Daeman’s Nannies Pt. 03 – Erotic Horror


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Lucian Natas is The Devil. He married his wife Camille at the tender age of 18, taking her virginity in front of his coven of loyal followers. A few years later she gave birth to his son Daeman. His ultimate replacement on this earth.

After a terrible and painful birth where Camille nearly lost her life, she was unable to bond with Lucian for quite some after, as she realised he had valued the life of his new born son more than hers. However, time has now moved on and relations between them are slowly improving.

This is the story of numerous nannies employed to take care of Daeman. Who Satan desires and seeks to take for himself.

If you would like to know more of the background of Lucian and Camille, then please read my series. “Lucian’s Temptations”.

My following story is purely a work of sexual fantasy and is complete fiction written by myself. The names of the characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone living or deceased.


Melissa had trained as a nanny at the exclusive Northern College for Nannies in London some ten years back. For some odd reason it had been her only ever ambition since she was a teenager. She wondered it perhaps came about after watching a film about a nanny and seeing what a wonderful life she’d had with her successful family; and besides, she loved children and taking care of them.

She had left college after A-levels and at 18 went straight to NSN, and after two year’s training, she finally eligible. Post graduates were entitled to wear the distinctive navy blue uniform of the NSN which Melissa still continued to wear to show that she was a ‘real’ nanny. Her plan was then to work for wealthy families with young children, who she would love to take care of.

She had been working for the last five years for a titled family who lived in London, but unfortunately their youngest was now approaching seven and would shortly be packed off to boarding college. Melissa was really sad about this as she loved the family and Beatrice, their little girl in particular.

She had just returned to their gorgeous London ‘villa’ in Notting Hill having collected Beatrice from her day college and could hear the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen.

“Bea, darling, come and meet little Daeman. Melissa you come too.” Shouted Sophia, Viscount Utley’s daughter.

Beatrice rushed in dropping her college bag. “Oh mummy he’s so adorable” said Beatrice as she took hold of little Daeman’s hand. Daeman stood staring in awe at the gorgeous little girl.

“And this is Mrs Natas, Melissa. The wife of Lucian Natas. You may have heard of him?”

“Yes, I have indeed. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She said, stretching out her hand.

Camille Natas shook the bespectacled nanny’s hand. Sophia had been singing her praises for the last hour. Just one look and Camille knew she would be perfect as a replacement for Christina. A real plain Jane and clearly very capable as a nanny. She looked to be exactly what she needed.

She had managed on her own for quite some time after Christina had left, but when Sophia had mentioned they needed to discover a new role for their nanny, Camille wondered that maybe it was time to look at replacing her. Understandably she never came back. And anyway she was a completely different girl now. She heard she had dumped her fiance, worked in a bar and was now dating older men. She was no longer a staunch Christian. It seemed her brush with the devil had changed her completely.

Daeman was no longer a baby and would soon be gonna college, but she needed someone dependable to look after him in the meantime.

“So, Sophia has been telling me you will be available for a new position from the end of the summer?”

“Yes that is quite possible madam.” She said, not wanting to commit until she knew more about this family.

“Then you must come and visit us at our country estate, then we can see how you feel about working for us.”

“Of course. I look forward to it.” She said.


Melissa had visited the stunning country mansion in Sussex and had become well acquainted will little four year old Daeman and his family. Mr Natas was a truly handsome company man and struck her as very charming. She had assured them of her priorities to the boy and they had discussed the terms of her employment and showed her the private suite that had been allocated to her. She had willingly accepted the position and was now excitedly on her way to Sussex.

As usual, that morning she had dressed in her clever uniform. She all the time paid particular attention to disguising her enormous breasts. It had never been easy to tame her massive 38KK’s. In fact they were the bane of her life. She hated them and had often considered reduction. But she now only bought ‘sensible brassieres’ from the Queen’s own favourite corsetiere, ensuring she kept them firmly under control. No one would ever know that under her wonderfully clever uniform she had two massive girls simply fighting to get free!

As usual, she had donned the fake glasses she all the time wore to make herself look more studious, more dependable, and her hair was pinned in a neat bun before putting on the small pill box hat. Finally she slipped on her brown lace up shoes, then picking up her bags she said her goodbyes to the family before getting into the Bentley that had been sent to collect her.

Camille Natas had been there to greet her and little Daeman soon helped her relax. Lucian was currently away on company but would be returning for the weekend with his family. Melissa quickly settled in to her new surroundings and loved having her own private suite. She started getting into a routine, waking early to help little Daeman get ready for breakfast then off for a walk with him, maybe to the local park or to some kind of activity with other young children. Back for lunch, play at home where mummy would sometimes join them. Early supper, bath then off to bed.

Her time was then her own. Her first week passed quickly, and when Friday arrived there was much excitement from Daeman with Daddy coming home. He really was a beautiful happy little boy and Melissa felt she would settle in just nicely with this family.

Daeman had heard his daddy’s Aston roar up outside and was desperate to greet him. “Papa!” He shouted. “I wanna see Papa Me Me!” As he called Melissa.

“Alright darling.” She said as she took him by the hand. They walked out of the playroom together to see Camille and Lucian embracing and kissing each other. She held him back so’s not to disturb them.

It was a long time since she had kissed anyone. She still remembered how it had felt with her only ever boyfriend. She had not really missed having no man, but seeing the two of them kissing so passionately stirred something long forgotten inside her. She started to feel the dampness between her legs.

“Let’s come back shortly.” She said, feeling uncomfortable.

“Dae baby!” Lucian called to him. “Come to Papa!” He called out.

Daeman pulled his hand from Melissa’s and ran towards his parents. She watched as Lucian lifted the little boy and cuddled him. She loved watching happy families together. Lucian held him in his arms as he walked towards her.

“Hello Melissa. How are you doing? I hope you’ve settled in ok and Daeman has been a good boy for you?”

“Oh yes Sir. I’m loving it here and Daeman is such a good little boy.” She replied, finding it difficult to look him directly in the eye.

He was so incredibly good looking and he was drilling those beautiful eyes straight through her, like no man had ever done before. She started to feel awkward, as though he was somehow removing her clothing with his eyes. Instinctively she crossed her arms over her breasts. It was as though he knew what was hidden beneath her jacket. Her breathing was rapid and her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter. Omg, she had rarely felt this way ever. Men were not on her agenda and certainly not this married one.

“Well I’m pleased to hear it’s all going well for you. I’m certain we will talk more, but please don’t let us keep you now. I’m sure you want to freshen up and relax for the weekend. We’ll take care of Daeman now.” He said, and smiled at her almost knowingly before turning away and walking back towards Camille.

Melissa headed towards her room and once inside she closed the door behind her, leaning against it, wondering why she was feeling this way. She just wasn’t interested in men now, not since Richard had left her to go to the US, and that was over ten years now. But there was something very special about Lucian. He was much older than her, but he was special. He gave off vibes she had never felt before. But he was married, and he was her boss, so completely off limits.

She pulled off her clothing, finally stripping out of her large sensible bra to uncage her girls and let them free. It felt so good. Then her stockings and knickers. She knew what she needed and opened up her drawer to discover Bob (Her battery operated boyfriend). She lay on the bed with Bob buzzing between her legs having the most ridiculous visions and fantasies of her and Lucian. She would have to work him out of her mind.


It was a couple of weeks later before Melissa lay eyes on Lucian again. She had been in the playroom with Daeman, painting some lovely pictures with him, when Lucian walked in.

“Papa!” Said Daeman excitedly. “See my painting.” He said as he held up the colourful abstract design he had made.

“That’s brilliant Dae. You are obviously having a great time with Melissa.

You’re doing a great job with him and he’s coming on really well.” He said, staring into her eyes again.

Why don’t you remove those glasses Me Me. You don’t need them do you? I can see you better then.”

She was shocked. How did he know she didn’t need to wear them? She blushed. She took them off and looked at him.

“Thank you Sir. I’m pleased you’re happy with me and my progress with Daeman.” She said.

Once again his eyes were drilling into her. “You know you look so much better without those ridiculous glasses and if you softened your hairstyle, you really could be very attractive.”

Omg. What was it with him. Surely he didn’t fancy plain old her? He had a stunning wife. She bent her head down to look at the painting she was doing with Daeman, trying to avoid any further eye contact.

“Tell me about yourself.” He said as he sat down at the table. “Why aren’t you married?” He asked.

“I’m sorry Sir, but I don’t think that’s your concern” She said, clearly flustered. She turned to Daeman. “‘Well Dae I think that’s it for the day. I’m sure mummy and daddy want to have you to themselves for a while now. Help me clear up and put these things away.” She said as she started to gather up the paints and paper.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to pry, but I’m just surprised that an attractive, capable woman like yourself is still single. You should discover yourself a man.” He said, looking deep into her eyes again.

“I don’t need one.”

“Well that’s a pity.” He said as he stood up and took Daeman by the hand, leading him out of the room.


What the hell did Lucian want, Melissa wondered? What did he mean “that’s a pity”? Surely he didn’t want more from her. And he kept saying she was attractive, which clearly she wasn’t. She couldn’t get him out of her mind. She got in to bed and lay thinking of him. He really was beyond ‘normally’ attractive. She found herself wondering what it would be like to have sex with someone like him. Hot and mind blowing no doubt. She drifted off to sleep.

Her dreams that night revolved around him and then there he stood, completely naked in front of her. An absolute God of a man. He came towards the bed and pulled off the sheets.

“You know I desire you and want you, don’t you Me Me.” He whispered in her ear. Then lifting her nightdress, he headed straight for her enormous breasts. “Mmmm, gorgeous.” He said as he suckled on her nipples.

And then he pulled down her sensible knickers and pushed his cock inside her very wet opening, pounding her hard until he climaxed.

Miranda groaned as she started to wake. Oh God, what a dream. Her heart was pounding, her breathing fast. Her nipples felt sore and tingled, and when she felt between her legs, she was soaking wet. She had to stop these ridiculous thoughts and fantasies, otherwise she would have to move on from the family.

She turned over and counted sheep …….


Melissa had now been working for the Natas’ for nearly two months, and had managed to avoid seeing Lucian again. It had helped that he had been away on business a lot.

However she had decided that maybe Lucian had been right and it was time to ty and meet someone. She realised she did miss real sex a little. Bob didn’t offer her the intimacy she was currently yearning. She decided she would maybe try to start a relationship with someone. Someone free and available. Not someone who was married.

So now she decided to try internet dating and had struck up a good rapport with a guy who lived not too far from the mansion. It was her Saturday off, so she decided to meet at a pub for a meal and a chat. She was actually feeling quite excited to meet ‘Dave’. She had even bought a new dress and shoes for the occasion. She stood in front of the mirror, hardly recognising herself. The small amount of make up had actually made her look surprisingly attractive.

She wore the red dress which buttoned down the front, even allowing a tiny bit of cleavage to show. She did wonder if she’d overdone it a bit when she saw how tightly it clung to her boobs, but too late now she guessed, when she looked at her watch. She brushed her naturally blonde hair again, which for once she had allowed free to her shoulders, She looked so different. She wasn’t used to wearing anything but navy blue. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound she thought as she grabbed her bag and left her room.

She carefully negotiated the stairs in her new shoes. Her heels were at least 3 inches high, which she wasn’t used to. She got to the last two and nearly slipped when Lucian came from nowhere and surprised her.

“Well well, look at you Me Me! Your taxi’s waiting outside, you’d better not keep your boyfriend waiting! But I must say you are looking very nice tonight.” He said, his amazingly hypnotic eyes drilling into her once again.

She visibly blushed. “He’s not a boyfriend. And anyway, how do you know I’m meeting a man?” She said, indignantly.

“Just get that feeling from the way you are dressed. And may I say I really like that dress.” Yes, he thought, and I would really like to get it off you and free those gorgeous tits.

“Well thank you Mr Natas. Have a good evening and I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said, trying to compose herself before rushing to the door. Why did he always have this effect on her?


She sat in the cab home. Her evening with Dave had gone pretty well. They seemed to get on together, but it was not ‘exciting’. What had she expected? He was a provincial accountant. He didn’t lead an exciting life, but then neither did she. Perhaps they really were quite suited to each other. But there was none of that electricity between them, no desire, no fire between her legs. Not like she felt when she thought of Lucian. He was one hot man, but totally off limits for the likes of her. And he was married with a child. Concentrate on Dave, she told herself.

As it was now nearly midnight, she decided to use the staff entrance into the kitchen at the rear. She would make herself a hot chocolate to take to bed. She quietly unlocked the door and put her bag down while she prepared her drink.

“Did you have a good evening?” Lucian came in behind her and asked.

She nearly jumped with surprise. “Oh I’m sorry Sir, I hope I didn’t wake you?” She asked.

“No of course not. I just came in to get myself a coffee. So how did your night go?” He persisted. “Was he the man of your dreams?” He asked sarcastically.

“I did have a nice evening actually, but I don’t really want to talk about Dave. I’m off to bed now my drink’s ready.” She said as she headed for the door. “Goodnight Sir.”

“Wait a moment. Come and sit with me in the snug. It would be nice to chat with you. It would be nice to get better acquainted.” He said, burning his eyes into her.

She almost gasped, It was so intense the feeling she got when his eyes drilled into her. She felt totally absorbed in his power. He was not like a normal man. He was very very special, almost supernatural. She found herself agreeing to his request even though she had intended to say no.

He took hold of their drinks and led the way to the snug. The rest of the huge house was quiet. Everyone had retired to bed.


He sat in a soft chair while she was on a sofa. One of those gorgeously soft ones that almost swallows you up, it was so luxuriously comfortable.

Lucian wanted to know her life story, but particularly probed her about her boyfriend of two years.

“So he was the only guy you ever slept with?” He asked.

“Yes, he was. But I don’t think that is relevant.”

“Well it is to me as I want to know how much experience you’ve had before I fuck you.”

Melissa got up to go. She was shocked.

“Sit down. You’re not going anywhere. It’s time for us to get to know each other properly.” He said, heading towards her. He pushed her back on to the sofa and started to kiss her. She tried to turn her head but he held her in place. “Don’t be difficult Me Me. I know you want me, and I want to teach you how it really is to fuck properly.” He said as he pushed his tongue between her lips, kissing her hard and needily.

This time she opened her mouth wide to receive his soft tongue. Oh God she wanted him.

“You are a very attractive woman. Now let’s see how beautiful you really are underneath that dress.” He said as he started to unfasten the buttons down the front.

He took one look at her sensible boring bra and tore it in two to free her magnificent tits. Her luscious rippling flesh burst out at him. He surveyed them lasciviously, licking his lips. His cock growing in his pants.

Melissa screeched. “What have you done?’

“Shush baby. I’ll get you something much more suitable.” He said as he took hold of her fabulous soft enormous breasts. He started to suck on her pert rosy nipples. She groaned as he lavished his tongue and lips on them.

“I knew you were hiding something very special beneath your clothes. I could see you had an enormous pair of gorgeous tits.” He said before gorging himself on them again.

“They’re too big.” She said, but she couldn’t help enjoying the overwhelming sexy feeling she was getting as he suckled on them.

“They are beautiful. I love huge tits and yours are truly delicious.” He said sucking them harder. “Never ever get them reduced baby.”

She groaned again, feeling hot and wet between her legs as he sucked her nipples hard. And now his hand was inside her sensible knickers. She wished she was wearing something a little more sexy. His fingers were entering her. She breathed deeply as he fingered her.

“Let’s take these off you.” He said as he started to tug at them. He opened her legs wide then bent down to eat her hairy pussy.

She felt his tongue on her clit. “What are you doing?” She asked, clearly shocked.

“I want to eat your pussy. I want to taste you. Have you never received oral sex before?” He asked.

Melissa shook her head. She was embarrassed. She had only experienced very vanilla sex with Richard. And even then, very few times. She was scared and shy, but she wanted to try. She wanted Lucian to show her what sex was really about. She spread her legs wide for him.

“Good girl, now enjoy” He said as he pushed his head between her legs, opening up her lips with his fingers before sinking his tongue into her already wet cleft. She groaned as he lapped at her and gasped as he started to suck on her clit, inhaling her delicious womanly scent.

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