Daddy’s Little Secret: A Forbidden Babysitter Affair

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As the doorbell rang, Karen quickly adjusted her skirt and checked her reflection in the mirror. She was excited yet nervous about her first day as a babysitter for the Johnson family. Karen was not just an normal babysitter. She was a school student who had a secret crush on Mr. Johnson. She had accepted the babysitting job in the hope of getting closer to him.

When Karen opened the door, she was greeted by a handsome man in his early thirties. Mr. Johnson was chiseled, with broad shoulders, and rugged good looks that any woman could swoon over. Karen couldn’t help but blush as he introduced himself and showed her around the house.

Karen was in charge of twin boys, Kevin and Kyle. She had been given detailed instructions, and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson had left her with enough money to order pizza for dinner. Karen could hear the twins giggling as she walked into their room. They looked like little angels playing with their toys, and Karen couldn’t help but smile at them. She entertained the kids for a while and then put them to bed after dinner.

Karen made herself comfortable on the couch, watching TV as she waited for the Johnsons to return. As she flipped through the channels, she found her thoughts wandering towards Mr. Johnson. She thought how he would react if he knew her true feelings towards him. She took a deep breath and tried to shake the wondered off when she heard the sound of a car entering the driveway.

As Mr. and Mrs. Johnson walked through the door, Karen felt her heartbeat increase. Mr. Johnson was wearing a designer suit that clung to his muscular body. He looked exhausted but managed to give Karen a warm smile as he thanked her for a job well done.

Karen collected her things and prepared to leave when she realized that her car wouldn’t begin. Mr. Johnson noticed her dilemma and offered to give her a ride home. Karen couldn’t withstand the opportunity to spend more time with him, so she accepted the offer.

As Mr. Johnson drove Karen home, they made small talk about school and her ambitions. Karen felt a sense of comfort and safety as she sat next to him in his car. They arrived at Karen’s apartment complex, and Mr. Johnson walked her to the door.

Just as Karen was about to say goodbye, Mr. Johnson leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Karen felt the heat of passion rising in her body as she kissed him back. Mr. Johnson grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to him. Karen could feel his desire growing, and she knew that she had crossed a line.

Despite the fact that Mr. Johnson was married, Karen could not withstand him. She had all the time been attracted to older men, and Mr. Johnson was the epitome of her fantasies. She knew that what she was doing was wrong, but she couldn’t help herself.

Mr. Johnson pressed his body against Karen, and she felt his hardness through his pants. She eagerly reached for his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Mr. Johnson moaned as Karen slid her hand inside his underwear and began to stroke his erection gently.

Mr. Johnson pulled Karen’s dress up to reveal her thong panties. He pulled them down, exposing her shaved pussy. He knelt down and began to lap at her clit, making Karen moan in pleasure. She was so wet, and Mr. Johnson could smell her arousal. He licked her pussy and then thrust his tongue deep inside her, making her scream out in ecstasy.

Mr. Johnson stood up, and Karen reached for his cock once again. She stroked him harder, her hand moving up and down his shaft. He groaned and then pushed her to her knees. Karen knew what he wanted and eagerly opened her mouth, taking his cock inside.

She sucked him hard, moving her head up and down. She flicked her tongue over his head, licking him as if she was savoring him. Mr. Johnson was close to coming, and Karen could feel his body tense up.

He pushed her to the ground and then thrust inside of her, impaling her with his gigantic cock. Karen felt her body fill up with pleasure as he pounded her harder and harder. His fingers dug into her hips as he fucked her, and she could feel his orgasm building.

She reached the edge and screamed out as her body spasm with pleasure, and then Mr. Johnson filled her up with his hot cum. Karen collapsed onto the bed, her body shaking as she tried to regain her composure. Mr. Johnson lay next to her, his arm wrapped around her body.

The next morning, Karen left for school, still feeling the warmth of Mr. Johnson’s embrace. She knew that what she had done was wrong, yet she couldn’t help herself. She was his little secret, his forbidden lover. And she would do anything to keep him satisfied.

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