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Cheshire/Batman Pt. 05 The Chaser

By valucia


Given its previous success, Bruce decided to make another one of his strategic middle-of-the-day dates. It was late Wednesday morning of the following week. He called her up and she told him to meet her at the gallery.

“I don’t think you guys have met. Bruce, this is Ricardo. Ricardo, this is Bruce,” Jada said, briefly stopping to introduce them on the way back to her office.

“Nice to meet you, Bruce. She hasn’t stopped smiling since you met,” Ricardo said, graciously slipping in a non-embarrassing comment. He could have easily revealed how much Jada talked about Bruce or how everyone liked him better than Ayano, but Ricardo happened to be tactful that day, to Jada’s relief.

“Neither have I,” Bruce said, making Jada beam. “Nice to meet you,” he said, being dragged on through to her office.

“Would you like to come to a capoeira class with me sometime? Jada asked after she closed the door. She was thinking it was time for him to meet Raquel. If he passed the first screening, she could move on to more introductions. But Raquel’s was the most discerning opinion because she had the unique qualification of being the only person to really know about how awful her last relationship was.

“Oh, wow. Yeah. That would be cool,” Bruce said, looking around at the various artwork on her walls. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in person before. You’ve been doing it for years, right?”

“Since before I moved here. One of the mestres, Raquel, I’ve known her forever. She’s one of my closest friends,” she said, trying to adopt a nonchalant tone as she got her things together. “Besides, it’s a really great workout. Everyone’s really chill, they won’t be gossiping about Bruce Wayne. You’ll just be Jada’s Hot new friend.”

Bruce noticed the opportunity to be called a boyfriend. Jada appeared pretty aloof. Which was good, because he wasn’t sure if he was ready to talk about that yet. The lack of discourse on the subject was more due to his cold feet in regards to the whole Batman/Cheshire situation. The Bruce/Jada situation, that was going fine. He was trying to figure out if this relationship was good enough to go all in and tell her everything some day. If he became her boyfriend, wouldn’t they be one step closer to eventually revealing his identity to her?

“I’m just your… arm candy, am I?” he said jokingly, leaning against her desk.

“My male bimbo. I guess so.” she said, smiling and raising her eyebrows as she looked for her keys in her purse.

“How do you say ‘boy toy’ in Portuguese?” Bruce asked, leaning closer to her. She smelled really good. Most of his thoughts about her went well beyond friendly. It was kind of stupid to be referred to as a ‘friend,’ he decided.

“Why would I tell you that? Then we couldn’t talk about you!” she grinned.

“You can call me your boyfriend if you want,” he suggested. That was probably not a huge step, he justified. He wanted to keep seeing her and it had been a month now. “We both said we didn’t like all the game-playing in dating. ‘Boyfriend’ is fine by me.”

“Okay. Well, ‘boy toy’ is brinquedinho. And ‘boyfriend’ is namorado,” Jada said coyly. Internally, she was fluttering a little. She was always, always the first one to bring up this kind of stuff in a relationship. Yet, she was still hesitant to make this official. Why was it so fucking hard to trust men now? Was she broken? Or just careful?

“So, which am I?” he asked, consciously falling for her playing-hard-to-get act. He stood behind her desk with her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I guess you’ll just have to listen very closely at the capoeira class and see what we call you,” Jada deflected and then laughed.

Bruce loved that she was a little lukewarm towards him at times. The celebrities, the high-profile ladies– they all loved being seen with a famous rich guy. He didn’t want a woman who would give him whatever he wanted just because of his finances. It was true, a lot of aspects of his life were handed to him on a silver platter. It was fun to be the chaser instead of the chased. He wanted her to let him get to know her a bit more. The real her. That would give him some more information about their potential future.

Jada took Bruce to the zoo, bringing her sketch pad. Bruce felt strange going somewhere for no particular reason. It wasn’t a mandatory gala. There wasn’t a real goal in mind. It made him realize just how little socializing he had been doing these days.

They spent about an hour walking around the zoo and then settled on a sushi place for lunch. They had a long talk about Japan and were lingering at their table after the meal, staying for dessert. Another thing Bruce rarely did.

“That was great. And, now I have an idea for a new painting,” Jada told him. “From the peacocks.”

“We should go to my place, hang out for a while. Get dinner later. You could stay over tonight,” he suggested over some green tea ice cream.

“Hmm… I don’t have any pajamas at your house, Bruce,” she pointed out purposefully, licking her spoon. Maybe she could get him to do something outside his comfort zone.

“Do you want to have pajamas at my house?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t mind having pajamas at your house,” she smiled slyly. “Look across the street,” she instructed, looking at a storefront through the window behind him. Bruce turned and saw a store called Herminie Renoir. It was a French lingerie store. He turned back around and looked at Jada with a smirk that made him look reluctant.

“I won’t try to boink you in the dressing room. I swear.” she said, putting a hand over her heart and raising her right hand, which still had a spoon in it. Bruce still looked uncomfortable, but also like he thought she was being cute. Jada started negotiating. She wanted to do more fun Sex stuff. The emotional closeness piece could wait.

“I’ll buy one thing. It’ll be painless. I won’t try on more than five things and then we’ll be done!” Jada said, giving him an exaggeratedly coquettish smile and batting her eyelashes. Bruce admired her approach.

“Sure,” he said, hoping it wouldn’t take too long. He certainly didn’t mind seeing Jada in sexy lingerie, but shopping was hell for him. And he hated salespeople and onlookers in these types of situations.

Bruce paid for lunch and they walked across the street to the lingerie store, Jada hooking her arm around his. Jada pulled the brass handle on the front door and slipped in, Bruce trailing behind her.

“Ooh, what do you think of fishnets?” Jada asked, looking at some stockings and garters. Bruce thought about the costume of Black Canary, a superheroine he had a thing with briefly.

“I do like them, but they kind of remind me of someone else,” Bruce said honestly.

“Good. It’s good that you’re telling me these things,” Jada said, stepping over to him. She considered kissing him, but she didn’t want to push her luck. He already didn’t want to be here. She gave him a light pat on the cheek and strolled over to another rack.

“Do you like this?” she asked.

“Yeah. It’s okay,” Bruce said, looking at the Hot pink teddie she was holding up.

“Uh huh. What’s your favorite color?” she asked, searching for clues to make her search more efficient.

“Black,” he said. “But green would look good on you, too.”

Jada grabbed exactly five items to try on. The saleswoman gave Bruce a look as she left the dressing room area, as if to say “Don’t even think about fooling around back here, buddy.”

Jada opened the curtain and let him see her in a clingy sheer chemise. It was all black and had small demi-cups with a sheer lace hem design.

“You like?” she asked.

“Yeah, I like,” he said, glancing behind him to make sure no one was around. It looked like they were the only two customers at the moment. Jada flashed him her tits, cracking herself up, and she tried on a couple more items. “They” decided on the first one, plus a simple robe to cover-up if she wanted to wander the mansion.

Jada insisted on paying for these. She remembered how sometimes she felt indebted to her boyfriends if they spent a lot of money on her. Bruce admired her independence and realized it was a good thing that she had turned down his offer to pay. They got into Bruce’s car and headed to his place.


“Pretty nice, right?” Jada asked, standing in her new chemise next to him at his sink later that night. Bruce’s master bathroom had two sinks, the trendy ones that looked like bowls sitting atop the counters.

“Yeah, very nice,” Bruce said, rinsing out his mouth and putting his toothbrush back in the holder.

“You’re such a good sport, Bruce. I can’t believe I got you to go there with me!!” she laughed, putting facial soap on her hands to lather it up.

“Neither can I. But I’m really glad I did,” he said. He wasn’t sure how to elaborate on this, so he started to walk back into the bedroom. But then, he saw her bend over the sink. Her chemise was short enough to show her scantily-covered Ass when she leaned over to wash her face. Bruce watched her for another moment and then walked back over to her, making eye contact with her in the large mirror. Jada could see him approaching from behind. She smiled, drying her face with a hand towel.

“Damn. This is really nice,” Bruce said, running his fingers down the sheer fabric over her belly.

“Admiring our selection?” she laughed, reaching for her toothbrush. But Bruce was taken with the impulse to initiate a Hot sexual encounter. He reached under the fabric, watching them in the mirror, and admired her belly and hips with his fingers. Jada stopped her nighttime routine and leaned back into him. He usually didn’t start these things, she thought, but she liked it when he did. Really liked it.

Bruce kissed her neck and caressed her thighs and hips. She loved feeling the warmth of his mouth and breath as he got more and more aroused. His fingertips felt the straps and lightly touched the delicate cups over her bust. In the mirror, she made intense eye contact with him and moaned a little bit. Bruce pulled down the top of the chemise, grabbing one bare breast and then the other. He pinched her nipples between his fingers as he massaged her, her heart starting to race.

He watched her enjoying his touch. She reached behind her to ruffle his hair. The light fabric of Bruce’s pajama pants let her feel how hard he was getting. She rubbed up against his cock and made erotic little whispers.

“Oh… Bruce…” she moaned. He kissed her neck more roughly. “Oh god, you’re so fucking Hot… ohhh….”

Bruce grabbed the waistband of her thong with one hand and pulled them down her thighs while he started to explore her Pussy. She was so fucking wet for him. She liked seeing herself being manhandled, arms behind her, panties down, as her muscular lover seduced her. His grip all over her body and his hungry kisses on both sides of her neck were really exciting. And he was in charge today. She decided to let him do whatever he wanted. There wasn’t even the smallest fear that he would do something she didn’t like.

Her knees were a little weak as he used two fingers to tease her clit. She gripped his shoulder for drama more than support, panting heavily. He kept going, his fingers going inside her soaking wet Pussy until she couldn’t hold back and had to cum.

“Oh my god, Bruce…” she said, looking at him in the mirror with hungry eyes. Apparently, Bruce could be mellow and let her be in charge, or he could start a memorable sexy experience. She reached behind her and started massaging his Hot cock. Soon, her hand was wet with precum. Bruce took her hands and placed them on the counter.

“Can I fuck you right here?” he asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” she said quietly, her eyes locked with his in the mirror. Her breasts swayed in front of her, Free from the bust of the chemise. He loved watching her nipples, all hard and innocent looking. He opened a drawer or two before he found some condoms. He took off his shirt and got out his cock. She thought about when she should have the “can we stop using condoms?” talk with him. She spread her legs and gasped as he entered her.

Jada felt his hands pull her hips back and heard their flesh slapping together. Her tits were bouncing and they were both moaning. It felt wild, but after a little while, she wanted to kiss him really badly.

“Turn me around and put me on the counter,” she ordered. He stopped and flipped her around, lifting her up by her waist and on to the counter. She spread her legs and he started to fuck her again. Now, she could feel more of him and give him hard kisses, interrupted by their heavy breathing. She put her hands on his lower back and felt him thrust inside her. One of her legs was hooked over his hip.

“Ohhh fuck… oh fuck! Just like that!” she breathed.

“Like this?” he asked, pulling her hips closer. His cock slid in and out of her so easily.

“Yes, yes…” she said, passionately grasping the back of his head and making out with him savagely. Bruce loved the feeling of her grabbing him wherever she could and gasping for air. He wrapped his arms around her and came inside her. She moaned loudly, releasing all of the tension in her body as she came, too.

“Oh, fuck, that was so good!” she told him, as soon as she caught her breath. Bruce pulled out and threw away the condom as Jada adjusted her nightgown and stood up.

“You just looked so sexy there. Your cute little Ass… couldn’t help it.” he smiled as they walked over to his bed. They curled up together and Jada wondered if it was okay to keep growing so fond of this guy. Maybe he could be a boyfriend. He was so different from the other men she had been with.

Bruce looked over at her, seeing she was lost in thought. Jada glanced up at him coyly and gave him a gentle, tender kiss. It had been a perfect day together and their night had only just begun.

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