Chanel and Ashley, A Love Story Ch. 03 – Celebrities & Fan Fiction



After a brief but intense online feud, Ashley Benson and Chanel West Coast finally meet on the set of Ridiculousness. The chemistry obvious, Ashley throws Chanel a curve ball and escalation ensues…

Both 5’3″, same age, similar weight and vital statistics, the two are a perfect match, mirrors almost of each other’s femininity.


Chanel stared through still tear filled eyes at the message, wondering what game was now afoot. She’d wilfully, joyfully, fallen wholesale for Ashley’s teasing seduction and was still reeling from the backlash. Angry didn’t begin to describe how she had felt as she ran from the hospitality area; her ardour doused so suddenly, the rejection burned like white hot fire, in her head, in her belly. Every fibre of her being now wished for a chance to even the score. Ashley had been right about one thing: Chanel could be casually spiteful but what she felt now was way beyond that.

The message suggested Ashley may now be regretting what had passed but that didn’t matter; revenge was at hand and the contact was a chance to have it. Chanel wiped her eyes and typed her reply.

“Sure, talk away.”

The reply came immediately.

“Not like this. I want to see you. Somewhere quiet.”

Was she planning another round of games? I’ll show her, mused the furious siren.

“OK I guess. Where did you have in mind?”

Underneath her anger Chanel felt another sensation; the familiar flutter of anticipation. She tried to ignore it but there it was. It made her all the more angry that the teasing actress had planted this seed of genuine attraction in her, made her more determined to avenge herself.

“I have a private cabin in the San Bernardino forest. If you’re eager, we can meet there. Peace and quiet and just the two of us.”

A pause…

“For what it’s worth, I really am sorry for turning on you.”

Perfect! She has regret. I’m going to ram that down her lying throat, resolved Chanel. Her reply maintained the air of casual acceptance.

“Sounds perfect. Send me the location, I’ll meet you there in a few hours.”


Ashley was surprised how quickly Chanel had accepted the invitation. That was concerning; knowing how spiteful she could be already, it seemed likely she was planning some sort of revenge. Her about-face at the MTV studio had been cruel and cold so it was fair to expect something equally cruel in return. The unbidden, unexpected attraction to Chanel was genuine and intense despite her sudden switch so she was fully prepared to take whatever punishment the blonde siren chose to dish out.

Quickly dressing once more in tight black lycra short-shorts, a black lycra sports top, very short and sleeveless, and a pair of old-school black Vans baseball boots, she grabbed the cabin keys and went straight out to her car. It was about a 2 hour drive to the cabin and already getting dark, though the way through the forest was easy enough to navigate.


Across town, Chanel cleaned off her tear stained face, redid her make-up and unwittingly dressed in a remarkably similar outfit to Ashley’s, save the shorts and top were charcoal with purple flashes and her boots were Converse. Figuring a two hour drive at least, she was in a hurry to leave, not looking forward to the possibility of getting lost in the forest at night.


By the time Ashley arrived at the cabin it was pitch dark. Thankfully the security light outside came on immediately so she hurriedly let herself in to try and relax a little before Chanel turned up. She barely had time to put the lamps on, however, before hearing the growl of an approaching engine. Her stomach did a flip and she nervously checked herself in the small mirror above the fireplace then headed for the door.

“Am I really this nervous? Calm yourself,” self-chiding as she opened the cabin door to see Chanel already parked, one magnificent bare leg extending from the open car door as she reached for something in the glove compartment. Ashley regarded the leg, her eyes caressing the smoothness of it, the sheen on the skin as the cabin’s exterior light played on it, the curve of the thigh showing the toned muscle, tantalising, almost mouth-watering…

“Did you discover it ok?” she asked in a voice that sounded altogether too squeaky. She shuddered inwardly at that.

Chanel turned from her rummaging and emerged fully from the car. Ashley couldn’t help but run her eyes over the lithe form of the singer as she stood and stretched, the tingle in her loins a reminder of being so close to that body earlier today.

“Actually yes, easier than expected,” returned Chanel, smiling.

It was a warm evening and both girls being equally scantily clad, ran their eyes over each other with approval. Chanel approached the cabin and Ashley stepped aside to allow her entrance, turning as she did, so they slid past each other with the merest contact of their Lycra-clad breasts. Surveying the cabin as Ashley shut and bolted the door, Chanel liked it at once; a single room cabin with a central fireplace, small kitchen area at one end and a partitioned sleeping area at the other, the central space being occupied by a large wool rug and two 2-seater leather couches. Homely, she thought.

The sound of the bolts on the door brought her back to the matter at hand but her mind was once again clouded by the growing attraction between herself and the actress. Remembering her humiliation, the anger began to rise again. She turned back to Ashley who was walking toward her from the door.

“I’m so sorry for what happened earlier…” began Ashley, now only three steps away from her.

“You will be,” spat Chanel in response, lunging forward. Ashley tried to react, throwing up her hands but Chanel had caught her completely off guard and grabbing a handful of hair in her left hand and Ashley’s left wrist in her right, she used her momentum to push her back against the cabin’s front door.

“What the fuck?” exclaimed the startled actress.

“Did you think you could humiliate me like that and I’d just come up here and fall for it again?” Chanel was working into her fury, the stinging pain of Ashley’s games once again fresh and raw.

“No, no, I wanted to explain. I wanted to say how sorry I am. I…”

“Save it!” Chanel cut her off and pulled Ashley’s head sharply down to the left with her handful of hair, her wrist pinned against the door just above shoulder height.

Ashley cried out at the sharp tug of her hair and tried to twist her wrist out of Chanel’s surprisingly strong grip. She was shocked by the violence of it and Chanel’s seething anger. Tears began to form in her beautiful blue eyes as she instinctively reached up with her right hand, grabbed a handful of her adversary’s hair and pulled right.

“Aaah!” Chanel cried out, she hadn’t foreseen a counter attack for some reason. Seeing the tears form in Ashley’s eyes, she expected to quickly dispense with her anger. They were nose to nose again, though this time with a handful of each other’s hair, painfully pulling their heads down in the same direction. Ashley’s wrist twisted in her grasp as she struggled to free it and push away from the angry siren. Chanel, remembering their earlier encounter, pushed her body against Ashley’s, pinning her against the door.

Once again, they were pressed hard together, the meeting of breast, tummy and thigh exquisite as before but not sensual this time, as they pushed and wrestled. Evenly matched for strength, unsurprisingly given their almost identical proportions, the struggle became more desperate; Chanel trying to hold Ashley against the door, Ashley trying to push back and free her wrist, their other hands holding firmly to each other’s hair. With a deft twist, Ashley managed to free her wrist and as Chanel reacted to try and grab it again, hands instead found each other and fingers interlocked. Ashley’s desperation exploded in a sudden furious burst of strength.

Almost growling as she pushed back, Ashley arched her back and placed her left foot against the door behind her, her thigh sliding between Chanel’s. The silken touch of inner thigh was no distraction this time and she shoved her body forward, pushing hard with her foot at the same time. Pulling the siren’s head back with her handful of hair, she gained momentum and they stumbled across the wooden floor. Chanel, surprised by the ferocity and strength of Ashley’s shove, started to fall backwards and, as Ashley continued her shove, they careened across the room and finally fell, crashing heavily onto the woollen rug in front of the fire place.

Ashley was now on top, her thigh still between Chanel’s. She snaked her legs around her opponent’s and locked her ankles, felt Chanel doing the same, the delicious sensation of their impossibly smooth legs so tangled for the first time being lost on neither. There was no time to enjoy that now, though; this had to be resolved. One hand each still locked together above Chanel’s head, their other hands still firmly gripping each other’s hair, they had reached an impasse.

“Stop, please. Just stop!” Ashley’s tears were now running freely. Locked together as they were with Ashley’s face directly over Chanel’s, nose to nose once more, several tears dripped from blue eyes into brown. Chanel, whose own sadness had been growing in place of her anger, felt the warm wetness in her eyes as if the tears were her own. She stopped struggling, releasing her grip on Ashley’s hair but leaving the fingers still entangled in it. She felt the actress do the same, her body softening against her own.

“I’m so, so sorry, I really am. Stupid pride and some crazy impulse turned that moment from something wonderful to nasty and hurtful.” Ashley was deeply upset, making no effort to hide it. More tears dripped from her eyes into Chanel’s.

Chanel, gazing deeply into those eyes, clouded slightly by their shared tears, felt the longing return, her senses tuning in once more to their pressing bodies, their tangled legs. She moved her hand from Ashley’s hair to her cheek, gently touching with soft finger tips. Ashley sobbed quietly, two more tears falling into Chanel’s eyes.

“Shhh, its ok, don’t cry,” she soothed, still gently stroking the face above her. She could taste Ashley’s breath now and the satin caress of their entwined legs was deliriously enchanting. Their bodies were moulding together as they softened, the feel of tummies pressing as their breathing fell into rhythm again, nipples hardening against each other, barely contained within their single layer of Lycra. Ashley moved her hand from Chanel’s hair to mirror the touch upon her cheek, her nose moving over the other’s nose, caressing slightly, moving past it…

Time had ceased its normal flow as each moment of exquisite touch unfolded. Breathing as one through their parted lips as Ashley moved her face down, slowly, until those lips touched, so softly.

In…. out…. in…. out….

Chanel’s hand, now cupping Ashley’s face, gently encouraged a firmer engagement and their moist and inviting lips made full contact. Still slightly parted, breath still moved between them and they lengthened the moment, enjoying the softness of their pouted lips as they pressed more and more firmly together. Eyes still open and gazing into each other, still moist but with no more exchange of tears, the two beauties relaxed completely into the moment.

Some seconds passed, they knew not how many but several slow breaths had passed between them. Between their locked together thighs, Ashley could feel her own heat and that of her quarry as Chanel’s crotch pressed against her. She broke the kiss and raised her face, a few gossamer threads of saliva stretching between their eager mouths. As they looked from eye to eye, searching their feelings, looking for a mirror in the eyes of the other, they smiled, warm and sensuous, knowing then that a connection had been made.

Both sets of beautiful eyes slowly closed as Chanel gently pulled Ashley’s face down once more, back into that soft yet passionate kiss. More forceful this time, their lips parted more and the tips of two teasing tongues met for the very first time. Never parting their lips, the teasing dance became more urgent. Chanel pulled a little more, mouths opening fully but softly and their tongues reached out, feeling each other’s full length as they caressed and each danced into the other’s inviting mouth. So sweet, the taste of each other, so soft the firmly locked lips, still breathing each other in, lost in the perfect symmetry of the perfect kiss.

The heat in Ashley’s loins was becoming almost painful as she felt a new rhythm begin between them. She could feel Chanel’s heat and wetness too, not far from her own, as the siren’s hips moved in time with hers. Their mouths still locked together, it seemed their bodies longed to occupy the same space, that a joining of flesh was the next stop in their exploration of each other. The two layers of thin cloth keeping their full nakedness apart felt like an armoured barrier and Ashley almost thought to tear it from them. Distracted by that thought, she broke their kiss, pulling her face a few centimetres away. A single glistening strand connected the two mouths for a second, as if trying to pull them back together.

Chanel looked confused, her eyes searching Ashley’s for a reflection of her own passion. The actress smiled gleefully and kissed her quickly, hungrily, her tongue flicking in to taste its opposite before she pulled back again and raised her body away from the rapt songstress. Beckoning for Chanel’s hands, Ashley pulled them to their feet in unison, kissing her softly once more before pulling her gently towards the bed.

As they reached it, Ashley stopped Chanel and moved a step towards her once more. Releasing her hands, she softly slid her fingers under the seam of Chanel’s top, teasing it upwards, her lustful eyes staring deep into their opposites. Chanel raised her arms obligingly and Ashley slid the top up them and off, discarding it to the floor. She lightly ran her fingers down the upraised arms before they lowered, drawing a small gasp from Chanel as they continued down and caressed the soft skin of her breasts.

Raising her own hands to Ashley’s, Chanel pushed them up over her head, leaving them raised before reciprocating the delicate removal of the actress’ top. Ashley also shuddered as the lightest stroke of delicate fingers returned the caress on her breasts.

Stood but a foot apart, they appraised each other’s naked breasts, so similar in size and shape, as with their appearance in general. They marvelled at each other, lusting openly now, eager for each other’s touch. They closed the gap between them simultaneously, impatient for the feel of each other, gasping again as their still hard nipples suddenly tried to occupy the same space. Not holding back, they leaned into each other, pushing their naked breasts together as hard they could.

Ashley moved in for a kiss but Chanel moved back slightly, instead moving her hands to Ashley’s hips and sliding her fingers into the top of the shorts to push them down. Ashley reciprocated immediately, maintaining their upper body contact as they teased each other’s shorts over their equally shapely hips and thighs, before they slid in unison to the floor. They both stepped back again, though the separation of their bodies brought an ache of longing. Looking each other up and down increased that longing, multiplied by the fact they were both completely hairless. Making eye contact once more, they laughed together, the joy of mutual desire running free.

“Boots off or not?” gasped Ashley almost breathlessly.

Chanel didn’t answer, instead almost throwing herself at the object of her lust, knocking the actress off her feet and onto the bed with the siren clamped firmly to her as she fell. Her aim was perfect and their nipples had met head on, the soft flesh of their breasts hiding the battle as they pressed each other in. Their thighs scissored together and they softly but urgently entwined their legs, this time feeling the naked wetness of each other against their upper thighs. The initial touch and lock of hips was sudden and almost overwhelmed them; they writhed against each other, pressing rubbing. Two gasping mouths found each other amid the struggle and softly locked once more, finding their rhythm, breathing together, sealing their lips and allowing their tongues to dance slowly.

Losing track of time, Ashley was in heaven, the sensations from their embrace were all consuming. She could feel Chanel’s passion mirroring her own as they sought to crush themselves ever more firmly together. One hand she had on the back of Chanel’s head, pulling it gently but firmly to keep their mouths connected. The other was round the siren’s waist, pulling their tummies and hips together with all her strength. Chanel for her part had one arm also around Ashley’s waist, doubling the force holding them together, the other around the actress’ chest ensuring that no part of them could separate, squashing their ample breasts into each other.

With utter abandon now, they kissed long and hard, sometimes soft and slow, and sometimes as if they sought to devour each other. The rhythm of their conjoined hips was ceaseless, the juices of each woman running freely, lubricating their motion but maddening both with a sense of being so near yet just out of reach. Ashley almost wanted to scream in joy and frustration, so too to feel Chanel scream her own, without separating, consuming each other’s ecstasy and screams as well.

As if with some telepathic as well as physical connection, Chanel drew her face back from their all-consuming kiss, the multiple strands of oral passion still hanging momentarily between them.

“Wait,” she said, softly, breathlessly.

Their hips continued their elliptic dance.

Chanel raised her body up from Ashley’s, maintaining eye contact, her look asking for trust and smoothly, almost fluidly, she angled her hips forward, pushing the actresses legs further aside and slid her secret lips directly over those of her lover. So wet were they from their mutual desire, they slid together, opening at once, a near parody of what their mouths had shared not moments before. Though instead of two tongues teasing and tasting, two swollen clitoris found each other, and with gentle pressure, continued the rhythmic dance.

The moment froze suddenly as their lust boiled over and, staring eye to eye as if right into each other’s souls, the orgasm came crashing in on both, shared at its core, springing fountain like between them. This time they did indeed scream aloud, in equal pitch and volume, the sound, like the orgasm itself, beginning and ending in both not from one or the other. Ashley gripped Chanel’s thighs, as they bucked and rocked together, the pressure of the continued waves of orgasm excruciating in their intensity. Chanel held fast to Ashley’s hips, desperate to keep their clitoral contact, as the gyration of their climax took on a life all its own.

The waves continued, one flowing straight into the next. Releasing Ashley’s hips, Chanel reached for her body, pulling her up, arching her own to bring their mouths together once more. Still joined by their secret lips, so now they kissed again, pulling, caressing, breathing together as the momentum of their mighty orgasm eventually slowed.

With no idea of time nor caring much for it, they reluctantly allowed their swollen sexes to part. Sweet sticky suction held for a moment, honey-like threads of blended juices clinging as they pulled away. Still kissing and breathing as one, Chanel sank down again into Ashley’s arms and they rolled to the side, sliding into a comfortable entwined embrace.

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