Change of Heart Ch. 04 – Fetish – Free Sex Story

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When Purity awoke, she was in a mystical sanctum. Endless waterfalls poured from the turquoise walls, and the tranquil air was inherently calming. Purity herself was resting on a velvet bed made from the softest material she’d ever felt.

This wasn’t her first time being here. After Miss Magic had first transformed her, she had brought Purity here, to her personal fortress. A place between realms that could only be accessed through powerful magic. They had gotten rather intimate together, on the same bed Purity was currently resting on. Or at least they had gotten as intimate as possible with Purity’s current restrictions.

Purity realized she wasn’t alone in here. Miss Magic was sitting atop the waterfall, levitating cross-legged above the flowing stream. “I see you’ve awoken. Well done, for your first true battle.” The magician’s voice carried throughout the room, a soft echo bouncing around. Purity groaned as she recalled her previous encounter. The aches and pains were gone, but her narrow victory was fresh in her mind.

“I’m sorry, I did my best. But I could only tie with Sabersmith, and she’s not even the strongest member of the underground.” Purity frowned, tears welling up in her eyes. She wanted to protect people and help the city, but she was still a weakling who needed help.

Miss Magic began to glide towards the bed, her movements ever graceful and exquisite. She lay herself down next to her apprentice. “There’s a simple explanation for that, really. There’s a reason why you’re so weak, and why at your current rate, you’ll never be able to save anyone. Do you know what that is?”

Purity wracked her brain as best as she could. “Is it because I don’t believe in the power of friendship enough?”

There was a chuckle from her mentor. “No, my dear, I know that you believe in all that is good and righteous. The problem stems from the fact that you used to be a naughty girl, and although you’re trying your best, there’s still a bit of that naughtiness left in you.” She reached underneath Purity’s skirt and fondled the metal belt. “When Sabersmith realized who you were, what did you feel? Were you ashamed of yourself, or proud? Or perhaps something different.?”

The new superhero paused for a moment before answering. “I… I think I felt something different. Everyone used to know me as a really mean girl. And they all think my new uniform looks so silly.” She gasped and clasped her hand over her own mouth. “Not that I think it’s silly, of course! I think you made me look pretty and perfect, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. But the others all think less of me because of it.”

Miss Magic grabbed her apprentice’s breast, firmly squeezing it and drawing out a soft moan. “And when Sabersmith talked about abducting you, about keeping you for herself as a slave. How did that make you feel?”

At this point, Purity was breathing deeply, her face flush with arousal. “I didn’t mind it. The thought of being kept as her slave excited me. And although I did my best to fight her off, a part of me wanted to lose.”

Her fantasy was cut off by Miss Magic pulling her in for a passionate kiss. The two of them pressed into their sloppy makeout, the normally quiet room filled with sounds of muffled moans and squeaky rubber. Finally, Miss Magic grabbed her apprentice by the hair and yanked her back to stare directly in her eyes. There was a dangerous passion in her expression, one that Purity only wanted to fan further.

“In other words, you’re still a naughty little slut, aren’t you. You’re weak because your mind is a Horny mess. If I didn’t have that belt on you you’d spend all day rubbing yourself raw, wouldn’t you.” Before giving her a chance to respond, Miss Magic snapped her fingers, and Purity found herself in a different position. She was laying across her Mistress’s lap, bottom up, and Ass exposed. “Well I know just the punishment for naughty girls like you.”

Miss Magic brought her hand down in a fierce SLAP against the flesh of her former rival. Purity squealed at the pain and writhed in place, but she made no attempt to get up. “I bet you like being a weak little thing,” Miss Magic continued to taunt. “If you’re not willing to learn how to keep your thoughts pure, I guess I have no choice but to teach you a lesson.” Her hand came down again and left a fierce mark on Purity’s tender skin.

“Yes Mistress, it’s true! I’m a weak and worthless whore that just wants to be used!” The spankings continued, one right after the other, and each one was met with a lustful moan from the recipient. Purity made no effort to hide that she was getting off on such rough treatment.

After a fierce session that left Purity’s Ass cheeks completely red, Miss Magic reached over and ruffled her apprentice’s silver hair. “Oh, I can’t stay mad at you. You’re just too adorable for that.” Her submissive sidekick preened as she lay across her lap, basking in the affection and the aftercare.

“Does that mean you’ll let me cum? You’ve got me all worked up and Horny, and I can’t do anything about it.”

Her question was met with another soft spank on her Ass. “You know fully well I can’t let you do that. Your powers are tied to your Purity, and although you’re still a depraved slut, I have to give you at least a fighting chance. The belt is for your own good.”

Purity sighed in response. “I know Mistress. I’m so lucky to have you, since I don’t have the self control to do it on my own. “

“Hey, cheer up. You still did your best. And even if you are a weakling who’s nearly useless in a fight, you’re still my weakling who’s nearly useless in a fight.” She grabbed purity’s wand and held it teasingly above her. “Now, want to see if we can use this as a buttplug? Yours has a fancy jewel at the end of it, so it should be a perfect fit.”

There was a light giggle from the former villain. Purity was always eager to try new things, and this was no exception. She raised her butt to present herself for the new insertion. “Whenever you’re ready Mistress. But promise me afterwards you’ll let me eat you out again.”

Miss Magic pretended to think it over. “You make a compelling argument. Fine, if that’s what you insist on, I suppose you can. But only once you’re properly plugged.”


The dawning sun had just begun to break over Central City. Miss Magic and Purity were resting atop a skyscraper, enjoying the sunrise after a long night of crime fighting and Hot Sex. Although Purity hadn’t actually done a lot of crime fighting herself. Over the last week she’d confronted several villains, from common criminals to devious masterminds like she used to be, showing off her new fighting style. Very few battles had gone in her favour. The only time she won on her own was when a bank robber was so busy laughing they fell into the vault and locked themselves inside.

The rest of the time it had been Miss Magic to the rescue. The magician had no problems with this, and she enjoyed rescuing Purity from the humiliating defeats she so often found herself in. Conveniently, whenever Purity was about to let the villain get away, Miss Magic would appear to clean up her mess.

But Miss Magic felt a twinge of sadness that morning. Something had been eating away at her, and she couldn’t ignore it any longer. Purity could sense it as well, and she could tell that her Mistress was feeling a bit off. “Is something wrong? Do you need me to cheer you up?” A strange sadness ran through the magician’s heart. She was going to miss such earnest innocence.

“Something is wrong,” she explained, “but it’s not your fault. I was just thinking of an old friend of mine.” Purity still wasn’t great at reading emotions, but she recognized that now she needed to listen. She remained quiet while her mentor explained. “I’m not great at having normal relations with others. When you have more power than most people are capable of comprehending, it’s difficult to connect with them. It’s easy to distance yourself and act like you’re above them.” She stared into the rising sun, her mind drifting to old memories.

“I don’t have a lot of friends. Even the Legion of Righteousness, as great as they are, have never been that close with me. I always treat them more like coworkers. There’s a gap between us and I don’t know how to bridge it.” Purity leaned against her shoulder, waiting for her to continue. “There’s only been one person I really felt close with. Although we… argued about things, she was the closest thing I had to a friend. Maybe we were. Maybe we were something more. But then I went and ruined everything.”

There was a sharp gasp from beside her. “How could you ruin things? You’re such a great and amazing person. What went wrong?”

Miss Magic shook her head. “I took things too far. I let my desires get ahead of me, and I let myself believe that what I wanted to be true was actually true. I crossed a line no self-respecting hero should cross. And now, I’m pretty sure that she hates me.”

Purity wrapped her arms around her Mistress in a tight hug. “Well no matter what happens, you still have me.” Miss Magic returned the hug before peeling away. She stood up, pulling out her wand and pointing it at her apprentice.

“For what it’s worth, I really did enjoy spending time with you, Purity. But now I need to set things right. And besides, it would be a shame if the world lost the wonderful person that is Nightshade.”

Purity’s eyes widened with dawning realization. She opened her mouth in protest, but before any words came out, she was surrounded in a blue light. There were no fancy tricks or theatrics this time. Miss Magic wasn’t in the mood for games, and she completed the spell in an instant, undoing all the magic that had been carefully woven into place.

Once again Nightshade was at her feet. The villain was exactly like she had been, wearing her black bodysuit with purple streaks and a set of wicked talons along her fingers. Only instead of the typical arrogant expression her face was filled with panic and confusion, as she took rushed breaths. “Wha… what happened? Did you-” She stopped mid sentence as everything came back in full force.

“I don’t expect you to understand or to forgive me for this. You asked for it, but you couldn’t possibly have known. I wish things could’ve been different.”

And without another word, Miss Magic vanished into the night, leaving behind her worst enemy and her closest friend.