noisily. She writhed lewdly on the
lounge chair as she felt the hot, incestuous thrill of her son’s
jism shooting powerfully into her sucking mouth and down her
As the boy’s climax ended, his mother caressed his still-hard
cock as it lay twitching against her cheek. She darted her tongue
out, licking up the few stray drops of cum that dribbled out of
his prick.
Greg slid his muscular body down over the length of his
mother’s trembling body and lowered his head to her cuntmound.
His lips gently trailed over her soft, damp cunt-fur, then down
her thighs, and back up again.
With one expert move, he tore her panties off, and then her
bikini top which tore almost in half in his powerful grasp. Then
as she settled between the woman’s legs, Fran cried out, unable to
keep still.
“Yessss, Son, yessss! Lick my pussy!” she cried, writhing
lewdly beneath him.
The teenager moved his wet lips up and down and around over
his mother’s cunt as she twisted under him, her hips wriggling
lewdly. Small sounds of ecstasy gurgled up from her throat and
she thrust her hips up to meet his mouth.
The boy’s lips were working harder now, sucking, pulling,
kissing. His tongue moved in and out of her pussy in a steady,
smooth motion. He moved one hand up to her gigantic tits,
squeezing and kneading the firm flesh. Mother and son were both
panting hard now, and their eyes were glazed over with fuck-lust.
“Ohhhhh,” Fran moaned, straining against him, her head
beginning to roll from side to side.
And a few minutes later, as her son stabbed his tongue deep
into her cunthole, Fran came.
“Commmiiinnngggg!” she yelled and she arched her back as a
bolt of orgasm shot through her.
Greg held onto her firmly and his mouth worked even more
furiously now until she once again exploded into a twisting,
writhing mass of hot flesh beneath him.
The boy’s tongue flicked in and out, his mouth pressing and
pushing, eating her pussy until she climaxed again and then again.
“Ohhh, God, enough, Greg, enough!” she gasped.
Finally, he raised his head and, standing up, he smiled
fondly down at his mother. Her eyes were closed and her entire
body was still trembling orgasmically.
Greg groaned with renewed desire as he realized that his cock
was still rock-hard. He stretched out beside his mother on the
lounge chair and thrust two fingers up her cunt. She opened her
eyes and smiled gratefully at her son.
“Ohhh, yesss, Son, yesss,” she moaned.
Only seconds later, she came again, waves of pussyjuice
pouring out of her cunt and soaking her son’s hand.
The instant her orgasm ended, Fran rose from the lounge chair
and threw herself onto the lawn next to the pool. She scooted up
onto her hands and knees, wriggling her ass lewdly in front of her
“Please dog-fuck me, Son!” she begged.
“You got it, Mom, you got it!” the boy laughed as he advanced
on his mother.
He knelt behind her on the lawn and with his strong hands, he
spread her ass wide until the pink bud of her asshole was visible
to him. Suddenly, he ran his stiffened middle finger far up her
tiny asshole.
“Ohhh, God!” she shrieked.
He used his finger like a corkscrew, fucking her asshole in
and out, and the woman loved it. As she felt her son’s fingers
fucking her asshole, she wriggled about on the ground, crying out
her pleasure.

“Ohhh, yesss, Greg, that feels soooo good! Don’t stop,
Greg!” she yelled.
She began to thrust back and forth on her son’s fucking
finger. The teenager burrowed his finger deeper and harder,
twisting them painfully, stretching her asshole lewdly.
“Oh, God, Greg, that feels great but I can’t wait any longer!
Fuck me, honey! Fuck me like a dog! My cunt’s so hot, it’s on
fire!” she begged.
“Okay, Mom! I can’t wait any longer either!” Greg grunted as
he ran his tongue teasingly up and down her ass-crack.
At the same time, he rubbed her swollen pussylips, sending
hot, tingling sensations shooting through her loins.
Then, Greg held his thickly veined cockshaft tightly in one
hand and guided it up between his mother’s trembling thighs,
deliberately brushing it against her throbbing pussylips.
“Ohhhh, yesss,” she sighed.
He positioned his cock tip in the woman’s cunt, just below
her twitching clit. She lifted her naked asscheeks, pushing back
toward her son’s hard, flat belly.
“This is it! Gonna fuck you now, Mom! Gonna fuck you like a
dog!” he grunted, fucking forward without warning up into her
cock-hungry cunt.
He fucked into her so hard that he forced her face down onto
the lawn and for a moment she struggled to breathe as she found
her nose mashed against the springy grass. She painfully raised
her face and sucked in a large gulp of air. Her large tits swung
freely, their long, hard nips pointing down toward the lawn.
Greg grabbed his mother’s wriggling asscheeks and thrust the
full length of his cock far up into her cunthole again. Fran felt
her son’s prick burning meat fuck up through her spasming pussy
walls until it struck the very back wall of her cunt-tunnel.
“Ohhh, yessss, it feels soooo good, Son! Fuck me like a dog!
I love it!” she whimpered.
Over and over, Greg shoved his bursting cock deep up into the
juicy walls of his mother’s quivering cunt. He was steadily
skewering his big cock in her hotly sucking pussy, filling the
woman with a savage lust that she knew could be satisfied only
when they both came.
She clenched her strong muscles around her son’s prick each
time he fucked into her. And then she slightly loosened her
muscle hold, just enough to let the boy slide out again.
At the same time, she thrust her ass backwards, meeting each
of her son’s cock-thrusts with a back-thrust of her pussy.
“Yeah, Mom, that’s great! Fuck back on my cock!” the boy
Fran’s long, blonde hair fell down prettily along her
shoulders and her huge tits shook and quivered with passion. She
could feel her hot, juicy cunt walls stretching and tugging at her
son’s hard prickmeat.
“Ohhhhh, God, this is just what I needed … sooooo good,”
she groaned as she began to come.
A hot, raging ecstasy flooded through her body as she came.
And she fucked her ass back harder toward her son’s reaming cock.
Her totally aroused cunt dripped with pre-cum and pussyjuice and
she groaned over and over.
“God but you’re hot to trot, Mom!” the boy cried gleefully as
he gripped her hips with both hands.
He eased his prick out of her orgasming pussy until only its
tip remained. Then, leaning as far back as he could without
dislodging his prick, he suddenly thrust forward with all the
strength of his youth.
“Yesssss!” Fran hissed between clenched teeth.
The full length of her son’s cock surged forward into her
clenching pussy tunnel. She could feel the head of his prick
smashing hard into the back wall of her cunt, making it vibrate
with pain and pleasure.
“Oh, God, that’s it, Greg! What a great fuck! Fuck me,
Greg! Fuck meeeeeeee!” she screeched as her body writhed with
lust for her son.
Then, she yelled out with pain and pleasure as the boy drove
his huge, hard cock into her pussy again, just as deeply as
“Aaarghhhhh!” she gurgled.
Greg grinned and, reaching around his mother’s obscenely
twisting body, he grasped her large tits in both hands. He rubbed
them hard, pinching her long, throbbing nipples as he continued to
fuck her pussy as violently as he could.
The woman moaned with pleasure as she felt her son pull his
hard cockmeat almost all the way out of her juice-streaming cunt.
Then he thrust it all the way back in again, all the way to the
As the boy’s pulsing prick fucked in and out of her clenching
cunt, she wriggled and pressed back lewdly against his young,
muscular body.
Now, Greg deliberately slowed down his fucking motions,
wanting his mother as hot as a pistol before he unloaded inside
her. And he knew that if he continued to fuck her so hard and
fast, he would come in a second.
He closed his eyes and groaned with pleasure as he slowly
fucked his hard prick in and out of his mother’s clenching pussy.
Her firm, quivering ass was pressed against his flat tummy and he
thrilled at the contact of her smooth ass-flesh.
“Ohhhhh, Greg, keep fucking me good and hard! I love it sooo
fuckin’ much!” the woman screamed as another huge orgasm smashed
through her.
Greg’s cock was buried to the hilt in her tightly spasming
cunt. He ground his body against hers in a lewd frenzy of
Wave after wave of hot, mind-blowing orgasm tore through
Fran’s throbbing tits, her spasming pussy, and her entire body as
a hot, sweet ecstasy filled all of her senses.
“Unnnhhh, aieeeee, I’m commmiiinnnggg! Oh, God, Greg, fuck
me good and hard!”
The young boy grunted with pleasure as he bent forward over
his mother’s twisting body. He grabbed hold of her big, swinging
tits once again as he slammed his prick into her juicy cunt over
and over again. He could feel her coming against his hard-on and
it aroused him even more.
As Fran came, she violently clenched and unclenched her
strong, tight pussy-muscles around her boy’s prick, turning both
of the lovers on all the more.
Greg groaned with incestuous pleasure at the feel of his
mother’s strong cunt-muscles contracting and loosening around his
prick as she came. The young boy realized at that moment that, as
much as he loved fucking any hot, tight pussy, nothing in the
world compared to the lewd thrill of fucking his own mother.
As she continued to come, Fran moved back hard against her
son’s bushy crotch, and he thrust forward with his huge cock. She
fucked back toward him with each slam of his prick. She stiffened
against him and her entire body trembled with pleasure and
excitement as her climax subsided.
Greg fucked her harder now, brutally ramming his huge cock up
her small, wet pussy. Every single thrust of his enormous cock
into her still-twitching cunt just aroused them both more and
As the teenager continued ream out his mother’s pussy, she
raised one hand to her wet cunt and began to finger-fuck herself,
increasing her pleasure.
Greg buried the full length of his long, thick prick deep
within her spasming cunthole. His gigantic prick triggered yet
another orgasm and she threw her head back as she came, wailing
long and loud.
“Aieeeee! Commmiiinnnggg!” she cried as her climax jolted
through her heaving, trembling body, leaving her breathless but no
less horny.
She had never known such erotic pleasure! And, as her son
fucked her hungry cunt, she knew she wanted the exciting fuck to
go on and on, never to end.
Hot cunt-sauce gushed from her puckering pussyhole and poured
out between her bloated cuntlips. It soaked her finger-fucking
hand and dribbled down her trembling thighs, finally falling onto
the grass below.
“More, Son, more!” she cried obscenely, tossing her ass back
toward him. “I need your big cock sooo much, Greg! Fuck me just
as fast and hard as you can! Fuck my brains out!”
It took every ounce of his self-control not to come. The
incredibly lewd thrill of feeling his mother’s cunt coming hard
around his prick stick turned the boy on powerfully. He could
feel his hot cum churning around in his loaded balls, threatening
to spill out into his mother’s spasming pussy.
But he wasn’t about to come now. As excited as he was by the
thought of shooting his wad into his mother’s little cunt, he was
enjoying this incestuous fuck far too much to let it end so soon
by coming. He needed at least a few more minutes of hard, steady
in-and-out fucking action before he would let himself go.
Fran tensed and relaxed the walls of her cunt, turning
herself on as much as the boy who was still fucking deep inside
her. She lowered her head and saw his huge prick plunging
repeatedly between her swollen, throbbing cuntlips.
Even now, the woman’s small, tight pussy continued to expand
to allow room for her son’s large, thick, hard-fucking cock. The
flexible inner walls of her cunt took the boy’s cock and then
clutched hard at it. She thrilled to the pain and pleasure of
accommodating such a huge rod of cockmeat.
Greg arched his back and leaned back as far as he could to
drive his huge cock even deeper into his mother’s softly yielding
cunt. Every stroke of his prick made his loaded balls slap wetly
against her ass. Fran moaned loudly, thrilling to the impact
against her hot, feverish body.
Greg pumped furiously into his mother’s wet pussy, then
gasped as she tensed her cunt-muscles again around his throbbing
cock. He jerked and his cock twitched savagely. Suddenly, the
teenager realized that he could not hold back any longer. He was
going to come.
“Ahhh, shiiiiit, Mom! I’m gonna come!” he shouted as his
cock exploded deep in her pussy. He shuddered violently as she
writhed against him and her cunt contracted with each of his
orgasmic convulsions.
“Ohhh, yesss, shoot it all, darling! Do it! Come in my
pussy! I have to feel your hot cum overflowing from my cunt! Do
it, Greg, do it!” she babbled as another climax raced through her
trembling body.
“I’ll shoot it all, all right, you little hot bitch! Take it
all, Mom, take all my cum!” the boy shouted.
“Ohh, yesss,” Fran gasped as she felt the hot rush of her
son’s jism gushing into her pussy. She loved the feel of his cum
pouring out from her full cunt and running obscenely down her
“More, more, Greg, shoot more!” she cried as yet more jism
gushed from the boy’s cum-slit and splashed wetly into his
mother’s spasming pussy.
The exciting sensation of feeling her own son’s cum pouring
into her cunt was so thrilling to her that she had one orgasm
after another, continuing to come relentlessly as her son’s jizz
shot into her pussy.
Her son fucked furiously into her streaming cunt while she
relaxed and let her orgasms wash over her hot, trembling body,
leaving her pussy shaking and sopping wet.
The teenager’s cock swelled and jerked as it spilled its
entire load into Fran’s tight little pussy. She reached back
through her legs and caressed his balls as both of their orgasms
finally began to ebb.
Then, they fell weakly into each other’s arms on the lawn,
smiling affectionately at each other. A few minutes later, Fran
stirred in her son’s arms and she gently stroked his softening
“Mmm, what a monster cock you’ve got here! Even when it’s
soft, it’s huge! And can it fuck!” she cried.
“What do you mean ‘it,’ Mom? Don’t I get any of the credit?”
Greg asked with a grin.
“Oh, yes, Son, you get all the credit!” Fran laughed as she
took her boy’s face in her hands and planted her lips on his.
As their tongues met, she realized how fortunate she was to
have a family who believed in loving each other, really loving
each other.


Chapter 10

Once again, Carol and her father were alone in the sun room,
both of them nakedly sunning themselves on the large air mattress.
They had been kissing each other and now Mike was fondling
his daughter’s big tits, pinching the long nipples and rolling
them between his fingers.
“Ever been fucked in the ass, baby?” the man suddenly asked,
making his daughter gasp with surprise and excitement.
“No!” she cried, feeling both thrilled and afraid at the idea
of her father’s huge cock tearing up her cherry asshole.
“Don’t you think it’s about time?” Mike asked with a leer.
“Oh, God, Daddy, I don’t know”
“What’s to know, baby? You once told me you would try
anything at least once, right?” he asked persuasively.
“Well, yeah, but …”
“No buts. Turn over and get up on your hands and knees,
honey. I wanna be the lucky guy to fuck your hot little ass for
the very first time!” Mike said, his voice thick with lust.
Feeling still afraid but strangely excited, the young girl
obediently got up on her hands and knees, her upraised ass facing
her horny father.

“Like this, Daddy?” she asked.
“Yeah, exactly like that, baby,” Mike responded.
He ran both hands over the girl’s asscheeks. She whimpered
as she felt his fingers working their way into her tight moist
asscrack, pulling her asscheeks wide apart.
She jumped as she felt his thumb against her asshole. Her
heart pounded loudly, the aroused blood hot and thick in her
veins, pounding in her ears. She could hardly catch her breath,
she was so frightened and turned on at the same time.
“God, Daddy, are you really gonna fuck my ass with your huge
cock?” she asked breathlessly.
“That’s exactly what I’m gonna do, baby. I’m gonna fuck your
little cherry asshole!” he said thickly.
Carol whimpered again. She knew that if her father wanted to
fuck her ass, there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop
him even if she wanted to‹‹and she was not at all sure that she
wanted to. She was beginning to really turn on to the thought of
his huge prick fucking her asshole, no matter how much it may
Her cuntjuice ran thickly and she realized that she was
turning on more and more as she waited for her father to fuck her
Mike gazed lustfully at his daughter’s sexy little ass. He
could hardly wait to ream her asshole out with his big cock.
Already, his cock was strained to the bursting point and he knew
that he had to fuck her ass soon or he would come all over the air
He jammed his thumb into her tiny asshole, making the girl
cry out in pain and excitement. She knew that if his thumb could
cause her that much pain, his big cock was going to tear her ass
Mike’s big thumb gouged and dug into her little puckered
asshole. It tore at her ass-flesh, pushing and wiggling. She
gasped with the sharp, sudden pain as his big, hard thumb buried
itself deep inside her moist asshole.
“Ohhh, it hurts soooo much, Daddy!” she cried.
Mike just grinned and wiggled his thumb up inside her hot,
slick shit-chute, pressing it into her soft but firm ass-muscles.
He felt his cock harden and thicken even more.
Carol moaned, wiggling her ass frantically. The more she
wiggled, the more she opened up her asshole to her daddy‘s
invading thumb and the deeper he shoved it into her ass.
He gouged into her soft asscheeks and spread them even wider
as she twitched and wiggled her ass against his hands.
The teenager was turning on more and more. Her father’s
thumb felt like a smaller version of his cock as he shoved it into
her ass even deeper, driving her half-mad with pleasure. She
groaned and lifted her ass, wiggling it right in his face.
“Good. You’re ready now,” Mike said with satisfaction as he
yanked his thumb out of her little asshole.
She moaned with pain and disappointment as her father’s thumb
left her asshole. But she knew that the best was yet to come.
Mike spread her asscheeks wide apart and fitted the head of
his huge, throbbing cock into the wet warm crack. He ground his
prickhead into her brown, puckered asshole.
He gripped her hard around her waist and shoved hard, driving
his bursting prick deep into her asshole in one swift, hard
thrust, slamming her ass hard against his crotch.
“Aieeeeee!” Carol shrieked.
She wailed long and loud from the agony which filled her
virgin asshole and throbbed through her entire body. Her father’s
cock was gigantic and he was driving it into her as deeply as
“Jeeeesus, Daddy, it hurts like hell!” she whimpered.
Mike laughed and thrust into her even harder, making her
scream out in pain again.
“Don’t worry, baby,” he said lowly, “you’ll soon start loving
it and you won’t mind the pain one bit.”
“Ohhhh, God, it hurts soooo much!” she cried again.
Mike slapped her hard across her asscheeks several times,
leaving his red hand-print on her naked flesh.
“Shut up, you stupid cunt! You’re gonna get ass-fucked and
you’re gonna love it!” he growled.
He nudged his hips even tighter against her ass and his cock
plunged in deeper. Carol moaned again, feeling as if her father’s
cock were splitting her right in two. She sobbed with pain as her
father continued to fuck her asshole, totally ignoring her cries
of agony.
As she violently arched her back, vainly trying to shake the
man off of her body, Mike grabbed both of her huge tits, one in
each hand. He squeezed them both hard and pinched her hardened
nips until she screamed with agony.
He pumped his cock deeper into her ass guts. He clutched her
slender waist in his big strong hands and held onto her tightly as
she bucked backward, yanking her ass forward, trying desperately
to shake him off her poor ravaged ass.
“Ohhh, God, I just didn’t know that ass-fucking could hurt
like this!” she sobbed, her head rolling wildly from side to side.
Mike crushed her huge, swinging tits in his fists, yanking
them brutally away from her chest, rubbing them, pinching them,
bruising them in his frenzy of maddened fuck-lust.
Then, only minutes later, the young girl began to feel the
stirrings of sexual pleasure deep in her pussy. The pain in her
asshole lessened, and a raw, incestuous pleasure replaced it. She
moaned, realizing that her father had been right all along. Now
she knew that she wanted him to fuck her ass as badly as he wanted
to fuck it.
Mike was humping her asshole harder and harder, filling her
with a fiery lust that she knew only his cum could put out. She
wriggled under his thrusting prick, matching his cock-thrusts with
her own, trying to capture every single inch of the man’s huge,
hard prick.
“Ohhh, yesss, Daddy! I love it now! You were right! It
feels sooo good! Don’t stop! Keep fucking my little ass, Daddy!
Fuck it hard!” she screamed as she twisted her body violently
beneath his fucking prick.
Mike laughed triumphantly, thrilling to his daughter’s lewd
cries of ass-fucking pleasure. He slapped his churning balls
against her asscrack as he continued to pound the full length of
his thick cock in and out of her asshole. He loved fucking cherry
assholes, especially his own daughter’s!
“Mmmm, that feels sooo good, Daddy,” Carol moaned, reaching
down between her legs and stroking the man’s balls, turning him on
more and more.
“Ohhhhhhh, yeah, baby it’s great,” Mike groaned.
His little girl’s asshole felt slick, hot, and tight, and he
was more aroused than he had thought possible. He knew that he
had to come.
He drove his cock in and out of the girl’s ass faster and
deeper. He felt his balls tightening, and he knew that he was
going to pop. He clawed violently at her thighs, hugging her even
tighter against him as he slammed his cock all the way into her
quivering asshole.
“Unnhhh, baby,” he gasped as the first hot blast of cum
jolted from his cum-slit and shot into his daughter’s trembling
“Ohhh, yesssss!” Carol cried as she felt her father’s spunk
shooting into her ass and her own orgasm began. “Yesss, shoot
your cum into my ass! Give it all to me, Daddy!”
She screamed out her pleasure as shudder after orgasmic
shudder pulsed through her hot, feverish body. She had never
experienced such a thrilling sensation in all her life, and she
realized now just how much she had been missing by not ass-fucking
before now. She was just grateful that it was her own father, and
his huge hard cock, that had fucked into her virgin asshole for
the first time.
Mike had never shot such an enormous load of jism in his
entire life. Thick, gooey, hot cum blasted from his jerking cock
into her asshole, making it burn and spasm. Her shit-chute was
stretched to the breaking point around her father’s huge prick.
She cried out over and over again with pleasure and ecstasy as the
man continued to shoot his huge load of cum into her aching
“More! I need more! Gimme more cum, Daddy!” the blonde
teenager cried lewdly as her powerful orgasm continued to smash
through her, filling her pussy with hot cream which dribbled into
her asshole and down her trembling legs.
The man’s cum completely filled his little girl’s small
asshole and began to pump out around the base of his big,
throbbing cock. She felt his cum dripping and oozing down her
naked thighs in small, lewd rivers, falling onto the mattress
“Ohhhh, God, yesssss,” Carol hissed.
Carol’s body jerked backward with each hard plunge of her
daddy’s prick. She matched him, thrust for thrust. His rough
hands tore at her bruised tits, squeezing and pinching the nips
until they burned and throbbed with pain and pleasure.
Over and over, Mike pumped his cock into her, squirting the
jism from his cockhead, sending gusher after gusher of cum into
her flowing asshole. He had never had such a huge load before,
and he knew that it was caused by the thrill of fucking his
daughter’s virgin asshole. He moaned with excitement as his balls
continued to shoot out wad after wad of thick, gooey jism.
Each time Carol felt another gusher of cum spill into her
asshole, she came again, each orgasm more powerful and savage than
the last one. By now, the young girl’s asshole was running with a
lewd mixture of cum and cunt-juice.
As Mike continued to shoot his load, Carol clenched and
unclenched her ass-muscles, squeezing his cock so hard, it felt as
though she were milking it of all his cum. Her ass jerked and
wiggled and she jammed her muscles down hard on his huge,
thrusting prick.
“Ahhhh, it feels soooooo good!” she groaned in hot incestuous
pleasure, gasping loudly and tossing her head wildly from side to
side, sending her long, blonde hair swinging first one way, then
the other.
Her cunt and asshole were burning with an incredible
sensation of pain and pleasure as she continued to spasm in hot
“Unnhhhh, ahhhh,” she grunted, still thrusting her ass back
to meet her daddy’s brutal fuck-thrusts, mashing her asscheeks
against his hairy crotch.
Her ass pumped back and forth in time to the fucking tempo of
Mike’s fat, hard cock. She could hear the wet, sucking sounds of
his hot cum burbling out of her ravaged asshole, and it only
increased her own desire.
Finally, Mike’s orgasm ended and he kept his softening cock
inside his daughter’s asshole. He reached around her flat tummy
and began to finger-fuck her cunt, helping her to keep her violent
orgasm going.
“Ohhh, yessss, Daddy,” Carol groaned as she felt her daddy’s
fingers moving roughly over her rigid little clit, filling her
with an indescribable pleasure. Her orgasm raged through her,
leaving her shaken and trembling with pleasure.
She let her entire body sag weakly and she felt her father
slowly remove his limp prick from her steaming asshole. She
glanced at his crotch and felt renewed lust at the sight of his
cock. His cock was limp now but she grinned, knowing that she
would be able to make it stiff again in no time at all.
While her father lay there on the air mattress with his eyes
closed, trying to catch his panting breath, Carol knelt by his
side and lowered her lovely, young face to his prick, her long,
silken hair falling sexily over his thighs.
Then, before Mike even knew what was happening, his daughter
had gobbled his cock into her hungry mouth. As the wiry hairs of
his crotch touched her nose, she felt his prick stiffening, and
she could feel the blood pumping into his dick.
“Ohhh, yeah, baby, that’s great! Suck my cock!” Mike cried,
humping his ass up off the mattress, shoving more of his cockmeat
into his little girl’s mouth.
“Mmmmmmfffff,” she responded, not stopping for a second.
She lapped her tongue up and down the man’s cockshaft. She
bobbed her head, squeezing her fingers into the hard, strong flesh
of his ass.
“Yeah, that’s the way, little girl! Keep it up! Make your
daddy come in your hot, sucking mouth, you little whore! Then I’m
gonna fuck you again! In your pussy this time!” he cried as he
lay back and closed his eyes, giving himself completely over to
the erotic pleasure of being sucked off by his sexy daughter.
“Mmmmfff,” she moaned again, super turned on by his promise to
fuck her again.
The teenager concentrated on sucking her daddy’s cock harder
and harder, feeling his bursting prick vibrating against her
throat. His prick was at its full length now, rock-hard and
begging for release once again.
Mike began to pump his hips up and down to meet her hungry
sucks, feeling his balls churning and swelling with a new mass of
hot cum. He felt the muscles at the base of his cock beginning to
twitch and he groaned with pleasure. He was really getting off on
the idea of his beautiful young daughter sucking his big, pulsing
Carol felt her father’s prick lurching and jerking in her
mouth and the lewd sensation made her come again. She wriggled
violently as her orgasm bolted through her sopping wet cunt. She
clamped her mouth hard around his cock and sucked as hard as
possible, up and down the full length of his cockshaft, not even
gagging as the tip of his cockknob jammed itself against the back
of her throat.
Suddenly, Mike pumped his hips up even more violently as the
first explosive jolt of cum pumped into the base of his prick-
“Suck meee, you little whore! Eat my cum, you slut! I’m
gonna come! Swallow it all!” he cried.
Her father’s obscene words thrilled Carol and her entire body
trembled with excitement. She felt his cock jerk wildly inside
her mouth and she realized that he was about to spill his cum.
She worked even harder than before, sucking fast and furiously.
And, just seconds later, the teenager was rewarded by the first
scalding glob of cum which shot into her mouth and slid down her
clenching throat.
“Mmmmmffff,” she murmured excitedly.
“Suck me, you little bitch! Suck me off!” Mike demanded,
bucking his hips up wildly as he tried to shove his cock even
deeper into his daughter’s clenching throat.
Carol swallowed as hard and fast as she could, but it just
wasn’t possible to take in all the man’s enormous load. Soon, her
mouth and throat was full to overflowing, sending streams of hot
jism out between her sucking lips where it burbled out her mouth
and streamed lewdly down her chin.
“I’m gonna hold you to your promise, Daddy,” she panted as
she slipped his still-hard prick out of her mouth. “Fuck me
again! Fuck my cunt, Daddy!”


Chapter 11

Carol and her father were having the longest, most satisfying
fuck-session of their lives. First, Mike had popped his little
girl’s ass cherry for her. Then, she had sucked him off. Next,
he fucked her in the pussy, as he had promised to do. Then they
took a shower together and returned to the sun room where the man
proceeded to eat his little girl’s cunt.
Now, they were lying side by side, the man rolling her
throbbing nipples between his fingers, pinching them hard. Carol
groaned with pain and pleasure and, reaching out, she began to
stroke her father’s prick again, feeling it growing and hardening
in her small, soft hands.
“You’re sure one hot little cunt! You just can’t get enough,
can you, baby?” Mike asked hoarsely with a slight laugh.
“No, I can’t, Daddy! I can’t get enough of your big gorgeous
cock! Up my ass! In my pussy! In my mouth …”
“How about between your tits?” the man asked.
“What, Daddy?” she asked dazedly.
“I want you to give your daddy a great titty-fuck, honey,”
Mike said softly.
“Oh, yeah, Daddy, I’d love to! Let me fuck your big hard
cock with my tits, Daddy!” Carol cried.
Mike grinned and quickly straddled his daughter’s body just
below her huge tits. She gasped as she stared down at the man’s
reddish, blue-veined prick-shaft, getting more and more turned on
by the second. Her little pussy was burning uncontrollably and
she knew that she would have a big orgasm when she made her daddy
come by rubbing her tits against his cockmeat.
Mike positioned his hard cock in the valley between his
little girl’s gigantic titmounds and then smiled down at her.
“Okay, get going, little pussy! Fuck my cock with those huge
tits of yours!” he demanded.
Carol moaned excitedly, staring hard at her father’s huge,
thick prick lying between her massive, fleshy mounds of titflesh.
His prick was twitching slightly as though calling to her, and the
lewd sight filled her with an incredible, hot longing.
She grinned up at her daddy and scooped up her large, aching
tits with both hands, sandwiching her father’s cockmeat between
“Good girl. Now fuck my cock with your great big tits!” Mike
Carol began to tit-fuck her father, rubbing her huge mounds
of tit-flesh against his bursting cock. The sexy movement made
his prick grow harder and bigger.
“Yeah, that’s it, baby! Do it faster, you little slut!” he
commanded as he began to hump his crotch up between his daughter’s
huge tits.
Carol rubbed faster and harder and felt her cunt oozing out
pussycream between her bloated pussylips. He moved back and
forth, sending his prick in and out of the fuck-tunnel created by
her huge tits on either side of his prick.
Mike loved the feel of his little girl’s tits on the sides of
his prick, rubbing it harder and harder. Suddenly, he felt fresh
cum churning in his balls and he knew he was about to blow. Carol
rubbed faster and faster as her cunt continued to pour out its hot
“Come on, Daddy! Shoot your load! I wanna taste your cum!”
Carol hollered as she opened her mouth wide, waiting for his jizz
to shoot down her throat.
His daughter’s lewd words took the man over the edge and he
came. A huge, hot load of jizz shot straight out of his twitching
cum-slit and into his little girl’s waiting mouth. She swallowed
quickly, savoring the taste of her father’s delicious, thick cum.
More and more hot, thick goo pumped from his cock and
splashed wetly into her mouth as she continued to swallow. The
thick jizz began to dribble obscenely from the corners of her
mouth, down her chin, and down onto her heaving tits.
Carol’s cunt spasmed in a powerful climax as her father
continued to shoot his cum into her sucking mouth.
“Ohhhhh, yeah,” she moaned as violent convulsions of orgasm
drilled through her horny cunt.
As the girl’s orgasm began to die down, Mike reached behind
him and thrust two fingers deeply into her spasming cunthole. She
squealed and came again. He could feel her cunt walls squeezing
his fingers hard, and her pussysauce gushed all over his hand.
“Ohhhhh, God, Daddy! Your cock’s hard! I have to feel it up
my pussy again! Pleeeease fuck meeee, Daddy!” the horny young
blonde begged.
“Sure, honey,” Mike laughed delightedly. “Let’s fuck with
you on top this time.”
The man lay back on the mattress, his huge, hard prick
jutting straight up in the air. Carol licked her lips excitedly,
staring at her daddy’s prick. She eagerly climbed up over his
body, straddling him. She gripped his pulsing cockhead with both
hands as she eased herself lower, wiggling her ass as she screwed
his big, throbbing cock up into her small, tight cunthole.
“Go for it, baby! Fuck your daddy!” Mike cried, holding his
daughter by the hips as she tried to cram the entire length of his
prick up into her pussy.
Clenching her teeth tightly together, Carol settled all the
way down and began to contact the walls of her little cunt. She
tightened and loosened her strong cunt-muscles until she had her
father moaning with incestuous pleasure.
He felt as if he were half out of his mind with fuck-lust.
His little girl was fucking him expertly!
“Unnhhhh, honey, you’re terrific! Do it, baby! Fuck my
cock!” the man demanded hoarsely.
Carol groaned with pain and pleasure as she continued to move
her young body up and down over her daddy’s prick, working it in
and out of her tight cunthole, faster and harder with each
downward thrust.
The big cock stretched the blonde’s cunt walls to the
breaking point, just as if this were the first time it had fucked
into her, and the virgin-like sensation aroused the teenager all
the more.
“Mmm, Daddy, I love fucking you! It feels sooo fuckin’
good!” she cried.
“That’s my girl! That’s what your daddy loves to hear!” Mike
The horny young girl thrilled to the lewd sensation of her
own father’s thick cock crammed all the way up her pussy. His
prickmeat filled every little nook and cranny of her inner
cuntflesh and she loved the feeling. She could feel the man’s
cock jerking hotly in her wet cunt and she tensed her cunt-muscles
again and again, squeezing it hard.
Carol reached down and raked her long fingernails across
Mike’s broad, hairy chest, making the man gasp with shock and
excitement. Then he reached up and grasped the girl’s huge tits
in both hands, rolling her hard nips back and forth.
“Yesssss!” Carol groaned, throwing her head back. She dug
her nails into her father’s flesh and trembled violently as she
began to come.
Sweat poured off her trembling body and her hips began
stroking his big cock in and out of her tight little spasming
pussyhole. She raised herself up, then down very hard. Up and
down. Harder and harder. She ground her clit against the base of
his aching prick and came.
“Commmiiinnnggg!” she screamed as her savage climax tore
through her, and she threw her head back again and wailed loud and
long with the sheer incestuous pleasure of fucking her father.


The End

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