Cum Balloon – Fetish –

I woke up in a foreign environment. I tried to move my legs, but there weren’t any. I tried to open my eyes, but I had none. All I could feel is how I was laying on the ground. Until someone picked me up.

All I could feel was how his hands were surrounding me. I was wondering what I am but that question was asked quickly as he inserted some sort of metal pipe into my opening.

Out of the blue oxygen was filling my inside. It was a strange sensation as if I was stretched out. Indeed anything else wasn’t plausible. I was a balloon.

My suspicions were confirmed when the metal pipe stopped filling me with oxygen and was removed. Instead, something else entered my entrance. It was a penis.

After a few pushes he pulled out again and used lube on my entrance. Now he was moving around much more intensely. It didn’t take long until his schlong was pulsing. I could feel the warmth around my entrance slowly moving towards my inner walls. His cum was filling me up slowly, now mixed with the oxygen inside.

As my entrance was beginning to be closed, I wondered it was over. Instead, it was opened again and another penis entered my body. This time it was much rougher to the point that I wondered that I could pop any time. Fortunately, he was a quick finisher. But he was filling me up with much more cum than the man before. Now, it felt like a tenth of my body was filled with cum.

This time, just after the penis left my entrance, the metal pipe was inserted into my hole again. This time it a mix of oxygen and cum was filling me. After a few seconds, the oxygen stretched me out to the fullest and the pipe only served me cum after it, slowly replacing the oxygen. I was wondering just how long they were preparing for this.

After the metal pipe was removed and my entrance was closed, I felt like the time when I drank too much water and my belly was too stretched by it.

Fortunately, it seemed like they wanted to leave me alone as they put me down on the ground. But that didn’t last long as another person took me and shook me around.

This time it felt like when I shook around a water bottle, only that the cum was shaken around inside me. It was making me feel horny that I wished that I could come, but all I was was a cum balloon for them.

Out of the blue, he put me down on the ground. And as the cum was calming down inside me, I could feel movement away from me on the ground, as if they were leaving me.

After what felt like hours I could feel like something was changing inside of me. I was slowly stretched out in a few parts of my body, as if I would grow out of the shape of a balloon.

A few seconds later and I was laying there, naked, cum sloshing out of my pussy. At the same time, my memories returned to me, letting me remember how I signed up for an experiment.

Just as I thought where I was by inspecting the room, a door opened in front of me.

A man with a white coat was looking at me.

“Looks like our cum balloon woke up.”

Hearing from him how I was a cum balloon bought me to the edge of an orgasm. But just as he saw how horny I was, he rushed to me and inserted a candy into my mouth.

“You can’t cum yet. But you will soon.”

I was wondering what he meant. But I realized quickly as I felt how my body was shrinking.

When the transformation finished, he was holding a mirror towards my face. I could see how I was a pocket pussy, only that my belly and my pussy were much bigger, stretched out as if I was continuing to be a cum balloon for them. He put a plug into my pussy and ass so that the remaining cum was left in my body.

He picked me up and moved me out of the room. We entered a hallway, only mere seconds later to enter another room. I could see that the room was filled with tables that had straps nearby and lots of other sex items. He put me on a table, turned off the lights and then left the room, leaving me alone. All I could sense now was how the cum continued to fill up my body.

What are they gonna do next…?

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