Claiming Her: A Forbidden Office Affair

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As I walked through the corridors of my office building, I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching me. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I couldn’t help but glance over my shoulder every few seconds. The thrill of potential danger raced through my veins.

I focused on my work, but I couldn’t withstand the urge to sneak peeks at the person who I had been feeling eyes on me, and sure enough, I saw him.

His dark hair was styled neatly, his suit was crisp and perfectly tailored. He was all the time so immaculately put together that he looked like he had stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, but his ice-cold demeanor never failed to send shivers down my spine.

During our meetings, my thoughts would wander to what it would be like to have his lips pressed to mine, to feel his hands on my body. I knew it was wrong, he was my boss, and he was married to top it off, but self-control was quickly becoming a foreign concept for me.

Over time, our working relationship evolved into something far more dangerous. Our conversations had become longer, more personal, and more charged with electricity. Every time we spoke, I felt my heart racing, the tension between us growing thicker.

One day, as we stood in his office discussing a project, I made the mistake of looking up at him, and our eyes met. What was already simmering between us turned into something explosive.

In an instant, he had me pressed against the wall, one hand braced on either side of my face. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, the tension was so palpable.

Our lips met urgently; it felt like this was something we both had waited for, for far too long. He invaded my mouth with his tongue, plunging deep. I clung to him, helpless as my body shook with pleasure, and his body collided with mine.

The realization he knew how he was masterfully controlling me broke through our kiss; I could feel a wave of embarrassment wash over me as I felt so exposed, vulnerable even.

But then the arousal set in as he began to press firm kisses along my jawline and down my neck. I moaned in pleasure, my knees trembling with desire.

He whispered, “I want you,” and that was all it took to send me over the edge.

With deliberate movements, he lifted me up, my legs wrapped around his waist, and carried me over to his desk. Expertly, he removed his suit jacket and pulled out a condom from the inner pocket.

I watched, dazed and confused as he prepared himself, and it finally dawned on me what was happening. My boss was gonna take me right there on his desk.

I couldn’t help but feel a little scared, but the mixture of fear and excitement was overwhelming. It was the perfect recipe for losing control.

He came closer, his hand cupping my cheek gently, and his other hand took hold of my waist. He looked into my eyes, almost as if seeking permission, but the way my body responded, he didn’t really need it.

Our lips met again, and as he untied my skirt, his fingers trailed goosebumps down my thighs. I shuddered in both pleasure and anticipation.

With my skirt bunched up around my waist, he stepped between my legs, his hard length rubbing against me through his pants. I felt almost dizzy with arousal, the hunger for more building inside me with each second.

Finally, he pulled out his erection from his pants, and I gasped, both in surprise and desire. It was thick and pulsing with need. As he positioned himself at my entrance, my body shook with anticipation, and without knowing it, I clung to his shoulders, bracing myself.

Then, he pushed, and I was engulfed. It felt like the world had been reduced to him and me. Pleasure unlike I had ever experienced before rocked my body in waves. The feeling of fullness, combined with the fact that I was being taken right on his desk, the fear of being discovered, it all pushed me over the edge.

He groaned, his hips thrusting fast and deep, the desk creaking alarmingly under the pressure.

The sound of our bodies slamming together echoed through the room, and we cried out in unison as we reached our pinnacle of pleasure. It felt like hours, though I knew it was only moments, but in those moments, all I could see was him.

He held me in his arms, his forehead pressed against mine, his breathing harsh and fast, his eyes never leaving mine. He leaned in and brushed his lips against my own, soft and tender, and I felt something shift within me.

It wasn’t just about lust, but something deeper and more profound. I had never felt so connected to anyone before.

We dressed hastily; a smile of satisfaction graced my face as I left his office that day.

From that day forth, everything changed. The way we interacted with each other to the point where the rest of the office had begun to take notice. It was all a forbidden office affair, and neither of us could withstand the allure.

At night, I found myself dreaming of him, the way he had made me feel that day, the way our bodies had become intertwined, each time more passionate than the last, each time discovering something new about each other.

But as the weeks went by, something changed between us. The sex was still rough and passionate, but there was something more – a sense of intimacy growing between us that I wasn’t expecting.

As the days passed, I realized I had fallen in love with him. Our relationship was forbidden, and it was everything I never knew I wanted.

Our trysts became more frequent, and every time he touched me, caressed me, claimed me, it felt like coming home. It was like we were in our own world, a world where no other people, no rules, and no boundaries exist.

However, no matter how perfect my sexual escapades became, there was all the time the looming guilt and fear that was still present at the back of my mind. What would happen when the affair was revealed? We both had a lot to lose. Our jobs, our marriages, and even our reputation.

One afternoon, we were in the conference room, and as we talked, he took my hand in his, and it felt like all those worries began to fade away. I was happy in that moment, and it was enough.

I knew deep down inside that this could never be, but for now, we had each other, and that was all that mattered. It was a game of chance, and we were both in it for the long run.

As he led me out of the office, we stole a final kiss, and I knew everything would be okay, at least for now. I’ll all the time remember that shiver of excitement in my spine, the feeling of being claimed, of forbidden love that I would never be able to forget.

Our relationship might just have to remain a secret, all the time simmering just below the surface, but it was one that I would all the time cherish, one that I would never forget, and one that had changed my life forever.

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