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Coachella Nights

Starring: Sydney Sweeney

Codes: MMF, Inter, Cons, Oral, Dom, Sub

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t written in a while, but I wondered maybe this innovative outlet would help me get unstuck in my day job. I had the idea for this story months ago, back when photos of Sydney Sweeney at Coachella came out. I wondered, what better way to tribute to the sexy blonde actress than to give her two big black cocks to play with? Hehe. This is my first story in about five years, so I hope you enjoy this, please let me know what you think. As at all times, please feel free to message me if you have any ideas.

A special thanks to Cadeauxxx, who indirectly has at all times been an inspiration for me.

Disclaimer: This is FANTASY. None of this is true, it is a completely fictional story. Please do not copy without my permission. I’m at all times looking for feedback, feel free to opinion below or send me a pm. Also if you have any ideas for future stories, let me know. I’d love to continue writing!


Indio, California – April 2022

The sun was beaming down at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. It was the first day of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival that brought in crowds in the hundreds of thousands of young people to the desert for a weekend of good music and partying. The late afternoon brought exciting acts to Coachella’s many stages, which gave concert goers an opportunity to find acts they may have not seen before.

One of the groups performing on the first day was Faded Scribe, an R&B duo from Atlanta, Georgia whose members, Rashawn Carter and Terrence Pierre were young, vibrant acts taking the R&B world by storm by bringing a new soulful take on the ever famous genre. Rashawn and Terrence were long-time friends, the two were practically raised in the same household growing up. Luckily landing a record deal, they quickly rose to fame due to their soulful voices and sensual sound. The record deal and recent fame led them to an invite to one of the world’s most trendy music festivals, Coachella.

Rashawn and Terrence like to call their music, “Baby making music” because it’s the type to be put on while two engage in the act of consummating relationships. With influences from Drake, Bryson Tiller, and The Weeknd, one could see why they were a famous hit amongst the younger crowd, ones looking for a new sound that matched their new sexual generation. Faded Scribe was on the rise in the music world, but their relatively unknown status landed them a spot close to the day of the first day of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. And as the mid-day heat was beaming down, the duo gave a sizzling performance that surely gave the crowd a lot to be excited about going into the first night of afterparties.

Rashawn was a tall and muscular man, one who looked like he spent a great deal of time in the gym. Standing 6’4, 215 lbs, he towered over his slightly shorter, childhood friend. Terrence by no means was a short man. He stood 5’10, about 180 lbs. He was much more slender, but still fit. Both men donned dark chocolate colored skin, and were black men raised by black families. Both kept their hair short, Rashawn sporting a completely bald look, while Terrence bore a faded haircut with less than an inch of hair on top.

The game plan for the day was simple: go out, perform, come back to the green room, and party until the next day where they would catch a few more acts as the weekend dwindled down. But something happened as they were finishing out their set. They noticed a gorgeous blonde in the front row, wearing a white cotton mini dress, dark sunglasses, and a pair of high black cowboy boots. She caught Rashawn’s eyes first, and he couldn’t help but be enticed.

The blonde was also allured by the duo. She wasn’t a fan of Faded Scribe before, but one of her girlfriends was, and suggested to her small group that they should watch the duo perform. The blonde was happily surprised. The music was sensual, soulful, and had a hauntingly gorgeous tone. It was the type of music she wanted to chill out to, one she could picture herself listening to on evenings while she chilled at home. Needless to say, if she wasn’t a fan before, she was now. Even more so when she locked eyes with Rashawn.

As the two locked eyes, Rashawn started to serenade her, making her feel as if she was the only girl in the crowd. Terrence, noticing his long-time friend eye-fucking one of the concert-goers, decided to just smile and perform to the other side of the crowd. Terrence was much more laid back than Rashawn, who was typically more aggressive in his pursuit of women and would at all times take the time to flirt when feasible. This was no different, as the two were so infatuated with each other, that they didn’t stop locking eyes for about 10 minutes. 

As Faded Scribe’s set came to a close, the duo sang one last song. Typically their most energetic song, it gave the crowd an opportunity to jump around. Rashawn took this opportunity to give his fans some love. Jumping down from the elevated stage, Rashawn took the opportunity to give high fives and selfies to the fans in the front row. He made his way from the far end, opposite of where the blonde was standing, to the other side, where he found his sexy blonde waiting.

She was bent over on the railing, giving Rashawn a great view of her ample cleavage, and had a devilish smile on her face.

“Hey…” she mouthed to Rashawn.

That stopped him dead in his tracks. He paused for a moment to gaze at the gorgeous blonde bombshell in front of him. He oogled at her for a second before waking up from his haze. He couldn’t hear her because of the earplugs he had in, as well as the loud singing of the crowd. But he could only assume she was talking to him.

Rashawn didn’t say anything, and only decided to blow her a kiss and offered his hand so that she could hold it for a second. He then locked eyes again and blew her a kiss, and mimicked himself being pulled away while still holding her hand. He then ran to the side steps so that he could go back to center stage to finish his set.

The song ended, and Rashawn and Terrence took a bow.

“Thank you so much, Coachella!!!” The two said into the mic.

The duo took another bow before starting to walk off stage. As they walked off, Rashawn went to their tour manager, David and interrupted his congratulatory greeting.

“Yo, great job out there, gu-,” David started before getting cut off.

“Dave, can you do me a favor?” Rashawn asked him.

“Yeah, what’s up?” David responded.

“Did you see that blonde I was having a moment with earlier?” Rashawn said.

David, looking at the crowd, replied, “I think so? The one with the white top?”


“What’s the favor?” David asked.

“Get her backstage, I want to invite her to this party later.” Rashawn said.

David chuckled, “You can’t contain yourself can you?”

“Hey, I do this so I don’t have to work hard.” Rashawn replied.

“Alright, man, I’ll do this for you.” David said as he walked off the side of the stage. 

David approached the gorgeous buxom blonde, and as he got closer, he realized who she was. The gorgeous blonde was none other than Sydney Sweeney, star of hit tv shows, Euphoria and The White Lotus. Her curvaceous figure was the hot topic of many articles, and her beauty has landed her many lucrative modeling deals. David couldn’t believe it.

He approached slowly, and tapped Sydney on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, Miss Sweeney?” David asked.

Sydney turned around, and cheerfully responded, “Oh my God, please, call me Sydney,” with a chuckle. “Miss Sweeney is so formal.”

“Well, I’m David, the tour manager, and I just wanted to let you know that the boys just invited you backstage if you’d like. You can probably bring your friends with you, if you’d like.”

Flattered by the request, Sydney turned to her friends and said, “Wow, they just invited us backstage, do you guys want to go?”

“YES! Oh my God, yes!” was the exuberant response from the small crowd of three ladies. They then mustered some nonsensical syllables before making their way away from the crowd and into the backstage area, following David.

“It’s just right this way guys…” David led them to the back.

— — — — — — — — — — 


Sydney and her group of friends walked backstage to a green room area filled with people involved with the Faded Scribe performance. There were PR people, tour production people, executives from the record label, as well as Rashawn and Terrence’s friends who luckily got to participate in the experience by being members of their entourage.

Sydney was no stranger to VIP treatment. She may not have been an A-list actor, but she was getting worldwide recognition for her modeling gigs and overall beauty. Still, this was a fun experience for her, going backstage at one of the world’s most trendy music festivals to meet with some of the music industry’s hottest young talents.

“Hey, you.” Rashawn said as he approached Sydney from behind.

Surprised, Sydney slightly jumped but she turned around and smiled. She raised her sunglasses to rest on the top of her head and their eyes locked again.

“I’m Rashawn,” the tall black man said as he extended his arm out for a handshake.

“Sydney!” She said as she shook his hand, “You guys were so great. I didn’t listen to you guys much before this, but I’m glad my friend invited us to this show. I’m definitely going to be adding you guys to some of my Spotify playlists.”

“Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. It’s really a surreal experience. One day we’re just hanging out in our hometown, and now we’re performing at Coachella. I can’t ask for anything more.” Rashawn replied.

“I know what you mean. I was 14 when I moved out to LA, and now I’m booking these gigs all the time, it’s kind of surreal.” The gorgeous Sydney replied.

“Oh! You know, I was going to say you looked familiar. Weren’t you in Euphoria?” Rashawn asked, intrigued by her success.

“Yeah! We just finished season 2, which came out a couple of months ago, but now I’m going to star in a couple of movies next year.

Impressed, Rashawn just nodded, and thought back to the scenes he remembered from Euphoria. Of course, his mind drifted to the scene of Sydney donning her beautiful breasts for all to see. He looked down slightly and admired the deep cleavage Sydney had in her gorgeous white dress, while muttering the words, “Wow, damn. I didn’t know I’d be in the presence of greatness!”

“Oh stop! You’ve done really well for yourself, and look at all these people, the crowd out there absolutely loved you and I think a lot more people are gonna be tuning in to what you have to offer.” Sydney replied with a shy voice.

“Well hey, Terrence and I are gonna be celebrating this milestone tonight, any chance you’d like to join us?” Rashawn asked as he eyed the room for his Faded Scribe counterpart. He spotted him and luckily Terrence locked eyes as well, as Rashawn signaled him to come over. “Here he is now…”

Terrence walked over and Sydney turned around to greet him.

“Yo T, this is Sydney, Sydney this is Terrence.” Rashawn introduced the pair to each other. “I was just telling Sydney about the party we were gonna tonight.”

”Hi Sydney, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Terrence reached for her hand and gave it a kiss. Terrence wasn’t the aggressive one, but he was smooth and sensual, a characteristic that came out in the music that the two made.

“Hi Terrence, it’s so nice to meet you too, I was just telling Rashawn here what a fan I’ve become.” Sydney said in a slow, calm, but sultry tone. Her natural speaking voice was very flirty and it was making both of the young black men a little excited.

“I’d love to come to the party if you’ll have me. I just have my friends with me, is it okay if they come too?” Sydney asked.

“Yes, of course. There’s gonna be a ton of great people there. The record label invited us and we’ve heard it’s the most exclusive Coachella after party tonight…” Terrence replied to her.

”Yeah, here, let me get your number,” Rashawn pulled his phone out and unlocked it so that Sydney could input her number.”

“Sure thing, here…” Sydney grabbed the phone and inputted her number. Then she called her phone using Rashawns so that she could recognize the number she would be texting later that night.

“Perfect, should we just plan to meet up later tonight? Say at like 11?” Sydney asked.

”Yeah, that’s perfect, we have a couple of press things to do right now, but we’re going to go get changed and make our way to the party tonight around then. I’m texting you the address now.” Rashawn said to her.

“HEY SYD! WE’RE LEAVING,” One of her friends called out to her, they were leaving to catch a couple more sets before heading to after parties.

“I’m coming!” Sydney replied to her. She turned back to Rashawn and Terrence, gave them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you guys tonight!”

She gave one last smile and lingered on her hugs so that she could squash her gorgeous breasts into the hard chests of both the young athletic black men. She winked and said her goodbyes before meeting up with her friends.

As she walked away, Rashawn and Terrence looked at each other and gave each other a congratulatory handshake, they knew what they had planned for tonight, and suddenly they knew who they wanted to do it with. 

“I hope you don’t mind me hopping in on this one, Ray, this girl might be too good to pass up.” Terrence warned his friend.

“Are you kidding? If she’s down, I’m down. I have a feeling this girl is really freaky and flirty, and I hope I’m right. We’ll see tonight.” Rashawn replied.

— — — — — — — — — — 


Rashawn and Terrence were sitting on the couch at this after party house which was hosted by someone from the record label. The place was gigantic, a mansion of sorts with multiple levels, a large pool in the back, and a DJ playing music. While there were many celebrities there, the place was filled with friends of friends, and basically considered one of the more exclusive parties on night one of the illustrious Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Just as Rashawn and Terrence shared laughs reminiscing over the day’s events, Sydney walked into the living room, out from a crowd of people nursing their own drinks.

“There you guys are!” Sydney exclaimed in her low, sultry voice. “I’ve been looking all over for you boys. How long have you been here?”

Rashawn and Terrence both sat up slightly at the sight of the gorgeous Sydney Sweeney, who was wearing the same white dress she wore earlier. 

“God damn,” Terrence whispered to himself.

“Hey, we just got here a few minutes ago. We must have missed you when we came in, though I find that hard to imagine.” Rashawn said to the gorgeous blonde. “Where are your friends?”

“They’re around here somewhere, but I think they kind of ditched me. Do you boys want to get me a drink? Maybe we can go outside?” Sydney asked the two.

“With pleasure,” Terrence swiftly replied.

Sydney extended her hands out to help the duo up from the couch and led them outside. Her hips swayed as she walked, and the boys’ eyes were glued to her lovely curves.

There were a large group of people outside, but luckily one of the poolside bars was empty and Terrence walked over to fix Sydney a drink. Rashawn and Sydney followed behind him. Terrence, slightly nervous, took a cup, added some ice, then poured a good amount of vodka in the drink, and cut it with cranberry juice. He stirred the drink and gave it to Sydney.

“Thanks, doll.” Sydney, who has been slightly drunk already from the partying and coming off a euphoric first day at the music festival, took the drink and immediately sipped. She nodded in approval.

“So, boys. It’s a little loud in here, do you guys want to go somewhere quiet where we can talk?” Sydney asked the two boys.

Shocked, and in disbelief, the two childhood friends looked at each other with wide eyes for a second before turning back to Sydney. Unable to speak, they just nodded in approval. As the three walked in a straight line, they walked around the corner to a side entrance of the house. They walked up a staircase to a place where they found a quiet secluded room in this large rented mansion.

“Thanks, guys. I’ve just been around loud music all day, it’s nice to finally get to a place where we can really connect.” Sydney said. “And I’m really glad too, because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you guys since we met earlier.”

“Oh yeah?” Rashawn and Terrence said in complete disbelief.

“Yeah, Rashawn, I just felt this electricity when you were performing. I was honestly in a trance. Both of you, really. You guys were so electric on stage, I just knew I had to meet the two of you. So, I’m glad that your manager invited my friends and I backstage. But I hope you don’t mind because I didn’t want to share you with them. I wanted both of you all to myself…” Sydney said, as she sat down on the bed in this dimly lit dark room.

“Well this was a bit of a surprise.” Terrence spoke.

“What’s the matter, you boys don’t like to share?”

“No, the opposite actually.” Rashawn blurted out loud.

“So then we’re all in agreement then?” Sydney said as she put her drink on the nightstand. That’s really good, because I had such a nice time with you boys today. And all I could think about all evening was getting on my knees and swallowing your big black cocks. Then letting the two of you pass me around and fuck me until I can not walk tomorrow.”

With that last statement, Rashawn and Terrence were shocked. Here, the sexy, sultry, and somewhat shy Sydney Sweeney was dirty talking to two strangers whom she just met earlier that day. While they felt some of the flirty energy before, they were not expecting this. However, this is exactly what they were hoping for.

“Well this is a nice surprise.” Terrence spoke out of turn.

“Yeah, but oddly enough, this is what we wanted from you too.” Rashawn said as he placed his drink on the floor.

“Good!” Sydney cheerfully exclaimed, as she sat on the bed and uncrossed her legs. She extended her arms behind her so that she was leaning on the bed while sitting upright. She took her right hand and pointed at the two boys and made her finger curl in a “come over here” motion.

“Then why don’t you boys come over here and fuck the shit out of me?” Sydney asked her lovers for the evening.

Terrence didn’t need to be told twice, so he placed his drink on the ground, only to see Rashawn already removing his grey t-shirt and bending over to give Sydney a kiss on the lips. Terrence followed suit by going to Sydney’s right side and removing his shirt too. He rubbed up and down Sydney’s exposed thigh, and reached down to kiss her exposed neck.

Sydney broke her kiss with Rashawn to turn to Terrence. She kissed him passionately using her right hand to stroke the back of his head. She used her left hand to feel around Rashawn’s dark muscular body. Rashawn, feeling the warmth of her hand, began to feel up her left thigh, and moved his hand always the way up to her perfectly perky round breasts. He grabbed it, squeezing it, as he admired its soft, natural feel. He pulled her low cut top down, to expose one breast and used his fingers to roll the fabric down to expose the other.

“God, these are perfect.” Rashawn exclaimed. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about these all day.”

“They’re all yours tonight baby.” Sydney broke her kiss from Terrence to give her consent. She turned back around to allow Terrence to shove his tongue in her mouth.

As she did that, she started to unbutton the top of her dress, before shaking her shoulders to nudge the dress off her back. Now topless, the two boys couldn’t help themselves and dove head first into each perfectly round ample breast, Rashawn on the left, and Terrence on the right.

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