The Renters – Dad Sex

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You walk up behind me where I’m picking flowers in the back yard and put
your arms around me, and whisper in my ear, “Are you my girl?”

You can feel my familiar response, as your words immediately excite me,
and I answer breathlessly, “Yes, John.”

“Good girl!” You begin to nuzzle my neck at my collarbone, at that place
you know makes my knees weak, and you slide the tip of your tongue up the
side of my neck and gently tease my earlobe. As you hear my breathing
increase, you whisper, “Are you my slut? You want daddy already, don’t
you, little girl?”

“Yes, I do.”

You know that I love pleasing you, and that any mention of being your slut
gets me hot and wet almost immediately. It’s a game that excites us both
and that you like playing, because you like knowing how much I want you.

You want daddy to fuck you, don’t you slut?”

“Yes, I want you!”

“Daddy has an idea for tonight, honey. Let me tell you about it.” You
turn me around and pull my body full against yours, and you can feel my
delicious curves pressing into you, so soft and already conveying my
urgent need of you. “Let’s go inside, Nicole, and I’ll tell you.”

We walk towards the house and you take me into the bedroom and motion for
me to sit on the edge of the bed. You move towards the closet and come
out holding one of my dresses, your favorite, one that shows my body off
to tantalizing perfection, yet is somewhat demure at the same time. “I’m
taking you out tonight, love, for dinner and dancing, and after that I have
a surprise for you. Well, actually, you will surprise Daddy because you
will want to please me. You’ll want to be my slut tonight, won’t you, and
do what will please your daddy?”

“Yes, but I want you now, John. Will you fuck me now?”

“No, Nicole, but if you are a good girl tonight, and do everything daddy
asks of you, daddy will take care of you like he always does. And I know
how much that excites you. Will you play my game and be my naughty slut
tonight, and do anything I ask?”

“Yes, I’ll do anything if it pleases you, only so long as I can feel you
moving inside me later tonight, fucking my hot slit with your big cock.”

“Good girl, you talk like daddy’s whore and he likes it.” You pull me up
by the hands and pat me on the bottom as you motion me to the bathroom.
“Get yourself ready now, honey, and wear some sexy panties and a lacy bra
under your dress. Don’t wear any stockings or pantyhose, just what I’ve
told you to wear underneath.”

My body is tingling all over as I settle down in the fragrant bubble
bath I have run for myself, wondering what you’ll ask of me tonight to
please you. I do so love doing anything you ask of me, and being
your slut. I sink down in the bubbles and lean my head back, trying
to relax and calm my mounting anticipation.

When I get out of the bath, I towel myself dry and then daub your favorite
perfume on certain areas of my body, making myself ready to be your slut
and whore tonight. I slip on one of my sexiest lowcut bras and a pair of
tiny white lace panties. I walk into the bedroom and put on the dress you
chose for me, and then walk into the living room where you are waiting.
The dress is royal blue silk, and crosses over the front and is fastened
with just a single tie. The cloth is molded to my body, outlining my
curves, and flows softly as I walk, showing off my long legs with each
step, as the dress separates slightly as I move. My eyes are sparkling
with excitement and desire as I look at you, and you feel a tingle as you
think that all of this is for you and that I will do what you ask tonight.
You have something special planned for tonight, something that I couldn’t
possibly be anticipating, but you know I’ll do what you ask no matter what
it is, and that thought excites you almost beyond control.

“You look stunning, honey. Are you ready to be daddy’s whore tonight and
do what daddy asks?”


“Tell me love, tell me what you know daddy likes to hear.”

“I’m your whore tonight, John, your whore and your slut, and I’ll do
anything you want. I love to please you in any way I can. It
makes me hot and wet and I want you!”

“Good girl, you ARE daddy’s slut, and you know how to please me. Let’s go
now, honey, we have a reservation for 8:00.”

During dinner we sit across from each other, talking softly, and looking
at each other, knowing each of us is excited and anticipating what is to
come, you because you know, and I because I’m excited by what I don’t

When the waiter clears the table and brings us an after dinner drink, you
slide around the booth to sit close to me. You gaze intently into my eyes
and ask quietly, “My little slut’s pussy is wet, isn’t it?”

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I’m embarrassed by your question, as I admit to you that I am.

“Don’t be shy, honey, you excite me. You want me, don’t you?”

I nod my head yes without looking away from your eyes.

“Do you want to dance with me, honey, and feel my arms holding your body
close to me?”

“Yes, I do, John.”

“Okay, you have to do something for daddy first, to show me that you are
my slut. Will you do anything?”

I look confused but again nod my head yes.

“If you do what I ask, it will show me that you are mine, my whore, and
you will make me happy. I want you to go into the ladies room and touch
that sweet pussy that belongs to me for just a moment, just enough to wet
your fingertips, and then I want you to rub them gently across your lips.
Daddy will be able to smell your sweet essence while we are dancing. Will
you do this for me?”

I’m so embarrassed, but I softly murmur, “yes,” as I slide out of the booth
and walk to the ladies room. When I return, you step from the booth and
lead me to the dance floor, and take me into your arms. “Did you do as I
asked, Nicole?”

For your answer, I press my lips against yours, and give you a lingering
kiss there in the seclusion of the darklit dancefloor. You can taste as
well as smell my honey there upon my lips.

“Good girl, my good little slut,” you whisper into my ear in a ragged
voice as we dance. I can feel your cock harden just a bit as your body
presses against mine as we move to the music.

“What is the surprise, John? I want to know. I can’t wait!”

You laugh gently at my excited impatience. “Don’t you want to stay and
dance a little more, honey? Or are you so anxious to please daddy?”

“You know you have got me so wet and hot and excited. Yes, I want to
leave now because the sooner we leave, the sooner I can know what your
game is tonight, and have you fuck me.”

“You are a slut, aren’t you? Alright whore, soon you will know what your
daddy requires of you tonight. There will be no turning back now, are you
sure, dear?”

I look challengingly into your eyes. You know that look. My excitement
has carried me from reason and I want only one thing, and I will do what
you ask to have you later tonight. Now you feel weak for a moment as you
sense my excited and total surrender. “Yes, my little slut will do even
what I ask of her tonight,” you think to yourself, and you again feel weak
with your own anticipation.

“Alright, honey, we’ll leave now.” We walk hand in hand from the
restaurant and to the car. We sit in the darkness a moment before you put
the keys in the ignition. Then you turn to me and gently stroke my hair.
“Nicole, dear, we are going to visit some friends of mine tonight. And
since you have already agreed to my surprise, you cannot turn back now.
You will go through with whatever I ask, is that right?”

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“Yes, John, I will. I’m going crazy with desire, tell me what it is.”

“Okay, from this point, you will act like my total depraved whore. You
will act like a cunt who must be satisfied, in any way I ask, or do
whatever I ask. Are you still wet, dear? Let me see.”

I spread my legs at your words and beckon you to finger me. You insert a
finger deep inside my cunt and hear the wet sounds as you move within me.
“Good, babycunt, daddy is pleased with you.” You withdraw your finger and
place it against my lips, watching me as I lick my juices from your
finger and my lips.

“Okay, slut, we are going to my first friend’s house. You know her,
dear, it is Connie, the stewardess who lives in the apartment over the

“Why are we going there?”

“She wants me, Nicole, she’s been very brazen about it, and I told
her she could have me if she would entertain ME first. She knows we
are coming to visit tonight. You have a big part in this, Nicole,
so you must act like my proper little babycunt. Do you know what
daddy expects of you?” As you speak, you are gently touching my cheek
with the back of your fingertips, often dropping your hand down to
brush across my breasts, making me know that my body is yours and
that I belong to you.

“You expect something of me? But I thought you said Connie … ”

“Yes, my sweet whore, I’ve told Connie that she is to be yours tonight
before she is mine. I’m going to watch you walk up the stairs to her
apartment and I’m going to follow a few steps behind and listen as
you tell her you want her. She won’t refuse. This will excite me
very much. I want to watch you take a woman, and Connie has agreed.”

“You want me to make love to a woman? But that would make me, a, a,

“Yes, Nicole, it would make you a what?”

“Well, I’d be a, if I was with a woman, it would be like being a

“And doesn’t that excite you? It excites your daddy very much.
Nicole, will you be my sweet hot lesbian tonight, and make love to
Connie for your daddy while he watches?”

I’m silent as I contemplate what you expect of me.

“Hmmm, my little cunt?” as you gently pinch my nipples. “Doesn’t
daddy’s little lesbian girl want to touch Connie’s nipples like daddy
is touching yours? Don’t you want to suck them till they are hard
and then lick her sweet honey from her hot slit?”

“Yes” I whisper, looking out the window.

“What, Nicole, I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes, John, I want to do all those things to Connie.”

“So you’ll be daddy’s little … ?”

“Yes, I’ll be your lesbian slut tonight, and let you watch while I
make Connie mine.”

“Good girl!” We pull up to the driveway where Connie’s apartment is
over the garage. “I’ll be right behind you, honey. Be brave and do
what you know will please daddy. You’ll enjoy it too I think, and
after this, I’ll take you for the second part of your surprise.”

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I walk up the stairs and lightly knock on the door, almost hoping
Connie won’t hear the knock. The door opens and Connie is standing there
wearing a long satin evening blouse that buttons down the front and
which outlines her slender body and breasts. I can see that her
nipples are hard as she has anticipated my arrival. Her obvious
excitement kindles my own desires and I feel myself taking control,
as I speak to Connie.

“Connie, you know why we are here, don’t you? I’m going to make love
to you, I’m going to fondle your beautiful body and make you feel
good. I’m going to be your lesbian lover, and John will watch us.
Can we come in now?”

Connie moves away from the door so we can both enter her living
room. You shut the door behind you and sit in a chair in the far
corner of the room. I take Connie by the hand and we walk together to
the couch and sink into its softness, resting back against the
cushions. I turn slightly to face Connie and touch her face and her
hair, pulling the rubber-band from her hair to loosen her ponytail
and pull her hair around her face. I bend over her face and touch
her lips very gently with mine as my hands explore her curves under
the satin shirt. I begin to undo the buttons on her shirt, and kiss
each part of flesh as it is exposed to my touch. I kiss her all the
way down to her bikini panties as I undo the buttons, without opening
her blouse to my view. I move my fingertips beneath the elastic of
her panties and gently brush her mound of hair, while pushing her
legs slightly apart with my other hand. I brush the palm of my hand
over the outside of her panties where I have spread her legs and can
feel that they are already slightly damp.

“You are mine, Connie, and I want to make love to you. I want to look
at your beautiful body.” I push aside the cloth that is still
covering Connie’s body, until I can see her breasts. I kneel on the
floor between her legs, pushing them open a bit farther, and gently
touch each breast with one hand, cupping them and feeling her nipples
grow taut and hard in my palms. I place my tongue over each nipple
and swirl my tongue around and tease them into higher peaks. Her
breasts are very soft and her skin is flushed from my touch. Her
body excites me and I’m breathing heavier as I explore her secret
places. I pull the cloth of her panties aside until I can see her
blonde bush and her rosebud peeking out from the folds of her outer
pussy lips. I run my finger up and down over her lips, just barely
touching her pleasure point which I can feel begin to grow in
response to my touch. Connie moans softly with pleasure from my
ministrations. I stand and pull Connie to her feet, pulling the shirt
from her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor. She is now
entirely naked except for her tiny panties. I walk to the bedroom
pulling Connie behind me by the hand, and motion for you to follow. I
tell her to lay in the center of the bed on her back, and then I
stretch out beside her and again begin caressing her breasts and
playing with her nipples, allowing my hand to move down over her flat
stomach and again over the mound of her pussy.

My long legs are visible as I lay on the bed next to Connie and you can
see my panties, as I unconsciously abandon myself to Connie and the
pleasure of her body. You come close to the bed and with one swift
tug, pull the tie on my dress, which causes it to fall open,
revealing my scantily clad body. You ease the dress off my
shoulders, allowing me to pull my arms from it, while you pull the
last wisp of clothing covering Connie’s body, and move across the room
to watch and I turn to Connie once more. I brush my upper body across
hers and she reaches up and unfastens the clasp on my bra, pulling it
from my body so my skin can touch hers. My nipples brush across hers
as I move across her chest, kissing her, and moving my face towards
the silken hair between her legs. I push her legs open with my hands
so that her pussy is exposed to both my view and yours across the
room. I gently explore the lips of her pussy, opening them so that I
can see her clitoris beckoning to my touch. I trace its outline
delicately with the tip of one fingernail and watch it quiver to the
sensation and hear her moan. I spread her outer lips and hold them
open with the fingernails of one hand and I touch her clit with the
tip of my tongue and begin exploring it, while my other hand moves to
her opening. I gently nibble and bite at her clit which has become
more erect, and as Connie moans in ecstasy, I insert one finger inside
her steaming cunt which covers my hand with her juices as they flow
freely from her. I cover her clit with the honey from her cunt and
continue lapping at her delicate female place, enjoying her musky
scent and her salty taste. My tongue moves down further between her
legs, and I circle her opening, probing my tongue inside as far as it
will go. I continue alternating between licking Connie’s clit and
plunging my tongue inside her opening, until I know she is close to

I look across the room to you and plead in a lustful voice, “John, will
you help your slut make love to her sweet lesbian. I want you to fuck her
cunt while I lick her clit and I want her to cum that way and for you to
cum with her, spilling your load inside her cunt.”

You jump to your feet, unzip your pants, kick them to the floor, and cross
over to the bed. I continue to hold open Connie’s outer pussy lips with the
fingernails of one hand, and with my other hand, help you to guide your
huge cock into her dripping slit.

“John, I want you to move very slowly in and out of her, so that I can
lick both of you as you fuck her. I’m going to make her cum by licking
her clit, just as you cum deep inside her.”

From your position, you have a perfect close-up view of my tongue working
over Connie’s cunt, and you can see my tongue darting in between the
delicate folds of her pussy lips, over her quivering clit, and down to
where your cock is positioned inside her. As I move to her opening, you
can feel my tongue lick the length of you as you withdraw from her.

Connie is moaning with pleasure from our actions, and arching her back as
her impending orgasm nears. You are close to losing control as you
watch me lick and suck at Connie and her cunt, like an experienced lesbian,
and you are pleased that I have done as you asked, and done it so
expertly. Images of the second part of tonight’s lesson for me pass
through your mind, and you can control yourself no longer and begin to
empty your cum deep within Connie’s hole. As your hot sperm drives inside
her, and my tongue laps at her clitoris, Connie’s climax hits with a force
equal to your plunging cock, and she wraps her legs around your hips to
milk every drop of your cum inside her cunt. As you withdraw from Connie, I
lick the single drop of cum left clinging to the tip of your still hard
member, and then begin to lick any traces of your cum from Connie’s pussy,
bringing her to one final, gentle orgasm.

I look up at you as you begin to pull on your pants in preparation for our
departure, and ask, “Do I make a good lesbian, daddy?”

“Yes you do, babycunt, but there is one more lesson remaining for tonight.
Get dressed and we’ll say goodnight to Connie.”

You walk over to Connie as I get dressed and kiss her gently on the lips,
and tell her how pleasing her cunt was and how much you enjoyed watching
me make love to her.

Connie follows us to the door, and you walk out first, turning to watch as
I say goodnite to Connie. I press my body against hers, rubbing her side
as I kiss her wetly on the mouth. You can hear me telling her how much I
enjoyed her body and making love to her and that I’d like to have her
again. Then to your surprise you hear me say, “Next time I’d like to use
a dildo strapped around my waist and take you like a man. Then I’ll
really be your lesbian lover. Would you like that Connie?”

Connie nods yes, and you smile as you think of how reluctant I was earlier.
What have you created tonight, and what will happen after the next lesson?

I follow you down the stairs and get in the car and slide over next to
you. “John, I’m soaking wet. You’re going to have to do something
or I’m going to get my clothes and the seat wet,” I say in a somewhat
distressed voice.

“Don’t worry about it, babycunt, daddy will make sure you get cleaned
up before the night is over. That was quite a show you gave me with
Connie. Where did you learn to eat a woman’s pussy like that? Now you
are daddy’s lesbian girl, as well as my slut, whore, cunt and
buttfuck. You like all of daddy’s names for you, don’t you, dear?
It excites you, to hear me call you these names, doesn’t it? Well,
daddy has one more excitement planned for you tonight.”

“And then you will take me home and fuck me hard?”

“Yes, Nicole, I will, if you do what daddy asks at our next stop.
You will enjoy it, honey, possibly even more than I will enjoy
watching you surrender to my commands.”

You start the engine and pull out of the driveway. You don’t want me
to see where we are going until we arrive, so you motion for me to
move close to you and you pull my head into your lap. “Unzip my
pants, babycunt, and suck daddy’s cock, and swallow every drop when I
cum.” I do as you ask, and can still taste Connie’s juices on your
cock as I begin to suck you off. I begin by exploring the tip of
your cock, willing your sweet nectar to touch my tongue. I swirl my
tongue around the edge, slowly pulling you into my mouth as I descend
over you and take all of you deep into my mouth. Then I slowly pull
my head up, allowing my lips to drag along the sides of your swollen

I notice that you have parked the car and I move to stop, but you hold
my head in your lap, willing me to continue. “Suck me, whore, don’t
stop until you make me cum.” I resume my licking and sucking in
earnest now, wanting to feel your heavy load fill my mouth and slide
down my throat. It only takes a few more moments, and you spurt your
semen into the wet warmth of my mouth, pushing it to the back of my
throat to insure that I will swallow every drop.

“Good girl. Your daddy is exhausted and will have to rest now, so
you’ll have to entertain me while I recuperate if you want to be
fucked properly before the night is over.”

You walk around to help me out of the car and I notice that we have
parked in front of Liz’ house. So this was the other friend you
meant! “John, why are we coming to see Liz?”

“Why, so that you can cum, like a proper lesbian slut. Daddy is too
tired to take care of you just now, and I know that after pleasuring
Connie and me so well tonight, you are itching for some release of your
own. Am I right, babycunt?”

“Yes, John, but how can Liz help me?”

“Didn’t you tell me that you are soaking wet and need to be cleaned
up dear?”

Suddenly your intent is all too clear to me! “No, John, I couldn’t
let her do that to me!”

“What! Did I hear ‘no’ from my whore? I thought you didn’t say no to
your daddy. And you were such a perfect little lesbian slut with
Connie. Don’t you want the same pleasure for yourself? Liz wants you.
I want to watch you submit to her. I will fuck you when we get home.
Do this for me, Nicole. You can’t say no, remember?”

“Yes I know, I’m not supposed to say no,” I sigh. “Okay, take me
inside and I’ll do what will please you. I’ll submit to Liz.”

“Like a … ?”

I wince softly as I answer, “Like your little lesbian slut.”

“Good girl! My cock is getting hard in anticipation of this part of
your lesson already. Let’s go, honey.”

Liz opens the door soon after you press the doorbell, and invites us
both inside. She immediately undoes the tie on my dress and pushes
it from my body and steps back to look as me as you pull it free from
my body. Liz apparently likes what she sees, as she licks her lips
in unconcealed anticipation, and then says to you, “She looks
delectable, John. Have you gotten her all wet and horny for me?”

“Yes, she just had her first lesson at sucking a woman’s pussy, and
she did an excellent job, just like an expert. I told her she would
now submit to you, and let you give her some similar pleasure. I
think once she feels a woman’s touch upon her body, and her intimate
places, she will respond like the depraved lesbian slut I’d like her
to be for tonight.”

Liz turns back to me and now takes my hand as earlier I had taken
Connie’s, and invites me to follow her to the bedroom, and you as well.
You are not to be denied the entertainment of my initiation.

Once inside the bedroom, Liz allows her dressing gown to slip to the
floor, revealing her lush body. Her breasts are full and her body is
curvaceous and softly appealing, and her golden-red triangle of pussy
hair shines in the muted light of the bedroom. Now standing before
the bed, she pulls my panties down my long legs and directs me to sit
on the bed, opening my legs wide, but without touching me for the
time being. She unfastens my bra and slowly pulls it from my upper
body. Despite my earlier hesitancy, my nipples tingle with
anticipation of being touched by Liz as she uncovers my breasts,
andthey harden perceptibly. Liz stretches out on the bed langorously
and invites me to join her by patting the space next to her. She
pushes me gently back into the pillows and comforter and moves until
I can feel her body pressing the entire length of mine. She rolls
over to cover my body with hers, and spreads our legs equally as she
begins to kiss my mouth. From where you are sitting across the room,
you can see Liz’ gold-red hair mingling with the wet tangle of my
blonde hair as she grinds her now wet pussy into mine. You can
almost see our clits rubbing against each other as you hear our soft
female sounds begin to fill the room. You notice that I am
responding with a different urgency from my earlier encounter with
Connie. I am actually exploring and caressing Liz’ body as she
explores and caresses mine, without being prompted to do so, and my
lower body is arching in a fucking motion as I try to pull Liz’ hot
cunt into my own. Liz lifts her upper body from mine so that her
heavy breasts and large nipples are extended over my face. I begin
to suckle her nipples, enjoying the feel of them inside my lips. The
movement of her body has changed the angle of her cunt’s contact with
mine, and I can feel her juices dripping and mixing with mine and
running between my legs. My urgency is now apparent as Liz moves
away from my body and positions herself between my legs and begins to
gently explore my cunt as I had earlier explored Connie’s. You are
surprised at my seeming abandon and are pleased with my complete
surrender tonight, both during our visit with Connie, and now here, with
Liz. You want to witness my complete submission and abandon to the
sensations Liz is giving to me, so you move closer to the bed. Your
cock is rock hard again as you watch the display unfolding before you
on the bed … watching Liz play with my pussy and tease my cunt and
clit, with her own cunt exposed invitingly to your view. You place
your hands on Liz’ hips and work your fingers down between her legs,
spreading them slightly to allow you greater freedom to her drenched
slit. All the while she continues lapping and licking my cunt,
bringing me closer to release. Your fingers probe until you can find
her opening and you slip two fingers inside her, gently stretching
her tight pussy open, and then you ease your cock inside her,
entering her from behind. You place the fingers which had been
inside Liz’ cunt against my lips, and I begin to suck your fingers in
my abandon, as you begin to move slowly in and out of Liz from
behind. Liz sucks my clit with greater intensity as her own
excitement mounts from your penetration deep within her. She nibbles
and bites at my pleasure point, alternating with licking the sides of
my clit with the tip of her probing tongue. She sticks her fingers
inside my cunt and I can feel my pleasure being released. She works
her fingers in and out slowly, as she continues to tease and flick my
clitoris, which is now quivering involuntarily as my orgasm begins.
She senses how close I am and laps with more insistent pressure at
the peak of my erect clit, bringing me finally to wave upon wave of
utter sensation. My sighs of pleasure fill the room, and go on and
on, as Liz’ brings me to the longest, most intense climax I have ever
experienced. With a final deep thrust inside Liz, you drop another
heavy load of semen as you lose control for the third time tonight.
And finally, Liz drops down exhausted on the bed, as your fingers
find her pleasure point, and you continue to pound hard inside her
cunt, releasing the last drops of your cum, and bringing her to

* * *

On the ride home, I lean back exhausted in my seat, wondering if
you will yet have the strength to fuck me when we get home. I have
yet to feel a cock plunging deep inside me, and I’m still extremely
horny as the images of my evening pass through my mind.

When we get home and after we are inside and alone in the privacy of
our bedroom, you tell me to get ready to submit one last time tonight.
You help me ease the clothes from my body, and lay down on the bed
with me. You know what I want. You know tonight’s experiences have
left me satisfied in a new way, but I crave to be taken by you.

I whisper in your ear, “John I want you to take me. I need to know
that I’m yours, and not just Connie’s and Liz’ slut. That I’m your
slut and your whore. Take me both ways tonight, John. Make me your
buttfuck, and then enter my cunt from behind. Make me yours!”

“Yes, Nicole, you have earned it, my little slut, my whore, my
babycunt, my buttfuck, and my sweet lesbian. Daddy will take care of
his beautiful girl now. Roll onto your stomach and offer your body
to daddy.”