Conquests of Dana Linn Bailey – Celebrities & Fan Fiction

“Looking good,” Kristen Nun said, and the tall, heavily muscled female bodybuilder smiled and nodded while watching her friend as she worked out. At this hour, the gym was deserted. The friend in question, a curvy and muscular brunette named Dana Linn Bailey, winked and continued to do her reps. On that particular day, Dana Linn Bailey wore a black tank top and yoga pants, with her long dark hair held in check by a stylish dark bandana. Dana Linn Bailey, known to the fitness community as DLB, was working up a good sweat in the gym. After a while, Dana Linn Bailey noticed that Kristen Nun was openly staring at her.

“Anything I can help you with?” Dana Linn Bailey asked teasingly. Kristen Nun blinked in surprise but otherwise remained silent. Dana Linn Bailey continued to do her thing. She got up from the bench after setting down the eighty-pound weights and bent down. Dana Linn Bailey stretched until she reached her tippy toes, and since she was throwing the booty around like that, Kristen Nun had to smile. Closing the gap between them, Kristen Nun grabbed Dana Linn Bailey’s booty and fondled it. The muscular, hard-faced female bodybuilder likes big booty girls and there is nothing wrong with that.

“Dammit, DLB, that ass has gotten thicker,” Kristen Nun said as she gave Dana Linn Bailey’s thick ass a firm squeeze. Dana got up and whirled around. In the blink of an eye, Dana Linn Bailey slapped Kristen Nun hard across the face. Kristen Nun gasped in surprise and Dana Linn Bailey grinned. Shaking her head, Kristen Nun grabbed Dana Linn Bailey and wrestled her down. This bitch is cocky and arrogant, and someone needs to teach her a lesson. Kristen Nun is about to teach Dana Linn Bailey some manners…

“Ouch,” Dana Linn Bailey yelped as Kristen Nun wrestled her down and smacked her face. Kristen Nun grinned and pinned Dana Linn Bailey down. Far from scared or intimidated, Dana Linn Bailey wrapped her big, muscular legs around Kristen Nun’s torso. Smiling up at Kristen Nun, Dana Linn Bailey grinned and nodded. Smiling, Kristen Nun took off her top, revealing her firm, muscular chest, and them small tits of hers. Dana Linn Bailey grabbed Kristen Nun’s nipples and squeezed them. Kristen Nun sighed happily as Dana Linn Bailey kissed her. Let the good times roll…

“Temptress from hell,” Kristen Nun said as Dana Linn Bailey took control. Grinning, DLB laid Kristen Nun down and showed the strong and sexy, heavily muscled sportswoman how it’s done. DLB kissed Kristen Nun while fondling her tits, and then kissed a path from her throat to her breasts. At the same time, Dana Linn Bailey’s hand slipped between Kristen Nun’s thick, muscular thighs. Kristen Nun gasped as Dana Linn Bailey began fingering her wet, neatly shaved pussy.

“Sometimes a strong woman needs to let go and be taken care of by another strong woman,” Dana Linn Bailey said, smiling. Kristen Nun nodded as Dana Linn Bailey spread her legs and then went to work on her. The feisty, muscular yet feminine brunette inhaled the muscular sportswoman’s scent, and did her thing. Kristen Nun shuddered as Dana Linn Bailey began eating her pussy. Taking a deep breath, Kristen Nun closed her eyes and let Dana Linn Bailey work her magic. For some reason, married women who bang other women when their husbands aren’t around tend to eat pussy better than “out” lesbians and bisexual women. It’s weird but true…

“Dana, I want you to dominate me,” Kristen Nun whispered, and Dana Linn Bailey smiled and nodded. After lathering Kristen Nun’s pussy with her tongue, Dana Linn Bailey began working her fingers inside. Slowly but surely, the curvy brunette worked her entire fist inside the heavily muscled strongwoman’s surprisingly tight vagina. Kristen Nun moaned deeply as Dana Linn Bailey began fisting her. Dana Linn Bailey smiled while fisting Kristen Nun’s pussy. Nothing DLB enjoys more than dominating muscled bitches in the bedroom. DLB has a taste for them now, especially after hooking up with Crossfit Games Dani Elle Speegle and Sophia Fiore, the former porn star turned fitness fanatic.

“I’m so glad you want to be dominated, Kristen,” Dana Linn Bailey said, cackling with glee. Kristen Nun moaned deeply as Dana Linn Bailey twisted her fist inside her pussy. Strong, muscular woman or not, Kristen Nun felt every thrust of Dana Linn Bailey’s fist in her sweet spot. Dana Linn Bailey stepped it up, smacking Kristen Nun’s face and pinching her nipples with her free hand while fisting her pussy. Kristen Nun’s deep moans and groans turned into outright squeals. Emboldened, Dana Linn Bailey thrust her fist even deeper into Kristen Nun’s vagina. That’s when Kristen Nun just about lost control. The muscular, strong woman screamed like a banshee and her screams were sweet music to Dana Linn Bailey’s ears.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Kristen Nun cried out, orgasmic, as Dana Linn Bailey put her through the paces. Dana Linn Bailey slowly removed her hand from Kristen Nun’s vagina. As Kristen Nun lay there, panting and sweaty, Dana Linn Bailey undressed. Kristen Nun admired Dana Linn Bailey’s curvy, sexy body. Dana Linn Bailey fingered her pussy and tasted herself. Grinning, Dana Linn Bailey proceeded to straddle Kristen Nun’s face. The muscular strongwoman got the message and began eating DLB’s pussy. Dana Linn Bailey sat on Kristen Nun’s face like a queen on her throne.

“Eat my pussy bitch,” Dana Linn Bailey ordered in that sexy, bossy tone that Kristen Nun liked so much. Grasping Dana Linn Bailey’s thick ass cheeks, Kristen Nun ate her pussy voraciously and even licked her asshole. DLB rode Kristen Nun’s face until she came. When Dana Linn Bailey came, Kristen Nun licked every drop of her hot girly cum. Satisfied, DLB got off of Kristen Nun’s face. The two muscular women kissed passionately and embraced. Afterwards, DLB and Kristen Nun went to the shower. The ladies laughed and bantered while getting cleaned up, then put their clothes back on. Just another night at the gym.

Kristen Nun, world-famous bodybuilder and strongwoman, went home that night with a smile on her face. The muscular, hard-faced woman has had a crush on her good friend and fellow competitor Dana Linn Bailey for ages. At last, Kristen Nun got to taste DLB’s pussy and it tasted magically delicious. Kristen Nun, a muscular, stern-faced woman whose demeanor intimidates a lot of people, got a submissive streak the length of Mississippi. Kristen Nun hopes to get tied up and strap-on fucked by Dana Linn Bailey one of them days. Strong women need other strong women, in and out of the bedroom. Life is more fun that way.

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