Connie and Jay – a Cucking Dinner – Fetish

I was sitting in my living room watching some TV one night when my cell phone rang. I saw on the caller ID that it was Connie, an ex-girlfriend of mine. To say I was surprised would be a bit of an understatement. We hadn’t really spoken very much since we broke up. She had married some guy Jay that I’d never met and we never stayed in touch. Bewildered and confused, I decided to answer the call anyways since it wasn’t like I had anything better going on.


“Hi, is this Chris?”

“Connie? Haven’t heard from you in forever.”

“Oh my god, it is you. I wasn’t sure if you changed your number. I figured I’d give it a shot and try my luck. How have you been?”

“Um, good I guess. Not a lot going on just keeping up with work and all since Jessie broke up with me.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t believe she broke up with you. You’re such a great guy. What happened?”

“Yeah, I’m not really sure. Probably some other guy at work. I knew she was kind of slutty when we started dating but took my chances anyway. Not a big deal. It wasn’t going anywhere serious.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re not all torn up about it. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come by the house for dinner tomorrow with me and my husband. It would be great to see you and catch up. You can meet Jay. I’m sure you two will probably hit it off.”

“Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. I’m not really digging the idea of meeting my ex’s husband.”

“Oh, don’t be such a prude. It will be fine. Come on, I’m sure you still love lasagna. I’ll make some for you.”

“Alright, what the hell? What time?”

“Great! Seven o’clock. I’ll text you the address! See you then!”

“What the hell is going on here?” I wondered to myself. Why would an ex-girlfriend be bringing me over to meet her husband and have dinner? That’s pretty bizarre.

The next day started off pretty typical. I went to the gym, went to work, had my lunch, then headed home after a long day. At five o’clock, my phone buzzed to remind me about dinner with Connie and her husband Jay. This was gonna be a god awful night. What the hell made me say yes? I started to think back to when Connie and I were dating and it hit me!


Several years back, I was dating this bubbly blonde girl named Connie. Her long, straight blonde hair was all the time bouncing and swaying when she was giggling and having fun with her friends. That’s what had caught my attention in the first place. Once I put my eyes on her, what kept my attention were those beautiful big tits that she had. I had my fair distribute of busty women but her tits were just amazing. They were full and round, bouncy and perky, and when she wore tank tops, her cleavage was all the time threatening to push out over the top of it and she pranced about with her bubbly little self.

I managed to chat her up and we started dating. After the first couple of dates, I finally managed to get my hands and lips on those beautiful tits of hers. They felt even better than I had imagined. They were the sort of tits that all the time held their place even without a bra. Sure they bounced when she was getting fucked really hard but all the time returned to their place nice and high on her chest when you stopped. I never could stop myself from cumming on those sexy tits of hers. Easily put more loads on her there than I did everywhere else combined.

As if that wasn’t enough, she was a pro at sucking cock. Now, I’m not the most well endowed man out there but I have a sizable dick. When it’s hard like steel, it stands at a very proud nine inches and has pretty good girth to it. She loved handling my cock with her hands and mouth. She would begin off really slow by licking her way up my entire shaft until she reached the head and then swirl her tongue around the tip. She would lick the underside of my fat mushroom head and then suck the tip into her mouth. Not just put the tip in her mouth, literally suck it into her like it’s the last source of air on the planet. Her lips would be halfway around my knob and she would suck deep and hard until her lips were sealed just below the glands. This was all just to get started.

She’ll reach down with one hand and cup my balls, massaging them, rolling them around her fingers all while the other hand is stroking up and down my shaft. This girl was a pro. Not sure how many times she practiced this but she definitely knew her way around a big cock. She would then begin bobbing her head up and down, slowly taking more of my shaft into her mouth, the tip working its way to the back until it reached her throat. Spit would be running down the sides of my cock while her hand pumped stroked the rest of the length. Connie would then keep sucking on my cock, pressing the back of it to her throat and begin to swallow, taking me into her throat. Fuck! I found a real winner. Connie really knew how to handle a big dick unlike any other woman I had ever had.

Right before I wondered I was about to finish, Connie would clamp down on the base of my shaft and firmly squeeze my balls. Not to cause pain, but to edge me. Work me up to the very edge of cumming and then ease me off the cliff making me last longer. She would later tell me that she loved sucking cock. That’s why she all the time edged me. Connie wanted it to last and guys all the time came in her mouth too soon. She wanted to feel those big, hard cocks in her mouth until she was satisfied and then she would let them cum. She wasn’t kidding. A couple of times, she edged me for over 30 minutes sucking on my cock.

When Connie was finally ready for me to cum in her mouth, she was determined to get every last drop out of me. She would lick and suck on the knob while stroking feverishly on my shaft. Her tongue would be going wild on the tip, licking the glands, swirling around it, sucking and slurping on it hard. Then Connie would hold the cock steady right as it started to throb and expand again. She knew when you were gonna cum and she didn’t want to miss a drop. She would keep a hand holding the base firmly and the other stroking and milking your cock for all it was worth until I unloaded, lips closed tightly around the tip, sucking so hard she even left a hickie a few times.

When she had my cum flying into her mouth, you would have wondered she was tasting milk of the gods from heaven. The look of pure pleasure on her face as I started to cum in her mouth was indescribable other than pure bliss. I could swear she’s had orgasms just from sucking cum out of my cock. I think Connie enjoyed sucking cock more than she ever did actually having sex.

Yes, those memories are what made me agree to go to her house to have dinner.


Thinking back to the days I had dated Connie, I got home, showered, and got dressed to drive over to her house. I didn’t want to get too dressy and be awkward so I just threw on some casual slacks and a short sleeve button up shirt. I wanted to look nice but not come across as trying really hard. That would just make things weird and awkward seeing an ex-girlfriend for the first time in many years and meeting her husband.

I showed up to their house at seven on the dot. They had a pretty nice house, a good part of town in a well-to-do neighborhood. I wouldn’t have called it a mansion but it was clear they did ok. Nice cars in the driveway and well-manicured yard. Maybe this was just her wanting to show me how well she had done for herself despite me breaking up with her after moving away when I was done with school. It wouldn’t be the first time an ex tried to spite me. To be honest, I had been a bit of a dick when I was younger. Connie was now probably gonna pull out her husband’s monster cock in front of me to shame me even more.

I parked on the street and walked up to the house. I rang the doorbell and just waited patiently for a bit until I heard the door click and it started to open. There she was, the bust blonde beauty I remembered from school, beautiful tits and all. Connie was wearing this white blouse, top three buttons undone showing off that great cleavage I remembered so fondly. I could just see the tops of a black lace bra that she had on. That was followed by a skirt kindly hugging her motherly hips and a pair of stockings and heels. She was a little heavier than when I had known her but surely that was due to the married life and I’m sure kids. I doubt her husband wasted any time getting his dick in her as often as he could. She still looked fucking amazing after all of these years though.

“Hi Chris, come on in,” she said rather excitedly. “So nice to see you again.” Once I got through the threshold, she pulled me in for a nice big hug which I gladly reciprocated. I let my hands linger and wander a bit, feeling across her lower back and brushing over her ass. Yes, I’m a bit of a perv. So sue me. Just as my hands were brushing across her ass, my eyes went up and met the gaze of her husband, watching rather sternly as I got a quick feel of his wife. I don’t think he really approved but he wasn’t making any sudden moves to get me to stop. I just smiled at him and lingered a bit more. I did say I was a bit of a dick, didn’t I? If I’m here to get shown up by my ex, I may as well enjoy myself a little bit, right?

Eventually, Connie did pull away from me, probably once she felt the bulge in my pants pressing against her thigh. We made a little small talk, she introduced me to her husband Jay, and we proceeded into the dining room. Connie’s sexy big ass was leading the way, my eyes locked on it as it bounced and swayed in front of me. Jay was walking beside me, I’m sure very well aware of what I was looking at making my way through the house. After a bit more catching up, we sat for dinner and Connie brought out her wonderful lasagna. It was one of my favorites from back in school. Her mother had taught her this recipe when she was young and I think it was one of the things she used to hook men, as if her blowjobs weren’t enough. Fuck, what good blowjobs!

We sat and talked and ate for about an hour. The whole time, I kept staring at her beautiful tits in that blouse of hers. She’d adjust her shirt from time to time and I’d catch more glimpses of the upper parts of her breasts and her black lace bra. I’d look up and see Jay sitting there looking at me ogling his wife not saying a word about it. What was with this guy? I’d be pissed as hell if my wife’s ex was just gocking at her like this. Did he really not care? After a while, I found myself having a bit of fun with it. I would openly stare at her tits and then look right over at him and smile that knowing smile a guy gives you when he’s had your woman before. He knows exactly what she likes and knows how to give it to her and he’s right there with her, right in front of you.

Once we were done with dinner, Connie offered some drinks out in the living room which I accepted. The least I could do is get more images of those tits in my head so I could go home and beat off thinking about her. I sat on the large sofa, Jay sat on a recliner opposite from me, no doubt to keep an eye on me. Connie served the drinks, handed the first one to Jay and then sat next to me on the couch offering me one and keeping one for herself. It was a three person sofa, I was sitting at one of the ends, and she had elected to sit in the middle, arm propped up on the back and leaning over towards me. This gave me a great view down her short to those magnificent tits.

As we kept chatting, sharing stories and memories, she’d occasionally lean over and slap my leg playfully, all the time opening up her shirt to me more. I was loving this so far. Her husband Jay just sat in his recliner watching us as we chatted and sipped on our drinks. Phew! She made some strong drinks. It wasn’t long until I felt a little bit of a buzz. In my slightly diluted state, I figured I’d see how far I could take this little game.

As Connie kept talking, I stopped pretending. I was full on staring at her tits, only providing short, blanket answers to whatever she was rambling on about. Occasionally, I would love over at Jay, his eyes locked on me staring at his wife’s tits, and giving him a little smirk. When Connie would keep reaching over and slapping my thigh, her hand started to linger more, her hits coming closer and closer to my shaft that was now firmly printing in my slack. There couldn’t have been a person in the room who didn’t know I was starting to get hard as my cock started to harden against my length and tighten my slacks. Once Connie’s fingers started to brush the tip of it with her playful little slap, I knew there was something more going on here.

I looked over at Jay, his eyes locked on me, then looked over at Connie as she continued rambling on about some girl we both knew in school. Without thinking it completely through, I reached a hand up and slid it into Connie’s blouse and firmly grabbed the top of one of her tits. Mmmmm, just as soft and nice as I remembered them. Connie jumped, startled by my boldness, mouth agape in disbelief. I looked over at Jay and said “So, Jay, is this what you’ve been waiting for? Did you want to see me feel your wife’s tits?” He just sat there in stone cold silence looking at me, a bit of worry set in his eyes, a bit unsure of himself.

“Chris, what are you doing?” Connie asked. She made no attempt to pull away or remove my hand from her breast. “Oh come on, Connie.” I said. “Let’s not be so coy, shall we?” I grabbed her wrist and brought it onto my cock, placing it firmly on the middle of my shaft. “I’m sure you remember him from our old days in college.” I looked at her face and saw her blush, her timid hand still resting on my cock. She bit her lip and then inhaled deeply, slowly squeezing my fat cock through my pants. “Oh my god, I almost forgot how big you were.” I set my drink down on the coffee table and made myself at home. Clearly, this was gonna go anywhere that I wanted it to and neither of them were gonna do any less than exactly that.

I slipped my second hand into her blouse, pushing her tits up and out of her shirt still held back by her bra. I gave them a firm squeeze before dropping my mouth to them starting to suck and kiss her breasts. While I keep my attention focused on Connie’s breasts, I look over at Jay and give him a sly smirk. “I’m sure going to enjoy playing with these again” I say, now practically mauling her nice, big, full breasts. Connie’s hand is still resting on my cock, starting to squeeze it harder, starting to stroke me through my slacks. I keep my eyes on Jay as he watches me play with his wife’s tits, sucking, kissing and biting what should be his. He reaches a hand down to adjust himself and I notice that he’s no competition for what’s being contained in my pants. Based on his bulge he’s maybe four inches, five at best. Connie almost certainly hasn’t had a big, fat cock stretching her pussy out for a long time. That’s when I got my wicked idea.

I stood up, briefly pulling myself away from her tits and grabbed Connie’s hands, pulling her to her feet, her tits still hanging out over her blouse but in her bra. “Let’s take this upstairs” I say. “Lead the way, Connie”. She hesitates for a minute and looks over at Jay who doesn’t say anything, just playing with his little dick through his pants. Without any protests from her husband, she starts heading for the stairs pulling my hand. I look back and Jay doesn’t move. I say to him “What’s the matter, Jay? Don’t you want to watch your wife get stuffed with a big, fat cock?” I feel Connie’s hand tremble at the mention of my cock. Jay quickly stands and starts following us up the stairs.

Connie is leading the way in front of us, holding my hand, taking the stairs easily, gripping the hand rail, noticeably unsteady on her high heels. It occurs to me that she probably doesn’t wear them often. Maybe she just wore them to be a tease. She probably remembers how much I like seeing heels on a woman and often had her wear them back in school. Her ass is practically in my face and I cannot help myself. I reach out and smack it, following that up with a firm squeeze. I look back at Jay again and say “That ass is going to look so good riding on my cock. Just wait and see.”

Connie gets to the top of the stairs and pushes open the first door on the right. “Come in here, this is our guest room.” “Oh no, my dear,” I say. “We’re going to your bedroom.” She looks at me, this time more confidence in her eyes. “I’m really going to enjoy this,” she says. “It’s been so long since I’ve had a big cock.” Almost like an excited little college girl, she pulls me and hurries along to their bedroom, Jay and me in tow. We walk into her bedroom and I take a quick look around. I see a seat off to the side of the room. “Jay, go sit over there,” I tell him. “You’ll have a great view of what I’m about to do to your wife.” I looked over at Connie and she was about to begin undoing the rest of the buttons on her blouse. “Stop. I want little cock Jay over there to watch me do every bit of this to you.”

Connie gets this devilish grin on her face, anticipation and desire building up in her eyes. Jay takes his seat off to the side as I begin walking up to Connie. That look on her face was priceless, biting her lower lip, shallow rapid breaths, a fire in her eyes that I remembered so fondly. I’m standing at the side of the bed and pull her into me for a kiss. Her arms instantly wrap around me, craving what is yet to come. I kiss her deeply, hands running all over her back, reaching down to squeeze her ass, pressing those beautiful tits against my chest. She moans into my mouth and I open my eyes to look over her shoulder. Jay is sitting there, watching intently and anxiously, still rubbing his little dick through his pants.

I pull away from kissing Connie and hold her firmly by her hips. I spin her around to look at Jay, her back against me. I pulled her back against my body, my cock now pressed firmly against her ass. I begin kissing her neck as Connie begins to moan a little louder. My hands move up her body from her hips, caressing the sides of her body, then reaching up to squeeze her tits again. “This tits feels so amazing, Jay. Your wife’s tits are just as good as I remember them”, I say, looking over Connie’s shoulder and smiling at Jay.

My hands move down over her stomach, reaching her buttons and I begin to slowly undo them. Connie is running one of her hands through my hair as I keep kissing her neck. She’s leaning back against me and reaches back with her free hand to rub my shaft through my slacks. “Oh my god, I can’t wait to have this big cock in me again. My husband is so much smaller than you”. I open up her blouse all of the way and pull it off of her shoulders. I reach behind her and quickly undo her bra, letting it fall away as her big tits come out into both Jay’s and my view. My hands reach up once again to rub them, squeeze them, and tug on her nipples. “Oh, Chris. You always knew how to turn me and make me wet for that big cock of yours.”

Jay’s eyes are fixed on my hands while I’m playing with his wife’s tits. “You like watching this, don’t you, Jay? Sitting over there and playing with your little cock while I play with your wife.” I slide my hands down Connie’s stomach and reach down for the hem of her skirt. I begin tugging it up her legs and over her sexy, wide hips, finally bunching it up around her waist. Now one less piece of fabric between me and that sexy ass of hers. My left hand reaches back down and slides into the front of her panties as I look up and see Jay’s anxious eyes aimed at his wife’s crotch. “Well, I guess that’s not fair is it?” I say. “Little cock Jay needs to see what I’m doing to his wife”. I pull her panties to the side and let Jay set his eyes on Connie’s pussy as my fingers make contact with it.

Connie’s moans begin to get louder, her grip on my cock more firm, her other hand starting to tug on my hair. My cock has now grown into a steel rod, straining hard against my slacks. My fingers are slowly working circles over her pussy lips and clit, sliding up and down her slit, applying pressure to her clit, then working them back down towards her hole, teasing her slowly while my other hand continues its assault on her tits. “I’m going to do nasty things to your wife’s tight little pussy, Jay. I’m going to stretch so much your little dick won’t even touch the sides going in.”

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