Cuckold Camping – Free Sex Story

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This year we headed out early so we could get to our
favorite camping spot which was about a 3-4 hour hike.
It is right where a small lake and a stream come
together where we can swim if it is warm and there is a
good fishing spot right there also.

This summer was warmer than usual and my Wife was
looking Hot in her bikini top, tight shorts and hiking
boots. We are in our mid-thirties with two kids and
have been married almost 15 years. My Wife has spent a
lot of time the last couple of years to get back in
shape and get back to her “before kids” weight.

We got to the parking area around noon and headed out
for our hike. We knew with the weather we would see
more people but hoped that since we would get there on
Thursday we could get camping spot we wanted for the
weekend. We walked for about two hours and decided to
take a break near a small pond.

My Wife peeled off her clothes and jumped into the cold
water. I got out the camera and took some pictures of
her and the scenery in the area. She got out of the
water and came over to me and gave me a hug getting me
all wet and said, “I guess you have to get naked now.”
and helped me out of my clothes. We lay down near the
water and after she put in her diaphragm we got our
first fuck in for the weekend. Before getting dressed I
took some more pictures of her naked by the water.

We got dressed and headed out on the last part of the
walk. When we got to the camp site, we were
disappointed to see a group of guys were already there.
The four guys saw us walk up. All of them were really
checking Karen out!

We started talking with them and found out this was
their last night and they planned to head out in the
morning. They told us we were welcome to join them if
we wanted. They had caught some fish and were just
getting ready to fry them up for dinner.

They had come in on a couple ATV’s so they had a lot
more supplies than us. The guys told us that this was a
getaway for Jason who was getting married the following
week. My Wife offered to make dinner for everyone so
the guys sat around a make shift table and we played
cards and had a few beers.

After dinner we were all sitting around the camp fire
having some more beers. My Wife was enjoying being the
center of attention and was keeping up with the guys
drinking. She was more than a little tipsy and she was
having a good time.

One of the guys got a hold of my camera and found the
pictures of Karen and all the guys started looking at
them. There was no doubt they were turned on by the
pictures and were flirting with her which my Wife

I got up to pee and one of the other guys, John, walked
with me. When we got back Jason and Scott had their
hands on Karen and Scott was kissing her. I started to
object when John said, “Take it easy they’re just
having a little fun.”

The fourth guy, Mike, came over to me and asked if
there was going to be a problem and that I should go
with the flow or jokingly said they would have to tie
me up. Karen looked over at me and said, “Lighten up;
Jason needs a little fun before getting married.”

I kept objecting about not letting this get too carried
away when my Wife said, “Go ahead and tie him up so he
can watch me with you guys.”

All four of the guys grabbed me and tied me to a tree.
Then Karen stood up, did a sexy strip tease, tossed her
panties to John and said, “Put these in his mouth so we
don’t have to listen to him,” and she winked at me.

One of the guys got a sleeping bag and set it out on
the ground no more than 10 feet from me. Karen then
walked over to Jason and told him since he is the guest
of honor he could go first and he could have her any
way he wanted.

Jason had her get on all fours and he scooted up and
slid into her from behind. He grabbed her hips and
started fucking her hard and fast. My Wife liked it
this way and doing it in front of me and the other guys
was really getting her going and she started to scream
she was Cumming!

Jason was also getting close and he said he wanted to
cum in Karen’s mouth. He pulled out and she flipped
around and took him in her mouth and sucked and stroked
him until he unloaded into her mouth. She swallowed it
down, thanked him and said the best man could go next.

Scott came over to her and had her lie down and he
fucked her in the missionary position and he came in
her Pussy.

John was next and he fucked her in missionary also.

Mike had her get back on all fours and with cum
dripping out of her Pussy he entered her from behind
and started fucking her. He stuck a finger in her
sopping Pussy along side his dick and lubed it up then
stuck it in her Ass. He dropped a third load into her
oozing Pussy.

Jason was hard again and Karen asked if he wanted to
fuck her in the Ass, something she only lets me do 1-2
times a year. He put a finger in her Pussy and used the
mixed juices to lube up her back door and then he
buried his cock into her Pussy to do the same. He then
guides his cock to her Ass and slowly started driving
it in.

Once he was all the way in, he started pumping it in
and out and he lasted a little longer this time but
still was pretty quick and then he buried it as deep as
he could one last time and he came deep into her
forbidden channel.

She then came over to me and asked if I enjoyed the
show and grabbed at my crotch. She then jacked me off
and I came quickly in my shorts. She let Scott, John
and Mike fuck her Pussy one more time and then finished
the night by giving Jason a blow job swallowing down
another one of his loads before falling asleep holding

They never untied me but did remove the panties, so I
fell asleep tied up to a tree with a cum spot on my

In the morning I woke up to see Jason’s cock in my Wife
and this time he came in her Pussy. He was the only one
to get the trifecta, Cumming in her Pussy, Ass and

Mike was the only other one up at the time and slid
into her Pussy when Jason pulled out. Mike fucked her
and came in her Pussy depositing a 2nd load of cum in
her twat.

The three of them went for a quick swim and then they
started loading up the ATV’s since they had to head out

Scott came out of the tent with his own tent pole in
his shorts. My Wife knelt down in front of him and
sucked him off letting him cum in her mouth. This time
rather than swallowing, she walked over to me and
pushed as much cum as possible into my mouth.

John came out and he too had a hard on. Karen went over
to him and kissed him and he wanted to fuck her in the
Ass. John said his Wife always refused and he was dying
to try it. My Wife said ok and she got down on all
fours and he lubed his cock in her Pussy and then
entered her backdoor. John started fucking her but the
fantasy of the Anal Sex was too much and unloaded
quickly into her Ass.

The guys all got packed up and left with me still tied
up. My Wife asked if I enjoyed being her Cuckold
husband for the night as the four guys fucked her in
all her holes.

She then started rubbing my crotch until I came in my
shorts, just another act of humiliation for the
adventure. She untied me and made me some breakfast,
then, after breakfast she let me fuck her in the Ass.
The rest of the weekend was pretty normal and we headed
home on Sunday just like it was any other camping trip
we had been on before.

A few weeks later she told me she missed her period and
was pregnant. She said things happened so quickly that
night she never put in her diaphragm. She also told me
that each time we fucked she had the diaphragm in so
she was pretty sure one of the four was the father.

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