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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Stardom or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters.

Starring: Chanyota (JAV porn star, Stardom wrestler), Himeka (Stardom), Maika (Stardom)

Wrestlers Meet Porn Stars: Chanyota Vs MaiHime

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.

Written by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, MMF, MFF, FFF, oral, anal, inter.

* * *

The video starts up in a room that’s been decorated to look like a ordinary gym. From plenty of machines and workout benches to weights, yoga mats and balance balls and other gimmicks. Even going the extra mile for posters and the like on the walls, with the typeface and language on them showing this is a location in Japan.

That is further proven as the camera pans over and shows not an attractive Japanese woman, but someone who is more than just a rookie pro wrestler. A legit adult film star of already countless JAV film titles to her credit in Chanyota. With her hair in a lighter, close to a shade of blonde colour than sometimes seen, Chanyota was busy playing her ‘part’ as she performed some squats. Intentionally leaning forward so that her tight one-piece swimwear costume showed off her nicely sized, rounded tits while giving a hint of a similarly meaty backside from the tight costume. Getting in a round of the up and down motion before she heard the sound of a door opening. Smiling as she, pretending the camera wasn’t there, looked to the side as she got to a standing position.

A contrast to her look as the two women, far more seasoned as pro wrestlers than her, who walked in had quite unimpressed looks on their faces. The duo of MaiHime from Stardom — Maika and Himeka. Both Japanese beauties were not seemingly happy to be there, with arms already folded across their generous busts as both were clad in almost matching attire suited for gym sessions of red sleeveless tops and shorts.

“About time you two showed up…” Chanyota smiled, looking over both women. “I was wondering if you two had gotten cold feet about paying up…” She said, although speaking in her native tongue. The wonders of video editing and subtitles showing what they were saying in English.

“Don’t think we’re happy about this!” Maika snapped as her friend beside her gave a matching glare.

“We would have won that tournament if the Lady had finally become D instead of wasting her time being a C!”

“Well lucky me that you lost, and I won our little bet then…” Chanyota said, placing her hands on her hips. “And even better that I get to ‘train’ you two cuties in how to perform on camera… Especially since our Jumbo Princess here is already hanging up the boots so soon…” She teased, looking at Himeka.

“I didn’t think you’d be filming this all either…” Himeka stated, glancing at the camera before back to the porn star. “And why are there two cameras here? Won’t just one be enough for just the three of us?” She pointed out.

“Oh? A little nervous about doing this in front of a camera?” Chanyota brushed her hair back, seemingly ignoring the question on purpose. “Just as well I’m here to guide you through this!” She said, turning to walk across the room and picking up a box from off the top of a bench. Removing a cloth cover from over it, the two Stardom wrestlers’ eyes widened at the sight. A selection of not just dildos, but lengthy ones and some with double heads as well.

“Hey! What the Hell is this?” Maika protested as she watched the JAV star approach with a thick, pink dildo in each hand. “Isn’t it enough to have us both here? Doing all this dirty stuff?”

“Well, I need to see what the two of you can do…” Chanyota claimed, reaching a hand out to deliberately shove one toy down Maika’s top. Leaving it sticking out for a moment before Maika snatched it out. Trying to do the same to Himeka but she just blocked it, gripping the toy herself.

“So, follow me, ‘students’…” Chanyota said, heading back across the room. The MaiHime duo exchanged looks before Himeka motioned as the two followed over. See that Chanyota had helped herself to pluck out a sex toy of her own before sitting down on a mat on the floor.

“I’m assuming that you cuties have at least some experience with sex, right?” Chanyota was already posing shamelessly as she leaned back with an arch to show off her body and spread her legs. Leaving little to the imagination with the outline of her pussy seen from the tight stretch of the costume on her body. “Neither of you two seems the innocent and pure type…” She teased again as she watched the other women move down to the floor and take a mat on either side of her. Their positions not exactly matching hers but still gave a view over their beautiful bodies as they followed her leg to spread their legs a bit. Giving Chanyota stares when she invited herself to pop one of her legs over theirs nearest to her like she was making extra sure they couldn’t back out or run away from paying up their end of a wager.

“I think you two need to do a little warm-up…” Chanyota decided for them as she brought her dildo down to between her legs. Smiling as she ran the thick head of the toy along her crotch. Pushing against the folds as she slid down and moved back up in a slow motion. Making herself groan out, and no doubt the sound exaggerated a little bit for the advantage of this private sex tape. Slow strokes back and forth with smooth timing, showing it’s clearly been a move performed many times before. “Unless you two have never used a toy like this before? Not afraid of handling something a lot bigger than you’re used to now, are you?” Another tease as she glanced to either side, seeing that neither of the other women was copying her yet as she played with herself. Working the sex toy against her covered crotch to prod in and begin to get her aroused.

“Hey! Are you saying I’m afraid??” Maika sounded offended, not catching on that it was a deliberate opinion to provoke her. “Fine! I’ll play along with this stupid game…” She relented, falling for the trick even as eager as this all was to start with. Glancing down to the JAV star’s hands and her crotch before looking at her own legs. Gritting her teeth a little as she brought her matching long, thick fake cock down to her own crotch to begin to work over herself. Gasping a bit as she pushed firmly against her attire, perhaps giving a hint that she also wasn’t wearing anything underneath her attire. “I’m just… Mmmm! Not used to doing this in front of others! That’s all!” She said, which was a bit of a lewd admission herself. Her pace was a little slower, getting used to the sensations as she stroked over her own pussy with not just a toy, but through her clothing for good measure.

At the other end of the trio of stunners, Himeka was testing out what the toy felt like as she applied it to her crotch. Probing with the thick crown of the fake dick to drag it back and forth along her slit with a little bit of a smoother, quicker pace compared to her tag team partner. Groaning as she stared down at herself to watch the self-pleasuring. “Mmmmm… Not so bad, after all…” She half-mumbled as she eased the toy up and down over her own pussy. Sneaking in a glance across to the other woman, and perhaps lingering a little bit too long on the fellow Donna Del Mondo ally before looking back to her own work. An approving groan again as she pumped up and down to test out the dildo onto herself.

“Mmmmm… I’m impressed, girls! I figured I’d have to… Ahhhhh… ‘Convince’ you two to go all out so soon!” Chanyota claimed as she licked her lips with approval but not just at the feeling of pressing a toy against her camel toe. Her gaze switched from left to right, drinking in the sight of the former Goddess of Stardom Championship-winning team acting in such a lewd fashion. Self-pleasuring as she was doing herself, working thick sex toys against their snatches as they groaned out. “There’s potential in you both yet I see… Or maybe there’s more that you two aren’t letting on about?” She made sure to keep teasing them, seeing there was plenty of fun to be had involving them both. A fact pretty clear thanks to how she wasn’t the only woman in the three who currently had hard nipples poking out through her clothing. Arousal building in the two far more experienced wrestlers alongside her as all three pumped away at their snatches.

“Ahhhh! Don’t try and stir things! Mmmmm!” Maika objected, even as she kept sliding the dildo against her sex. At the growing expense of making a damp patch form on her shorts as she stimulated the folds underneath with the sizeable toy. Her pace was a little more steady now that she was used to the sensation. “We’re only doing this… Mmmm! To clear up that stupid bet of yours!” Was she saying that to try and justify her kinky actions here? Using it as a mask to get away with self-pleasuring alongside two other stunning wrestlers? Or even to try and shift the blame to the actual porn star in the middle of this delicious trio? Whatever the excuse, she wasn’t stopping her motion as she kept on dragging the toy up and down against her covered slit.

“Mmmmm… But I hope you don’t just expect us all to… Ahhhhh… Just do this teasing all day…” Himeka rather boldly said, as if she was wanting to see what else could be in store for her here. Already putting on a nice show as she stroked away at her dampening slit with this thick sex toy. Not

leaning back as far as Chanyota was leaving a hand free to reach up, giving her own breast a squeeze through her top as she dragged the fake dick across her crotch. “Mmmmm… We’re one of the best duos in all of Stardom, after all… We can take on any challenge.” She bragged, even as she got a curious stare from across the mats from her friend at the remark. Making the other two women stop when Himeka brought up the toy to her mouth and left them staring as she ran her tongue across the tip of the toy that had just been against her covered sex.

“Hey! You don’t need to pander to her like this, Himeka-Chan!” Maika stormed up to her feet but seemingly sounded flustered after seeing that.

“Oh, I’m actually all for it!” Chanyota smiled as she got up as the other woman did too. “Helps speed things along.”

“Relax, Maika-Chan… We know what we’re here for, anyway!” Himeka shrugged as she still held the toy. “Not like we’re getting out of here without going all the way.”

The women were gonna say more when a firm knock at the door was heard. “Ah… And speaking of that…” Chanyota grinned. “Come on in, boys!”

The two Stardom beauties barely had time to process the plural word there when their eyes widened. Seeing two muscular, dark-skinned men walking in just clad in tight shorts but packing noticeable bulges — clearly, these men were well-hung and likely visitors drafted in from across the Pacific to take part in this private sex tape. But perhaps playing up to the pro wrestling jobs the women have as both women had their identities hidden by generic-looking blue Luchador masks covering their heads. After all, it would be more what their cocks can do here than who they actually were.

“H-Hey! You never said anything about some guys being involved in this!” Maika snapped, even as her eyes gazed over the physiques and crotches of the men walking in.

“Oh, didn’t I?” Chanyota brushed her hair back. “Must have slipped my mind.” She lied, as Maika shot her a glare. “What? I decided to pull a couple of favours and book some nice foreign studs from America for this film. Plus, since this video isn’t going to be published? No need to censor big dicks like these from this film!”

“Well?” Himeka stormed up to one of the men, looking him over as she bumped her chest into his muscular frame to try and intimidate him. “Let’s see it then! See if it’s worth my time!” She said, holding up the already impressively sized sex toy in her hand like she planned to use it to measure against what he was packing.

Any language barrier wasn’t gonna be an problem here as the two unknown men nodded. Sliding down their shorts to get gasps from the wrestler duo and an approving lick of the lips from the JAV star. Truly made for porn, thick and long black cocks popped out and grew to harden as the hunks got a good look at the trio of stunning bodies in front of them.

“Perfect for a Jumbo Princess!” Himeka didn’t seem to see too much to be ashamed about here as she tossed the sex toy over her shoulder and invited herself to lower herself down to kneel in front of one of the men.

“Himeka-Chan! We c-can’t just…” Maika tried to protest before gasping when Chanyota gripped her shoulders.

“Oh, you can! You just need the right teacher!” Chantoya said, showing off her power to easily push Maika down to her knees in front of the other man. “Besides, I was wondering which one of you two cuties I’d had fun with first! This answers my question!” She added, reaching down and taking a hold of Maika’s long dark hair. “Unless you’re afraid of taking on something even bigger than that toy you were just using?”

“Afraid?? Never! I’m not going to… MMMMMPHHH!” Maika fell for another trap, as having her mouth open to make up an excuse just allowed Chanyota to push that beautiful face forward. A groan more of lust than outrage was heard as Maika wrapped her lips around that thick cock. Her looks changed like a flipped switch to glare at the woman making her mouth slide along that shaft, then an expression of already quite a bit of desire up at the man she was now blowing. Not even trying to pull her head back and off from this dick. Allowing her mouth to be pumped along this pole that was making her lips stretch wide for a sure sign that this sort of dick was a lot bigger than she was used to seeing and dealing with.

“Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm! Shhhhrrrlllppp…” Her hair being held back in the makeshift ponytail left Maika free to focus on sucking this big cock. Slurping along it as her groans were muffled as her ‘teacher’ porn star clutching her locks guided her head back and forth along this vast size. A slow and steady pace, equal parts to allow Maika to get used to such a vast length filling her up and savour the sight alone of a stunning pro wrestler sucking dick. “Hmmmmphhh! Mmmmmm… Shhhhrrrlllkkk… Mmmmm!” Saliva getting applied to that big cock as Maika’s lips roamed along that big prick. Making the guy being sucked off moan behind his mask as he stood and took what that soothing mouth could offer. A good indication that this man, like all good adult film stars should be, had plenty of stamina to last and handle what the former Future of Stardom Champion could dish out.

“Yes, that’s it, Maika-Chan… Suck him nice and deep…” Chanyota purred out, standing at the side as her gaze was locked down to watch the pretty face of the beauty with far more pro wrestling experience than her sliding back and forth thanks to her clutch. Even with just one arm, having more than enough strength to send Maika’s head firmly forward before pulling her back. Allowing that mouth to keep sliding along the dark shaft without the stud getting blown needing to thrust once. “Ah, you’re making quite the mess over our guest here! Very nice…” She smiled, seeing the saliva begin to drip off of Maika’s chin. Leaving splats across her workout top and making the hard nipples poking through stand out a bit more as the repeated slurping made more drool seep out past Maika’s nicely pouty lips. “Maybe you’re one of those super messy girls who love to soak a man before you properly take him?”

“Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm! Hhhhhlllkkk!!” Of course, the beauty from Fukuoka, Japan couldn’t opinion back even if she wanted to. Her moans were muffled by all the thick cock being stuffed between her lips as her head was pushed along that fat rod. Easing back before being plunged back in and all as Maika allowed herself to be used like her mouth was a high-end fleshlight. Ironic, considering one of the particular sex toys that Chanyota herself markets and brands. “Mmmmmphh! Shhhhlllrrrppp… Mmmmmphhh…” Maika stared up and groaned away as she left a mess both on her own chin and chest and all across this man’s member. Her mouth pumped up and down to blow him while Chanyota both stared on and made sure the pace was nice and smooth as she kept a hold of the hair. Clearly liking what she was seeing both in terms of the thickness and length of this dick and the impressive oral talent of the woman on her knees in front of her.

This wasn’t the only session of a blowjob being delivered, and the reason for there being two cameras is now clear. Himeka happily kneeled down as she took the other masked porno hunk’s big dick in and out of her mouth. Working him over under her own power to leave her short dark hair swaying as she bobbed her head along him. Even having a hand on his thigh as she sucked him off and handled half of his dark inches between her full lips. Gazing up with quite a lusty stare, despite having only met this man moments before never mind not knowing what he even properly looks like. Sucking away to leave his length nicely coated with her saliva as she’s been working him over at the same time her tag partner just across the room has been ‘encouraged’ to blow a similarly hung hunk.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmphhh! Hmmmmm…” The stunner from Iwate, Japan didn’t appear to be a stranger to the art of sucking dick either from how smoothly she was moving her lips back and forth. A steady pace used to slip that prick between her lips and then ease back until just the head was inside before moving back forward with an approving groan. Her eyes sexily narrowed to gaze up as she went completely hands-free on that shaft. Just her clearly talented mouth being used to handle such a thickness to leave her fingers free. One hand still gripping his thigh but the other sliding up, groping her own chest through the gym top she had on. Her groans bounced off his size as she appreciated being able to take on a guy who could last against a stunning pro wrestler like her.

Saliva gradually dripped down the length of the man moaning out as she was making a naughty mess over him and in turn over herself. Not concerned about the splats of her drool falling from off his rod and her own chin, landing down onto her juicy bust. Especially as she was fondling herself to leave the back of her hand and fingers taking drips as well from the self-play. Too focused on slurping away on likely the biggest cock she’s ever taken on to worry about any cleaning up to do later on. Only moving a hand up to brush her swaying hair back so she could keep gazing up at the man she was giving some head to. Her pace was nice and steady as she heard the moans from underneath the mask this man still had on.

“Mmmmmphhh… Shhhhrrrlllpp… Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm…” Himeka’s growing desire was further shown as she used her free hand to go from just merely feeling up her own tits to actually pushing her top over her mounds. Letting those nicely rounded and sized tits fall free with a little sway as she kept her head bobbing away. A full-on grip on her own breast just made her moan again around his dick as she plunged her mouth up and down while gazing up. Like she was trying to see if any additional naughty shows might cause him to go to an early finish as she teased. Pinching a nipple between her fingers

and giving an extra boost of pleasure to herself in the process. No such worry here as clearly whoever this hunk was, he wasn’t any minute man so she could get as much of that delicious, black cock as her hungry Asian mouth could handle. “Mmmmmmphhh…” she groaned again, lifting up and off from him as she licked her lips. Reaching down to properly pull her top up and over her head. “How about we see what else you can handle from the Jumbo Princess, shall we?” Himeka suggested but the lusty tone in her voice showed it was more of a matter of fact about what was gonna happen than any mere offer.